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Hazel Aden

Season 1:

In season one we only saw Hazel in a couple episodes, but we already knew she was a "Paige Michalchuck follower." Even though she never had an episode of herself, we knew she was going to be a very important character in season 2.

Season 2:

In season 2 we started knowing alot more about Hazel. She was still friends with Paige and followed her around, is Somalian and Muslim and she dated Jimmy. Dating Jimmy was a big step for her. She was finally out of Paige's shadow and started being more independent.

 Season 3:

Again, season 3 wasn't a big season for Hazel, even though she became a real cast member. The biggest thing that happened to her was that she hooked up with Jimmy and they became a couple. Even though she only had 2 main episodes, she was a big part of the season because she helped Paige with problems and everyone else's.

Season 4:

This is Hazel's biggest season. To start the season, her boyfriend, Jimmy, got shot in the back and had to go to the hospital (That's another story.) This was a very big heart break for Hazel but a happy moment was when, after several months, he came back. That's all for Hazel but the season nor Degrassi hasn't ended.

What do I think of Hazel Aden and Andrea Lewis

-I first saw Hazel as a Paige follower and a gossiper. Over the seasons, she became independent and..."better." Hazel, I think, is an "okay" character. I still feel that she is a follower and she needs to be more of a leader, but other than that, she's a fine character.


-Andrea Lewis is a good character but she isn't special but that isn't her fault. Degrassi needs to give her more main roles so we can see what Andrea can do. Oh well! Like I said, Degrassi aint over...yet!



Ashley Kerwin


At the beginning of season 1 we met Ashley as the preppy, popular and perfect student. She had the cool boyfriend, the hot friend and the un confident follower. She even had the annoying "brother." She was the typical Canadian 8th grader. Then, one night, she had party and took ecstasy. She, publicly, broke up with Jimmy, called Paige a "hag", and ruined her reputation.

Season 2:

Season 2 was a rocky time for Ashley. First, she apologized to everyone about the party. Everyone seemed caring except Paige. Then, she and Jimmy got back together but ended quickly after Jimmy called her a "slut." Ashley became lonely and depressed and became a goth. She befriended another goth named Ellie and they became best friends.  One time, Jimmy invited Ashley a house party and they became a couple. That relationship also ended quickly after Ashley began thinking that Jimmy wanted her to be her old preppy self. She broke up with  and hooked up with Craig. Their relationship lasted along time and the "Ashley-Jimmy" relatinship was, strangely, forgotten.


Season 3 was also a heart-breaking season for Ashley. Nothing really happened to her except when she found Craig's been cheating on her with a 9th grader. That ended their relationship and Ashley was heart-broken. Then, Ashley was looking for revenge. She and her band, Hell Hath No Fury, decided to enter in a band competition, competing against Craig and his band, Downtown Sasquatch. At the competition, she sang a song about how horrible Craig is. Craig, being fed up, sang a song about how he is sorry and how much of an idiot he was. Ashley forgave Craig and they became friends.


Season 4:

Season 4 isn't finished yet but this is what's been happening. First, she reunited with Craig...or "hooked up!" After, Ashley joined Craig's band and got kicked out, Craig made up to her and they became a couple. They were the perfect couple, until Ashley found out Craig has bi-polar! Ashley understood Craig's problem and they hooked up, again!

More coming up on season 4!


Paige Michalchuck

Season 1:

When we first saw Paige, we saw her as the prissy, preppy, popular, and sexy 8th grade of Degrassi. Over summer, she changed her image and then "wowza!" We also learned she is a bad friend to Hazel, a rumor starter and a stuck-up "bee-yatch!" She was very good friends with Ashley, Hazel and Terri but by the end of the season, she hated Ashley for calling her a hag. With that, the season ended a we all coudn't wait for Paige's new image!

Season 2:

In season 2, Paige was still a preppy brat. After dissing JT, Ashley and Ellie something happened to her. She got raped by an older guy named Dean. That ruined her life. After that, she befriended Ashley and decided not to become so prissy. She decided to not lie to Spinner and just be a better person. After seeing him again, she told him that she will get him back and see him in court! At the end of the season, she hooked up with Spinner and became part of a new Degrassi couple!

Season 3:

At the beginning of the season, we saw her with Spinner, her new boyfriend. They were a very strong and powerful couple. Nothing really happened to Paige in this season but all her little "sub-plot" episodes lead up to season 4!

Season 4:

Wow! This was a big season for Paige. The season premiere was about Paige's rape case. Even though she didnt win and she broke Spinner's new car, she learned that life isn't perfect and that she should always do the rigt thing. She knew she wasn't Dean and she will try to tell other people about the dangers of rape! Because she broke Spinner's car, she had to pay him back. She needed a job. She decided to work in a movie theatre. After finding out how Spinner really feals about Manny (a grade 10!) she breaks up with him. Since she was free, she was in desperate need of a boyfriend. She decided to hookup with the new student-teacher, Mr. Oleander! After a few embarrassing moments and lots of persuasion, she finally confince him that they can be a couple. They agreed to keep it a secret! After a while, everyone found out about there affair and Mr. Oleander's future was gone. But now they can see eachother whenever they want.

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