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Cassie Steele’s (Manny) Journal from her official website.



Hey guys!

As of late, besides being a victim of the school system I’ve recently turned into a shoppaholic.  I never used to be, but something in the air has made me want to buy,  Buy, BUYJJ!!!  The best thing I bought was probably my cowboy boots and these rock star pumps with sparkles on them.

I wish I could go to the theatre every day, but so far I’ve only gotten  around to see Underworld 2 (which was pretty good for a part 2!),  Fun with Dick and Jane  I love Jim Carry, Walk the line-  which was amazing because Johnny cash is one of my favorite artists,  Memoirs of a Geisha  which was a fantastic flick (and book  by the way).

Besides  reading Memoirs of a Geisha, I also picked up A Million little  Pieces by James Frey. Both were very good.

I’ve  been writing a lot of songs recently with my guitarist, and soon to  be rehearsing for the Canadian music fest in March where I’m going  to debut my new songs (which I think are pretty rockin) It’s going  to be sooo exciting! But it’s getting so busy, especially cause I’ve  flying back and forth to L.A, San Francesco, and New York.

AND on top of aaaaalll that,  I’ve been having the time of my life with my family and friends that  I missed so much when I was working. I hope all of you are enjoying  the new year so far, take care!







Hey guys,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope u guys went to sum awesome costume parties!!

I went to a scream feast in wasn't THAT scary, and i went to a Halloween bash at an all age club where I was a hula dancer.

degrassi's almost finished shooting this season, it's scary thinking about next year and whether or not we're doing another season. regardless if it doesn't i'll be excited to move on to new and bigger things (hopefully). I'm working on my music and I think I'm really finding my own sound. I feel like im living on the edge right now, like anything could happen, and I'm so00o0o excited to go down to LA in December ( I'm interviewing a couple of agents to represent me in the states) , yay vacation!

Alrighty guys hope you're having a blast on my fav holiday!!!!

  Happy Halloween

  S0o0o0 foxay.





  Hey every1,


 The school year is starting, so you're all going to get to see those friends you haven't seen this whole summer. Lucky you! For this my friends, is the first year I will be home-schooled (online). I have to motivate myself to sit down at my computer and actually do work. Usually when I was in school-excuse me- I mean skipping school, there was a point where a teacher or whatever would push me to do my work. But I have to tell MYSELF. I mean, how can I think of boring homework when so much excitements going on?! I just came back from that wicked tour (don't worry pics will be up ASAP) performing my own stuff on stage with my own band members Danny j. (guitarist/co-writer), and Johnny k. (drummer). Mind you, I didn't do ALL the great stuff because of the content in my songs (bahahahaha) so I had to change some words, but some songs u just can't change. Anyway, it was an awesome experience, not only for performing, but for partying! The best party town was definitely Montreal omg soo awesome! Ottawa was good and Winnipeg as well. All in all it was an amazing experience. I met new people, lived on a tour bus for 2 week (wicked), partied it up (all in moderation ofcourse), and on top of that all I was doing exactly what I want to do in life, which is performing.


  Degrassi shooting is up again from the break, and we're half way through filming! There are story lines that will blow you away, not only that but some of the characters will be graduating to make it even more intense. Catch me in the upcoming new season, and keep checking into my new wickedester website for new pics and postings!






  Hey guys,

  Lifeıs a little hectic right now with rehearsals for music and degrassi. Everythingıs kinda jumbling into one big mushball, schoolıs schoolŠand thatıs pretty much it. It was my friendıs birthday this past Thursday (april 28th), you guys probably know him as the guitar player in my band, Danny J. Donıt worry guys, Iıll have some bioıs on each band member soon just so you guys can get to know them better. I havenıt been going out much, so forget about hearing some crazy party storiesŠparties right now are kinda dead anyway. Btw, Iıve got a new website coming up soon, awww man I canıt wait. Its gonna be crrrrraaazzzy man. AnYwHo thatıs my life on paper, ttyl.



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