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Ellie Nash


  • Graduated from Degrassi in 2006
  • Mother is a recovering alcoholic
  • Father is at war (presumably Afghanistan)
  • Best friends with Ashley
  • Dated Sean
  • Wants to become an investigative journalist
    • interned under Caitlyn Ryan
  • Recovering from cutting herself
    • Is in therapy and a support group
  • Mother burned down house when drunk
    • Ellie accepted Sean’s offer to move in with him
  • Lived alone (with ferret) when Sean left
  • She has now moved back in with her mother
    • mom went to rehab and is now sober
  • Best friends with Marco and Craig
  • Was the new drummer for Downtown Sasquatch
  • Had a crush on Craig, and very hurt when he started dating Manny
  • Bonding with Jimmy and helping bring out his artistic side
  • Encouraged Craig to pursue a solo music career
  • Jimmy wanted to be more than just friends, but she's crushing on Craig

Stacey Farber
25 August 1987
  • Spent the 2005-2006 school year at a university in Toronto, but is transferring to a university in New York for the 2006-2007 school year.
  • Is studying writing at university.
  • Best friend on the Degrassi cast is Lauren Collins (Paige)
  • Friends with Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Ali Mukaddam (RFR)
  • Was on "Best Friends Date" with Aubrey and Ali (The-N)
  • Not like Ellie in real life
    • not gothic
  • Went to same middle school as Jake Epstein (Craig)
    • They were joint valedictorians
  • 2004 and 2005 nominee at Young Artist Awards for Best Ensemble Actor in a TV Series


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