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201 – 202 When Doves Cry (I & II)

          Note: Sorry about the length of this one, but storylines surrounding Craig always seem to be longer than others.

          The new school year is starting, and Degrassi is completely changed. The middle school has merged with a local high school, now has students from grades 6 – 12 and has been renamed Degrassi Community School. There are some budget concerns with the increased enrollment, but things seem to be getting off to a good start.

          Toby creates a computer program called “The Issacs System” which calculates the compatibility of two people. JT wants to see how compatible his is with an “older woman” i.e. Paige. The fact that they are entirely incompatible doesn’t deter him, because JT is up for a challenge. When Paige’s friends get wind of JT’s crush, they offer to pay Paige money to suffer through an entire date. She agrees (because she needs money to fix her horrible hair cut), and JT is ecstatic (he doesn’t know the truth), but Paige starts to feel guilty about the bet when she actually starts to have a good time on the date. When JT finds out, he is crushed, and Paige’s conscious starts to get the better of her . . .not that she’d admit it. However, she does offer JT a kiss on the cheek.

          The real story: Craig Manning is new to Degrassi. He’s nice, charming, handsome, and very mysterious. He starts sneaking around to take pictures of Joey Jeremiah (Snake’s and Spike’s high school friend) and Joey’s young daughter Angela, putting the photos in an album he calls “The Perfect Family”. Joey notices Craig taking pictures, and finds out that the young man is actually his stepson (Joey’s deceased wife was Craig’s mother). He isn’t entirely comfortable with the situation, and decides to call Craig’s father to let him know what is going on. When Mr. Manning finds out he gets very angry, forbids Craig from seeing Angela and Joey, and it becomes apparent (to us viewers only) that he is abusive. Joey thinks Craig and Angela should be able to see one-another, but decides not to go against Mr. Manning’s wishes. Emma (harboring a little crush on Craig) feels differently though, and invites Craig to Spike’s party because Angela will be there. When Joey arrives, Craig takes off, but unfortunately Joey calls Mr. Manning to let him know that Craig was at the party.

          Craig arrives home to find that his father has been rummaging through his darkroom and has found countless photos of Angela and Joey. Mr. Manning is consumed with rage, and viciously beats Craig. As with most abusers, Mr. Manning apologizes for the beating and gives Craig several thousand dollars to buy a digital camera. Emma calls Craig to let her know that she is baby-sitting Angela, and wants to give him some time with his sister. When Emma leaves Angela with Craig, he decides to use his father's money to run off to British Columbia with his sister. Joey soon realizes that Angela is late to arrive back home, and when he finds Emma, she has to explain what happened. The eventually find Craig and Angela, and the little girl quickly tells her father that she and Craig are going to British Columbia, which angers and frightens Joey. Craig runs home, and makes it upstairs before Joey calls Mr. Manning to tell him what happened. Craig calls his new friend Sean and convinces Sean to meet up with him. Mr. Manning hangs up with Joey and storms up the stairs, ready to beat Craig. Luckily, Craig jumps out of his window sneaks away.

          When Sean and Craig meet up, Sean realizes the real reason Craig is trying to run away, and confronts him about the abuse. Craig still wants to run off to British Columbia, but Sean tries to convince him otherwise. They end up playing “chicken” with an oncoming train, and once the train passes, Craig is nowhere to be found. Sean seeks out Emma and Joey, tells them what is really happening to Craig, and the three go on a search to find him. They eventually find him at his mother’s grave, and Joey offers to take Craig away from the abuse; he wants Craig to live with him and Angela. Despite the protests of his father, Craig grads his stuff and moves in with the Jeremiah’s.


203 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

          Spike (a.k.a. Christine Nelson) has been acting mysteriously lately, and Emma wants to know why. When she does find out, though, she’s not so sure she really wants to know anymore; her mom is dating Mr. Simpson!!!! Yes, the dreams of many an older Degrassi freak are realized; Spike and Snake are a couple. She’s okay with it . . . she thinks. She starts to get a little frustrated by the relationship when Spike keeps canceling their girl time to be with her new boyfriend. Emma finally gets fed up, and decides that it’s time to rebel. The Grade 9’s are having a dance and Emma convinces Manny to crash the party with her. When they arrive, they find Craig (who both Emma and Manny are crushing on) and enlist his help to break in. They sneak in through to back, and all seems to be going well. Things get even better when Craig seems to be interested in Emma . . . but it turns out he actually likes Manny! Craig and Manny share a romantic dance, Emma is happy for her friend, and the night seems to be going better than expected. When Emma gets back home, she catches Spike and Snake making-out. They aren’t pleased that she snuck out, and she isn’t pleased that they were making out.

          Meanwhile, Spinner and Jimmy are getting ready to compete in a dancing competition at the Retro Rollerskating Party (the Grade 9 dance). Their friendship is tested by the intensity of the competition. Jimmy steals Spinner’s music and Spinner steals Jimmy’s outfit. . . and they end up destroying each other’s chances and hurting their friendship.

          Note: This was Marco Del Rossi’s first appearance.

          Just for trivia, the retro costumes were as follows: Craig = Sid Vicious, Jimmy = Michael Jackson, Spinner = Vanilla Ice (which was the 90s, but who’s paying attention), Paige = Madonna, Hazel = Tina Turner, Manny = Molly Ringwald and Emma = Cyndi Lauper (although one could argue she dressed as Spike from the original Degrassi).


204 Karma Chameleon

          Ashley is having a hard time finding her place at Degrassi. Her friends have not forgiven her from her actions at last year’s party (see Jagged Little Pill). Terri wants to be friends with Ashley, but Paige makes her choose between Paige (and her popular group) or the now outcast Ashley. Terri chooses Paige, but feels bad about doing so. Ashley is incredibly hurt by the fact that all of her friends have abandoned her, but realizes that they might have some justification. She swallows her pride, apologizes, and her friends re-accept her like nothing happened. Her “friends” haven’t really forgiven her though, and start to spread vicious rumors about Ashley. Once again, Ashley is an outcast.

          Toby has developed a crush on Kendra, a new student at Degrassi. They share a love of anime, get along really well, and seem to be developing a relationship. Toby soon learns that Kendra’s last name is Mason, meaning she is Spinner’s little sister, a fact that Spinner makes perfectly clear. Spinner tries to scare Toby away from his sister and it works, at first. Kendra is disappointed that Toby gave in to Spinner’s threats so easily, and tells him that. Spinner catches Toby approaching Kendra and goes to stop him. Toby decides that he likes Kendra enough to face Spinner’s wrath, and when he challenges Spinner face-to-face, he earns Spinner’s respect and the right to date Kendra.

          Note: This was Ellie Nash’s first appearance.


205 Weird Science

          It’s time for the annual Degrassi Science Fair. Liberty is the expected shoo-in, but Emma starts to look like she might have a real chance. Her project is “The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast”, and she hopes to prove that junk food is not good for studying. Everything is going as planned, until she sees JT’s results; it seems as though his tests improved the more junk food he eats. She does not know what to do until Mr. Simpson gives her a few hints. She doesn’t feel comfortable taking his advice since he is dating her mom, but eventually uses Mr. Simpson’s hints. She changes her project title to “The Mind/Body Connection” and concludes that JT’s unexpected results were because junk food makes him happy, happiness increases serotonin, and serotonin increases learning. Manny accidentally tells the entire Media Immersion class that Snake and Spike are dating, and when Emma wins the science fair, Liberty accuses her of winning because Mr. Simpson is picking favorites. Mr. Simpson and Emma dispute the accusation, and the judges officially award Emma the first-place prize.

          Spinner has suddenly become very popular with the ladies (much to Jimmy’s chagrin). His popularity is not the only change, though. Spinner’s hormones are raging, and it becomes physically apparent when he starts to get erections that he has absolutely no control over. It’s horribly embarrassing. Spinner is convinced it’s due to the increased amounts of health food he’s started eating, but finds out that it’s just a part of growing up.


206 Drive

          Ashley has now completely morphed into a gothic style, and is bonding with fellow goth Ellie. Ellie is Ashley’s only friend, and Ashley is desperate to impress her. She decides to do so by getting her belly-button pierced, but finds out that she needs parental approval. Another problem: she’s terrified of needles. She rises above her fear with Ellie’s support (who gets her cartilage pierced). With or without the piercings, Ellie and Ashley are the best of friends.

          Craig is helping out at Joey’s car dealership and they are both bonding from the experience. Craig can’t believe his luck when Joey lets him drive a car on the lot, and things get even better when Joey leaves for the weekend (with Angela), and lets Craig have friends stay over! Marco, Spinner and Sean all come over ready to party, but Craig is sticking to his step-dad’s no parties, no girls and no booze rules. After an afternoon spent gorging on junk food, the boys are wired and bored (a lethal combination). Craig thinks of the perfect activity: driving. Craig takes the keys to Joey’s dealership and the boys are shortly taking a joy ride around town. Joey soon finds out when his silent alarm goes off, and he is not at all pleased. When Craig, Spinner, Marco and Sean arrive back at the Jeremiah home, a very angry Joey is waiting for them. He sends the boys home, and then gives Craig a piece of his mind. Craig is yelled at and grounded, but perhaps the worst punishment is the fact that he has lost Joey’s trust.


207 – 208 Shout (I & II)

Note: In America, Shout (I & II) and How Soon Is Now (220) were aired on The-N as a 90 minute special.

Rival school Bardell is in town for a soccer tournament. Degrassi soccer star Spinner is crushing in Paige, and she seems to be reciprocating (even accepting his offer of a date) . . . until she meets Bardell star Dean. When Bardell loses, Dean wins. He invites Paige to a party, and all thoughts of Spinner are quickly lost. Spinner shows up at the party, and Paige brings Dean upstairs in her attempt to hide from Spin. When Paige and Dean get to a deserted bedroom, things get passionate, and she’s enjoying it . . . at first. Dean tries to take it too far and Paige makes it very clear that she does not want things to continue. Dean rapes Paige, thereby breaking the law, violating an innocent girl and shattering Paige’s innocence.

          Hazel wants to know all the details about Paige’s night with Dean, but when Paige won’t talk about it, she starts to get suspicious. Once Paige explains what really happened, Hazel makes her realize the implications: Paige has been raped. Spinner is angry at Paige, but he doesn’t know the whole story.

          Paige, Terri and Hazel are performing in a girl-band contest, but are in desperate need of a lyricist and a female vocalist. Paige convinces Ashley to rejoin the band (remember PMS?), promising that things will be different this time, and that Ashley can have complete say over the lyrics. When Ashley writes a song about rape, Paige refuses to perform the song. Ashley gets angry, and demands the Paige stick to her promise. In the midst of a hallway confrontation, Ashley starts to understand why Paige doesn’t want the band performing a song about rape. Paige admits the truth, and they decide to sing another song. When the band takes the stage and starts to play, Paige sees Dean in the audience, and is frozen, until she decides that Dean won’t be able to take everything away from her. Paige sings “Poor Thing” with passion, making Dean uncomfortable enough to leave, and giving Paige her first small victory against her rapist.


209 Mirror in the Bathroom

          Toby is sick of being known as the resident Degrassi geek. He decides to try out for the school wrestling team. Once he gets on the team, it’s clear he needs to get stronger, and stay within his weight range. Toby begins working out more and eating less, but takes it too far when he stops eating and starts taking laxatives. JT starts to worry about his friend’s decreased energy levels. When Toby takes the mat against a Grade 7, Toby thinks it will be an easy fight. Unfortunately, his eating habits have depleted his energy levels and cause him to pass out. Toby soon learns that he has an eating disorder.

          Terri has always been sensitive about her weight, but is starting to embrace her curvy figure. She gets a paying job as a plus-size model, but is a bit too shy to admit it to her friends. Paige and Hazel start to get suspicious when Terri starts coming to school with expensive things, and assume she’s been shoplifting. The truth comes out when Terri’s ad campaigns surface, and people at school start teasing her for it. She almost gives up her job, but Hazel and Paige are supportive of her and convince her to ignore the insults. When Mohammed, a student and ice-cream salesman, mocks Terri, she garners all her courage and tells him off. It seems that Terri is finally confident with herself.


210 Take My Breath Away

          Both Ellie and Hazel are crushing on Marco, and start to vie for his attention. Before things get too competitive, Marco tells Ellie that Hazel isn’t his type, but she is.

          The dreams of many fans of Degrassi’s past come true this episode: Christine “Spike” Nelson and Archie “Snake” Simpson get engaged! Never one to follow tradition, Spike was the one who proposed.

          Manny has been crushing on Craig for quite a long time. She is having trouble keeping her crush a secret, especially when she starts to daydream about both of them in class. When Craig shows up in Manny’s class to deliver a projector, she starts to daydream that Craig has come to take her away to be his Cinderella (according to the duet they shared in her dream). Manny finally gets the courage to ask Craig out and he says yes. On their date, Manny has an absolutely fantastic time and tells everyone about how great it was, and how she and Craig are now a couple. Unfortunately, Craig doesn’t share Manny’s opinion (he thinks she’s as mature as his 5 year-old half-sister) and has to tell her that he isn’t interested.


211 Don’t Believe the Hype

          Degrassi is having an “International Day” and all the Grade 9’s are required to give a presentation in Media Immersion about their heritage. Hazel gives a presentation on Jamaica, but doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with it. When Muslim student Fareeza’s Iraq display is destroyed and covered in anti-Muslim graffiti, Hazel is called to speak with Mr. Raditch. Hazel is innocent, but Fareeza is unhappy that she is so quick to hide her true heritage. Hazel decides that she should be proud of her heritage and re-does the Media Immersion project. She admits to her classmates that she is actually Somali and a Muslim.

          JT has to take sewing class, but it turns out that he is quite skilled at it. Not wanting to be ridiculed for having mastered a “girly” art, he decides to swap work with Liberty, who is a terrible sewer. When Liberty presents a skirt JT has made, everyone loves it, but Liberty feels guilty and admits the truth. Toby and Sean make fun of JT’s sewing, until they see that the girls are impressed. The girls are so impressed that they all order skirts for themselves. JT’s popularity soars.

          Just for trivia, the characters' ancestries are as follows: Hazel = Somali, Paige = Ukraine, Terri = Scottish, Kendra = Chinese, Spinner = Russian, Polish and German


212 – 213 White Wedding

          Snake’s and Spike’s wedding is fast approaching and Emma is putting in all her effort to make sure it is perfect. Snake and Spike get into an argument and Snake admits that he is not interested in having children yet. Things get complicated when Spike finds out that she’s pregnant. She decides to get an abortion, but when Emma finds out she thinks it’s terrible and she thinks that Snake should have a say in the decision. Emma sneaks out of the house, confronts Snake at his bachelor party, and tells him that Spike is pregnant and getting an abortion. Snake doesn’t react the way Emma expects; he is very angry at Spike and starts to give the impression that he might call of the wedding.

          The next morning, Spike confronts Emma about telling Snake, and they get into a fight that is so intense it makes them late for the wedding! Things turn out okay in the end, because Snake realizes that a child would be wonderful, the wedding happens as planned, and Emma even gets a dance and a kiss from Sean. Sean and Emma are now officially a couple, Snake and Spike are finally married, and a little baby is on the way.

          Side-story: Toby and JT convince Joey that a stripper would make Snake’s bachelor party perfect, and he agrees. Joey refuses to let Toby and JT attend, so Toby hooks up a hidden camera to watch the show. Emma shows up to tell Snake about the pregnancy before the boys get to see anything, and they end up getting caught.

          Note: Caitlin Ryan is in the wedding, and goes as Joey’s date.


214 Careless Whisper

          Toby is incredibly dedicated to his girlfriend Kendra. He wants to do everything for her, and starts to take his dedication a little bit too far. Kendra is feeling smothered and decides that she needs to take a break, which crushes Toby. After some time apart, Toby realizes that he was being overbearing and he and Kendra reunite.

          Marco and Ellie are dating, and things seem to be going great, except that Marco never wants to get too physical. Marco is starting to question his sexuality, and tries to hide his real feelings by being with Ellie. Rumors that Marco is gay start circulating around the school and Marco tries his best to deny them by being as obvious as possible about his relationship with Ellie. Ellie starts to put the pieces together, and confronts Marco. Ellie, Marco and some of their friends are over at Ashley’s house and Marco decides to use the opportunity to prove that he’s not gay. He brings Ellie up to an empty bedroom and when he starts to kiss her, he realizes that he can’t. He finally admits to himself that he is gay. 


215 Hot For Teacher

          Jimmy and Spinner make a pact to be 100% honest with one another. Unfortunately, honesty doesn’t turn out to be the best policy, and the two get into a heated argument.

          Ms. Hatzilakos gives JT detention for acting up in class. He has to help her take care of the class guinea pigs all week. JT is very excited by his punishment; he can’t wait to spend some quality time with Ms. Hot-Sauce! In spending time with the science teacher, JT starts to understand that she isn’t just beautiful, but is very kind and incredibly intelligent. In class, the boys start commenting about how hot Ms. Hot-Sauce is, and JT makes an inappropriate joke about her in order to fit in. Ms. Hatzilakos hears, and makes her hurt and displeasure known to JT. After school, JT notices that one of the guinea pigs has escaped, and chases after Ms. Hatzilakos to get her help. They join forces to hunt down the missing pet. JT apologizes for being so rude and hurtful because he finally understands that his teacher is a wonderful person and someone worthy of a lot of respect.


216 Message in a Bottle

          Sean’s life seems to finally be getting better, but then his brother Tracker suddenly quits his job; the situation makes Sean very aware of the instability of his home life. He is also nervous about having dinner at the Nelson home (with Emma, Spike and Snake) so Emma can officially introduce Sean as her boyfriend. The pressure gets too much for Sean to handle, and he decides to drown his troubles with alcohol. He shows up at the Nelson home very drunk, and stays only a few minutes before he storms out. He runs to a party at Jimmy’s house, where he gets quite destructive. Sean is convinced that he has ruined everything, and is very surprised to see that Emma has hunted him down. She forgives him, as do her parents.

          Back at Degrassi, Ashley and Jimmy seem to be rekindling their old romance, but neither has enough courage to take the first step . . . yet. Jimmy does invite Ashley to his party as an offer of peace between the two.


217 Relax

          Liberty tries out for the girls’ hockey team, but doesn’t make it. The coach, Ms. Hatzilakos decides to make Liberty the team’s manager. Liberty approaches her new job with gusto. Joey Jeremiah offers to sponsor Degrassi sports, but can only afford to sponsor one team. The boys’ and girls’ teams decide to have a competition for the sponsorship. Liberty gets a little bit too heated about the challenge though, and pushes her team too hard. The girls quit in the middle of the tournament. Liberty apologizes for taking things so seriously, and convinces the team to try again. The competition ends up being insignificant when Jeremiah Motors decides to sponsor both teams.

          Terri reads Paige’s palm and can’t seem to find her lifeline; she is convinces the Paige is going to die. Paige and Hazel decide to have some fun with the situation and work to convince Terri that Paige really is dying.


218 Dressed in Black

          Grade 8 is taking a sexual education class. JT convinces Toby that they should apply their new knowledge and buy condoms. Spinner finds condoms in Toby’s locker, and wants to kill him for even thinking of having sex with Kendra. Kendra isn’t pleased either and makes her displeasure (and the fact that she is nowhere near ready to have sex) very clear.

          Grade 9 English is learning about Shakespeare, and their assignment is to create their own interpretation of “Taming of the Shrew.” Jimmy and Ashley are bonding, and decide to get back together. Although she looks much different than she did last year, Jimmy is convinced she is still the same Ashley he knew. He keeps encouraging her to go back to her old style. Ashley is paired with Craig in English class, and he starts to point out the parallels between “Taming of The Shrew” and Jimmy. Ashley is torn; does she go back to the old Ash, or stay true to herself? Her decision is made clear during her and Craig’s performance; they have made “Taming the Shrew” about a man who is forcing his wife to be something she is not. The Ashley and Jimmy saga is officially over.


219 Fight for Your Right

          Emma decides to start a “Food For Thought” group at Degrassi, to protest Genetically Modified (GM) foods. Mr. Raditch doesn’t let Emma’s group form; the school doesn’t have the money, and he isn’t sure GM foods are really bad. The lack of support doesn’t stop Emma and she tries to educate the students about GM foods and encourages them to boycott the school cafeteria. The boycott turns into a food fight, and Raditch blames Emma for the destruction. She decides to picket outside of the school, and voices her protest to anyone who will listen. Mr. Raditch demands that she stop her protests or face a week-long suspension. Emma stands by her beliefs and is willing to be suspended for them.

          Spinner really wants a designer shirt, but he can’t afford it. His poverty is irritating him, especially when he sees the $1000 dollars Jimmy’s parents gave him for his birthday, and the brand new expensive MP3 player he has bought. Jimmy starts to tease Spinner for having such old clothing, and Spinner can’t take it anymore. He steals Jimmy’s MP3 player, pawns it off, and loses his best-friend in the process. Spinner starts working in the Degrassi cafeteria to earn enough money to replace Jimmy’s MP3 player.


220 How Soon is Now?

          Mr. Simpson has given the Media Immersion class an interesting assignment: they have to come up with a product and create a commercial for it. Marco and Ellie pair up and decide that their product will be “Duet” a scent for both men and women. Marco wants to make it a Bollywood themed commercial, but Ellie has other ideas. She wants the commercial to be an artistic and passionate black & white video that features her kissing Marco. The intimate scene is too much for Marco and he finally admits to Ellie that he is gay. It hurts her to have her crush rejected, but she quickly gets over it and offers him her full support.

          It’s been six months since Paige was raped by Dean, and she has finally stopped blaming herself for the incident. Paige has been seeing the school guidance counselor Ms. Suave since the incident, and finally seems ready to move on with her life . . . until she sees that Bardell (Dean’s team) is coming to Degrassi. Spinner is still bitter about Paige ditching their date, and tells her curtly that her “boyfriend’s back.” Paige refuses to cheer at the game and JT confronts her, wanting to know what happened. Paige tells him that she was raped by Dean, and he storms into the school gym and tries to attack Dean. Things start to add up for Spinner, and he confronts Paige about the rape. When she admits the truth, he takes off after Dean as well. JT and Spinner get kicked out of the game. Dean feels no remorse for his actions. Paige decides that it is time to face her demons; she takes off after Dean and tells him that she is coming after Dean this time. Paige goes to the guidance counselor and asks for Ms. Suave’s help in pressing charges against Dean. Spinner wants to make it clear to Paige that not all guys are like Dean, and takes time off from his work in the cafeteria to eat lunch with Paige . . . and offers to take her out on a date.


221 – 222 Tears Are Not Enough (I & II)

          Exams are coming up and Craig is really stressed about his science exam. He can’t find a peaceful place to study; Joey is stressed out, wants Craig to help out around the house more, and Angela is sick. Craig’s father shows up at school one day, eager to spend more time with his son; Mr. Manning even offers to help Craig study for his science exam. Craig initially resists, but is too worried about his exams to pass up a tutoring opportunity and consents to spending more time with his father. Mr. Manning convinces Craig that he has changed after taking anger management classes and wants Craig to move back home. Craig doesn’t tell Joey about his father, and Joey is unwilling to let Craig “go out with friends.” When Craig is late meeting his father because he had to baby-sit Angela, old patterns re-emerge. Mr. Manning hits Craig. Craig finally stands up for himself and promises his father that that was the last time he ever lets his father hurt him. Mr. Manning speeds off. When Craig arrives home, he admits to Joey what happened, and asks to go to Children’s Services to ensure that he never has to see his father again. Joey and Craig are getting ready to go the Children’s Services when the doorbell rings. Craig thinks it is his father, but finds out that it is the police; Mr. Manning has died in a car accident.

          The term isn’t quite over, but no one expects Craig to return until the next term begins. Everyone is surprised when he shows up at school, and teachers and students start to think that Craig is not handling the death well. At Mr. Manning’s funeral, Craig bursts out in laughter, and Caitlin and Joey make him leave. Craig tries to convince everyone that he is fine. When the school dance arrives, Ashley is surprised that Craig still wants to go – he even nominated them for Luau King and Queen. Craig seems to be doing well, until he and Ashley are chosen as the King and Queen. When Craig goes to receive his crown, he thinks he sees his father in the audience. Craig freaks out, runs into the hallway and starts kicking the walls and tearing down posters. Ashley wants to help, but Terri decides to do what she can since she knows what it’s like to lose a parent. Terri finds Craig collapsed in the hallway, and explains to him that it is okay to be sad – even if Craig hated his father, he still probably loved him -, and it is also okay to mourn in any way, even if others find it wrong.

          Side-stories: JT desperately needs help with exams, and begs Liberty to tutor him. She agrees, but only on the condition that he goes with her to the year-end dance. Paige & Spinner and Jimmy & Hazel start to battle it out for Luau King and Queen, but neither end up winning. Craig asked Ashley to the dance before his father died. Their relationship is just starting, and they are not an official couple.

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