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301-302 Father Figure (I & II)

            Emma is experiencing many changes in her life; she’s starting Grade 9 and her mother (Spike) is 9 months pregnant. The impending birth sends Emma on a search for her birth father (Shane McKay). She tries to get the information from her mother and Snake, but they are evasive. Emma finally finds her father’s address on the Internet, and convinces Craig to come with her to find him.  The address is wrong, so Craig and Emma return home and locate the correct address. The address turns out to be a nursing home; Emma’s father is brain-damaged. Emma introduces herself, and shares her first father-daughter embrace. Unfortunately, a nurse arrives and forces Emma to leave. Joey comes to pick up Craig and Emma, none to happy that the teens have ditched school and disobeyed Spike’s orders. Emma gets in trouble with Spike. The next day, while Emma and Snake are at Degrassi, Shane arrives at the house, and ends up throwing a tantrum, which sends Spike into labor. Shane is very unstable, but luckily Snake and Emma arrive in time to prevent any serious damage. It’s too late to go to hospital though, so new baby Jack arrives in the living room.

            Note: In this episode, Paige is assigned a locker in the worst area of the school. Spinner wants to find Paige the perfect anniversary present, and decides to get her a new locker. His quest leads his friends to mock him for being whipped. The teasing gets to Spinner, and leads to some tension with Paige, but things are eventually patched up.


303 U Got the Look

            Manny is sick of being cute; to her, puppies and kittens are cute, and Manny wants to be H-O-T. She decides to drastically change her image, and in doing so, violates the Degrassi dress code. Manny does, however create a new image for herself. The tube tops, thongs, lack of underwear, and hip-huggers have achieved their goal. Manny is now very admired by the boys of Degrassi (especially JT), but looses the respect of Emma. However, she does start dating Sully, a popular soccer player at Degrassi.

            Craig is still grounded (see Father Figure) for ditching school with Emma. He wants to find a place where he and his band (Marco: bass, Jimmy: guitar, Spinner: drums) can rehearse. Joey offers his garage and gets caught up in the nostalgia (see the original Degrassi). He wants to re-create The Zits (aka The Zit Remedy), and gets a little too involved in rehearsals. The band wants Craig to get Joey to back off, but Craig can’t bear to break Joey’s heart. None of that matters though, because the band’s griping about Joey has been caught on a video camera. Joey now knows how the band really feels, and is quite hurt.


304-305 Pride (I &II)

            Marco’s Storyline

            Ellie is getting sick of having to pretend that she and Marco are dating, and really wants Marco to admit (at least to his friends) that he is gay. Marco isn’t ready, even though he is starting to develop a crush on Paige’s older brother, Dylan Michalchuk. Hazel has her eye on Marco, and decides to actively pursue him with Spinner’s help. Marco decides that he can no longer lie about who his is, and admits to all of his friends that he is gay. Everyone seems pretty accepting, except for Spinner. Spinner cuts Marco out of his life and starts to publicly ridicule him.

            Jimmy, Spinner, Paige and Marco are all supposed to go to see Dylan and his hockey team play a big game. Marco decides to meet up with everyone a little later, and walks through a dark and (seemingly) deserted park en route to the game. When Marco doesn’t show up, Jimmy starts to worry. It turns out that Marco has been spotted by some horrible and violent bigots, who viciously verbally and physically attack Marco. The police see what is happening, and scare the attackers away, just as Jimmy finally locates Marco. Jimmy rushes to Marco’s side and offers him unconditional support. When school comes the next day, Jimmy walks into the bathroom to see Spinner writing “Marco is a fag” on the wall. Jimmy is disgusted and storms out, just as Marco walks in. At that point, Marco points out that Spinner is no different than the homophobes who beat him, which seems to strike a chord in Spinner. He might learn to accept Marco after all. 

            Mr. Simpson’s Storyline

            Mr. Simpson/Snake has been suffering from a terrible cold, and is sent to the Jeremiah household so baby Jack doesn’t get sick. At first, everything seems normal, but things start to look suspicious when Snake’s nose starts to bleed relatively frequently. He goes in for some tests and receives some absolutely horrible news: he has leukemia. Spike and Emma are devastated.

            Snake decides to face cancer in the most positive way possible and offers to shave his head in front of the entire school if they succeed in raising a certain amount of money. Degrassi raises the money, and Sheila (cafeteria lady) shaves Snake’s head in the main corridor of Degrassi. Emma doesn’t react well, because she thinks that Snake has given up his fight against the cancer. He promises that he will survive, for his new baby, Spike and Emma.


306 Gangsta Gangsta

            Sean is starting to feel more and more that his life isn’t really going that well; Emma is too wrapped up in Snake’s cancer to pay much attention to her boyfriend, and Tracker (Sean’s brother) is living the party life of a twenty-something. Sean just can’t seem to really fit in anywhere. Meanwhile, Degrassi bad-boy Jay Hogart and his buddies seem to be having a blast. When Sean starts to spend more time with his new friends, they start pressuring him to participate in their more . . . legally questionable activities. Emma disapproves of her boyfriend’s new friends which leads to their breakup. Jay dares Sean to steal a keyboard from the Media Immersion lab, but Sean takes it a step further; he steals Mr. Simpson brand new beautiful laptop. Emma is suspicious, but can’t prove anything.

            JT has been spending a lot of time with Paige and her friends and Toby is starting to feel left behind. Toby can’t seem to find a way in with the popular crowd . . . until JT has a wet dream . . . about Liberty. Toby threatens to use the dream as blackmail unless JT lets him hang out with the popular kids too.


307 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

            Mr. Simpson is having a really hard time dealing with chemotherapy, and is starting to worry Spike and Emma. Spike decides to get Joey to take Snake out to cheer him up. Snake is resistant at first, but finally decides to go out bowling with Joey. Troubled old friend Wheels (who in School's Out crashed his car, blnding Lucy Fernandez and killing a young boy), meets them at the bowling lanes, much to Snake’s chagrin. Eventually Wheels gives Snake a new lease on life.

            Craig’s and Ashley’s relationship is starting to get more serious and they seem ready to take the Big Step. However, every time they start to cross that line, Ashley decides to pull back. She doesn’t want to give herself to Craig until she is sure that he loves her, but Craig doesn’t feel comfortable saying those words. Ashley gets frustrated when Craig can’t even say the L-word on Valentine’s Day, even though he gets her a dozen red roses. Before it’s too late to save the relationship, Craig composes and sings a beautiful song to Ashley where he finally admits his love. It seems like nothing is in the way of the two finally making love.

            Unfortunately, Craig decides to express his excitement over the news by telling Spinner. They can’t stop making sexual innuendos and Ashley gets furious and calls the whole thing off, which hurts Craig more than he can express. He runs off and Manny quickly follows. Manny it seems, has broken up with Sully because he had no idea how to treat a girl, unlike Craig. Craig turns to Manny for comfort, but things go farther than the both of them planned when they end up having sex. The next day, Manny is filled with hope for a relationship, but when Craig sees that Ashley has forgiven him over their fight, he knows that Ashley is where his heart is.


308 Whisper to a Scream

            Side-plot first: Terri has a Secret Admirer who keeps leaving her beautiful roses. She is dying to know who it is, as are her friends. Terri, still self-conscious about her appearance, is ecstatic to know that someone likes her for who she is. 

            The real story: Ellie and Paige are competing for a co-op at the television station Caitlin Ryan works for, but Ellie is having problems at home and they seem to be hurting her chances at getting the co-op. Her father is serving in the military (likely the war/ reconstruction of Afghanistan) and Ellie’s mother is not coping well in his absence.  She has turned to drinking heavily and is often passed out on the couch, leaving Ellie to be the responsible one in the family. Life has become too tough for Ellie to handle and she begins to cut herself. Paige notices that Ellie has some issues, and starts to get suspicious. When Paige sees Ellie’s scars, she tries to do what she can to help her. Although Ellie and Paige have never been friends, they have made a connection and Ellie admits that she needs help. Ellie sees Ms. Suave and ends up landing the co-op job.


309 Against All Odds

            Jimmy and Spinner are having trouble with maths, and turn to the best student they can think of: Marco. Spinner is still uncomfortable with Marco’s homosexuality, and starts to misinterpret all of Marco’s words and actions. He becomes convinced that Marco has a crush on him! Marco has to explain that although he is gay, he does not find Spinner attractive. Spinner’s not pleased that Marco doesn’t think he’s good-looking, but he is happy that Marco isn’t crushing on him. Spinner gets more and more comfortable with Marco’s homosexuality everyday.

            Emma is finally over Sean, and starts to develop a crush on Chris Sharpe. Chris is handsome, intelligent, talented and cool, but there is one problem: he has a girlfriend. Emma and Manny go to a rave where Chris is DJing, and Manny encourages Emma to go for it in spite of Chris’s girlfriend. Emma and Chris make-out, but she stops things before it goes too far, thinking of Chris' girlfriend. Manny runs into Craig at the rave, and decides to follow her own advice. Manny and Craig hook up, with Manny promising to keep everything a secret from Ashley. Emma eventually finds them on her bed (Emma’s bed!) and it is obvious that Manny and Craig are sexually active. Emma is disgusted and disappointed, which destroys her relationship with Manny, who thinks Emma is being unfair; after all, Emma hooked up with Chris.


310 Never Gonna Give You Up

            Side-plot: Spinner is starting to get very annoyed at JT’s new popularity, especially since JT keeps getting in the way of Spinner and Paige. He decides to do all he can to embarrass JT, but JT is very good at fighting back. They embark on a prank war, but it goes far enough to anger Paige, who forces the two to make a very shaky truce.

            The real story: Terri couldn’t be happier with her new relationship with Rick. She finally has some one who finds her attractive, loves her, and wants to spend all his time with her. Also, she is the lead in the school play! Jimmy is directing, but Rick starts to overstep the bounds of being stage-hand and keeps offering advice, which isn’t helpful at all. Both Hazel and Jimmy start to get suspicious about Rick’s possessiveness, especially when Terri starts showing up to school with cuts and bruises. Terri refuses the listen to her friend’s warnings, until everyone laughs at her acting in the school play, thanks to Rick’s terrible advice. When she confronts Rick about the play, he grabs her and then shoves her roughly. After that, Terri tells him that he will never be able to hurt her again.


311 This Charming Man

            Emma is finally over Sean . . . we think. She has accepted Chris’s offer of a date and it looks like the two are starting a great new relationship. However, when word starts going around the school that Sean and his friends (Jay’s crew) are stealing things, Emma becomes obsessed with bringing him to justice for the thefts, including the disappearance of Snake’s laptop. Emma drags Chris into the quest, but Chris starts to feel taken advantage of, and doubts the sincerity of Emma’s actions. When Chris points out that Emma seems to just want to punish Sean for what he did to her, Emma and Chris go their separate ways. Once Emma realizes how pointless (and vengeful) her actions were, she apologizes to Chris and tells him that she is over Sean once-and-for-all.

            Paige, Spinner and Jimmy are starting driving lessons! Paige is driving really well, while Spinner is an absolute wreck. Things get even worse when Paige develops a crush on Mr. Falcone, the new driving instructor. Spinner soons finds out, and his jealousy makes him an even worse driver. He gets so mad, he even crashes the practice car whilst going through a instruction course! Paige is initially angry that Spinner is so jealous, but they manage to make up, and change driving instructors.

Note: In this episode, we see that Sean is dating Amy, one of Jay’s friends.


312–313 Holiday (I & II)

            The holiday season has swept the Jeremiah family up in a frenzy! Joey’s girlfriend Sydney is relishing the fact that the relationship is getting more serious, and is hoping to create the perfect Christmas celebration. Little Angela is preparing for her Christmas pageant. Caitlin is even getting into the holiday spirit, enjoying spending time with her dear high school friend Joey, but she is starting to feel like a bit of an outsider. Joey and Caitlin end up in a compromising situation, Caitlin questions their ability to be just friends and Joey questions his relationship with Sydney.

            Meanwhile, Craig is having a very . . . busy . . . holiday season. He and Ashley are going to perform a song in the Christmas pageant, he is dealing with the flurry of activity at home, oh, yeah . . . he’s also dating both Ashley AND Manny, something Manny is aware of, but certainly not Ashley. At first, everything seems great and he is certainly getting a lot of encouragement from Spinner for being such a player. Unfortunately, things are getting more complicated every day, and Craig keeps running the risk of being caught, or Manny spilling the secret. When Manny decides she can no longer be “the other woman” she tells Craig that he has to choose. When he doesn’t want to, she decides to leave him. Craig doesn’t want to lose either of them, so he lies to Manny and tells her that he has broken up with Ashley, even though he is still dating both. Ashley finds some presents Craig bought and notices a figure skater charm bracelet. The next day, she notices that Manny is wearing the bracelet and confronts her. Manny hesitates, but admits that she is dating Craig, thinking he has broken up with Ashley. When the truth comes out, both Manny and Ashley both dump Craig and he is left facing a very lonely Christmas. Joey finds out, and does his best to sympathize. He even tells Craig that he and Caitlin were engaged, but they broke up when Joey cheated on her with Tessa Campanelli (Degrassi newbies should check this story out, it's hilarious, but of course dramatic).

            Sydney starts to get suspicious about Caitlin, and demands to hear that Joey no longer has any feelings for his high school love. When Joey can’t look her in the eye, he looses Sydney, but finally realizes that he is still in love with Caitlin. He rushes to catch her at the airport before she leaves on a work assignment. When he finds her, and admits his love, Caitlin admits her feelings and decides to stay in town. As Craig so aptly put it, Joey’s Christmas present came early.


314–315 Accidents Will Happen (I & II)

            Inconsequential events first: Toby is still jealous of JT’s popularity and decides to do something to get some popularity of his own. He offers to hack into the school computer and alter Jimmy’s maths grade. Mr. Raditch catches them both and they are given Saturday detention.

            More inconsequential events: JT has gotten sick of Liberty’s hopeless crush and cruelly tells her off. Although initially distraught, she soon finds a new object of affection in Sean. She tries to dress cool, but just embarrasses herself and Sean. Sean decides to tell her very strongly that he has no interest. However, he offers her some hope: it seems that his friend Towerz has a crush on her.

            The real story: Manny and the Spirit Squad are getting ready for a very important gymnastics meet, but Manny is starting to feel sick. She starts to suspect it wasn’t just the flu and realizes that her and Craig might not have used protection when they had sex. She knows she can’t turn to her mother, so she goes to a person who has been through this before: Emma’s mother Spike. Manny gets tested, and finds out that she is pregnant. Spike and Emma give their full support. When Manny tells Craig, he also takes it surprisingly well, and decides to stand by her and wants them to be a family. For Craig, it’s an unexpected dream come true; he’s never had a real family, and a life with Manny would give him the family he always wanted. He does everything in his power to take care of and lavish attention on Manny and his unborn baby.

However, Manny starts to question the logistics of having a child at such a young age. Craig and Manny fail at taking care of baby Jack, and Ashley announces the news to the entire school. Manny decides that motherhood isn’t for her, and she doesn’t want to lose 9 months of her life either, so she chooses to have an abortion, with her mother’s knowledge and consent. Spike is also supportive, which hurts Emma, who finds abortion an aberration. Manny tells Craig that she has decided to terminate the pregnancy, and he refuses to accept it. They fight, and Emma comes to Manny's aid. Emma decided that although she doesn't approve of abortion, it is Manny’s choice, and her and Craig need to accept that. The episode ends when Manny and her mother arrive at the abortion clinic.


316 Take On Me

            Remember The Breakfast Club? In case you missed it, you can catch it here. Mr. Raditch has given five teens Saturday detention and they are not pleased, to say the least. Five teens, five entirely different personalities . .  . and no idea how to get along. There’s the “princess” Hazel, who is in trouble for looking at pornographic websites, the “jock” Jimmy who worked with the “nerd” Toby to hack into the school’s computers and change his maths grades, the “misfit” Ellie, who ditched class, and Sean, the “criminal” who mouthed off to Mr. Raditch.

            Stuck in an enclosed space, the group is initially unpleasant to one another, but once Hazel is dared to kiss Toby (!!!) and does it, the ice is broken. Mr. Raditch doesn’t provide much supervision (why does that always happen during detention?) so it’s only a matter of time before everyone takes off and starts to explore the hidden corridors of the school. Hazel and Jimmy start to bond, and they become a couple by the end of the episode. Ellie and Sean open up to one another, Ellie even going to far as to admit she cuts herself, and they quickly become a couple too. There are a few close calls when Mr. Raditch finally decides to check up on the delinquents. By the time they regain their freedom, everyone has gained respect for one another.

            Note: Sean and Amy have broken up by now.


317 Don’t Dream it’s Over

            Ellie has made plans to spend Saturday with her best guy friend Marco. Sean, however, wants to take her to a brand new movie that same night. Ellie accepts Sean’s offer, and shows up at the cinema with Marco. Sean is not pleased, and it becomes apparent that he is very jealous of his new girlfriend’s friendship. Sean takes his jealousy a step too far and Ellie is about to end the relationship . . . until Marco steps in. Marco really thinks Sean would be good for Ellie and patches things up between the two.

            Paige’s parents have let her borrow the van for the weekend, and she decides to take Spinner, Jimmy, Hazel and Terri out on a road trip. Terri wants to bring Rick as her date, and everyone resists, until they realize that at least if Terri and Rick are with them, they can protect her from his violence. They stop the car in some open woods to hang out, play Frisbee and relax. Paige decides to mention her Rick concerns to Terri, who is offended and tries to defend him. Rick overhears the conversation and takes off in a huff. Terri must decide to stay with the gang, or take off after Rick. She chooses Rick. Rick is overtaken by his anger, grabs Terri and throws her down on the ground, and then runs off. Paige, Spinner, Jimmy and Hazel find Terri unconscious with her head slammed into a rock. They rush her to the hospital and she has to go through brain surgery. As everyone waits to hear if she’ll be okay, Spinner and Paige have to face Terri’s father and admit that they knew Rick was abusive. Terri is now in a coma.


318 Rock & Roll High School

            Caitlin is trying to find her place in the Jeremiah family, and does so by spoiling Angela. Joey injures his back and Caitlin convinces him to let her care for the family. Unfortunately, Caitlin has a really hard time disciplining Angela, and is worried that Joey is disappointed in her parenting skills. When Angela continues to break the rules, Caitlin finally lays down the law, and earns the respect of both Joey and Angela.

            At Degrassi Community School, the Battle of the Bands is coming up and it’s shaping up to be a showdown between Craig and Ashley. Ashley, Paige, Hazel and Ellie (Hell Hath No Fury) are performing “Mr. Nice Guy” a scathing attack on Craig’s unfaithfulness. Downtown Sasquatch (Craig, Marco, Jimmy and Spinner) have a song, but no lyrics, because Craig is lacking inspiration. Jimmy and Spinner suggest a horribly sexist rap they wrote, and Craig realizes that he has to write lyrics, but he’s just not sure what. When he hears Hell Hath No Fury rehearsing, he is shocked; not only are the girls performing great, but the song is sure to make a fool out of Craig. He tries to tell Ashley the he is sorry, but both of them know he really doesn’t mean it. When the competition finally starts, Hell Hath No Fury is a big hit, and Downtown Sasquatch still can’t even find their lead singer! Craig finally shows up at the last minute, and has written lyrics that are great and the perfect apology to Ashley. Downtown Sasquatch wins the competition, and the right to record a single in a professional studio.


319 It’s Raining Men

            JT gets a big acting break – he’s starring in a fast-food commercial! He is really excited, and decides to hold a viewing party at Toby’s house, so all his friends (and quite a few other Degrassi students) can view his acting debut. JT really wants Manny to go, but she doesn’t feel comfortable going to Ashley’s house, considering their history. Manny also doesn’t really feel like having to face Degrassi students outside of school, because she’s been labeled the school slut. JT is still crushing on Manny, and finally convinces her to go. The night doesn’t turn out exactly how JT imagined, because everyone find the commercial to be embarrassing, to say the least. JT’s “acting” becomes the laughing stock of the school. It increases the bond between him and Manny though, because she can sympathize with his newfound unpopularity.

            Marco has had a crush on Dylan Michalchuck for months now, and is finally ready to make his move. Unfortunately, it seems that fellow Degrassi student Tom has already made a move on Dylan. Spinner wants to help Marco out, so spreads the rumor that Tom has scabies (similar to fleas). Marco finally gets the courage to ask Dylan out, who says yes! Marco enlists Spinner’s help to pick out an outfit for the date, and it seems as though Spinner has finally truly accepted his friend’s homosexuality.

            When Dylan arrives for the date, it seems to be one disaster after another. First, Dylan is amused by Marco’s embarrassing hat, then Marco squeals like a terrified pig when he notices there is a bee in Dylan’s car, at the cinema, Marco is too scared to hold Dylan’s hand, and as if things couldn’t get any worse, Marco and Dylan run into Marco’s homophobic parents. Marco’s dad spends much of the evening insulting gays. Marco is convinced that his chances with Dylan are ruined. When Spinner and Marco see Dylan the next day, Dylan asks to speak with Marco alone, who then asks him out! Not only that, but Marco and Dylan share their first kiss.


320 I Want Candy

            The Nelson family is finally getting back to normal, and dealing with Snake’s chemotherapy. But when Emma finds Snake’s will, she starts to fear that his chemotherapy has failed and he won’t be around for much longer. She can’t cope with the thought of losing her step-father, and starts to break down. She even gets into a fight with Alex! When Snake confronts Emma, she admits her fears. He is touched by her concern and his able to give her some good news: his cancer is in remission.

            Paige and Spinner decide that they deserve to take a day off from school. They decide to invite Ashley, who’s been having a hard time dealing with things at Degrassi (mostly because of the drama of Craig). Throughout the day, the three play miniature golf, go to an arcade, watch a movie, visit an art gallery, and watch an Elvis impersonator contest. Perhaps their most rebellious action is when they go to eat at a fancy restaurant and leave without paying the bill (they left in a hurry when Mr. Raditch showed up). The only downside is when Ashley complains about how horrible she feels her life is and decides that she’s not coming back the Degrassi next year. She changes her mind, though, when they visit Terri at the hospital. It’s the first time Ashley has seen Terri since she slipped into a coma and it gives Ashley a new perspective on her life.

            Note: Terri is finally well enough to leave the hospital, but unfortunately she’s not going to be coming back to Degrassi.


321 Our House

            The Degrassi semi-formal is coming up and JT is desperate to ask Manny to be his date. Liberty convinces him to go for it. When JT asks her out, she initially turns him down because she still isn’t comfortable facing everyone at Degrassi. JT keeps asking, hoping that she’ll fall for him, but starts to get second thoughts when he sees Manny with Craig. It seems that JT is starting to believe what everyone has to say about Manny being a slut. Manny is really hurt that JT thinks such horrible things about her. JT finally realizes how stupid, and mean, he’s been. He apologizes and asks her to go to the dance with him, again. She finally says yes.

            Sean’s brother Tracker decides to move to Alberta, and expects Sean to come along, something Sean is loath to do. Sean refuses to go, and decides to go on student welfare and live alone in the apartment. Jay and his crew decide to make Sean’s house the place to party. The party goes too far, though, and the house is left practically destroyed, which almost destroys Sean’s friendship with Jay.


322 The Power of Love

            It’s time for the Degrassi semi-formal. Marco has spent weeks making the “Bollywood Nights” theme absolutely perfect.

Jimmy is also hoping to make the night perfect for Hazel. Jimmy and Hazel make plans to go to the dance with Spinner and Paige. When the four go to pick up their outfits, it seems that Jimmy has accidentally ordered a peach Sari (a woman’s outfit!). Then, when their limo arrives to take them to dinner, the limo is less than expected. The limo is the most stereotypically western (Confederate flags, country music) vehicle you could imagine and even the driver has a southern accent and cowboy hat. To make things worse, the limo has obviously seen better days. Jimmy made reservations at a fancy restaurant, but it turns out to be the same place Paige and Spinner walked out on without paying just a few weeks earlier. Jimmy and Hazel decide to eat there anyway, but when the bill comes, they are charged for 7 meals and Jimmy doesn’t have enough money, so Hazel pays.

Sean doesn’t want to go to the dance because he isn’t exactly the most welcome student in school, but Ellie convinces him to go. When he arrives, he sees Mr. Simpson, and is struck with remorse for stealing his laptop. Sean admits his mistake to Mr. Simpson, who is devastated that a student he trusted, and often defended, would do such a horrible thing. Sean is desperate to make up for what he did, but Mr. Simpson makes it clear that apologizing won’t be easy. When Sean sees Mr. Simpson struggling with his car, Sean offers to fix it for free. Sean knows it won’t solve everything, but he wants to try.

Back inside the dance, everything seems to be perfect. The decorations are awesome, everyone is having a good time, and Marco gets to spend quality romantic time with Dylan. Marco is just about to announce the King and Queen of the dance when one of the decorative curtains lights on fire. Everyone has to quickly evacuate.

Jimmy, Hazel, Spinner and Paige arrive at the dance shortly after the fire trucks do and see everyone gathered in the Degrassi parking lot. Jimmy is crestfallen, because absolutely nothing has gone the way he wanted it to. Marco is also devastated, because he has blamed himself for almost burning down Degrassi. Hazel and Dylan do their best to cheer up their respective dates. The students of Degrassi take everything with a grain of salt and pretty soon the dance re-starts in the Degrassi parking lot.

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