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Degrassi Focus sumissions made by regular contributor Kyle. Kyle can be reached at


Degrassi: All downhill from here?


Please, no one get me wrong, but, does it seem to anyone else that Degrassi is losing its flare? I mean, when TNG first started out it was rare, and it was a show where you’d mention "DegrassI" and someone would say "wait, what?" Those are the days I miss.T he days when there was not Degrassi merchandise found everywhere...Degrassi controversy everywhere...But again please, when you are reading this, do not get me wrong, I love Degrassi and all the stuff you can get and that it’s getting noticed majorly, but, as a die hard fan  it’s hard to keep up with all these books, movies, cd's, ringtones, "secret projects" andCOMICS...And now that everyone knows about Degrassi, it's like you are not as big as a fan anymore.

   Another thing that has been going on lately is losing so many characters and getting so many new ones. Well,if it happens to last another season or two, the whole original cast will have been replaced!

   The only thing I have to say lies at the heart of Degrassi, the REAL reason to love it. The episodes are getting great.(Yet somewhat unrealistic, "Tell It To My Heart" *hint hint*).The episode storylines are getting deeper and more important and more life chainging. And I am glad that this season is not focusing that much time on relationships. More of the drama and other things that go on in teenage years, showing that high school is more than just boyfriends and girlfriends.

   Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I hope that you take into consideration what I have stated here...And do know that I LOVE Degrassi with all of my heart and I will never forget it. Lastly, I would like to add that I am deeply sorry for my lack of posting. Although this will be my last submission for the year, I am making it a resolution of mine to submit more. Thanks to all my readers!


Week of December 19-25


Stay Away From That Brush!!!


I searched Season 5 photos everywhere, finding any new hairstyles on Degrassi I could. Here’s what I found:


Manny: Shorter, more rugged, also pics of straight hair with even bangs. Off topic but a nose ring!


Ellie: Starts off straight then turns into big, crimson curls


Emma: Bigger, with a sort of wave to it


Jay: Long, parted


Liberty: Sharply parted, extremely formal


Darcy: Thinner, curls but barely noticeable


J.T: Gotten thinner, more flippy


Marco: Tightly braided (I know, wow!). Also, thick curls with the occasional headband


Spinner: Back to spikes; knowing Spinner he's out of ideas


Alex: Might have gotten longer and straighter


Paige: Curls are getting very smooth, with a silky look


Joey: No more goatee


Danny: The biggest fro I’ve ever seen. Like a mega version of Robbie on RFR.


Toby: Similar to season 3


Craig: Extremely short


Jimmy: No Change. Period.


Hazel: I don’t think so...


And anyone I have left out, sorry but I couldn’t find them. Hope you enjoyed the list!


P.S. EVERYONE agreed Paige looked best in the dress.


Bye Till Next Week!


Week Of September 26 to October 1

(Note: The delay in posting is entirely the fault of me – Whitney – as I was having trouble using computers due to an injured shoulder. Apologies.)

And the Best Backstabber Goes To . . .


   As I’m sure all of you know about The-N's Degrassi's Viewer's Choice, I would like to present to you my Choice for Degrassi's Best Sell-Out.


   Why have I chosen to share my opinions about the Best Sell-Out, and not the Make-Out or Freak-Out? Easy. Degrassi's best Make-Out can have voters biased to their favorite couples, and the Best Freak-Out can have voters biased to the nomination with the most action.


   So Here, Without Any Further Interruptions, Are My Orders For The Best Sell Out:


#5.-"Neutron Dance"

Ditching the opportunity of a lifetime might be a hard decision to make, but first of all, we all knew Ashley and Craig were still interested in each other, and second, we knew she was starting to interfere with the band. It was obvious beforehand Craig would have chosen Ash over "the guys".


#4.-"This Charming Man"

Hmm...Backstabbing your ex boyfriend stands out why? When Emma started hearing the things about Sean stealing the laptop, she tried to get him back. Not really backstabbing if you ask me, since Sean broke Emma's heart and stole her sickly father's laptop.


#3-"Take On Me"

What Ellie did was terrible. but going in to it she did not know they would bond the way they did, and If she didn’t use names everything would be ok...right? WRONG! Bad Ellie. Bad. You can still hurt people whether your friends or not...Not to mention she was still gonna go through with it even after they became close...*Sigh*


#2-"Time Stands Still"

This choice may shock some people, but no matter who Rick shot, the day would have ended horribly. Throwing in that Spinner and Jay set up Jimmy with the blame just makes it worse. Even though this episode rocked the Degrassi world, it still doesn’t stand up to . . .


#1-"West End Girls"

I do not think harming someone is equal to anything. And I do not support Manny in doing this because, she started it. Yes, she gossiped to Hazel, and that started the crazy I-Hate-You-spiral of Manny and Paige. Since Paige did not start it, and if Paige was the one setting Manny up, this would have resulted in number 2. Overall, the reason I chose WEG over TSS is this: Jay and Spinner did not know framing Jimmy would Injure him; Manny knew what she was doing to Paige would, not to mention she was the one to start it in the first place!


   Speaking Of "West End Girls", I encourage everyone who reads this to send me an email at telling me who they think looks better in the red dress: Manny or Paige, and I will mention your names and the winner.   


- Kyle

19 to 25 September 2005


New Season Extravaganza!


Talk of Degrassi: The Next Generation’s fifth season is spreading from site to site all over the net. Promos have started to hit Canada's CTV and the American Degrassi counterpart, The-N.


This year, our beloved characters go through problems and issues such as plastic surgery, an unwanted pregnancy, a car crash, marijuana, living in the "real world", and new students messin' it all up !Not to mention the absence of Ashley ,Sean, Mr.Radditch, and Caitlin. This season, proclaimed as "the most unexpected season ever", takes numerous twists. Remember, "Just when you think you know Degrassi characters and what they're gonna do, they turn around and do something you never expected."- (Degrassi's Executive Producer)


This year, "TV's gutsiest teen drama"-(Entertainment Weekly) returns September 19 on CTV in Canada, and October 7 on The-N in the USA.





12 to 18 September 2005


My Chicago Degrassi Adventure


Well I left out of school Thursday, Sept 1 and traveled from my house in Tennessee to Chicago. Saturday, I arrived at the mall at about 11,got in line at 11:30.I was number 744 in line. I sat and chatted with some other fans. I ate Subway and shopped in Hot Topic while my parents and grandmother traded out standing in line. Finally at 1 they arrived. I moved slowly. They took a thirty minute lunch break. Then I had my grandmother stand in line while i anxiously waited at the door for them to come back .Finally, camera ready, I saw them enter and went snapshot crazy. I even got Miriam to wave at the camera for me. I got back in line and waited, waited, got sick of waiting, stuck my parents in line, correctly answered a trivia question(Who are sisters in real life on the show),spun a wheel and won a candle. I wanted to win Andrea's CD so I made my mom do it but she just got lip gloss. I got back in line and at approximately 3:30 I finally got to meet them.


I absorbed their coolness and then asked Ryan what his most embarrassing moment on set was. He replied, “I ripped one of my favorite button shirts in a door,and walked around half shirtless looking for another shirt”. We laughed. I looked at Miriam, smiled, and asked her what her favorite kiss scene involving herself is. "Well, I really enjoyed doing a scene in season 5 , but if were talking the past, no doubt me and Daniel ,well, Sean, in 'Gangsta Gangsta'." We posed for one of the greatest off set pictures of them, like ever. I smiled and thanked them for their autographs and reluctantly left. After I left the booth, I stood next to the trivia line waiting for someone to win Andrea's CD, so I could offer them 22 bucks for it. After three people denied, I gave up and we left the mall. It was officially the greatest Day ever, even after not getting Andrea's CD.I look forward to my third time to meet the stars of Degrassi next year.

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