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26 May 2005

Degrassi won the Shaw Rocket Prize (see news from 4 May). The show received $50,000 for winning. See for more information. Congrats Degrassi!

Degrassi: Unscripted begins airing on 3 June with Stacey Farber (Ellie). On 10 June will be Aubrey Graham (Jimmy). Melissa McIntyre will be on 17 June.

25 May 2005

CTV has released the Season Five press release. Check it out here. I think it is important to note that the press release specified returning cast regulars, meaning certain cast members not mentioned in the release might be guest-stars.

Lauren Collins (Paige) has landed a part in Take The Lead, a movie starring Antonio Banderas. Congrats Lauren! Check out more info here.

20 May 2005 (again, but later in the day)

Nickelodeon (which owns The-N) has named a new Vice President of Communications, Jodi Davis. As such, she is in charge of publicity for Degrassi: The Next Generation. Meaning she's quite important to us fans.

For more details, see our source at:

20 May 2005 - News from the Exec (finally!)

Executive Producer Steven Stohn just left the following (cryptic) message on

"I just watched another car crash, it went off perfectly!!! (A bit expensive to keep crashing cars I know, but very satisfying when you know it's going to look good on screen.) "

So apparently they are destroying things up in Canada. No idea who was in the car crash (if anyone) or why, but it's fun to speculate!

Random Note: I just saw my favourite country singer, Clay Walker, and if you get the chance, check out his website, because he is fantastic. Sorry for the tangent.

19 May 2005 - DVD party in NYC

The Place: New York City
The Location: The Manhattan Mall - right next to the Empire State Building and Herald Square (home of Macy's)
The Store: Suncoast
The Date: June 18, 2005

Last year we hit the West Coast... this year... the Degrassi Ultimate Box Set Signing Party is hitting the East Coast - in Mid-Town Manhattan, NY! (Home of The N)

This is your chance to meet:
- Miriam McDonald (Emma)
- Andrea Lewis (Hazel)
- Jake Epstein (Craig)
- Shane Kippel (Spinner)

Tune into the FUNimation Degrassi web site at [url][/url] or stay tuned to the boards for more information on what time to get in line!

We'll have Season 1 and the NEW Season 2 Ultimate Box Sets on hand to sign. (Three full days before they are in ANY other store) Drawings will be held for exciting Degrassi prizes too.

Mark your calendar. You must be there.

(Source: FUNimation Message Boards)

18 May 2005

Happy 17th Birthday to Ryan Cooley!

17 May 2005

The Canadian Television Fund (CTF) has allocated C$99.2 million for 36 drama programs, including Degrassi: The Next Generation. CTF is a partnership between the Canadian government, Canada's cable and satellite industry and Telefilm Canada. (Source:

For those of you who don't know, the Canadian government subsidises Canadian television (among other things) in order to protect home-grown programming from being overshadowed by American programming. Since Degrassi is subsidised by the Canadian government, that is why only Canadian citizens can act on the show. In addition, Degrassi is subsidised by the provincial government of Ontario, which is why most of the actors are from Ontario.

10 May 2005 has announced new episode titles for Season Five. In addition to the ones we posted 2 May, here they are:

  • 505 Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • 506 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  • 507 Turned Out
  • 508 Tell It To My Heart

In case you don't want to look below for the previously released episode titles, here they are:

  • 501 - 502 Venus
  • 503 Death of a Disco Dance
  • 504 Foolin'

6 May 2005

  • Season Five began filming as of today! (time flies by so fast)
  • The-N will air the rest of Season Four starting 1 July. (Don't forget Degrassi:Unscripted begins airing 3 June.
  • Just noticed that Jake Goldsbie (Toby) had a cameo in "I Do, They Don't", the ABC Family movie Ephraim Ellis (Rick) was in.

4 May 2005

  • Degrassi is a semi-finalist for the 2005 Shaw Rocket Prize. The Prize awards $50,000 to the best independently produced kids' TV program. The winner is chosen by 400+ Canadian 7th to 9th graders (all who are enrolled in the Learning Through the Arts program). The winner will be announced 25 May. Source: Canadian Press,


  • Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn has announced the (tentative) titles for the first four episodes of season five. They are:
    • 501 Venus Part One
    • 502 Venus Part Two
    • 503 Death of a Disco Dancer
    • 504 Foolin'
  • Apparently, Jamie Johnston will be joing the cast of Degrassi next year as a character named Peter. He is 15 years old and you might have seen him on I Was a Sixth Grade Alien with Ryan Cooley, Daniel Clark and Lauren Collins. You can find out more about Jamie at

1 May 2005:

  • Happy May Day!
  • Christina Schmidt won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a TV Series at the Young Artist Awards.

30 April

  • Stephen Stohn has clarified, and Degrassi Season Five will begin filming on 6 May 2005, not 9 May as previously thought.
  • At some point during filming a new opening sequence will be filmed.
  • Degrassi: Generations the book will be released this August in the USA, Canada and Australia.
  • The Young Artist Awards are this evening. We will let you know if Degrassi picked up any awards as soon as we hear.

Here is the official word from Stephen Stohn (ExecProducer, "Actually filming is going to start May 6th (originally we were going to shoot the new generic opening on the 6th but we've decided to push that to later)... last nigth our book publisher came over to the house to deliver the galley proofs of the Degrassi: Generations book that will be released in late August. It is AMAZING. Hundreds of pictures, and tons of facts about Degrassi that even Lidna and I had forgotten or never knew! The book will initially be released in Canada, the U.S. and Australia!"

28 April

  • Lauren Collins will be guest-starring on Radio Free Roscoe starting next Friday, and continuing the Friday after that.
  • A number of Degrassi cast members have been nominated for the 2005 26th Annual Young Artist Awards. The Degrassi nominees are as follows:
  • Adamo Ruggiero (Marco) for Best Performance in a TV Series: Leading Young Actor
  • Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) for Best Performance in a TV Series:  Supporting Young Actor
  • Chrstina Schmidt (Terri) for Best Performance in a TV Series: Supporting Young Actress
  • Alex Steele (Angela) for Best Performance in a TV Series: Recurring Young Actress
  • Outstanding Young Performers in a TV Series (group award): Ryan Cooley, Jake Epstein, Stacey Farber, Aubrey Graham, Miriam McDonald, Adamo Ruggiero, Christina Schmidt, Alex Steele, Cassie Steele, Sarah Barrable-Tishauer

The awards will be held on 30 April 2005.

Last year (2004), Jake Epstein was nominated for Leading Young Actor and Alex Steele for Best Actress Age Ten or Younger. Degrassi: TNG WON the award for Best Family Television Series.

In 2003, Jake Epstein was nominated for Leading Young Actor, and 15 cast members were nominated together for Best Ensemble in a TV Series.

In 2002, both Ryan Cooley and Jake Goldsbie were nominated for Leading Young Actor in a TV Comedy(?) Series, Degrassi was nomiated for Best Family Comedy(?) Series and 11 cast members WON the award for Best Ensemble in a TV Series.

Source: Young Artist Awards

24 April 2005

Executive Producer Linda Schuler conducted an interview with CBC Radio 1, in which she revealed that a Degrassi character will be getting pregnant during Season Five.

Initially, there was no confirmation of that spoiler, but Executive Producer Stephen Stohn confimed it on

Here is the official confirmation: "Just back from Los Angeles, and I'll be heading back there in three weeks (in two weeks of course it's the first week of filming of Season 5 so I've GOT to be here for that!) We're making some progress on the big secret project but it's stll a bit early to give out any hints. I can confirm though that whatever Linda said on the radio about next season is true!! (And you might be be surprised!) In answer to one question, the book is coming out in August... "

Source:, 24 April 2005

21 April
  • The-Mary at has a flipbook of Aubrey Graham's personal pictures taken whilst he was in NYC working on his music career. See: and look for the link to Aubrey Graham pictures
20 April 2005
  • has announced that new episodes of Degrassi: Unscripted will be airing this summer on The-N. The episodes are as follows:
    • Stacey Farber (3 June)
    • Aubrey Graham (10 June)
    • Melissa McIntyre (17 June)

These episodes were filmed at the same time last summer's Unscripted episodes were filmed.


Source: The-Mary,

  • James Hurst and Miklos Perlus of Degrassi:TNG won the award for best youth series (for the Mercy Street episode) at the 2005 Canadian Screenwriting Awards (18 April 2005). Source: Writers Guild of Canada

19 April 2005

  • Degrassi Season Five begins filming on 9 May 2005



18 April 2005

  • Time flies by so quickly! The Degrassi cast has already come back together to begin Season 5. Filming starts in May, but the cast has read through 501 and 502, and the crew is getting everything set for filming to begin.
  • Official confirmation from Executive Producer: "I've been off at a television convention (hehe, in the south of France) and boy do people around the world love Degrassi!

    Later this week I'm heading down to Los Angeles and maybe after returning we can give you a hint about what the potential big thing that might be hppening htis year is.

    In the meantime, the writers are busy writing, because we're only a few weeks away from starting to shoot Season 5!!! We just had a read-through of 501 and 502, it was great to see the cast again, and see how they've grown again over the winter!"


13 April 2005

  • According to, Season Five will begin filming in May.
    • It is at that point we will likely know who has (and who hasn't) signed on to act in the new season.
    • Filming will likely commence toward the end of the month, as that has been the precedent set by previous seasons.


11 April 2005 LOTS of News Today!!!!

  • is letting fans ask the Degrassi cast anything they want! The questions will be part of a season five cast questionnaire. If you want to participate, log on to and proceed directly to the "clubs" section. From there, "search clubs" for the following: "Ask a Degrassi Cast Member...Anything!!" The address for this thread is but you might not be able to link directly to the site.
  • has promised they will be updating their fan pages over the next couple of weeks, which is nice of them.
  • According to The-N, there will be more episodes of Degrassi: Unscripted airing this summer.
  • Aubrey Graham is hoping to launch a music career shortly, and is apparently in LA meeting with Pharell (of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D.). He is also recording some music.


10 April 2005

  • FUNimation has a site that give you a lot to look forward to with the 21 June release of season two on DVD!

8 April 2005

  • Until it is OFFICIALLY announced by, we will be unable to confirm or deny if Daniel Clark will be returning to Degrassi for Season 5. We apologize for any confusion. According to, Daniel is not coming back, but the Executive Producer has said in the past that is frequently wrong. Therefore, we have no idea if Daniel is coming back or not. We will let you now as soon as any official announcement is made.
  • When the same rumor was going around in late Feb and early March, Degrassi's Executive Producer had the following to say through
    • "You should know for sure that the stuff on tvtome is fake. Everything that you heard from there is simply fake! The one thing that happened last year which was not fake was when someone got a hold of the script for 419 before it came out--that was compared to the million fake posts, so the odds of something being for real on tvtome are about a million to one against!!

In Other News (for 8 April 2005)

  • You can now pre-order Season Two of Degrassi: The Next Generation from Amazon. The DVD will officially be on sale 21 June 2005.

3 April 2005

  • Not really news, more of a lack-of-news, but Jake Epstein did not make an appearance at the Kids Choice Awards (nor did any of the Degrassi cast).

2 April 2005

  • There are some rumours that Jake Epstein might make an appearance at the Kids' Choice Awards on Sunday.  Apparently, he's attended it before. IF he is on (and we're not making any promises) it will be on Nickelodeon on Saturday, 2 April (TODAY!) at 8/7 Central. For more information see the Kids' Choice site at
  • News from Degrassi's Executive Producer:
    • "But earlier this week Linda and I were in L.A. having meetings about a big project related to Degrassi that has to remain secret for the time being, but if it happens I think you will be very pleased, very pleased indeed!!!"

30 March 2005

  • Degrassi will be releasing Season Two on DVD this summer.
  • An OFFICIAL book entitled Degrassi Genernations will be out this summer. It will give the "411" (according to the cover) about Degrassi: TNG, along with the previous incarnations of Degrassi, and features a forward by Kevin Smith.
  • An OFFICIAL planner will be out this summer.

News might be somewhat limited during April/May since Degrassi will not be airing on The-N or CTV during that time, and season five filming does not begin until summer. We promise to give you all the latest news as soon as we hear it!


26 March 2005

  • The-N is planning a SUMMER TOUR for fans to meet the cast of Degrassi. I am making the assumption that it will be similar to previous mall tours. As soon as we get more details, they will be posted here. This is the official word from Degrassi's Executive Producer:
    • "I never said where DVD signings would be, because I don't know!! I do know that The N will be organizing mall tours again this summer, and I certainly would not be surprised if there were some signing events for the Season 2 DVD, but I haven't heard about any specific plans yet!!"

22 March 2005

  • The rest of Season Four will air on The-N this summer, following the precedent set in previous seasons.
  • Ephraim Ellis (Rick) was in "I Do, But They Don't" on ABC Family (USA) on the 20th. ABC Family usually repeats it a couple of times, so you can still see it.


19 March 2005

Degrassi will be in the NEW YORK TIMES on Sunday, 20 March 2005 (tomorrow!). This is one of the most prestigious papers in the world, so congratulations Degrassi!

(You can get the paper at Starbucks across the country, and newstands, including places like Borders)


Official confirmation from "I have just received a preview fax copy of the Sunday New York Times Magazine which will be coming out in two days (on Sunday naturally!)... it's pretty amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing it for real... a full six-page spread on Degrassi with some big pictures... and it's very complimentary!!! Yes, they don't come much more prestigious than the Sunday NY Times Magazine... Woohoo!!!"

16 March

  • In case you weren't aware, has an official Degrassi eBay store. It is located at:
  • Look at 8 March news. Apparently the article mentioned there might be this Sunday's New York Times Magazine. The magazine comes with the Sunday New York Times. Outside of NYC you can easily find it at any Starbucks Coffe, plus certain newstands.
  • Cassie's album was out yesterday. Have you bought it yet?


14 March

  • Apparently, The-N has not officially stated when they will be airing the rest of Season Four. The-N usually breaks the seasons into multiple seasons, so it doesn't mean anything is wrong. It just means we have no idea when the Americans will be able to see a new Degrassi . . . yet.


13 March 2005

  • There have been a lot of rumours about Daniel Clark's return (or lack there-of). We would like to make it clear that there is absolutely NO OFFICIAL news about Daniel. The cast will likely not be offically signed to contract until closer to filming (summer). Immediately after we get OFFICIAL news about Daniel, we will be sure to post it here.
    • ExecProducer had the following to say about the rumours: "You should know for sure that the stuff on tvtome is fake. Everything that you heard from there is simply fake! The one thing that happened last year which was not fake was when someone got a hold of the script for 419 before it came out--that was compared to the million fake posts, so the odds of something being for real on tvtome are about a million to one against!!


11 March 2005

  • Degrassi Online has a great article about tutoring the Degrassi cast here
  • Pat Mastroianni (Joey) is selling the car he used in Degrassi High. Check that out here
  • Cassie Steele's album is out MARCH 15!! You can buy it here
  • Andrea Lewis will be at McGill University in Canada on March 17

8 March 2005

  • "A whole bunch of the Degrassi cast were in today, because a photographer from a major U.S. publication (don't want to say which one because I don't want to jinx having the story appear!) was at the studio to do some photos for a large story!" (Source:, execproducer)
  • I know we told you that Degrassi has been officially renewed for Season 5, but I wanted to post the actual news, just so you can be sure we're not making it up.
    •  "We heard late this evening from CTV about Degrassi, still no word on Instant Star we are hoping for that by the end of this week. And the news is: Degrassi has officially been ordered for 19 episodes in Season 5!!! This means that the final episode of Season 5 will be the 100th episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation!!! And it all happens in the year we are celebrating 25 years of Degrassi being on the air!!" (Source:

1 March 2005

  • Stefan Brogren (Snake) wrote/directed "Pizza Shop" which premiered at January's Sundance Film Festival

27 Feb 2005:

  • Jake Epstein will be on the "Musical Influences" episode of Radio Free Roscoe. It will air on 11 March on The-N and 23 March on Family (Canada).

  • Lauren Collins will be on both "In Charms Way" AND "Truth or Consequence" episodes of Radio Free Roscoe. Not sure when those episodes will be aired.

13 Feb 2005:

  • There WILL be a 5th season of Degrassi!
    • It has been OFFICIALLY confirmed.
    • There will be 19 episodes.

  • Director Kevin Smith (of Clerks, Chasing Amy and Mallrats) will be a guest on a 3 episode arc (420, 421, 422) of Degrassi this season! He is a big fan (of the original and new).

  • Lauren Collins (Paige) and Jake Epstein (Craig) will be guest stars on upcoming episodes of Radio Free Roscoe. The episodes have been filmed, but no word yet on which episodes.
    • It might be the 11 March "Musical Influences" episode, but that's not confirmed

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