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101 - 102 Mother and Child Reunion (I & II)

Emma: (referring to the E-mail Jordan mailed her) Read it again, Manny!
Manny: Again?! I've read it six times!
Emma: Just once more. Please?


Emma: You're, you're Jordan aren't you?

JT: (referring to Jordan) He's probably 40, and drools.
Emma: So? You still wet the bed, and I'm friends with you.


Spike: How could you do something so incredibly stupid?!
Emma: I screwed up! I'm a dumb kid! I do these things sometimes!!
Spike: No! You're not stupid!!



103 Family Politics

Toby: You bribed JT!!
Ashley: He took the money!
Toby: NO, he accepted it as evidence.
Ashley: You wouldn't...
Toby: And I'm gonna go up there, and tell everyone what a fraud Ashley Kerwin is...
Ashley: Just listen to my speech. Then, decide if I don't deserve to be president.


Toby: Do you kow what it's like living with you?!
Ashley: Oh, please. My mom dotes on you! Ever since you moved in she doesn't care about me. So long as you're happy. You're everywhere! At home, at school, even in my campaign! I wanted just one thing that you couldn't take from me. But, you found a way.


Ashley: He is so annoying! He's like a little mosquito buzzing in your ear!



104 Eye of the Beholder

Manny (about Sean): He stared right at you.
Emma: That's because I bumped into him.


Sean: Look it's bad enough I have to repeat 7th grade but I DON'T need you rubbing it in my face.


Emma: He seems scary and dangerous, but he's actually nice.


Ashley: Paige, how many glasses did she drink? And don't lie.
Paige: I don't know, maybe a few glasses.
Ashley: Paige, how could you!?


JT: Girls too sexy for me? I doubt it!


Toby: (looking at porn sites) Whoa. Are those real?
JT: They're real something!


JT: We wouldn't have been caught if it wasn't for Toby's "smart" yet perverted mind!


Emma: You guys stayed home, to look at porn?!
Toby: Yeah, but it's a rite of passage.
JT: Kate, and Jeff came home, and made us look at sites with them. Guys, too.
Manny: With them??
Emma: Male, and female?!
Toby: Could you keep it down??
Manny and Emma: Losers!

106 The Mating Game

Ashley: I know what you're up to Paige Michalchuk.
Paige: What are you talking about?
Ashley: I'm not blind, you were all over Jimmy in there.
Paige: It's called rehearsal.
Ashley: It's called backstabbing.
Paige: Look just because people are saying Jimmy is bored with you doesn't mean he is.
Ashley: You've heard Jimmy's bored with me?
Paige: Well, he's never said so to me, but just in case I'd make sure he isn't.


Terri: It's just a school assignment, it's not like Jimmy is going to get with Paige just because of some homework assignment.
Ashley: You don't understand. Every since we were little everything I got Paige had to have too. But, I have to draw the line at my boyfriend.


Jimmy: Ash wants to give me..."the ultimate gift".
Spinner: A Ferrari?!


Ashley: Jimmy, I'm sorry. But, I’m just not ready for this. Paige might be, but-
Jimmy: Wait! What about Paige??
Ashley: She's ready for this. She's done this.
Jimmy: You think I’m gonna leave you for Paige?!
Ashley: I’m sorry. I’m not ready.
Jimmy: Good. Because to tell you the truth, neither am I.



107 Basketball Diaries

Sean: My social worker says it's beneficial, personally I wouldn't give a rat's a-
(Interrupted by Mr. Simpson)
Mr. Simpson: Class! Sorry for the delay.


Spinner: My Ritalin, it’s like speed.
Jimmy: I thought it calmed you down.
Spinner: Yeah, for me. It’s got something to do with the configuration of my brain, or something.

Jimmy: You have a brain?
Spinner: Ha ha.



108 Secrets and Lies

JT: Liberty, I'm not gay, okay?
: You lied?
JT: Yes, 'cause you just wouldn't take a hint.
Liberty: Am I really that horrible?


Terri: My mom died, Ash. She's never coming back. But you, you have your dad back.
Ashley: Terri... it's not the same.
Terri: No, it's not the same. And you wanna know why? Because you have a choice, I don't. Don't make the wrong choice.



109 Coming of Age

Manny: Emma, did you sit in something?


Manny: We should celebrate
Emma: Celebrate what exactly?
Manny: Becoming a woman. Em, you can get pregnant now.
Emma: Oh great can we celebrate by finding me a washroom?


Emma: I am so not ready for this.


Paige: I've got a pad, if you need one. You could get one from the office but that would be kind of...
Emma: Ew! Just imagine, 'Mr. Raditch, may I have a maxi pad?'


Emma: So I'm not gonna turn into...
Paige: Me? Honey, you wish.


Paige: Hey, you can get boobs now.
Emma: Like I want them!
Paige: You will. They're actually really great.


JT: Awe, did little Emmy pee her pants?
Emma: No, I just started my period, something that happens to . . .  oh, 50% of the population, right Mrs. Kwan?


Manny: So, are you feeling okay?
Emma: Oh yeah Manny, I love being a woman.


Ashley: He's just everywhere. Right now I'm at the point where I could break up with him.
Terri: You don't mean that.
Ashley: No, I'm serious.



110 Rumors and Reputations

Emma: Manny, has Armstrong ever touched you?
Manny: What? No. Did he touch you?
Emma: No! No.
Liberty. I saw him touching Liberty
Manny: Are you sure?


Hazel (on her cell-phone): Get this! Liberty and Armstrong were caught kissing... in his car!


Jimmy: (chatting with Ashley): LIBERTY. ARMSTRONG. DOING IT.


Ashley: Do you even know what people are saying? About you and Armstrong.
: What do you mean?
Ashley: I mean, that you two are extra friendly.


Liberty: You know what, Emma? Go back to helping rain forests and whales. Because when it comes to people, you suck!



111 Friday Night

Paige: Having a little boy trouble, Emma?
Emma: Sean asked me if I wanted to hang out with him tonight. Not go out, hang out. Is that a date?
Paige: Hon, that's a date.


Paige: Emma, your thing for Sean is more obvious then Heather Sinclair’s bargain basement nose job.


Mrs. Kwan's student: Mrs. Kwan! I will eat the chicken wing, (bites it) I eat the chicken wing, (finishes it) I ate the chicken wing!



112 Wannabe

Paige (in the Video-Announcement): School Spirit. Can you have enough? If you ask me, the answer is no. That's why I formed a Degrassi Spirit Squad. So come sign up: boys and girls. Give me a D. Give me an E. Give me a G...
Emma: Give me a break!
Paige: What does that spell? Degrassi!


Emma: Oh, please: Paige, Hazel? "Are you like gonna like do like your colors like together like?"


Paige: “The Spirit Squad's only spirit is the spirit of sexism.” Look what your little friend wrote.
Manny: Oh, nice Emma, so now I'm a bimbo too?


Paige: Oh look! It's "Little Miss Save the World!”
Emma: And it's "Little Miss Plastic!" Shouldn't you be out testing your makeup on animals?
Paige: Shouldn't YOU be out hugging TREES?!


Paige: Manny, what is your damage?
Manny: You, Paige!
Paige: You better watch your mouth.
Manny: Or you'll what? Spread lies about me? Defect my locker? Go ahead.
Paige: F.Y.I. You're out of the Spirit Squad.


Emma: Manny, I want to apologize. I should've supported your cheerleading. Not attacked you.
Manny: Why? It's just some stupid, sexist girls prancing around.

Emma: Manny, I was wrong. I'm admitting it.


Emma: Um, what are those?
: Aren't they the most beautiful boots ever?
Emma: They are...they're something


JT.: Ace of spades, ace of clubs. We're rich.
Spinner: You
! They're both clubs!
Toby: Oh no.
JT: Ace of spades, ace of clubs. They're so similar.



113 Cabaret

JT: You're doing this just to get close to Emma.

Toby: Duh!

JT: News flash, Toby: She has a boyfriend!

Toby: Who refused to dance. So who's the hero now?



114 Under Pressure

Tracker: So Mom called. She's off the booze.

Sean: Good for her.

Tracker: Yeah, well, I'm just warning you because she wanted to talk to you. Which means she's gonna be calling back and . . .

Sean: And she's gonna wanna talk to me about moving back with them to Wasaga Beach. Well, it's not gonna happen, all right? Forget it.

Tracker: Sean -

Sean: I'm not moving back!


Toby: Will you stop being so melodramatic for once, please?



115 Jagged Little Pill

Paige: Ashley, just stop being such a hag.

Ashley: No, Paige. You are the hag on two fronts: your looks and your personality.

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