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301 - 302 Father Figure (I & II)

Craig: (looking at a yearbook) Oh my god It's Joey! With hair!


Shane: This is my daughter, Emma. But, she doesn't love me.
Emma: Why do you say that??
Shane: She never visits me.
Emma: Maybe because she couldn't find you, until now . . . I'm Emma!


Snake: Emma, sit!
Emma: You don't talk to me like that! You're not my dad!

Spike: Where were you?!
Emma: Why didn't you tell me my dad was . . . 
Spike: His parents wouldn't let me!
Emma: Then, why didn't you do something??!!
Spike: I was 16!!!


Ms. Kwan: I'll see you in class, Gavin. Grade 9 English, that is.
Spinner: Go ahead and laugh. Laugh at the big dummy.
Paige: No one was laughing, hon.

Jimmy: Uh, I was!



303 U Got the Look

Paige: Sully's not your type. But I can think of ten other guys you'd be adorable with.
Manny: I don't wanna be adorable. Bunnies and puppies are adorable.
Paige: Then don't be. Change your image; it's as simple as that.


Emma: Wanna hear my mission for the year? Students Improving The Enviornment. I call it SITE.
Manny: Wanna hear my mission for the year?? To be hot.  Not cute, but hot!
(Manny takes off her jacket, revealing a skimpy blue tube top)
Emma: Whoa.
Manny: There is no way I'm getting dumped this year for being too young.


Emma: Manny, I'm not sure you should . . .
Manny: What? Raditch said I wasn't allowed to show my undergarments. Do you see any?
Emma: No, but . . .
Manny: That's because I'm not wearing any.


Manny: This is who I am now, Em. If you can't accept that . . . then don't talk to me.


Manny: I'm always there for you, Em: when you fight with Sean; when you find out your mom's pregnant; and for your stupid environmental club.
Emma: It's not stupid.
Manny: And the one time it isn't about you, you do this to me.


Joey: I know that you thought The Zits were a joke.

Caitlin: I did not!

Joey: But if we had some guidance back then, maybe things would have been different.

Caitlin: And maybe if you’d written more than one song.



304 - 305 Pride (I & II)

Spike: If you are sick you cannot stay here. Jack just got over a cold.
Emma: Mom, Jack's not in a bubble.
Spike: Really. Do you want to breastfeed him while he's running a fever?


Emma: Snake, you have cancer! And you're always joking around or shaving your head like nothing's wrong!
Snake: Because I have to be like this, Emma, if I'm gonna beat it!
Emma: Are you?!
Snake: Yes. I promise you, Spike, and baby Jack. Yes, I'm going to beat it.


Craig: Why do they teach us about soil erosion? I'm not a farmer. I'm never gonna be a farmer.


Spinner: I didn't mean "homo" as in "gay"; I mean homo as in . . .  
Dylan: . . . Milk?


Jimmy: What's your problem with Marco?
Spinner: That's my problem . . .  (points to where he has writing “Marco is a fag” on the bathroom wall.)
Jimmy: (reads it) So Marco's a fag? What's your next one gonna say? Something about me being black? (walks off)


Marco: Spin, even strangers know, and last night wasn't about my shoes. Those guys, they knew . . . and they bashed because they hated, just like you do!

Spinner: Dude. That's brutal. But . . . you can't compare me with those guys.
Marco: Really? Why not?



306 Gangsta Gangsta

Toby: You had a wet dream?
JT: Shut up!
Toby: Who was it about?
JT: Your mom!


JT: You're not sitting with us today.
Toby: Oh, yes I am. Unless you want everybody to know about your . . . sticky situation.


Jay: What are you? His bodyguard?

Sean: His friend.


Sean: I deafened him in one ear.
Jay: What? I didn't hear you.


Emma: Snake, what's wrong??
Snake: My laptop. I . . . I left it right here, locked up last night. I . . . I knew that the chemo was making me stupid, but . . .

Emma: Maybe it's not the chemo . . . (stares at Sean)


Emma: I was hoping we could talk. Real talk.

Sean: Got nothing to say.


Jay (to Sean): You're all Eminem on the outside, big, scared baby on the inside!



307 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Spike: Put on the shirt, Archie! You are not dead yet! Put on the damn shirt and go!


Paige: Why are you sad with a dozen roses on your greedy lap?
Ashley: "Ash, YOU ROCK! XO Craig"


Manny: You know, Craig got his girlfriend a dozen roses.
Sully: Really? Sucker!


Marco: Ok, what did you write on the card?

Craig: Oooookkkk, you ARE a girl.


Ashley: Craig, I asked you here because I need to talk to you.

Craig: Great, every guy’s favorite words.


Craig: Something bout the way you shine / When the lights go out / I wanna make you mine / Something bout the way it seems / You’re always here in my dreams / When there’s no one there / No, I’m not scared / But I’m in love / With you



308 Whisper to a Scream

Ellie's mom: Don't cause a scene, Eleanor! Just shut up, smile, and wave.


Paige: How can you do this to yourself?
Ellie: All I need is for you to leave me alone like you normally do.

Ellie: Who? Me?
Paige: I don't care if you get mad, what you're doing is dangerous, ok? It's scary.
Ellie: You can't handle it. You have to take away the one thing that matters.
Paige: What are you talking about?
Ellie: You want my co-op job.
Paige: I'm not talking about the stupid job! You're hurting yourself- (Ellie shakes her head) -look, this is beyond me. I don't know how to help you but Suave will.
Ellie: I don't need help!
Paige: Then show me your arm.
Ellie: There's nothing wrong with me!
Paige: Then show me your arm! Ellie, Ellie please, show me your arm . . . 



309 Against All Odds

Mrs. Kwan: Sean? How did you feel about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Does it relate to your life, at all?
Sean: Shakespeare is some dead, old, white dude from 500 years ago! What does he know about my life?


Marco: No. Seeing naked ladies doesn’t burn me eyes out. Besides, I wasn’t looking at them.

Spinner: Then what were you looking at?

Marco: The drapes, Spin, the drapes.

Jimmy: He was looking at the DUDES.


Marco: Just because you're a guy, doesn't mean I'm automatically attracted to you. Are you attracted to every girl?
Spinner: If they're hot.
Marco: Well . . . you're not.
Spinner: See that's where you're off-base. I mean, let's agree to disagree.


Spinner: I have to sleep in your bed tonight!
Jimmy: Spin, I like you, but not that way.


Emma: I have NO chance with Chris! It's like he's on a different planet or something. A COOL planet. I'm on planet White Dork.


Manny: (to Emma) One more thing, no talking about the environment, the environment is not sexy, do not talk about it.
Emma: Okay I got it. (walks out her window)
Manny: Where are you going?
Emma: Explaining the bootylicious makeover to my mom is so not worth it.
Manny: Fine with me.


Craig: I have a girlfriend.
Manny: I can keep a secret.


Emma: Manny, I wanna go, NOW!!
Manny: What?
Emma: Look!
Manny: I didn't know he had a girlfriend.
Emma: Well, me neither. So, can we please go??
Manny: It doesn’t look like they're gonna last long, so here's your chance. You wait for the fight to end. Chris is hurt, and needs a shoulder to cry on, there you are.
Emma: Okay, that’s totally evil!
Manny: It maybe be evil, but it’s effective.
Emma: I can’t do that! It's not right!
Manny: Yes, it is. And, yes, you can.
Emma: Whatever it takes, right?


Emma: So you don't want to be friends?
Manny: Not with a stuck-up prude princess . . .
Emma: Well good, 'cause I don't want to be friends with the school slut . . .



310 Never Gonna Give You Up

Rick: So how long have you known Jimmy?
Terri: Since grade 7. I like him.
(Rick sighs)
Terri: Not that way, you're the only one I love!


Jimmy: Uh, Rick, I appreciate the help, but some of your tips are getting in the way.
Rick: Example?
Jimmy: Um, the breathing. Terri sounds like she's smoking.


Terri: Are we gonna talk about it?
Rick: About what?
Terri: Today in theatre class I looked like an idiot, because of you.
Rick  Excuse me?
Terri: Everyone was laughing. I should've listened to Jimmy.
(Rick grabs Terri's wrist)
Rick: Let me make one thing clear: I don't like the tone of voice, it makes me feel stupid ok.


Terri: I have to go, I need to think.
Rick: About what? Leaving me?
Terri: I don’t want to Rick. It's that you're suffocating me!
(Rick pushes her) 
Rick: Oh my god. Terri that was . . .
Terri: That was the last time you ever touch me.


Craig: JT wanting Paige around I can understand. But Paige wanting JT around?



311 This Charming Man

JT: (talking to Toby) Did you see Sean and Amy in math today? That was classic! (Emma walks by) And evil and mean and horrible and I hate Sean.


Sean: Nancy Drew why are you following me?
Emma: I wasn't.
(He opens the box he was carrying)
Sean: What did you think there was going to be. . . a DVD player in here? Look I know our breakup sucked and I'm sorry you got hurt. But that was months ago, and what I do with Jay and Amy is none of your business.


Emma: (sees Sean's gang taking candy bars) Just look at them . . . they think they can just take whatever they want!


Raditch: Have something you want to say, Mr. Cameron?
Sean: Yeah. Go to hell!
Raditch: I'll be seeing you in Saturday detention for the next 2 months!


Jimmy: I get it, Falcone's hot!
Spinner: Ok, Marco.



312 - 313 Holiday (I & II)

Spinner: Not to mention you’re a big stud.

Craig: Well, I get around.


Spinner: What's it like being a stud?
Craig: Nerve-racking.

Spinner: You have Ashley, gorgeous, smart, like wine. Then you have Manny, cute, adorable, hot, like ice cream. Only hot.


Craig: You're every present I never got.
Ashley: You're every wish that never came true.
Craig and Ashley: You're every prayer that went unanswered, so, baby, I'll spend Christmas...
Craig: With you.
Ashley: With you.
Craig and Ashley: So, baby, I'll spend Christmas with you.
(Manny walks by and Craig breaks his guitar string.)


Manny: You’re late, and I’m freezing. So you need to warm me up!

Craig: I can do that.


Manny: All I want for Christmas is one thing.
Craig: What? Diamonds? A new car? A Chihuahua?
Manny: No, no. I want you to dump Ashley. I’ve been patient, and I . . .
Craig: I can't make that choice.
Manny: I think you just did . . .


Ashley: Where'd you get that?
Manny: Just a guy.
Ashley: Who?
Manny: Just a guy I've been seeing a while, you know.
Ashley: Was it Craig?
Manny: Ashley, I'm sorry. Craig didn't want me to say anything. He knew you'd be upset about him moving on so quickly.
Ashley: Moving on? We're still together.


Craig (singing): You're every present I never got- (noticing that Ashley is not singing and whispers to her) Ash, we're on.
(Ashley gets up, slaps Craig, and walks offstage. Craig follows her.)
JT: I guess they won't be spending Christmas together.


Joey: When I broke your heart those years ago, I thought I lost you forever, and I moved on.

Caitlin: Yet you’re here with me in an airport on Christmas.

Joey: Yes, I am. I moved on, but I never left.



314 - 315 Accidents Will Happen (I &II)

Ashley: Hey Ellie, do you smell something?
Ellie: I think it's the peculiar smell of a boyfriend thief.
Manny: Wait! I don't want Craig! He's . . .


Manny: Paige, how do you know tell if a guy wore a condom?
Paige: It's pretty obvious, did you see it, did you feel it?
Manny: I don't think so.
Paige: I wouldn't worry to much, Craig is the semi-responsible type, but you should ask him anyways . . .  And hun, remember this next time: Ask questions first. Get naked later.


Manny: Spike! I think I'm pregnant!


Craig: Don't you want to smile?
Manny: Looking at you doesn't exactly make me feel like smiling.


Craig: (speaking about a name for the kid) What about Mabel?
Manny: No, anyone named Mabel will pick their nose and eat glue.


Ashley: Hey! Everybody! These two have an announcement to make! Guys? (Craig and Manny keep quiet) Oh, they're way too modest. So I'll help spread the joy. These two idiots are pregnant! That's right, because it's way too difficult to use a condom!


Craig: Have you seen Manny?
Spinner: No. Uh, seats open though. Can I ask you a question, dude?
Craig: Sure.
Spinner: (hits Craig) Are you on crack?
Craig: Ow. What was that for?
Spinner: Dude you got a girl pregnant and you're just walking around like lalala gonna be a dad no shlaboggle
Craig: No I'm not.

Spinner: Where's your future, dude? I mean no keg parties, no spring break in Florida . . .
Craig: For once I wanna do the right thing, ya know?
Spinner: But you don't have to keep the kid, there are other things you can do.
Craig: This is what I wanna do, Spin. You don't get it.
Spinner: No, I don't. At all.
Craig: You’ve got a family, alright? I stay at some guy's house. But Manny and the baby, they're mine. They're for me.


Ms. Kwan: I hope this computer research has something to do with your Moby Dick project?
JT: Uh, yes! And we're having a whale of a good time!


Toby (About Jimmy): I don't get it. Me and him use to be friends.
JT: Well that was before your hot step-sizzle dumped his assizzle.



316 Take On Me

Hazel: Why do you think I'm here?
Toby: Your shoes didn't match your purse?

Jimmy: I dare you to kiss Toby!
Toby and Hazel: Jimmy!
Sean: On the lips! Like you mean it!


Ellie: I didn't know the school had an elevator!
Jimmy: I didn't even know we had a basement!


Sean: I'm not a joiner. I don't do group activities.


Jimmy: C'mon Cameron you scared?
Sean: No, I'm not a group person.
Jimmy: Yeah, tell that to Jay next time you two plan to steal stuff.


Hazel: (About the necklace) It's pretty but you found it so you keep it.
Jimmy:You know what I think it will be better on you.
(Jimmy puts it around her neck and then kisses her)
Hazel: What was that for?
Jimmy: I guess because you kissed Toby.
Hazel: (laughing) I kissed Toby!



317 Don’t Dream It’s Over

Hazel: Tell me I'm hallucinating.
Jimmy: I hope so.
Paige: Ok, there is no way I'm driving that freak around all day.
Spinner: Paige-
Jimmy: No, Spin, she's right.
Spinner: Yeah, but chances are, if we leave him behind, we leave her behind too.
Hazel: Without any of us her to protect her.
Jimmy: And then it's open season for Rick.


Paige: What, so you've just forgiven creep-boy for beating you up?
Terri: He apologized.
Paige: Of course! His type always does so they can get another shot in at you!

Rick: First, you have no right to dictate who Terri's friends are. And second, you're a vicious backstabber.
Paige: Oh, I'm vicious?
Rick: You think you're so perfect.
Paige: What! Well I'd rather be that than a psycho! (Rick kicks the van and then runs off)
Terri: Rick's right. You're always telling me what to do! I'm sick of it!
Paige: Fine. If I'm such a bad friend, then go after him. Go!


Rick: She called me a physco.
Terri: That's just Paige being Paige.


Terri: It's okay, Rick, come on. Let's go back to the van, and we'll go back home.
Rick: I'm not going back!! Do you hear me?! NEVER!
Terri: Rick, please stop! Rick, you're hurting me!


Spinner: I'm just like him...violent.
Paige: No you're not, you stopped yourself.


Paige: This is all your fault! None of this would have happened if you just let me leave Rick at the Dot!
Spinner: My fault? I'm not the one who told her to go after him.


Spinner: If Rick steps one foot inside Degrassi, he's the one that'll be in intensive care.


Ellie: I should dump him.
Marco: Sean?
Ellie: You're worth six Seans. He can't be that rude and expect me to stick around.
Marco: Sean's rude El? What do you call bringing Marco-the-human-security-blanket on a double date?
Ellie: Marco the what?
Marco: Look, I know you want everything to stay the same, but Sean could be good for you. If you let him.



318 Rock and Roll High School

Ashley: (performing with Hell Hath No Fury at the Battle of the Bands competition) This song is the prize for breaking my heart / Should of written these words to you right from the start / You say it doesn't matter, it's all in the past / My pain doesn't show, it's disguised by this mask / I can't pretend to forgive and forget / Gonna make the day you met me, a day you'll regret / 'Cause you're the dust in my eye / You're the rock in my shoe / Yeah, you lie, lie, lie / Better watch what you say, 'cause I'm on to you / Mr. Nice Guy, whoa, Mr. Nice Guy / You're so nice.


Craig: Ash, I swear if you play that song in the competition I'll-
Ashley: Have sex with more grade nines?
Mr. Simpson: Guys settle down please.
Craig: You know if you weren't such a prude, I'd never been with Manny.
Ashley: Oh, but I thought you loved her.
Craig: Oh you know what, go-

Mr. Simpson: Hey! One more word double homework.


Jimmy: A homie is a playa and that is all / So why'd you have to go and kick his-
Spinner: -ball and chain, ain't that you're name? / Cause you a playa-hater and that's a shame /
Jimmy: And chicks like you ain't worth too much / So shut up girl /
Both: And make my lunch!


Craig: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'M SORRY. How many times do I have to say it?
Ashley: Until you mean it.


Craig: (performing with Downtown Sasquatch) I don’t know if you’ll forgive me / For being so blind / To how you felt / Don’t ask me why I couldn’t see it / That’d take me years to figure out / And that’s not something I know much about / But there’s only one way to find out / What I know is that I hurt you, oh / What I know is that I suck / And what I know is that I’m sorry / What I know is that I’m a loser, yeah / What I know is I screwed up / And then I never earned your trust / And what I know is that everything I touch / Just turns to dust


Ashley: Nice lyrics. They were just right.



319 It’s Raining Men

JT: Uh, everyone's gonna be there. Emma, Liberty.
Manny: But this is at Ashley's house.
JT: Yeah, but Toby says she's out for the night. I'd really like it if you came.
Manny: Me too. But I can't.
JT: Why? Just tell me.
(Manny looks around the gym)
Manny: At school, when people talk about me, I walk. At a party, I'm stuck.
JT: Well, what if I told you that I wouldn't let anyone say anything about you?
Manny: That's really sweet, but I can't.
JT: Manny, please?
Manny: Fine, I'll be there.
(Manny walks off, leaving JT glowing.)


JT's commercial: Yo, dawg! These fries are whicky whicky whack. What they need is some stupid, supafly flavor. First we give them the mad curl, then we dunk them in the dope batter. Then it's time to kick the supafly fry flavor. A crazy combo of 7 slammin' spices. That supa fly taste is off the chain, yo! Hey don't! Get off my fries dawg! Get your fry on with Supafly Fries.


Jimmy: Well, JT, if people make fun of you, just say "Yo, get of my fries, dog!"

Jay: Hey where your dog, dog?
Sean: Is he all up on your fries?


Manny: JT your commercial sucked.
JT: Thanks.
Manny: But you didn't.
JT: Would you tell everyone in the school that.
Manny: I don't think they'd listen to the school tramp.

JT: Guess it wasn't really "off the chain"?


JT: I do not wanna go in there!
Manny: No, but we've got Armstrong's test.. We've gotta get our math on . . . (smiles)
JT: (smiles) I am so gonna kill you! (chases her)


Dylan: What is this, hug the homo day?


Dylan: I just wanted to tell you that there’s someone I like.

Marco: I understand, I’m too young, too short, too girly . . .

Dylan: And way too hard on yourself.

Marco: Are you messing with me?

Dylan: Guilty as charged.


Spinner: (going through Marco's shirts) Ok, Enrique called wants his shirt back. This whole Oliver Twist thing, “Please sir don't wear this you'll look like an idiot” and this,  were you planning on wrestling cattle later?


Marco's dad: Two men together; it's disgusting!


Marco: Well, after the pimp hat, and the bee incident, and what my dad said, I thought you were never gonna talk to me again.
Dylan: Well, it crossed my mind, but . . . I do think you're pretty cute.
Marco: (smiles) So then . . .does this mean that I can have another shot? A chance to redeem myself?
Dylan: Well, that depends . . . (Dylan kisses Marco ) . . . What are you doing this Friday?



320 I Want Candy

Emma: Alex, I need some time with that now.
Alex: Go away, little girl. You're annoying me.


Emma: Alex what is your problem?
Alex: Let's see, your personality, you clothes, your 'Holier-than-Thou' attitude. You.


Ashley: These are supposed to be the best years of our lives and it's just been one disaster after another after another. This school is cursed.
Spinner: So transfer next year.
Paige: Spin!
Ashley: No, he's right. Next year, I'm leaving Degrassi.


Paige: Craig didn't cheat on you just because of hormones!
Ashley: Paige . . .
Paige: So run away next year, but it won't help, because the real problem, is you.


Kate: Ashley's sanity has left building.



321 Our House

Amy: (drunk) Hey, Seany! Want to see my world famous Avril Lavigne impression? (sticks out tongue and squints eyes) . . . You don't like me anymore . . .
Sean: Amy, you dumped me!
Ellie: And he has a girlfriend.
Amy: What are you? The blood sucking vampire?
Ellie: Keep hitting on my boyfriend and you'll find out!


Amy: What's he see in that bloodless freak bag? (Ellie)



322 The Power of Love

Snake: Spike gave that to me as a gift. I’m going through chemo, and you steal my get well present?! What kind of person does that, Sean?! Huh?


Hazel: Brooks, what's the problem?
Jimmy: Let's see. I'm wearing a Sari, our limo driver just got arrested, and the school almost burned down

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