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Lauren Collins (Paige) – My Photos

Picture of Paige in the first episode

New Year, New Look, New Lauren. The birth of a character! That was my first day on set and I remember feeling so insecure in the ‘Hottie’ top.


Picture of Paige from 203 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

And Vogue! This night went down in history as one of the funniest nights on set. When I mention that night to Miriam we still break into uncontrollable laughter.


Picture of Paige from  207 – 208 Shout (I & II)

Obviously this was one of the hardest scenes to shoot but all I can think when I look at this picture is how much those earring hurt. Clip-ons in Shot Part 2 watch closely and follow the hoops . . . they tend to randomly disappear.


Picture of Paige and Spinner.

Shane-o! My boy! It was really sad when Paige and Spinner broke up because Shane and I were so tight then all of a sudden we barely saw eachother. With such a big cast that tends to happen a lot.


Picture of Paige from 317 Don’t Dream It’s Over

Yikes. One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that I make some whacked out facial expressions. Gotta love freeze frames. I digress, this was a tough day of shooting. Ephraim Ellis – INCREDIBLE ACTOR!


Picture of Paige with Dean (the rapist)

How good was Shawn Roberts at playing Dean The Jerk? You just wanted to smack him off camera, one of the sweetest most energetic guys I’ve ever met. He’s all about quoting movies “pullover! No, it’s a cardigan but thanks for noticing. Yeah killer boots man!” That one just about killed Andrea and I – he kept us very entertained.


Picture of Paige working at the movie theatre

I HATE that stupid uniform. Polyester and tapered pants, woof. BUT all the food in that concession stand was real so there is a slight chance D and I swiped a chocolate bar . . . or 6.


Picture of Paige and Manny from 418 Modern Love

You can tell we’ve already shot the fight like, 9 times here ‘cause we both look a bit disheveled. We put a lot of passion into that fight . . . resulting in Cassie actually getting chunks of hair ripped out and my neck killing for days.


Picture of Paige from 410 West End Girls (after she’s ripped Manny’s dress off)

I’ve seen this pic before and I can’t get over how maniacal I look. I see this as Paige’s lowest point, no pun intended. She crossed a line here. It’s also funny how I can know by the episode what was going on in my personal life – this show has obviously been a HUGE part of who I am the last 5 years.


Picture of Paige and Alex from 502 Death of a Disco Dancer

Everyone in the cast was pretty jealous D and I got this sweet storyline. It was so much fun getting to work a lot with Deanna this season. She is the definition of a cool and confident young woman.


Picture of “Adamo in Hair and Make-up”

Adamo will murder me for this pic but it is important. This is probably in my top 3 favourite places on set, the hair and make-up room. That’s Ryan out stylist and Jess in the bg (who came to work despite a badly broken foot!). Whether it was discussing life and love or having dance parties we’ve had many a good time here.


Picture of “Stacey and Daniel M.”

Last night of filming Season 3 (note: Aubrey in the Sari) in mine and Andrea’s dressing room which was definitely the place to chill over the years. Daniel or as he prefers CHRIS SHARPE brought a lot of good times and catch phrases (TOUGH STILL) to set. Here, him and Stace are freestyling about Mary-Kate and Ashley.


Picture of “Lauren and Stacey”

The beginning of a beautiful friendship. This was taking in downtown Toronto on the day of the Great Black Out in August 2003. Stacey and I ran into each other and ended up walking all the way home and bonding like mad!


Picture of “Ryan and Lauren”

This is really special to me simply because I love Ryan Cooley. I’ve known him for a million years and its surreal to think he now towers over me.


Picture of “Jake and Lauren”

This pic is a reminder of all the incredible experiences I’ve had thanks to Degrassi. That’s Jake and I in Hawaii for Girls vs. Boys. I couldn’t have picked a better travel buddy. We made it through that week thanks to eachother.


Lauren Collins (Paige) – My Memories

The moment I’ll never forget . . .

The entire New York / New Jersey Mall Tour trip was one great expedition that will go down in history as one of the funnest weeks of my life. Adamo, out chaperone Steph and I went out for amazing dinners – that we nearly choked on because of all the laughing we did. We saw Broadway shows and shopped. And it all culminated in the fire department escorting us out of the mall tour because the event was getting too out of hand. Our fans are the most dedicated and passionate people out there.


The moment I wish I could forget . . .

I was only 15 when we filmed Shout and filming the actual rape scene was on of the scariest most nerve-wracking things I’ve had to do as an actor. It was my first “make-out scene” and it happened to be with a really hot, much older ot. It all became so technical and everyone kept asking if I was okay. Ahh it was not fun!


Degrassi moment most like something from my own life . . .

In ‘Together Forever’ Craig is faced with some huge decision making. It reminded me a lot of the tough choices I’ve had to make over the years because of my job. Career vs. School vs. Friends vs. Boyfriend.


Degrassi moment I wish was something from my own life . . .

If someone could write me a song even half as sweet as “Something Bout the Way You Shine” and look into my eyes and with that funny mop of curls and raspy voice and sing to me like Mr. Manning did . . . I’d be sold.


My character’s defining moment . . .

Interestingly enough, I fell one of Paige’s defining moments was in a plot line that didn’t have much to do with her at all. In “Time Stands Still” Paige confronts Rick about her thoughts on the paint incident. This came at a time in Paige’s life when she had come to terms with many of the skeletons in her closet. This was one of the first genuine signs of maturity we saw in Paige and it ultimately saved her life.


The biggest mistake my character ever made . . .

Falling for a teacher was a pretty big mistake on Paige’s part. Then again so was her entire wardrobe throughout Season One . . .


The one thing my character should have done differently . . .

I think Paige should have let Spinner off easier. Not to say they should have stayed together because he DID start treating her like garbage but the break-up was quite harsh considering he was her rock through the date rape aftermath.


The scene where I really nailed it . . .

The courtroom scene from “GITM” was tough for me. It was the end of a looong day on location and we had to get all the shoots. Then there was the emotional subject matter. Throw in Leafs Playoff Hockey and we had one tense day. But thanks to out amazing crew, incomparable director Phil and my boys Shane and Shawn we pulled it together and did some of our best work. Ph year, and there was the scene in “Holiday” where I had to speak Ukrainian, mighty proud of that.


The one thing I’ll miss the most . . .

I’m going to miss the laughter. The amount of jokes and hilarity hat ensues on set should be illegal. These people are my family, my best friends and oh, yup, here comes the tears.


Where I see my character in ten years . . .

Paige ends Season 5 in a place I don’t think she EVER would have expected when she walked through the doors of DCS in her HOTTIE shirt. She certainly has a plan and in 10 years she’ll no doubt have accomplished it, living comfortably as a successful business woman. I just think her journey will be a unique one. She still has a lot of discovering to do and now, for the first time, she knows it.


Person who never knew how cute I think they are, until now

Hard to answer this one cause most of the boys know how much I care about them. And Adamo knows I think he is smokin’! But I guess I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for Jakey. But to set the record straight-ho, we are not dating. Oh yeah, and there was that extra who we called Zack (from the OC, looked like him). Andrea knows who I’m talking about.!



Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) – My Photos

Picture of Jimmy from Season One

            My mom was cutting my hair.


Picture of Jimmy and Ashley kissing (Season One)

            Ooooooooh that Melissa McIntyre lips like a goddess!


Picture of Sean and Jimmy fighting (Season One)

            That was the same expression I had when I saw my insurance payments on my car.


Picture of Jimmy from 203 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Well the jackets not mine . . . but the sequin tank top, they have yet to return that.


Picture of Jimmy and Ashley from 204 Karma Chameleon

            I don’t date girls in orange camoflage.


Picture of Jimmy looking very tired

            6am call time.


Picture of Jimmy and Hazel from 316 Take On Me

            Herbal Essences . . . it gets us all excited once in a while.


Picture of Rick and Jimmy during 408 Time Stands Still (II)

            Not that I see this I wonder if they planted that “real” sticker in the locker.


Picture of Spinner begging Jimmy to be his friend again.

            Stop begging. You can’t borrow my gloves.


Picture of Derek and Jimmy from 506 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

            Even in a wheelchair . . . I’m so Carmelo with it!


Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) – My Memories

The moment I’ll never forget . . .

My last day of school in grade nine my mom called me on my huge white cell phone (which was the snazziest phone a brother could own) and told me I landed a role in the show and told me I would be going somewhere else for schooling next year . . . my life changed at that exact moment.  I hated the school I was at and I finally felt that I may have the chance to start fresh and hopefully fit in.


The moment I wish I could forget . . .

            Falling in love with a video girl . . .


Degrassi moment most like something from my own life . . .

            There are no particular moments I can think of . . . There are many character traits though.


Degrassi moment I wish was something form my own life . . .

            I wish my dad drove that new Lexus.


My character’s defining moment . . .

Returning to school after being shot and finding out the truth about the situation.


The biggest mistake my character ever made . . .

            Making fun of Rick.


The one thing my character should have done differently . . .

            Not come on to Ellie too strong . . . Take it easy, then take it again!


The one thing I’ll miss the most . . .

            Being busy for the entire summer.


Where I see my character in ten years . . .

            Walking . . . hopefully.


Person who never know how cute I think they are, until now . . .

            JaSaun from The N.



Stacey Farber (Ellie) – My Photos

Picture from Ellie in Season Two

         Ellie in all her glory! The pounds of makeup and hairspray freaked me out at the time (I think I was fourteen), but in hindsight, it looked great! I remember I had to wear this plastic facial mask/shield while our hair stylist sprayed my hair a variety of colours. *Canadian spelling. I hated that part of my day. Standing in the middle of a storage room at 6:00 am, wearing a visor and inhaling those nasty toxins. The things I’ll do for “the craft” . . .


Picture of Ellie and Marco kissing (214 Careless Whisper)

Wow. When this episode was filmed, I has only recently met Adamo and we weren’t good friends. If Ellie has to kiss Marco on screen today? I would slip Adamo the tongue 100%. Just to witness his reaction. And I’d have someone film it. Although I probably wouldn’t be able to look at him or converse with him for a loooong time afterwards.


Picture of Ellie cutting (308 Whisper to a Scream)

The scene that this photo was taking from is in ‘Whisper to a Scream’. It was my all-time favourite (*Canadian spelling) week of shooting because the episode marked the first time Ellie was the central focus of a storyline. I enjoyed the challenges of working with a controversial script and working long hours on set.


Picture of 316 Take On Me

The ‘Breakfast Club’ episodes featured only five cast members (five of the younger cast anyway). Danny, Aubrey, Andrea, Jake G. and I had a lot of fun together. Perhaps too much fun.  I’m pretty sure the ‘Children’s coordinator’ on set sat up down and gave us a stern talking to about “being professional”. Obviously, his speech only encouraged the jokes.


Picture of Ellie and Ashley from 318 Rock and Roll High School

Melissa. Great girl. We got along famously and because Ellie was introduced as Ashley’s only friend, Melissa helped me adjust to life on a new set.


Picture of Ellie.

I can’t even comment on this photo because I’m too embarrassed by it. I will, however, pose a question: what is with my boobs?!? They DO NOT normally look like that!


Picture of Ellie and Sean from 409 Back in Black

This photo is from Sean’s farewell episodes. I was really sad to see Danny go because he was a wonderful acting partner. We didn’t hang out off set and so our relationship was a predominantly professional one. We had fun together, but our focus was always on nailing our scenes. Some day Ellie and Sean were Degrassi’s greatest couple. I like those people. : )


Picture of Alex and Ellie from 417 Queen of Hearts

I enjoy working with new people/actors and so I loved Ellie and Alex’s friendship last year. It was refreshing, it made sense and I don’t know what happened to it this season . . .


Picture of Ellie from 505 Weddings, Parties, Anything

I felt incredibly cool playing the drums and taking <2> drum lessons, but I sucked at it. Still do. And whenever I played in an episode, I was forced to humiliate myself in front of whoever was on set (cast, crew, etc.). Wait ‘till you see the Season 5 blooper reel. It promises ‘drum-flubs’.


Picture of Jimmy and Ellie from 506 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

Aubrey is one of my closes guy friends and so I was thrilled to hear that Ellie and Jimmy would get some alone time (I mean, scenes together without other characters). He is an outstanding actor and working with him made Season 5 THAT much better.


Picture of Stacey and friends with a cake.

Me, My B.F.F. Emily and my sister Lindsay.


A mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (naturally) for my debut on the show.


So cute!


Picture of a limousine license plate

When I traveled to Texas with Miriam for my first ‘Degrassi event’, I took pictures of EVERYTHING to show my mom.

            Case 1 out limo’s license plate


Picture of a hotel bed

            Case 2 my hotel room


Picture of hotel bathroom

            Case 3 my hotel bedroom

            Note: I don’t do this anymore.


Picture of “Stacey and Lauren at the Chicago Mall Tour.”

It’s amazing to see how intensely the reporter is listening to my response and the mass of fans in the b.g. I think it’s a funny image and a bizarre situation to reflect on.


Picture of Adamo Ruggiero and Aubrey Graham

I took this Polaroid  a few years ago. We were really bored waiting for a scene together and so Aubrey and Adamo swapped clothes. Adamo looks crazy.


Picture of Jake Epstein and Stacey Farber in Grade 8.

I threw this one in for kicks. Jake and me delivering out grade 8 valedictorian speech. It’s a classic shot.


Stacey Farber (Ellie) – My Memories

The moment I’ll never forget . . .

I’ll never forget how hard I cried when we finished our last day of shooting Season 5. I also cried during the read-through of the final episode, which took place a month earlier. What can I say? I’m emotional.


The moment I wish I could forget . . .

I wish that I could forget the hairstyle where I had faux-bangs (Season 2 perhaps?). IT WAS BRUTAL.


Degrassi moment most like something from my own life . . .

I can relate to Liberty’s constant struggle with meeting expectations and achieving goals. I have always set high goals for myself and I often get frustrated and stressed while dealing with the inevitable pressure. Virgo = perfectionist


Degrassi moment I wish was like something from my own life . . .

I wish Kevin Smith would direct me in a movie. Not unlike the episode, I would like for the movie to take place at Degrassi Community School. : )


My character’s defining moment . . .

            Her first line. Standing up to Paige.


The biggest mistake my character ever made . . .

            Attempting to use roadkill as a hair piece. [referring to Season Two]


The one thing my character should have done differently . . .

            My character should be more respectful toward her mother.


The scene where I really nailed it . . .

I always liked the scene in the hallway between Paige and Ellie in ‘Whisper to a Scream.’


The one thing I miss the most . . .

There are too many to count. I’ll really miss writing university papers/essays with Adamo in between scenes. The night before the due date.


Where I see my character in ten years . . .

Ellie is going to be super cool. She is insanely creative and so I’m sure she’ll have a really exciting and artistic job. And her house/apartment will be really funky with stripped hardwood floors and abstract paintings and vintage furnishings/appliances. Woah. Show down, Stace. She isn’t a real person . . .


Person who never knew how cute I think they are, until now

Jake Epstein. Season 5. Episode 501. Fresh ‘Craig’ haircut. STUNNING. I almost died.



Jake Epstein (Craig)– My Memories

The moment I’ll never forget . . .

I’ll never forget the first moment that I stepped onto the Degrassi set to film my first scene. I was so exited to be on the show and had worked so hard to land the role. The crew and cast were so cool. The amazing director, Bruce MacDonald, get me behind this bench where Craig was lurking and taking pictures of his stepsister, Angela. I had this amazing feeling when they called ‘action!’ for the first time, cause I know I’d be in for a crazy ride.


The moment I wish I could forget . . .

The are no moments I wish I could forget . . . just some I wish went a little smoother. No regrets. That being said, I think in the episode ‘Voices Carry’, I came into Jimmy’s hospital room and had to change pants in front of him. On one take, I pulled down my pants, along with my boxers underneath. Now I’m a pretty focused actor when I’m on set, and did not notice that I was doing the scene, and flashing the camera at the same time. I think Aubrey stopped the take and told me. I just burst out laughing embarrassed . . . luckily that take has not made it onto the XXX Degrassi cut.


Degrassi moment most like something from my own life . . .

Any moments with Craig’s band, ‘Downtown Sasquatch.’ I was in a band called ‘Mind the Gap’ at the time of filming these episodes. While Craig’s band argued over the style of music, the lack of practicing, and of the hope of getting signed, so did my real-life band. It was surreal.


Degrassi moment I wish was like something from my own life . . .

Now having two girlfriends at once did not end too well from Craig. He lost both girlfriends and his reputation at Degrassi. However, me, along with the entire male population, would dream about having two girlfriends at once. Haha.


My character’s defining moment . . .

In Craig’s first episode on the show, he runs away from home to escape his abusive father. Joey finds him later at his mother’s graveside. There, Joey tries to find out what is wrong. Craig tries desperately to conceal his secret about his dad. He ultimately breaks down and tells Joey. To me, this scene defined Craig: mysterious, tragic, and yet fights will all his might to hide his true emotions.


The biggest mistake my character ever made . . .

Where to start. Too many to choose from. I guess the obvious answer is cheating on hi girlfriend. But my answer is trying to get his girlfriend back after cheating on her, and then when he is ultimately dumped, asking out the girl he originally cheated with.


The one thing my character should have done differently . . .

He should have embraced all the help and love that his friends and family gave him, instead of hiding his problems and running away from home.


The scene where I really nailed it . . .

Haven’t I nailed them all? It’s funny, there have been scenes I feel I have ‘really nailed,’ and then the editor has chosen a different take or has cut it from the episode. Some great stuff by the cast is lost on the cutting room floor.


The one thing I’ll miss the most . . .

Degrassi deals with some incredibly real and scary topics. I’ll truly miss the feeling of knowing that what you are doing everyday is, in a small way, comforting someone in the world going through something scary.  


Where I see my character in ten years . . .

I think Craig would sell a testicle to make it as a musician (not that he did, or that he’s thinking about it). I see him on the Canadian rock scene, making a living playing music.


Person who never knew how cute I think they are, until now . . .

            . . . They’re all gorgeous . . . how can a boy choose only one??!!

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