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The best and most descriptive guides out there.

Note about guides: All guides are written in the order that they were aired in Canada. That is the way they were meant to be shown and that is the official timeline. If you are confused about the order, see the episode list (which also has American and Canadian airdates).

Caution! The following guides contain numerous spoilers. You have been warned.

Click on the season you would like to know about

Note: If you are a desperate American and can't wait to see the new episodes, or a Canadian who has missed them, you might want to check out DegrassiTNGHO on the links page to see how to download episodes.

Disclaimer: We did not write Degrassi (don't we all wish we were that good?). However, these episode guides are the property of Degrassi Freak. Feel free to use them for your own personal needs, but if you want to put them up on another site, please ask us first.

If you have requests, problems, more ideas, or anything else, e-mail the owner at or co-editor at and we will add you to our "Contacts"