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If your life was a tv show, this would be it.

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This is the place to find all the information you need about Degrassi: The Next Generation. It’s your one-stop shop for Degrassi obsession.


Check out the menu to the left to locate the source of your quest. You’ll find the latest news, episode guides, character descriptions, quotes, behind the scenes information and MUCH, much more.


Any potential spoilers will be clearly marked


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The-N: Season Six, Fridays

CTV: Season Six, November 2006

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Season Four on DVD: 24 October 2006


Unless otherwise noted, all of the information on this site is property (and copyright) of Degrassi Freak.

Hey everyone. I know that it's been a while . . . as in two years. Wow, it both seems like I this site was a regular part of my life yesterday, and a part of my life another lifetime ago. I'm sorry it took so long to do this, but I felt all the visitors and contributors to this site deserved an explanation as to why this site has not been updated. Shortly before I last updated this site, I lost a friend to suicide. His death shook my life to its very foundations. On top of mourning, the loss forced me to reevaluate a lot of things. In in the process, I lost touch with this site. Not to mention the fact that Degrassi was such a part of my past, and so realistic, sometimes it forced me to face things my broken soul couldn't deal with. I still watch Degrassi. I still love Degrassi. But I don't forsee a time in which I will update this site again. However, I will keep it online. I hope you understand my decision. Thank you to the many loyal visitors and contributors for embracing this site and its contribution to Degrassi fandom.

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Site is always being updated. Come back often to see the latest additions.


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20 July 2008
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Disclaimer: If you haven't yet noticed, this is a fan site. Although it would be lovely, we don't own Degrassi.

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