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Age: 20

Occupation: University Student

Location: USA, west of the Mississippi



Best character, and why:

  • Craig because he has been through so much and has somehow come out all the better for it; because he’s such a great friend; because of his passion for life. I also identify with him quite a lot
  • Alex because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but seems to care about them none-the-less
  • Ellie because she’s not afraid to be who she is and do what’s right; I also identify with her quite a lot
  • Spinner because he’s trying so hard to make things right
  • Jimmy because he’s not afraid to accept physical, but more importantly, emotional changes in himself
  • JT because he’s doing the best he can considering his age and the situation he’s in
  • Marco because of his strength, individuality, devotion to his friends and self-belief
  • Sean because of his constant inner battle between good and bad


Worst character, and why:

This is hard . . . I'm going to have to cheat on this and make it worst use of a character. Chris Shape was shaping up to be a great character and then he just disappeared . . . and was never given a chance to show much depth. Towrz (is that how you spell it?) might have been good, but instead he seemed to be a place marker to make Jay's group bigger, instead of an actual person.


Best cast member, and why: This is somewhat unfair because I have never had the pleasure of meeting them. From what I have seen (Degrassi Unscripted, interviews . . etc) I believe that Jake Epstein is my favorite. He seems to be dedicated, he is balancing fame and normality well, his interviews always make me both laugh and contemplate, he is incredibly mature for his age, he values friendship, and I would love to learn even a quarter of the things he knows about music.


I also love the adult cast members. It takes courage face your youth and re-enter a part of your past. That, and let teens half your age take all the spotlight.


Best Degrassi episode: It changes daily. Usually between Moonlight Desires, Rock & Roll High School, Drive and Take on Me.


Best Degrassi storyline:

  • Craig’s storylines are always intense, but somehow realistic.
  • I think the way Degrassi has handled Marco’s homosexuality has been wonderful.
  • Any storyline that is willing to address a complicated, and potentially controversial issue, like rape, abortion, homosexuality, school shootings . . . there are so many issues that most shows ignore, or approach in an immature way.


Why you love Degrassi:

Degrassi has depth. It approaches complicated and controversial issues with truth, grace and maturity. It does not gloss over life, but it does not dwell in the drama. When I watch the show, I feel like I am hanging out with people I have known my entire life. The show does feel like real life, it features situations that happen to real teenagers. There are a million reasons I could give you, but they all go back to depth, maturity and realism.

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