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Poetry that's appeared on Degrassi

Ashley's Gothic Poem
Yolanda stared into the soul of the eclipse
and saw the world for what it was
a shadow of black, empty, despairing nothingness


Ashley’s Poem ‘Save Us’ (from Dressed in Black)
We cling to one another,
Storm raging around
My head slips under the water
You can't hear me cry
So i let go,
Drift away
Leave your comfort behind
Save us

Liberty's Haiku
Smile like a sunbeam
Height subordinate to his heart
Makes me lie awake

Emma's Haiku
Ancient waves so pure
Crashing on the shores of time
Early death our fault

Sean's Haiku
Poetry is crime
No idea how to rhyme
Stupid waste of time


Terri's Poem from Shout
I pray at night
You'll see the light
You'll come and hold me
'Til it's alright
I wish i knew
Just what to do
To make this secret with
Come true

Ashley's Poem from Rock & Roll High

Black, twisted agony.
The fires of chaos burn on.
Run for her tombstone before it's too late.
The blood runs cold in her veins.
"Letter to Dean"
I still can't sleep without my light on.
Sometimes I look under the bed, 
afraid you might be there.
I made a mistake going upstairs with you
But Dean, you made more than a mistake,
You made a choice.

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