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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Degrassi: The Next Generation, any of the previous incarnations of Degrassi, any questions related to Degrassi, or any questions about Degrassi Freak, send them in. Degrassi Freak will do its best to answer them.

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The Show (most frequently asked are towards the top, newer at the bottom)


What is Degrassi?

If you've been sleeping under a rock the few years, you might not know. Degrassi is a fictional, dramatic series that tackles tough issues in a realistic way.  The series follows various (15 major characters in all) teens going through the trials and tribulations of adolescence in the 21st century at Degrassi Community School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is "The Next Generation" of students attending Degrassi; the show existed in three previous incarnations (The Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High).


What channel does Degrassi air on?

In the United States, Degrassi airs on The-N (also known as Noggin in some areas). The-N is only available if you have digital cable or satellite television. In Canada, Degrassi airs on CTV.


When Spinner ever be forgiven/ will Manny move back home / will ____ and ____ date/get back together / will ______ happen?

Hopefully we'll learn the answer to any questions of this type in future episodes of Degrassi.


Why was Accidents Will Happen never aired in the US? Will it ever be aired?

Accidents Will Happen (I & II) was not originally aired due to a decision by the network officials. According to an official statement by The-N, it was an "editorial decision . . . unrelated to any policy decision regarding abortion." However, during the Degrassi Every Episode Ever Marathon on The-N (August 2006), Accidents Will Happen (I & II) will aired during the weekend of the 18th.

Why isn't ______ in more episodes?

It's all up to the writers, directors and producers as to why certain characters are or are not in certain episodes. It's important to note that there are 15 main members of the youth cast, so it's just about impossible to give them all the screen time we might like to see.


Will Ben Affleck be in an episode?

Kevin Smith had originally intended to have Ben Aflleck in at least one Degrassi episode with him, but due to media frenzy surrounding his personal life, it was decided that Ben Affleck would be better off avoiding more exposure in the media.


In Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi, are there any interviews with the cast members, or just Kevin Smith? Do the cast members curse?

In the unrated version, there is a wonderful interview with Kevin Smith, a long, rambling and innappropriate conversation between Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, commentary by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), Associate Producer Jim Jackman and writer Aaron Martin. There are bloopers and deleted scenes with the youth cast, but no interviews with the youth cast. The youth cast members do not curse on the DVD; the cursing (and some more mature themes) is limited in the actual episodes (largely to Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes), but there is quite a lot of it in the Extras . . . but again no cursing from the youth cast members. However, the episodes are full of extended scenes, which means more dialogue from the youth cast.

What happened to Terri?

In episode 317 (Don’t Dream It’s Over), Terri got into a fight with her abusive boyfriend Rick while they were out with Paige, Spinner, Jimmy and Hazel. Rick forced Terri to choose between him and her friends, and when Terri chose her friends, Rick was infuritated and shoved her to the ground. Terri’s head hit a large rock and she was injured enough to be in a coma for a number of weeks. In episode 320 (I Want Candy), it was announced that Terri recovered, but decided not to return to Degrassi. More details can be found here.


The actress who plays Terri, Christina Schmidt, has become a family successful plus-size model since leaving Degrassi. She has modeled for Torrid. She received the Best Supporting Actress award at the 26th Annual Young Artist Awards in May of 2005 for her work on Degrassi.


What happened to Chris?

I have no idea. It is fairly common, however, for various characters in small roles to be phased out of the show without much explanation. Other characters suffering a similar fate include Kendra, Nadia, Fareeza and Towrz. The likely explanation is that a major figure on the Degrassi crew decided that another storyline should take precedence over Chris.


How did Emma’s biological dad become disabled?

Emma’s biological dad, Shane, took acid (given to him by Luke) at a Gourmet Scum concert. Whilst high on acid he either jumped or fell off a bridge (details have always been a bit vague), and suffered permanent brain damage from the fall/jump.


Was the person who played Emma on the older version of Degrassi the same person who plays her now?

No. Miriam McDonald portrays Emma on Degrassi: The Next Generation, but did not portray Emma on the original Degrassi shows. That being said, I am unsure of who portrayed Emma as a baby/toddler.


Has suicide been covered yet?
JT's overdose was definitely a suicide attempt; he couldn't have thought swallowing all of those pills would give him a high. Rick's death could be considered suicide. One could possibly claim that any character with an eating disorder (Toby in Season One, Emma in Season Five) is making a suicide attempt.


How much weight did Shane Kippel lost and how did he do it?

I believe between Season One and Season Two Shane Kippel lost nearly 30 pounds. He hasn't specifically stated how he did it, but in the book Degrassi Generations he did say "I'm at the gym five, six days a week." I would assume a lot of it had to do with exercise.


What is the name of the song played in Lexicon of Love when Alex and Paige dance?

The song is "Throw Yo Belly" by Evren (Thanks Cutiepie6cl!). Evren is frequently featured on Degrassi; you can find out more about him by going to the Degrassi Freak Music page.


What is the song played at the end of High Fidelity (II)?

The song is "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by the group Stars (Thanks Sharon!)


What is the name of the song played in Turned Out when JT overdoses?

Bottles and Hearts by Latefallen (Thanks a million Tara!)



The Site / The Webmaster


How do you feel about certain characters getting more screen time than others?

Honesty, it really is up to the writers, and they seem to be doing a good job. For a show with 15 major characters, they are given as much screen time as seems possible and as is logical. Craig's character hangs out with different circles of people (Jimmy, Marco, Spinner, Ellie, Manny, Emma, Paige . . . ) whereas a character like Toby really only spends time with JT, so it makes sense that we'll see Craig more than Toby. That being said, the characters that seem to have a special emphasis on them seem to be the ones I identify with most, so I have no complaints.


Do you think Degrassi is really "realistic"?

Yes. In my time in middle and high school, I saw friends or classmates go through: a school shooting, suicide (more than once), abortion, cutting (many teens I knew), parental abuse, homosexuality, cheating (on boyfriends, girlfriends and tests), car crashes, alcohol and drug abuse, bipolar disorder, depression, sex, relationships, bulimia / anorexia, bullying . . . and of course the less serious issues such as crushing on your best friend, embarrassing moments, fighting with parents, learning to drive, rocking it out at the talent show and learning who you are and how to be yourself.


Did I personally go through all of these issues? No, but I knew people who did. As the vice president of production and programming at The-N has said, "It is unlikely that any one teen will face every issue, but they or the people they know likely will encounter many of them."


Have you ever thought an episode was really bad or unrealistic?

No. I haven't actually disliked any particular episode, I've just liked some others more. I do however think that Degrassi Community School has more dances than humanly possible.


Are there any issues that you think Degrassi still needs to cover?

The writers and producers on Degrassi are more capable than I am of writing the show, so I think I'll leave decisions like that to them.


Do you like all of the Degrassi shows?

If you mean Degrassi: The Next Generation, then I can tell you with all sincerity that it is my favourite show. Ever. I love each episode of Degrassi, but you can read my more in-depth reviews of the individual episodes here.


In terms of Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and the other incarnations of Degrassi, I do quite like them, but would not consider any of them one of my favourite shows. I love them for being Degrassi, and think they are fantastic, but I don’t identify with them like I do The Next Generation. I think a lot of it has to do with not growing up with the original show, or watching it in the year 2005 instead of 1985.


What's your favorite Old School Degrassi episode?

I haven't seen all of the Old School episodes yet. I enjoyed One Last Dance (the last episode) because I think it was incredibly brave for the show to have a storyline dealing with HIV/AIDS, and address the truth about the disease, especially at a time when practically no one was. Other than that, I've identified most with Melanie, LD, Caitlin, Joey, Spike and Snake the most. Caitlin is definitely my favourite on the old school episodes. 


What is your favourite Degrassi episode?

I like them all. You can read my reviews here. My top episodes would definitely include: Moonlight Desires, Rock & Roll High School, Drive, and Take on Me.


Have you ever met any Degrassi cast members?

No, unfortunately. If any one wants to help me out with that . . .


Do you think Ellie and Jimmy would make a good couple?

Oh most definitely. I would simply ADORE a Craig/Ellie relationship, based in part because of how much they have in common and how close they’ve become, but mostly because I really identify with Ellie’s character and am infatuated with Craig’s character. However, considering the likelihood of a disaster in that relationship, I think a relationship between Ellie and Jimmy would be FANTASTIC. I think the two of them have a lot in common (much more than either of their previous relationships), seem to have great chemistry, and would likely avoid the drama that seems to plague most Degrassi relationships.


Degrassi Freak does not own, work for or have any official association with Degrassi: The Next Generation, Epitome Pictures, The-N, CTV, FUNimation, ViewAskew or any related companies. This is just a fan site.

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