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All the Degrassi memorabilia you could ever want.

The following is a list of Degrassi memorabilia. Most items link to their respective pages on, but keep in mind that you can buy the DVDs, books, and CDs elsewhere as well.
For one stop shopping, visit the list Degrassi Freak Recommended.
For mobile phones. Everything is $2.00. Available only in the USA. Currently serving only those with AT&T Wireless, Cingular and Sprint PCS. Phone brands they serve are: LG, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. Phones must support text messages and be Internet-enabled. Apparently they are adding carriers, so check back frequently.
Features the Director's Cut (unedited) of all 15 episodes of Season One. Includes bloopers, deleted scenes, a photo album and character descriptions.
Features the Director's Cut (unedited) of all 22 episodes of Season Two. Includes 130 + deleted/extended scenes and bloopers, cast audition tapes, character profiles, cast biographies and pictures. 
Features the Director's Cut of all 22 episodes of Season Three (including "Accidents Will Happen"). Includes commentary about "Accidents Will Happen" by Cassie Steele (Manny) and Degrassi's writers, commentary about "Pride", deleted scenes, Rock and Roll High School Karaoke (with "What I Know", "Mr. Nice Guy", "Spinner's Rap" and "I'm In Love"), a quiz, CTV promos, yearbook and character and cast profiles and biographies.
Features the Director's Cut (unedited) of the last three episodes of Season Four, with guest-stars Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes and a cameo by Alanis Morissette. Includes an interview with Kevin Smith, commentary by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Stacie Mistysyn, Associate Producer Jim Jackman and writer Aaron Martin. Also includes deleted scenes and bloopers. Note: This links to the unrated version which contains explicit language, and if you know Kevin Smith, I mean EXPLICIT, although it is largely limited to the Extras. There is an edited version available here.
Track Listing:
1. Degrassi Theme - Jakalope
2. Heartbreaker - Tuuli
3. Beautifully Undone - Lindy
4. Midnite Rider - Supergarage
5. Secret Splendor - Buck 65
6. Hard Road - Sam Roberts
7. Rooftop - Melissa McLelland
8. Suburbs - Junior Achiever
9. Feel It - Jakalope
10. I Don't Want to Be Me - Amanda Clemens
11. White Lightning - The Premiums
12. Down and Out - Evren
13. Just Jane - Christopher Rouse
14. Extended Degrassi Theme
Features an Enhanced portion that can be viewed on a computer CD-ROM drive. The Enhanced section includes an explanation of how each song was used in the show. Additionally, there are videos of Craig and Ashley performing "I'll Spend Christmas With You", PMS performing "Poor Thing", Hell Hath No Fury performing "Mr. Nice Guy", Downtown Sasquatch performing "What I Know" and Ashley and Craig performing "Nothing At All".
A wonderful book (see Degrassi Focus Archives for a review) about all of the various incarnations of Degrassi, with a special emphasis on The Next Generation. Includes a forward by Kevin Smith, an incredibly detailed (and never before seen) look behind the scenes of the show (new and old), great cast interviews, basic episode decriptions, and essentially anything you ever wanted to know about the show.
The first Degrassi graphic novel. Written by J. Torres and Ed Northcott. Available in November 2006.
The second Degrassi graphic novel. Written by J. Torred and Ed Northcott. Available in November 2006.
A collection of 16 essays examining the "pivotal role the series has had in shaping Canadian youth identity over the past twenty-five years." Includes an afterword by Degrassi Executive Producer Linda Schuyler.
Debut album from the actress who portrays Hazel Aden. Includes 13 new tracks.
Debut album from the actress who portrays Manny Santos. Includes 13 original tracks.
New CD from the actor who portrays Jimmy Brooks. Includes 20 original tracks. set up this ebay store, which sells various rare items.
Pat Mastroianni (Joey Jeremiah) set up this ebay store, which sells autographed pictures and scripts, one of a kind Degrassi shirts and other very rare Degrassi items.

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