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Degrassi Episodes CAN be viewed legally whenever you want.

US Viewers: The Click

Canadian Viewers: CTV On Demand


Degrassi Freak Visitors,


I frequently receive e-mails asking how to download Degrassi episodes. Those of you who have sent me such e-mails (or FAQ questions) know that I typically reply with directions to other sites that do have Degrassi episodes to download or stream. I have made a conscious decision not to post Degrassi episodes on Degrassi Freak.


My reasoning behind this decision is twofold. First, Degrassi episodes are available elsewhere, so I would simply be copying a service other sites already offer. My primary reason, however, is the fact that episode downloading is illegal, both in Canada and the United States of America. I don’t want Degrassi Freak to be breaking any laws, because it opens up the possibility for it to eventually be shut down.


With that in mind, I’d like to post Executive Producer Stephen Stohn’s latest post on regarding episode downloads:


There have been some good points made about downloading Degrassi (and Instant Star).

Epitome is kind of trapped. It is legal in the U.S. (but not in Canada) to tape the show off the air. It is not legal in either country to upload the show after you've taped it, or to download an uploaded version. It doesn't matter whether you charge for it or not.

So, techically a lot of people are doing illegal things. Is Epitome going to "take action"? Of course not. Sueing our fans is the last thing in the world we would ever do.

What I have been trying to do for a long time, and we are getting close to succeeding, is speaking with everyone that we have agreements with, and this includes the various unions and guilds, the broadcasters, the distributors, the DVD distributors, everybody, and start making the both Degrassi and Instant Star available for authorized streaming via the broadcater's website, and for authorized downloads via a portal such as iTunes, and also via mobile devices.

I have no doubt this will all start happening sooner rather than later.

Then at least everyone will have the choice of streaming or downloading the shows legally. Until then, the only choice is to do so illegally, or not at all, and that's a no-win choice!

So over the next few months you can look for new, and legal, ways to access both Degrassi and Instant Star!!



In short, downloading Degrassi is illegal, but Epitome has absolutely no plans to persecute those who are involved in uploading or downloading Degrassi. Hopefully Epitome will shortly be able to find a way for fans to download Degrassi legally. It seems that until then the people behind Degrassi will continue to turn a blind eye to the downloading of episodes. Degrassi Freak, however, will not be posting Degrassi episodes.


I hope that helps to clear up the issue of downloading Degrassi.



Webmaster, Degrassi Freak

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