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Official Sites

Official Degrassi site. Detailed, interactive and overall fantastic. There is a reason the site keeps winning Gemini Awards.

The-N: Degrassi

The Degrassi website for Americans.

ABC Kids (Australia): Degrassi

Similar layout to, but geared toward Australian viewers. It has a lot of information you can't find anywhere else. Keep in mind that Degrassi has only aired up to the end of season two in Australia.

Classic Degrassi has a site dedicated to "Classic Degrassi" including Kids of Degrassi Street, Degrassi Junior HIgh, Degrassi High, School's Out and Degrassi Talks.

CTV: Degrassi

Degrassi section of CTV, the station that airs the show in Canada.

Degrassi On Tour

Information about the 2005 USA Mall Tour, including tour dates and pictures. Fan Pages

Extension of the official site. Has more Degrassi information than you could even want, and you don't have to register to access it.

Epitome Pictures

The offical website for Epitome Pictures, Inc. The site has a lot of technical information, but also includes pictures of the studios/lots where Degrassi is filmed.

Do Degrassi

Official site about the DVDs for Season One, Season Two, Season Three and Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi.

The-N Discussion Guides

"The N offers these resources as a tool to help adults communicate with—and deepen their understanding of—the young adolescents they know, work with and care for."





The Degrassi Dot Hangout


Informational Sites

IMDB Degrassi Info

The Internet Movie Database. Find all the technical information you want. Wanna know the first assistant accountant? Yep, you can find it here.

Pop Gurls

This site has some great interviews with Degrassi cast members.

View Askewniverse: Degrassi

View Askew Productions, the company of Kevin Smith. He's been a Degrassi fan forever (you can catch allusions to it in his movies) and guested on 3 episodes. He has Degrassi information, articles and pictures on his site.

Fan Sites

Degrassi Freak Fiction

Degrassi Freak's fan fiction site. Follow the lives of your favourite characters as depicted by some very talented Degrassi fans.


Degrassi Dot Hangout

Degrassi Online

Unofficial Degrassi site. Includes extensive information about Degrassi's past. Confused about something Joey/Caitlin/Snake/Spike said? Find it here.

Degrassi The Next Generation Hangout

Degrassi Unity Boards Underground

Cast Sites

Lauren Collins' Official Site

Aubrey Graham's (Jimmy) Official Site

Aubrey Graham's (Jimmy) MySpace Site

Jamie Johnston's Official Site

Andrea Lewis' Official Site

Mike Lobel's (Jay) MySpace Site

Pat Mastroianni's Official Site

Cassie Steele's Official Website

Alex Steele's Official Website

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