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501 – 502 Venus I & II

On the first day of school Emma and Manny discover that the hottie from the local pool (that Emma has been crushing on all summer) is the newest student at Degrassi – Peter Stone. Emma does her best to flirt with Peter, but he seems more interested in Manny, although he does eventually invite them both to his party. Manny, however, has no intention of letting a boy get in the way of her acting career. After working on Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! she knows what she wants to do for the rest of her life; if only everyone else could see that. Her parents don’t want her acting, especially her father, who thinks it is a very inappropriate career. Her agent thinks she’s not ready for stardom, or at least her body isn’t. After a particularly hurtful piece of criticism about her body, Manny schedules a meeting with Dr. Andras, a local plastic surgeon. He suggests numerous improvements and Manny wants to get started right away, using her earnings from Kevin Smith’s movie to do so. When Manny’s parents discover the charges, her father is disgusted at what she has done and calls her a slut. Manny runs away to Peter’s party, where she gets incredibly drunk. She and Peter sneak off to a secluded room where the sober Peter does nothing to stop Manny from taking off her shirt for his video camera.

When Manny gets to school the next day, she doesn’t remember anything about the previous night. Peter talks about to her about their movie, and she is disgusted, and even more so when Peter asks her out. Later in the day, Peter catches Manny breaking in to his backpack for the camera and issues her an ultimatum: go out on a date with him or buy him a new camera. She refuses to do either, at which point Peter tells her that she either has to come up with $3,000 for a new camera or he will release their movie to the entire school. Manny rushes to Dr. Andras for a refund, but he’s already refunded her credit card and refuses to give her cash. Manny tells Peter that she doesn’t have the money and has decided to go on a date with him. He rescinds his offer and proceeds to e-mail the video to the entire school, under the name of “Degrassi Girls Gone Wild”. Manny can’t walk the halls of school without insults being hurled her way, and things get even worse when her father kicks her out of the house due to her acting aspirations. Manny moves in with Emma. The only good to come out of it is when she and Emma discover that Peter is Miss Hatzilakos’ son, and she is in no way pleased with what he has done.

Meanwhile, Craig and Ellie spent much of the summer together in Ashley’s absence and have become best friends. Ellie receives an e-mail from Ashley stating that Ash is not coming back from England after having met and fallen in love with a dashing young Brit named Alistair. Ellie decides not to tell Craig until after his birthday party, and goes about planning the best party she can muster. Marco knows about the e-mail, and Paige, Hazel, Jimmy and even Spinner (who has offered the use of The Dot for the party) soon find out as well. When Spinner sympathizes with Craig over Ashley, Craig gets suspicious and demands an explanation from Ellie. Craig finds out that Ashley won’t be coming back; not quite the best birthday present.  Craig refuses to talk to Ellie, hurt over the way he found out about Ashley and over the fact that Ellie was trying to protect him because of fears over his bipolar disorder. After a few days of the silent treatment, the two apologize and Ellie becomes the drummer for Downtown Sasquatch



502 Death of a Disco Dancer

            It’s time for Grade 11s to start thinking about their future and filling out those dreaded university applications. Paige has her whole life figured out: she’s going to business school at the “Harvard of the North” (a.k.a. Banting) and then she’ll be well on her way to a massive salary and the perfect life. Hopefully with Matt, who is on his way back from the Yukon. The only problems in Paige’s life are minor: Marco doesn’t want to apply with her to Banting, and Alex refuses to even consider the possibility of going to college (being on welfare has led her to believe she’ll be working concessions at the movie theatre the rest of her life). When Paige finally sees Matt after their long absence, she’s surprised. He’s unshaven, nonchalant and unfocused. After suggesting that Matt come with her to Banting and giving him the gift of an organiser, things reach their breaking point. It seems Matt wants no part of Paige’s perfect plan. He breaks up with her, offering only a joint of marijuana as consolation.

            Paige arrives at school the next day crushed. Things only get worse when Alex is more determined than ever to not go to university. Paige thinks fast, and offers Alex Matt’s joint if only she’ll attend the college fair at Degrassi. Alex agrees, but only on the condition that Paige gets high as well. They arrive at the college fair completely under the influence of marijuana. It doesn’t seem to matter much to either of them, until Mr. Simpson rushes to tell Paige that Banting’s recruiter is at Degrassi and wants to speak to her. Paige freaks out and takes her anger out on Alex. Paige informs Alex that Alex has no future. When Paige arrives for the meeting, she is very obviously high, and even admits so to the recruiter. Her chances of going to Banting have slipped out of her grasp, and as the recruiter is Mrs. Michalchuk’s friend, her home life is in trouble as well. Paige eventually apologises to Alex, who actually feels as though she has no hope in life, and the two agree that they are both scared about the future.

            Jimmy is the new assistant coach for the Degrassi basketball team. Everyone seems excited, except for show-off Derek, who questions being taught the game by a “cripple”. Things get intense, with the two openly fighting in the hallway. It’s not until Jimmy summarily beats Derek in a shoot-out that Derek is willing to admit that Jimmy has something to teach. Jimmy demands some respect from the younger student and it seems as though he’s going to get it.




504 Foolin’

            The relationship between JT and Liberty heated up over the summer, and it is clear that the two have taken the next step in their relationship; they are having sex. Whilst teaching Liberty how to drive a car, JT wants to take her for another type of ride, but she refuses his advances. JT wants to know if he is doing something wrong, but Liberty claims that her responsibilities at school are keeping her busy. At school, JT decides to audition to read the school announcements, but Liberty criticises him; both by doubting his ability to take on such a responsibility, and by disparaging his dreams to be in the entertainment industry. Things get even more stressed when the two go out to the movies with Toby, Manny and Emma; Liberty catches JT bragging about their sex life at which point she pours soda down his pants and tells him to “keep private matters private.” When JT tries to apologise, the two continue to fight. En route to school JT wants to know why everything Liberty used to like about him she now hates. Liberty tells JT that she is pregnant, at which point JT crashes his car into a pole.

            After a pregnancy test confirms Liberty’s suspicions, Liberty and JT must come to terms with the consequence of using the wrong size condom. JT still wants to read the announcements, but after a failed audition and continued fighting, Liberty refuses to let him have the job. It is at that point that JT realises that he can no longer be with Liberty and breaks up with her. However, he gets a job at the local pharmacy and vows not to abandon his baby. Liberty and JT are no longer dating, but they will still deal with the pregnancy together.

            Spinner is trying his best to deal with the hatred from his former friends and attempting to turn his life around; he is even finally passing Mrs. Kwan’s class. He is also befriending Darcy, and once confronted, admits his role in the school shooting to her. Surprisingly, she doesn’t hate him, and even asks him to hang out with her after school. When Spinner goes to meet her, he discovers that their “date” is actually a meeting of the Friendship Club, a Christian group. Spinner finds religion awkward, but Darcy makes him see that just because she’s a Christian doesn’t mean she’s not a normal teen.  Darcy makes Spinner realise that he’ll never be forgiven unless he forgives himself first.




505 Weddings, Parties, Anything

Downtown Sasquatch are desperate for a paying gig. They want to earn enough money to record their own album and are willing to play any gig: weddings, parties . . . anything really. Luckily, an attractive young customer at Jeremiah motors is just as desperate for a band to play at her sister’s wedding. Downtown Sasquatch gets the gig and it seems like Joey gets the girl as well.

Speaking of girls, Craig has sworn them off. This year he’s decided to be a monk so he doesn’t have to deal with all the problems that girls seem to cause for him. His plans get a bit complicated however, as he starts to notice Ellie’s interest in him. Craig and Ellie continue to bond at group therapy and he’s quick to credit her with helping him deal with bipolar disorder. Marco is doing all he can to get the two together and even Joey notices their connection. Manny is also showing a renewed interest, and Craig seems to reciprocate. Craig is quick to protect Manny from Peter and wants to make sure she’s doing okay after the video catastrophe.

Things come to head at the wedding. Craig has invited Manny along to help set up. Craig realizes that he has no hope of avoiding girls when he sees both Ellie and Manny arrive. He has to make a choice between the two and, as he puts it, “Why must they be so hot?” Manny and Ellie are both obviously competing for his affection. Whilst performing their gig, Manny starts shaking the tambourine and dancing precariously close to Craig, at which point Ellie chucks a drumstick at her head. The gig comes to a screeching halt. Craig confronts Ellie and makes it clear that he’s only interested in a friendship. Joey’s also having girl problems. His date Diane is quite a bit younger than him, and her friends disapprove of the relationship. Joey realizes that he’s in over his head and leaves.

The next day, Diane shows up the Jeremiah house. She makes it clear that she would love nothing more than to date Joey, and he relents. Craig finds Manny (who is still living at Emma’s house), and expresses his desire to make her life better. The two obviously have a special connection and share a searing kiss.




506 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

            Jimmy is gearing up to try out for the Wheelchair Sports Association basketball team, and maybe even the 2008 Olympics after that. He’s dedicated to regaining the athleticism he had before the shooting, and quits Downtown Sasquatch so he doesn’t lose focus on his goal. Ellie notices Jimmy drawing in the cafeteria and finds out that’s he’s been drawing to help deal with the shooting. After looking at his sketchbook, she suggests that they go to an art gallery together the night of his tryout. After some hesitation, he decides to go and get so wrapped up in the art that he completely misses his tryout. The coach and Jimmy’s dad are very frustrated, but the coach offers Jimmy a second chance. Jimmy starts to question his dedication to basketball, and his doubt becomes larger when Mr. Brooks gives Jimmy a new wheelchair; Jimmy had his heart set on designing his own chair. Is basketball Jimmy’s dream, or his dad’s? The stress gets even worse when it’s clear that Hazel wants the old Jimmy back. At his tryout, Jimmy faces the realisation that his heart is no longer in basketball. Jimmy confronts his dad, and makes it clear that he no longer wants to play the game and that he’s not the same Jimmy he was before the shooting. He tells Hazel the same.

Meanwhile, Liberty is six months pregnant and starting to show. JT is obviously very nervous, but Liberty’s hiding how scared she is. During one of her frequent bouts with morning sickness, Danny expresses frustration and is suspicious that Liberty might be bulimic. The truth soon becomes clear to Danny, however, whilst reading his Family Planning textbook. Danny will only keep quiet about the pregnancy if JT cares for his electronic baby from Family Planning class. During a fight over JT’s “parenting” skills, the baby is sent flying into the air and run over by a car. Danny’s furious about his grade, but more concerned that JT needs to learn how to be a father. Both JT and Danny are also worried that Liberty is not dealing with her situation well (she hasn’t even been to a doctor yet) and convince her to go to Ms. Suave, the school guidance counsellor.



507 – 508 Turned Out (I & II)

            Non-consequential events first: Peter is interested in Emma, and is making it very clear. Emma’s torn between her infatuation with Peter, and her anger that he distributed her best friends’ breasts throughout the school electronically. She goes out on a date with Derek to keep her mind off Peter, but it’s clear they have nothing in common. Emma begins to relent, and shows up at the movie theatre to see a movie with Peter, though it’s clear she hasn’t totally forgiven him . . . yet.

            Snake (Mr. Simpson) seems to be going through a mid-life crisis. While his best friend Joey is taking cruises in a convertible with a much younger girlfriend, Snake is raising a baby and a teenager whilst teaching at the school he used to attend. Joey talks him into trying out a motorcycle, but Snake faces much opposition from Spike when he decides to buy it. However, he does find out Ms. Hatzilakos is interested in bikes, and wants a ride . . .

            The real story: Six months pregnant Liberty is finally dealing with the situation, and JT is by her side. At a meeting with Ms. Suave, they discuss getting her a doctor’s appointment and what they should do with the baby. It’s clear JT and Liberty aren’t on the same page; JT wants to put the baby up for adoption and Liberty wants to keep it. JT doesn’t know how he’s going to afford the baby and when Jay sees that JT is stressed about something, he suggests that JT could make some money on the side selling drugs from the pharmacy. JT ignores Jay, but can’t ignore his fears.

            At the doctor’s appointment, JT sees his baby for the first time in a sonogram image. As he and Liberty continue to discuss their options and JT decides he’s willing to keep it. Liberty’s overjoyed. JT and Liberty then go about telling their respective parents. When they tell JT’s grandmother, she refuses to offer any support, not wanting to have to raise JT’s mother, JT and then JT’s child. Her reaction creates even more fear that Liberty’s parents will scorn them as well. Before telling the Van Zandts, Liberty and JT decide to rent an apartment; they find the perfect place, but it’s much more than they could ever afford. JT is clearly overwhelmed about the financial implications of having a child. Suddenly Jay’s solution looks more and more appealing.

            After stealing painkillers from the pharmacy, JT arranges a meeting with Jay and a drug dealer. The drug dealer gives JT quite a lot of money, but it’s still not enough to afford the apartment. The drug dealer then offers more money as down payment for another stash. After the deal is done, JT is so disgusted with himself that he pukes. With enough money to move into a place of their own, JT demands that Liberty tell her parents about the pregnancy. When the Van Zandts hear the news, they decide to let Liberty keep her baby, but only if JT is out of the picture. Liberty decides to leave her family and move in with JT.

            Liberty starts to get suspicious about how JT afforded their apartment, and demands some answers. JT confesses about the drugs, and Liberty is irate. JT promises to get the drugs back, and never do it again, but he can’t because the rent is non-refundable. He begs the drug dealer to give him the drugs back, but the dealer only beats JT up and demands more drugs. JT feels like he has no choice, and continues stealing drugs. He admits his actions to Liberty, who gets even more angry and calls him a drug dealer. JT runs off to the ravine to deliver his drugs, but is so distraught over his actions and the loss of his girlfriend that he overdoses on painkillers and alcohol, passing out in the ravine. When he wakes up, he’s in the hospital. Liberty’s dad (who’s a lawyer) offers to try to clear things up with the pharmacy. Fully realising the gravity of their situation, Liberty has contacted an adoption agency.




509 Tell It To My Heart

            Degrassi is both hosting and competing in an inter-school drama festival. Marco is starring in Degrassi’s production of Macbeth with Paige and Craig, who are in the supporting cast . . . along with cute new student Tim. It’s obvious Marco is interested, but he becomes dedicated to being more of a big brother when it becomes clear that Tim is having trouble dealing with being gay. Tim’s best friend is the only one who knows, and has taken to physically and verbally abusing him. Marco offers Tim support. Marco encourages Tim to come out to his father, implying in the process that Marco is out to his own father; something Marco has yet to find the courage to do. When Tim’s father kicks him out of the house for being gay, Tim runs to the Del Rossi household. It quickly becomes clear that Mr. Del Rossi has no idea his son is gay; Marco tells his family that Tim has been kicked out of his house for being an actor. Tim, obviously hurt, confronts Marco over his lies. The morning of the drama festival, Marco explains his situation to Paige, who strongly encourages him to come out to his father. Immediately before the performance, Marco tells his father that Tim is gay, and so is he. Mr. Del Rossi is visibly shaken and walks away. During Macbeth, Marco can’t focus and decides to confront his fears head on; he interrupts his monologue to announce to his father that he is gay. Mr. Del Rossi walks out, and avoids Marco that night at home. Marco confronts his father, who admits to loving his son, but refuses to accept his homosexuality.

            Meanwhile, Peter is continuing to pursue Emma, who is continuing to fight his advances and her attraction. In revenge for the Degrassi Girls Gone Wild debacle, Emma and Manny decide to beat Peter at his own game. Emma attends Peter’s party and makes it clear she’s willing to go all the way with him. In the midst of disrobing Peter, he apologises for the state of his room which is clearly more of a storage room for his father. Emma identifies with his situation – having been sent to the basement in the wake of Jack’s birth – and can’t go through with her plan. When goes back home, she lies to Manny in saying that Peter wasn’t interested.




510 Redemption Song

Spinner’s torn between his girlfriend Darcy and his best friend Jay. Jay wants him to go a keg party, Darcy wants him to go to a Friendship Club retreat; Jay wants him to party, Darcy wants him to pray. Spinner decides to go the Friendship Club retreat, despite his doubts about religion. He seems to be getting along with everyone quite well, until one member confronts him about his role in the school shooting. With the one year anniversary of the shooting coming up, Spinner’s dealing with his own guilt, and doesn’t handle the confrontation well. He walks off and calls Jay, asking his friend to come pick him up. When Jay arrives, Spinner is eager to leave, but Jay’s not; he thinks the girls are hot. He flirts with one girl enough to get her to follow him into the woods, but Spinner puts a stop to it, dragging Jay off to the woods with him. Darcy soon follows with a couple cans of beer; even though she doesn’t drink because she wants Spinner to have fun. When Spinner leaves to pick up more beer, Jay convinces Darcy that if she doesn’t sleep with Spinner, Spinner will leave her. Spinner returns to find Darcy alone on a tree stump, and they quickly start making out. Darcy starts to shed her clothes, and tries to convince Spinner that she wants to go all the way. Spinner senses something is wrong, and wants to know what. When Darcy tells him, Spinner is irate and attacks Jay and makes it clear that Jay is no longer a part of his life. Spinner apologises to Darcy, but is having a hard time forgiving himself for the person he’s become. Darcy assures Spinner that he can move on and that Jesus will forgive him, but Spinner is doubtful until Darcy vows that they’ll find Jesus together.

In memory of the school shooting, Degrassi has decided to create a mural in the halls, designed by none other than Jimmy Brooks. Hazel’s shocked that Jimmy volunteered, but mostly frustrated that it was Ellie’s idea; Hazel is clearly jealous of Ellie. As Jimmy, Hazel, Ellie, Paige, Marco and Craig work on painting the mural in the main hall of Degrassi, Hazel becomes ever more suspicious of the connection between Ellie and Jimmy and seems ever more disconnected to her boyfriend. Things come to a head when Hazel notices that one of the girls in the mural is clearly Ellie. She confronts Jimmy (after first throwing the contents of a paint can on him), who professes his love, but admits that he’s inspired by Ellie. Hazel dumps Jimmy.




511 - 512 The Lexicon of Love (I & II)

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are in Toronto for the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! All of Degrassi is excited that such a big event is happening so close, especially since many of the students are invited.

Paige and Alex: Alex is especially excited because Paige has invited her; something Alex would never dream of doing otherwise. It’s heartbreaking to Alex when she finds out that Paige gave her extra ticket to Hazel. It’s also clear to Alex that none of Paige’s friends (especially Hazel) like her. Paige makes it clear to Hazel that Alex is not to be ridiculed, and tries to smooth things over with Alex. Paige convinces Kevin Smith to give her an extra ticket, which he does, but only after he lets it slip that Paige has been cut out of the movie. Paige then gives her extra ticket to Alex, and announces that she’s not going to the premiere.

Alex convinces Paige to go to the premiere to let Kevin Smith know what he’s missing. The two arrive looking very hot, and draw a lot of attention to themselves. After the premiere, they sneak into the VIP after-party by convincing the doorman that they are lovers. The two spend the night erotically dancing, swiftly upstaging Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. They leave the party in the early hours to go to Paige’s house. Alex stops at her house on the way, where she gets caught up in the midst of a fight between Alex’s drunk mom and the mother’s drunk boyfriend, sending Alex to the floor with a nasty bruise. Paige takes Alex back to Paige’s house and takes care of her wounds. The sexual tension gets very thick, and Paige and Alex kiss. Paige freaks out and flees downstairs.

The next morning, Paige does everything she can to avoid Alex and Alex does everything she can to confront Paige. Once at school, the two decide to meet during a free period to discuss what has happened. They meet in the Laneway, and admit that their feelings are more than friendship, and share a sweet kiss. Meanwhile, Jay has confronted Hazel to tell her that he thinks Paige and Alex are getting cozy, and thinks Hazel should be worried about her reputation if Paige becomes a lesbian. Hazel confronts Paige at Spirit Squad practice, and Paige, embarrassed, states that Alex means nothing to her. Alex overhears, and is brutally crushed. Paige is equally crushed, and is so distracted by Alex that she fails to create a cheer for Kevin Smith at the school assembly. The assembly is a complete disaster. Afterwards, Paige seeks out Kevin Smith to apologize, who offers her some valuable advice. Kevin Smith thinks that if Paige really likes Alex, she should go for it, no matter what anyone thinks. Paige runs to Alex’s apartment. While Paige is running to “get the girl”, Jay is trying to do the same (with the same girl). Jay is fruitlessly trying to convince Alex to take him back, but she refuses. As she leaves her apartment to get away, she finds Paige in the hallway. The two have a long talk, and decided to go with their feelings.

Emma: Peter and Emma are still hiding their relationship from Manny, sneaking around and holding secret conversations in the hallway. Emma attends the movie premiere with Snake and Peter attends the premiere with Ms. Hatzilakos. During the after-party, Emma and Peter sneak back into the theatre to kiss and cuddle, but get more than they bargained for. Snake and Ms. Hatzilakos are making out in the theatre. Emma freaks out and wants to confront them, but Peter lets her know that that’s not the best course of action, and takes her home. Back at home, Emma is crying in the kitchen when Snake finds her. He wants to know what’s wrong, and she lets him know she’s none-too-happy that Snake was making out with the school principal. Snake denies it at first, and then tries to apologize, but Emma isn’t willing to listen. The next day, Spike drives Emma to school, and can tell there is something wrong but Emma is silent. When Emma arrives at school, she snaps at Ms. Hatzilakos in front of Snake. That evening, Snake comes home to announce that he’s sold his motorcycle and is taking the family on a Mexican vacation. Spike is ecstatic but Emma is furious, leading Snake to admit what he did to Spike. Snake and Spike discuss what happened, and Snake gets kicked out of the house. He decides to move in with Joey to figure things out. 




513 Together Forever

            The members of Downtown Sasquatch are eagerly anticipating the Northern Sound Showcase, one of the most important band competitions in the area. The members are looking forward to their futures as well: Ellie is going to follow Craig around for the summer while Marco and Jimmy both want to go to University (something Craig isn’t so thrilled about). When Downtown Sasquatch performs at the Showcase, they are far outclassed by Money Money, but still manage to catch the eye of a manager named Leo. He decides to take the band under his wing, polish their style, and work to get them a record deal. He’s insistent that the group needs to become much better, particularly Ellie’s drumming. When Craig returns from the gig, a letter has arrived from the University of Toronto offering Craig a full scholarship, but Craig decides to turn in down in favor of a career in music.

Craig goes about teaching Ellie with a vengeance, much to the ire of Manny. During a Downtown Sasquatch photo shoot, Leo goes about making Craig the star of the band, much to the ire of Ellie (referred to by Leo as “chick on sticks”), Marco and Jimmy. When Leo suggests that there are better drummers in Toronto, Craig threatens to leave Leo. During a later meeting with Leo, the manager announces that Downtown Sasquatch have been invited by the Northern Sound Showcase for a repeat performance. If the performance goes well, the band will travel to Vancouver to record with hit band Jackalope. At the end of the meeting Leo announces that Ellie needs to get much better, or a replacement needs to be found. Later, Ellie approaches Craig, and attempts to convince him to become a solo act because Ellie knows that she’s not a good drummer, Marco wants to go to school, and Jimmy wants to paint. Craig is hesitant, but eventually decides to play the Northern Sound Showcase as a solo artist, and then travels to Vancouver to pursue his dreams in music.

Meanwhile, Liberty’s due date is fast approaching and people are starting to worry that she’s pushing herself too far. Ms. Hatzilakos suggests that Liberty let Toby represent Degrassi at an interschool assembly, but Liberty just thinks that Ms. Hatzilakos doesn’t want Degrassi represented by a pregnant girl. Toby has been doing his best to keep JT updated on Liberty’s condition, leading JT to approach the Principal about forcing Liberty to rest. Liberty will have nothing to do with it, and is furious that Toby is talking about her to JT. Whilst Toby and Liberty are en route to the assembly, Liberty goes into labor. She is rushed to the hospital. Liberty gives birth to a little boy (with JT at her side), and her parents deliver the baby to his new adoptive family.



514 I Against I

Spinner has turned his life around, and even though Jimmy will likely never forgive him, Marco is noticing the changes in Spinner. During a school fair, Spinner is manning the Friendship Club booth, where Jimmy is repeatedly dunking him in water. When it’s clear the Spinner is freezing, Marco steps in to defend him. Later, Spinner finds Marco in the hallway and questions where his friends are. Marco’s lonely because Ellie and Jimmy are constantly working on art, Paige and Alex and now “Palex”, and Craig is in Vancouver. Spinner wants to know if he might want to hang out sometime. The two decide to see the latest version of Clown Academy, and soon find out that neither has changed much (but in a good way). It seems Spinner has managed to regain one of his old friends.

Linus finds out that Marco is holding a school assembly about safe sex, and is furious; he thinks God is against safe sex, and abstinence is the only answer. Linus wants Spinner to convince Marco to cancel the assembly, but Marco refuses. The two then go to Ms. Hatzilakos, who also refuses to cancel the assembly. Linus and Spinner decide that if Marco has the right to promote safe sex, they have the right to protest it. As the Friendship Club marches into the assembly, Marco asks that they leave (telling them to go to church instead) at which point Linus tells Marco that being gay means he’s sexually deviant and is going to hell. Marco punches Linus, and Spinner demands that Linus leaves. Spinner later apologizes for his actions, and wants to make it clear to Marco that he’s not homophobic, and he’s no longer friends with Linus. Marco realizes how truly lost Spinner is, and lets him back into his life.

Meanwhile, Spike’s third anniversary is approaching and Emma is trying her best to cheer her mom’s spirits. Caitlin flies in from LA, but even she can’t seem to make Spike happy. Snake arrives at the house to deliver an anniversary present, but Spike makes him leave and throws the present away. After Manny insists, Caitlin hires some male strippers and they seem to do the trick, until one arrives that looks like Snake. Spike breaks down and admits that she is still in love with Snake.




515 – 516 Our Lips Are Sealed (I & II)

Emma: Things are out of control in Emma’s life. Her mother’s relationship with Snake is in tatters, she’s fighting to hide her own relationship with Peter, the secret is affecting her relationship with Manny, and home is chaotic, with a baby, two teenagers and a single mother. She decides it’s time to take control. Emma starts by attempting to bring some organization to the house, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. She’s also attempting to help Snake find a way back to Spike’s heart, but that’s not working so well either. With Manny freaking out about her weight (in light of an upcoming audition), Emma makes a diet plan for herself and Manny. Emma calculates what the girls can eat, and how much they have to exercise to burn off the calories they are taking in. Temptation is hard to fight, however, and after one particular binge (brought on by the stress of Snake and Spike fighting), Emma concludes that throwing up is the best way to get rid of the extra calories. The girls continue their diet, purging when they overeat. Manny seems skeptical, but when the girls start losing over a pound a day, she’s overjoyed. Once Manny reaches her target weight, she’s ready to go back to regular eating habits. Emma resists strongly, and that’s when Manny realizes something might be wrong with Emma. Manny quits the diet, and after some particularly harsh insults from Emma, the two stop speaking. After the fight, Emma faints whilst walking down the halls of Degrassi.

            Hearing about the fainting, Manny decides to approach Emma about her concerns over the diet. Manny’s concerns become even greater when she find Emma’s diary and finds out that Emma has stopped eating entirely. Emma is furious, and decides to admit to Manny that she’s dating Peter (in the hopes Manny will stop worrying about the dieting). Manny is furious, walks out of the house and Emma’s life. The next day, Emma leaves Peter some emergency messages, and when he arrives at Degrassi he finds out some exciting news: Emma and Peter no longer need to hide. Whilst making out in front of school, Manny approaches and wishes Peter good luck in keeping track of Emma’s eating. Emma tries to pass it off, but Peter is concerned; he’s noticed Emma hasn’t been eating much and is acting weird. Emma’s teachers are also concerned, because she’s started failing some of her classes. When Peter finds out that Emma’s been lying about eating (after he finds French fries in her pocket) he decides it’s time to take action. Peter talks to Manny and the two decide to talk to Emma’s mom. When Emma arrives home from school, Peter, Manny, Spike and Snake are there to stage an intervention. Emma refuses to admit anything is wrong and tries to run away, but she collapses, unable to breath. The next time we see Emma, she is at the hospital, recovering from a panic attack. Emma wants to go home, but Spike and Manny make it clear that she can’t until she meets with a therapist and recovers more from starving herself. Emma vows to beat her eating disorder.

            Snake: Snake misses his family terribly, and wants to come home. Emma tries to help by inviting him over to cook for the family, but the dinner just turns into a massive fight. Joey tries to help by coming up with ways for Snake to fix Spike’s house to win her back, but Joey’s girlfriend Diana explains that home improvement is not romantic. Snake needs to find a way to romance his wife. One day at the mall, as Spike takes a break, she finds Snake standing there in a tuxedo with roses. He begs her forgiveness and then sings her “their song” (Sometimes When We Touch), and she relents, but only on two conditions: that Snake never kiss another woman again, and that Snake never sing again.

            Paige: Paige is getting frustrated that Alex and Hazel do not get along, and makes it clear that Alex needs to start treating the things that matter to Paige with respect. Alex approaches Hazel about hanging out, and Hazel eventually relents. When Paige, Alex and Hazel go out shopping, Hazel and Alex get into such a bit fight that mall security is called. Paige stops talking to both girls. The girls, unhappy with Paige’s silent treatment, decide to try again. They meet at the mall for hot chocolate, and conversation is shaky. Once Paige shows up, things start to lighten up, so much so that the three start flinging whipped cream at one another. This time, all three end up in trouble with mall security, but at least they are getting along.




517 Total Eclipse of the Heart

            Liberty finds out that her baby’s adoptive parents are moving to Seattle, and want to give her one more chance to say goodbye to the baby. Liberty is distraught, thinking an open adoptive would mean the baby would stay in Toronto. She hides her pain from everyone, however. She’s busy preparing for exams and tutoring Danny and Derek. During one study-session, Derek starts asking questions about the baby; he’s adopted and wants to know more about the experience from a birth mother’s perspective. Liberty freaks out and kicks Derek out. Later on, she can’t even bring herself to start her Biology exam, thus failing 30% of her grade. She faces the wrath of her parents. Upset, she decides to drink her troubles away. Derek and Danny are with her and both caution her to slow down, but Liberty isn’t having it. Liberty breaks down, admitting that she’s upset over the loss of her baby. Derek suggests that she make her baby a treasure chest to let the baby know he was loved by his birth mother; Derek’s birth mother gave one to him and it really helped him deal with being adopted. Liberty creates a box filled with memories and gifts for her baby, with the help of Danny, Derek and JT.

            The graduating class is also busy preparing for exams. During one late-night study session at The Dot, talk turns to Marco’s love life and his overeager prospective boyfriend Tim. Marco seems unsure about the fledgling relationship, until Dylan shows up. Marco introduces Tim to Dylan as his boyfriend, which seems to dishearten Dylan and please Tim. Later, Marco, Tim, Ellie, Paige and Alex decide to go to a gay club to let lose and relax before exams. Things seem to be going great until Dylan shows up. Marco approaches Dylan, who expresses his regret at cheating on him. Marco’s frustrated, and makes it clear that he’s with Tim. The next day, Marco receives an e-mail from Dylan, and has had enough; he goes over to Dylan’s house and demands that Dylan stops contacting him. Dylan tells Marco that the reason he came back to Toronto is because he still loves him. Marco is obviously shocked, but demands that Dylan stop having anything to do with him.

            Once exams end, Paige suggests a Ryan Reynolds Fiesta, and Marco asks if he can bring Tim. When everyone arrives at the Michalchuk household, it seems Dylan and his hockey team have declared a poker night. Dylan challenges Marco to a game, and Marco accepts after some hesitation, much to Tim’s displeasure. The game is full of sexual tension and anger, and Marco and Dylan start fighting. Dylan tells Marco that he’s just dating Tim to play it safe, to avoid the fact that in the end, everything comes back to Marco and Dylan. On the way home, Marco decides to break up with Tim, because he realizes that he’s still in love with Dylan. The next day, Dylan meets Marco at Degrassi. Marco makes it clear that Dylan can never hurt him again, and Dylan makes it clear that Marco means the world to him. Marco and Dylan are back together.


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