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Lyrics to the songs you love.

Theme Song

Whatever it takes

I know I can make it through

If I hold out

If I do

I know I can make it

Be the best

The best that I can make

Hear what I say to you

Whatever it takes

I can see you

I know I can make it though

I know I can make it through


How Can I Be?

Oh, just tell me how I can be

All that you ask of me

And still feel that I am free

Free to be who I

Oh, just tell me how I can be

All that you ask of me

And still feel that I am free

Free to be who I am


Everybody Wants Something

Everybody get ready and get into gear

The Degrassi Sensation

The one and only . . . The Zits are here (Zit Remedy)

Everybody wants something they’ll never give up

Everybody wants something they’ll take your money and never give up

Everybody face up to the facts as they are

Dedication is hard but you’ll be somebody and you’ll go far

Everybody wants something they’ll never give up

Everybody wants something they’ll take your money and never give up


Poor Thing

It happens to other people.You say, “How sad.” You say, “Poor thing.”

When it’s you, it’s something else

It’s everything

You’ll never believe the nightmares

You’ll never know the pain you caused

You’ll never see the scars you left

The things you stole, everything I lost

You took my body

Tore it in half

You took my childhood

My heart and my laugh

You took everything I kept for myself

Then you’re gone

I’m not your poor thing


Be My Cinderella

Would you be my Cinderella?

Could I kiss you Manuella?

You can see me however

You must love me forever



The Real You

You breathe, but you can't see it.

You're strong, but you can't feel it.

You're good, but you don't know it.

I know you, the real you.

I know you, the real you.


I’m In Love

Something bout the way you shine

When the lights go out

I wanna make you mine

Something bout the way it seems

You’re always here in my dreams

When there’s no one there

No, I’m not scared

But I’m in love

With you


I’ll Spend Christmas With You

You’re ever present I never got

You’re every wish that never came true

You’re every prayer that went unanswered

So baby, I’ll spend Christmas

With You

With You

So, baby, I’ll spend Christmas with you


Mr. Nice Guy

This song is the price for breaking my heart

Should have written these words to you right from the start

You say it doesn’t matter, it’s all in the past

My pain doesn’t show, it’s disguised by this mask

I can’t pretend to forgive and forget

Gonna make the day you met me, a day you’ll regret

Cause you’re the dust in my eye

You’re the rock in my shoe

Yeah you lie, lie, lie

Better watch what you say, ‘cause I’m onto you

Mr Nice Guy, whoa, Mr. Nice Guy

You’re so nice


Spinner’s Rap

A homie is player and that is all

So why’s you have to go an kick his-

-ball and charin, ain’t that your name?

Cayse you a playa-hater and that’s a shame

And chicks like you ain’t worth too much

So shut up girl

And make my lunch


What I Know (a.k.a. Everything’s Dust)

I don’t know if you’ll forgive me

For being so blind

To how you felt

Don’t ask me why I couldn’t see it

That’d take me years to figure out

And that’s not something I know much about

But there’s only one way to find out

What I know is that I hurt you, oh

What I know is that I suck

And what I know is that I’m sorry

What I know is that I’m a loser, yeah

What I know is I screwed up

And then I never earned your trust

And what I know is that everything I touch

Just turns to dust



I'm lost in the void of eternity

The eye of the storm

The depth of the sea

A black rips me from inside out

Gravity, ending me...



Radishes, radishes. Not so sweet
Red and round. Gross to eat.
They have power and cruel little voices
Saying, "I run Degrassi. You have no choices!"
Ugly and mean, and slightly obscene,
Stubbornest radishes I've ever seen


Craig's Song From Together Forever

The day is long

The flight and song

But I don’t even listen

Bluebird hides

Peace of night

I don’t even try

Every momma gone missing

Every papa gone mad

I’ll take a chance

It’s not romance

But something more important

So give me wings

And let me sing

It’s all been done before

For any girl that’s unhappy

For any boy that is bad

Everybody momma gone missing


Every papa gone mad


Just for posterity, here are the lyrics to the Degrassi Junior High & Degrassi High theme songs:


Degrassi High Theme

Wake up in the morning gotta shake this feeling, Gotta face a day at school

What’s to be afraid of I can ask a question or maybe even bend the rules

I’m looking for a way so I can fit in, it there’s a way I can look, I can win

I can see I’m not alone, I can face the unknown

Everybody can succeed, in themselves, you must believe

Give it a try at Degrassi High


Degrassi Junior High Theme

Wake up in the morning feeling shy and lonely

Gee I gotta go to school

Don’t think I can make it, don’t think I can take it

I wonder what I’m going to do

But when I look around and see

That someone is smiling at me

Wait that someone’s looking at me

Hey I’ve got a new friend

Everybody can succees

All you need is to believe

Come on give us a try at Degrassi Junior High

We didn't write these songs, we don't own the copyrights or the publishing rights. We wish we did.

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