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Manny Santos


  • Grade 12
  • On-and-off best friends with Emma
  • Dated popular guy Sully for a little bit 
  • The drama of Craig
    • Dated Craig, he dumped her because she was immature
    • Then cheated with Craig
    • Got pregnant, decided to abort the baby
    • She loved Craig, he really broke her heart
  • Dated JT, but found him too immature
  • Dated Spinner (for a very short time) but dumped him because of his role in the school shooting
  • Her and Paige DO NOT get along
    • Paige kept making Manny do all the Spirit Squad work whilst Paige got the credit
    • They fought toward the end of the year, and Manny exposed Paige's and Matt's relationship, which got Matt fired
    • Her and Darcy conspired to make Paige fall during a Spirit Squad performance; Paige broke her leg
    • Manny was crowned Prom Queen after Paige rigged the vote so that Paige could rip off Manny's prom dress
  • Pursuing an acting career
    • tried to get plastic surgery
    • got kicked out of her house and now lives with Emma's family
  • Took her top off whilst Peter was fliming her
    • Peter sent the video to everyone at Degrassi
    • plottting her revenge against Peter
  • Dating Craig (again)


Cassie Steele
Born: 2 December 1989
Toronto, Ontario
  • Is singer
  • Her real little sister plays Craig's step-sister
  • TV and film credits include: Full Court Miracle, Relic Hunter and Lamont's Maccabees
  • 2002 winner and 2003 and 2004 nominee for Best Ensemble Actor in a TV Series


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