The N Unveils 'Degrassi Minis,' the Network's First New, Original On-Line Series

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Note: There are some SPOILERS here.

Eight New Mini Episodes Set to Premiere on the Network's Website,, February 3


New On-line Series Features the Return of Beloved Degrassi Character


NEW YORK, Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The N presents a whole new way to watch

Degrassi!  The nighttime network for teens will unveil its first, original on-line series created exclusively for broadband entitled, "Degrassi Minis."


The new series will launch on The N's web site, , beginning

Friday, February 3.  New "Degrassi Minis" will premiere online each week

through March 17.


"Degrassi Minis" are produced by Stefan Brogren (Archie "Snake" Simpson)

of Epitome Pictures and give fans of the The N's hit television series a

chance to see their favorite characters in all new scenes and scenarios.

While some of the 2-3 minute shorts take place in between existing episodes of

the television show, giving fans an extra taste of their favorite moments,

others are completely fantastical takes on the Degrassi universe.  The

"Degrassi Minis" follow the lives of the Degrassi characters to reveal secret

crushes and even the return of a beloved Degrassi student!


"For our teen audience, primetime is as much about the web as it is about

television, so we are very excited to present The N's first original narrative

content made exclusively for ," said Tom Ascheim, Executive Vice

President/General Manager, The N.  "Diehard Degrassi fans can now get more of

what they crave wherever and whenever they want it."


"We are thrilled that the "Degrassi Minis" give viewers the opportunity to

delve deeper into the Degrassi storylines and to bring back characters who are

no longer on the show," said Stefan Brogren.


    Below is the schedule of "Degrassi Minis":


    Friday, February 3

    "Don't You Forget About Me, Part 1"

    Sean returns to Degrassi with one goal in mind: to get back the girl who's

    heart he broke.


    Friday, February 3


    Spinner catches Manny making the moves on another man.


    Friday, February 10

    "Bizarre Love Triangle"

    Craig proves the old adage, "If he cheated with you, he'll probably cheat

    on you."


    Friday, February 17

    "Don't You Forget About Me, Part 2"

    Sean's back and Jay can't wait to get back into trouble with him, but is

    he back for good?


    Friday, February 24

    "Man in the Mirror"

    Jimmy and Ellie and get up close and personal before band practice.


    Friday, March 3

    "Bigmouth Strikes Again"

    Jay makes one last plea for Spinner to come back to the dark side.


    Friday, March 10

    Episode 108 - "The Lovecats"

    Alex is psyched to go to Kevin Smith movie premiere, but who will be

    her date?


    Friday, March 17

    Episode 105 - "Hey Ladies"

    Peter and Emma take their secrecy too far, all the way into the

    girls' washroom.


Degrassi is a fictional, dramatic series that tackles tough issues in a

realistic way.  The series introduces a new generation of teens going through

the trials and tribulations of adolescence in the 21st century at the newly

refurbished Degrassi Community School.  The series follows Emma (Miriam

McDonald), Paige (Lauren Collins), Manny (Cassie Steele), Ellie (Stacey

Farber), Craig (Jake Epstein), Jimmy (Aubrey Graham), Hazel (Andrea Lewis),

Liberty (Sarah Barrable Tishauer), Spinner (Shane Kippel), Marco (Adamo

Ruggiero), Toby (Jake Goldsbie), J.T. (Ryan Cooley), Jay (Mike Lobel) and Alex

(Deanna Casaluce) as they journey through high school.


Epitome Pictures and its affiliate companies have been producing quality

Canadian programming since 1976, including the multi-award winning,

internationally recognized Degrassi franchise, The Kids of Degrassi Street,

Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, which still air throughout the world.

Epitome Pictures has also produced the series Liberty Street and Riverdale, as

well as several MOWs.  For more information, please visit


    The N, the nighttime network for teens, is a programming arm of MTV

Networks and is currently available in 45 million households via cable, digital cable and satellite television.  The N's mission is to be the authentic voice for teens and help them figure out their lives with relevant, topical programming on-air and online at the network's web site


The N airs everyday from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (ET).  The N and all related

titles, characters and logos are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.


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