Miriam McDonald's Day at Instant Star: Backstage Pass

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My Day on the Set of Instant Star: Backstage Pass
by Degrassi's Miriam McDonald

Find pictures of Miriam’s day here.


Hi everybody! I hope 2006 has been good to all of you so far!

Aside from being a little tired right now—because I happen to be writing this on January 1, 2006 (i.e. I am still recovering from an incredibly fun New Year's Eve)—things are good right now in my world! Fun and challenging opportunities have been coming my way, and I made an effort to take advantage of each one.


Sometimes this time of year is hard for me, because #1) I hate winter, winter clothes, snow, ice, skating slush, allllllll that stuff, and #2) I feel a little lost when we finish off six months of shooting Degrassi, because all of a sudden I do not have something to automatically keep me busy, and I THRIVE when I am busy.


But so far this year has been a little bit different, because I have decided to search for ways to keep busy doing things I want to be doing. Before next year, I want to learn to surf, dance the tango, and actually play my new drum kit! I'll tell you about those things later. (Ha ha, I like to get off topic…)


What I am REALLY here to tell you about is my experience on the set of Instant Star.  But not just any regular day on Instant Star. I’ll give you an inside look at the filming of Instant Star: Backstage Pass.


I was drinking a Red Bull on my way to the set, so I was prematurely buzzing with energy, but when I walked inside the theatre where they were filming, it was even more alive than I was! Everyone (including the well-dressed fans and audience members) was so excited to see the stars: Alexz Johnson (who was obviously there to give a knock-out performance); Tyler Kyte and the guys from the Spiederman Mind Explosion; Laura Vandervoort, Tim Rozon, and Kris Turner (who were doing a Q & A); and Wes Williams (who was the MC).


When the performance started, the enthusiastic audience all started rocking out to the AMAZING music, and everyone was having an awesome time, even though some of  the songs were played several times to get things just right.


Between songs I took photos for you guys, played improv games with Tyler and the cast, banged on the drums, and got my make-up touched up so I looked like I belonged there!


I had such a great time, and watching the performance made me really eager to find out what is coming up on Instant Star! I learned a few secrets about the new episodes, but I am sworn to secrecy not to tell, so my lips are sealed! I will say that those writers really know how to keep things happening…


If I were a writer I think I would want to explore the whole best-friend-gone-boyfriend issue, but I can say from experience that some things are easier said than done!


By eleven o’clock that night we wrapped up, and on my way out I took a few pictures with some kids who also happened to be Degrassi fans! (I LOVE ALL OF YOU!)


It was an exciting day but so action-packed that when I got home I just listened to my iPod on shuffle (which likely means some Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shania Twain, Gwen Stefani, The Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, and Madonna) until I fell asleep.


I can’t wait to see how the finished product of that show turns out, and I am sure it will be great!


In other exciting news I found a $10 bill in my coat pocket (I love that feeling!), went to four different New Year's parties (ran into Lauren Collins at one of them), came up with some great New Year's resolutions, convinced my friends to quit smoking, had a luxurious spa day, sat courtside at a few Raptors games, AND did a photo shoot along with Cassie, Stacey, Sarah and Lauren (Steele, Farber, Barrable-Tishauer, and Collins).


I don’t think I got to do all that because I am lucky! Here is my attempt at being somewhat inspirational: Something I have learned at some point in my 18 years here is that good things don’t always find you—you need to find them, and when you find them, you must take from them everything you can! I came across a quote, and I posted it on my mirror in my room. If I ever need a kick-start I read it. Maybe it will mean something to someone else, so here it is:


Whatever you can do,
Or dream you can,
Begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.


On that note, have an amazing and inspired 2006, keep doing what you love (watching the shows you love, hee hee!), and I will hopefully write to you again to tell you about something new and exciting!



Miriam McDonald

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