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31 August 2005
Andrea Lewis (Hazel) has signed a record contract with MapleMusic. Congratulations to her! Her album Float Away will be released on 20 September. More information can be found here.
Other Andrea Lewis tidbits: her site address has changed, so check out the links. There will be an album release party on 23 September at Revival and you can listen to new songs from Float Away. For more details, check out her site here.
29 August 2005
Happy Birthday to Lauren Collins (Paige)!
The latest post from Degrassi's Executive Producer:
wow!!!! I've been back at Trent University to celebrate the founding of the university radio station, which Chris Ward and I helped found many many years ago--a great weekend and now I come back to the boards and we're way past the 25000 mark!! Woohoo! OK, EPIgrrl and I will figure out the five people who were 24998, 24999, 25000, 25001 and 25002 and get a great prize pack out to you (only one prize per person, if the same person posted in that block, we'll next go to 24997, then if necessary 25003, etc.)

AND today we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of degrassi at the EX, so what better day to give out prizes for reaching 25,000 posts!!!

It's going to be a great day at the CNE--as some of you know unfortunately I can't be there as I'm heading out to an undisclosed location somewhere on the left side of Canada to meet with the producers of the Instant Star 2 album as they prepare for the final mix of the album. But there will be a LOT of Degrassi cast at the Ex!!

Actually i was at the Ex just before the weekend to meet Bob Newhart again--I'd met him at the Television Critics Assocation Awards in Los Angeles, and so met him again backstage a the CNE to give him a Degrassi package of goodies for one of his grand-children who is a Degrassi fanatic!
26 August 2005
First, a sincere apology: Stacey Farber (Ellie) turned 18 yesterday. Unfortunately, Degrassi Freak neglected to mention it. We wish Stacey a very happy belated birthday.
Spoiler from Degrassi's Executive Producer: The car crash in Season Five will NOT happen during episode 501-502 (Venus). (Source:
Information about filming from Degrassi's Executive Producer: Shooting is done in blocks of two episodes at a time, and each block last for eight days.  (Source:
The "earth-shattering" event that The N'Sider at The-N spoke of is a Degrassi Viewer's Choice. Viewers vote for their favorite episodes and then get to watch the one that wins. The voting dates and air dates and nominees are as follows:


  • Voting: Today until 9 Sept at 12am Eastern
  • Airs: 9 September
  • Nominees:
    • Sean and Emma, "Gangsta, Gangsta"
    • Craig and Ashley, "Should I Stay or Should I Go"
    • Craig and Manny, "Against All Odds"
    • Matt and Paige, "Queen of Hearts"
    • Craig and Marco, "Moonlight Desires"


  • Voting: 9 September @ 8pm Eastern to 16 September @ 12am Eastern
  • Airs: 16 September


  • Voting: 16 September @ 8pm Eastern to 23 September @ 12am Eastern
  • Airs: 23 September

A Season Five promo aired this evening on The-N. Thanks to wonderful site vistor sorriano04, you can watch the promo at: As a show of thanks, visit sorriano04's site at:

Degrassi Generations will be released on 20 September in the States, and 29 August in Canada at the CNE, or to the general Canadian public on 6 September.
Information about the book Degrassi Generations thanks to Exec over at

The following is the first review of the Degrassi generaitons book--it comes from a U.S. online source, bellaonline, and the release date for the book is referred to as September 20, which I guess is when it is released in the U.S., but of course we'll have copies availalbe in Canada starting on Monday at the CNE!


Title-Degrassi Generations
Author-Kathryn Ellis (Introduction by Kevin Smith)
Publisher-Pocket Books
Release Date-September 20th, 2005

Degrassi Generations by Kathryn Ellis is the most complete Degrassi book ever. It should be considered the official Degrassi encyclopedia. Every aspect of the Degrassi shows was addressed in this book.

Although the title of the book is Degrassi Generations, don't make the mistake and assume this book is only about Degrassi The Next Generation. This book provides remarkable in depth information about all of the shows in the 25 history of Degrassi. Shows discussed in the book include-The Kids of Degrassi Street,Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High, and Degrassi The Next Generation. Leaving no stone left unturned, the author also introduced behind the scenes information about the Degrassi specials "Degrassi Talks," and the movie "Schools Out."

Kathryn Ellis is a Degrassi historian. She has been involved with the show since the early 80's. She worked with "Degrassi Classic" (in the book the 80's shows are referred to as Degrassi Classic) and is married to Degrassi writer Yan Moore. The book is absolutely fabulous. The full color book boasts that it features over 700 pictures.

The book is so awesome I don't want to spoil the fun by telling everything included in the book but here are some of the main features-

*Then and now pictures and bios for cast members of Degrassi Junior High
*Extended 1-2 full page bios for cast members of Degrassi The Next Generation
*Storyline and script guidelines for "Degrassi Classic" and Degrassi The Next Generation.
*A day in the life of a Degrassi cast member
*Crew information
*Chapter on the music of Degrassi
*Complete episode guides for all of the shows in the Degrassi series
*Much more behind the scenes information about the show

This is a really great Degrassi book and fans of any one of the series should be proud of this book. One of the most amazing things about the Degrassi history is the actress Stacey Mistysyn. She is the only young actor on the show to have roles with major story lines in all of the Degrassi shows. She was one of the actors on the Kids of Degrassi Street who transitioned to Degrassi Junior High and she continues to be a part of the Degrassi family as she appears on the latest show Degrassi The Next Generation as Joey Jermiah's on again off again love interest.

24 August 2005
Miriam McDonald (Emma) and Ryan Cooley (JT) will be at the 3 September Mall Tour.
Aubrey Graham's album should be coming out in Mid-October and is called "Room For Improvement" and you can find more information about it over at Aubrey's myspace page.
IM-terviews with Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) are up over at The-N. Stacey's interview is at: and Aubrey's interview is at:
Message from EPIGrrl ( about the Degrassi Birthday Bash at the CNE:
For those of you near the Toronto, Ontario area we announce the KICK OFF to the Degrassi 25th Anniversary Celebrations:

Monday August 29th is the Degrassi Birthday Bash at the CNE!!

7:30pm at the Bandshell


There will be appearances by the Degrassi cast (more than the mall tours!!), autograph and photo opportunities, a chance to meet the makers of Degrassi and help blow out the candles on the 25th Anniversary cake !!

It's also your first chance to get your hands on Degrassi Generations, the ultimate fan guide to the series which will hit Canadian bookstores September 9th.

The CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) is the largest annual fair in Canada and the fourth largest in North America -it is held at the Exhibition Centre, located near the heart of downtown Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. For more information on how to plan your visit see:
Clarification regarding entrance fee to the CNE, from the Executive Producer: For the Degrassi event at the CNE on Monday, you need to pay to get into the CNE grounds, but there is no separate payment for participating in the Degrassi event, which is located in the Band Shell....
23 August 2005 Messages from EpiGrrl and Exec
The Degrassi Birthday Bash at the CNE will take place at the Bandshell, begins at 7:30 pm, 12 cast members (new and old) will be there, and attendees will get the chance to purchase Degrassi Generations and week before the general public.
Friday was spent filming new CTV promos for Degrassi, which will begin airing in a couple weeks, and will contain Season Five teasers. According to EpiGrrl at, the promos will also include a new cast member, and that a current cast member will be getting a much larger role in Degrassi this year.
Alex will apparently be getting a much larger role this year, and features prominently in the Season Five episodes with Jay (Jason Mewes) and SIlent Bob (Kevin Smith).
Tidbits from the Exec: The cast has read through episodes 514 and 515. Miriam McDonald (Emma) was in a TV Guide fashion spread (not sure whether in Canada or US, or when; if you know, let us know).
Here are the full posts from EpiGrrl:
Friday was also crazy because we finished shooting a bunch of new promos for CTV starring the Degrassi cast. These are different and MUCH cooler than the old CTV promos for the show and when they start airing (in a couple of weeks) they will also give TEASERS for upcoming storylines...
You get to see the new cast member (and one cast member who was a smaller role last year, has a much bigger role this year). and the cast all look GREAT.
and the weather was crazy too.
If anyone in the Toronto area hasn't heard yet - Monday 29th August is the Degrassi Birthday Bash at the CNE.
7.30pm at the bandshell
At this time it looks like there will be 12 - count 'em 12 cast members (new and classic) at the event for photos and autographs.
It's gonna be awesome and FIRST CHANCE to get the Degrassi Generations book - one week before anyone else ANYWHERE.

Exec's post:
Chatted with Deanna Casaluce as well, these episodes are big ones for her character Alex and she is doing gerat work--and they are the ones that Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are in this year--yes they're back in town but having missed their flight yesterday they had to take the red eye from L.A., arrived in Toronto at 6:00am this morning, were picked up by Jim Jackman and driven directly to the studio to start prepping for shooting today--but even without a night's sleep they were still very funny, and we had a good long chat about the potential Degrassi movie as well!!

Oh and today we had a read-through of episodes 514 and 515, Stephanie Cohen showed Miriam a TV Guide fashion spread featuring Miriam which looks FANTASTIC, and we heard first-hand about how Adamo and Andrea didn't arrive in San Fran till 11:00am Saturday (because of tornadoes in Toronto), drove thru the fog to the autograph signing and so ended up not being able to see very much of San Francisco at all--which was disappointing but he said they still had a wonderful time and were given some great gifts!
22 August 2005
According to the Alderwood Mall website, Melissa McIntyre (Ashley) and Mike Lobel (Jay) will be at the Seattle Mall Tour.
Apparently, the San Francisco mall tour was almost disrupted by Canadian tornadoes, but it all came together in the end.
Degrassi shooting has continued, and episodes 511- 512 (Lexicon of Love) have been filmed. Filming is now on a short hiatus, as Instant Star is filming and the Degrassi cast is starting school. Filming will re-commence shortly.
Monday, 29 August is the Degrassi 25th Anniversary Bash at the Canadian National Exhibition. Here is some info from
The Degrassi 25th Birthday Bash
On Aug. 29 at 7:30 p.m., in an exclusive event at the Bandshell, the CNE hosts the cast from all four Degrassi shows. Cast members will be present to answer questions, sign autographs, and help blow out the 25 candles on the Degrassi Birthday Cake as the CNE celebrates a Canadian broadcast icon.
Here is information about the CNE event from
August 29, 2005 - the Degrassi 25th Anniversary celebrations kick-off with the "Degrassi Birthday Bash" event at the Canadian National Exhibition 7pm at the bandshell. The event will include opportunities for autographs and photos with the cast members - both next generation and classic and meet the creators of the show. It will also be the first chance to get your hands on "Degrassi: Generations" the ULTIMATE fan guide to the series from Kids of Degrassi Street to Degrassi: The Next Generation which hits bookstores September 6th.
Here are the most recent posts from the Executive Producer:
wow, because of the Friday tornadoes in the Toronto area, the Degrassi cast members almost didn't make it to San Francisco--but they did make it! Adamo didn't sleep all night because the Friday night flights were cancelled, and they had to get up at 3:30am to make an early morning flight to be in San Fran in time to sign autographs!!

Speaking of Alexz Johnson, on Friday she was in Studio C shooting a new opening for Instant Star. While we liked the CD opening motif last year, we wanted something a bit punchier for this year! Meanwhile we were shooting Degrassi, and doing a fashion shoot that I can't talk about right now, so Friday was a busy day, tornadoes and all!!

A week Monday is Degrassi at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)--a whole bunch of the cast, new and classic, will be going, and we will be launching the Degrassi Generations book there! Unfortunately I can't be there as I have to be in Vancouver (oops--undisclosed location on the left side of Canada) as we are starting the mix of the songs for the second season of Instant Star then.
We're just finishing up 511/512 (Lexicon of Love Parts 1 and 2), then we shift over to Instant Star on Wednesday and shoot four episodes of Instant Star before returning to Degrassi! (Amongs other things this means that a lot of the Degrassi cast can prepare for and go back to school while we're on a Degrassi shooting hiatus).
17 August 2005
Andrea Lewis' debut album is called "Float Away" and is scheduled to be released in September. You can find that
information and new pictures of Andrea at her official web site.
A new Degrassi book is coming in September. It is entitled "Growing Up Degrassi" and contains "Sixteen essays [that] bring together scholars and fans of Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi High and Degrassi: The Next Generation to examine the pivotal role the series has had in shaping Canadian youth identity over the past twenty-five years." More information can be found at:
16 August 2005
Good article about the Teen Choice Awards win can be found here.
15 August 2005
Degrassi won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Summer Series! Congratulations to Degrassi!
Here's a link to all of the winners. (Degrassi is second to last)
Here's a message from Stephen Stohn regarding the award:
"The reason I've taken so long to post is I THINK we won but it was really confusing because they didn't mention anything during the taping of the show, they didn't mention the Summer Choice Series at all, but were told that we won, which is amazing but I guess I won't really believe it till we see the teleast tomorrow, and hopefully they add in a video pack that mentions Degrassi!!!
It was fun walking the red carpet with Stacey and Aubrey, it's really long and narrow with thousands of press. Stacey and Aubrey did a number of inerviews, and then at the end followed David Spade and Hilary Duff through the area where there are hundreds of photographers taking thousands of pictures of them.
It was a star-studded show, Halle Berry, Jim Carrey, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, Simple Plan, Anton Kutcher, Jesse McCarthey, Misha Barton, Adam Brody and seeminly hundreds of others.
And the fans were great, there must have been about five thousand there, and Stacey and Aubrey hung around afterwards and did a lot of autograph signing and picture-taking!
At the end of it all on the way home we had the limo go through the drive-through at an In 'N Out for double doubles for everyone because we were so hungry!!!"
Happy birthday to Andrea Lewis! As of today, Andrea Lewis (Hazel) is 20 years old.
Entertaining post by The-Seth over at regarding the LA Mall Tour:

"So the Degrassi Mall Tour plowed into Los Angeles on Saturday with the full unmitigated force and power of all its Degrassiness, and all accounts are that it was MASSIVE—maybe kind of more massive than everyone expected. Apparently every single person in LA showed up, plus most of the other inhabitants of the western United States. So the lines were long and uppitiness abounded on all sides, which sucks.

But still, it sounds to me like it was worth going, because not only did LA get to meet Stacey Farber and Aubrey Graham ("OMG HE IS SO FREAKING CUTE!!" according to cheerbear5, who reportedly said that out loud. Very out loud. To his face.) but also they got special surprise appearances by the executive producer Stephen Stohn (who also produces Instant Star, FYI), by Dan "Mr. Raditch" Woods, and by none other than Degrassi's prodigal son, Daniel Clark. When DC emerged, the crowd EEEEEd so loudly that the astronauts in the space station phoned and told everyone to shut the hell up so they could get some sleep. (Wait, that was lame. I can do better. Gimme a sec... Okay: New York City phoned and said, "Yo LA, nice work. Now you just have to learn the other 25 letters.")"

14 August 2005
The Teen Choice Awards are being filmed tonight, to be aired on Tuesday. Send good vibes to LA in the hopes that Degrassi wins and then tune in to FOX on Tuesday night at 8:00pm Eastern Time.
The Exec posted again:
"Yes, that was me in the Canada jacket!
Just getting ready to meet Stacey and Aubrey and Jim Jackman (Associate Producer) and then soon we'll be off to the red carpet for the Teen Choice Awards.
Wish us luck!
But whether we win or lose, thank you each and everyone of you for your support. I know a lot of you have been voting, and if we win it will be because of you, and if we don't win then thank you for your support anyway because it means the world to all of us!!!
Major post by the Executive Producer over at The entire post will be included, but here are a few highlights:
  • The LA tour was PACKED; so much so that it had to stay open until 7:00 pm and even then not everybody met Aubrey and Stacey.
  • Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch) stopped by unannounced and then went about signing autographs at the end of the line.
  • MOST EXCITING: Daniel Clark lives in LA now, according to Stephen Stohn (the Executive Producer) and he was asked to attend the event. He showed up toward the end and signed autographs at the end of the line. Which is exceptionally sweet of him, and nice to know he's doing well.

The Teen Choice Awards are on Tuesday. Executive Producer Stephen Stohn, Associate Producer Jim Jackman, Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Stacey Farber (Ellie) will be there and will be walking the red carpet.

Here is the Exec's post:

" really loved the mall tour today. Met some very cool fans, it was a thrill for me!

Fans started arriving at 4:30am, and in total the Mall estimated there were about 4,000 fans WAY more than we usually get. So I was worried we would have disappointed a large number of fans because the line was so long. But we managed to do a few things that made it all turn out. One was that Stacey and Aubrey, who were just awesome anyway, volunteered to just keep going till 7:00 o’clock (even tho that meant really squeezing some commitments they already had).

Second, Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch) dropped by unannounced—and he volunteered to go outside and sign autographs at the end of the line, which really helped ease things. He was great. And also occasionally Jim Jackman and I would go out and chat with the crowd and even we signed autographs and had a lot of our pictures taken.

But a big third thing: Danny Clark lives in LA, and we called him and he agreed to come over, and arrived at about 5:30. Jim and I escorted him outside so that he could help with the end of the line who otherwise were going to leave empty-handed. Must say, we under-estimated the crowd reaction at that point. It was on the verge of being a bit unmanageable, but we managed to encircle Danny up against the wall and then get some security gates around us (by this time mall security had scrambled to assist us and we had about a dozen of them helping us). Long story short Danny was able to sign autographs for about an hour-and-a-half outside, which really took the pressure off.

Meanwhile, the tour organizers had run out of all the postcards that were being signed, and had run out of all the free giveaways (they had thought the had more than enough but ran out about 4:30, at the point they normally would have been closing off the tour), but the good thing was that meant people were whipped through faster and the kids just signed whatever they could. In the end almost everyone who arrived got something.

The moment I’ll remember most was the moment of opening the door to the signing area, when there was a sudden en masse high-pitched screaming from the crowd and flashing lightbulbs. It was very Beatles.

Certainly a highlight in my life!

ps The Teen Choice Awards are tomorrow night, so I'll let you know what happens as soon as I return from them--the show itself will be on FOX on Tuesday night, but we will definitely know the results tomorrow. It is a real longshot for Degrassi to win, being up against so many big network high-ratings shows like Dancing With Stars and Beauty and the Geeks etc. etc., but with fans like all of you, anything is possible--and if the turnout at the Golendale Mall today is any indication, we may have a real chance!!!

And it will be VERY cool walking on the red carpet with all those stars (Stacey, Aubrey, Jim Jackman and I will walk the red carpet together).

13 August 2005
Latest message from the Executive Producer. Doesn't contain any news as such, but always nice to hear from the Exec. Here you go:
"I'm here in an undisclosed movie capitol of the world, just heading off to have breakfast with Stacey and Aubrey and our Associate Producer the mighty Jim Jackman (or Dr. J as many of us know him) and then we'll get ready to head over to Glendale. Really looking forward to seeing how it goes in Glendale! Any of you who are going, I'll be wearing my black and red sweater/jacket with a CANADA on the back and a Canada flag on the front.

And then we're all of to a party tonight for everyone involved in the Teen Choice Awards, which should also be pretty cool I would think!!!!"
My Degrassi Student Planner arrived in the mail yesterday and let me tell you . . . it rocks. Very useful in terms of school/ schedule and very useful in terms of Degrassi-obsession. If you haven't already, buy it in stores (if you are Canadian) or at the Degrassi Corner Store located at (if you are non-Canadian).
12 August 2005
News Askew has posted some pictures of the Secret Stash DVD signing from 25 June. You can see them all at News Askew but here are direct links to a couple of them:
11 August 2005
According to The-Mary over at The-N, Adamo Ruggiero (Marco) and Andrea Lewis (Hazel) will be at the San Francisco mall tour date on 20 August.
10 August 2005 All Sorts of News
The Exec has revealed new Season Five episode titles. Keep in mind that they are all tentative and might change. The new titles are:
  • 513 Together Forever
  • 514 I Against I
  • 515 Our Lips Are Sealed

All other titles have stayed the same, and can be found under earlier news, or by seeing the Episode List.

The Executive Producer of Degrassi will be at the Glendale Mall Tour on 13 August and the Teen Choice Awards on 16 August.

(Source: ExecProducer,

Found two great articles about Degrassi, one about the relationship between Marco and Dylan, and how realistic it is, and one about Kevin Smith's involvement with Degrassi. Both will be posted under Degrassi Articles Worth Reading.

The Kevin Smith article includes some interesting news: "Smith and Mewes are due back in Canada next week to start working on two more episodes of "Degrassi," which will air during the fifth season that starts in October. " (Source: New York Daily News)

According to The-Seth over at, all Degrassi Mall Tour dates are from 1-6pm local time. The lines usually close at 4pm, which means that if you are in line by then, you will meet the cast members, but no more people can get in line after that time. The Degrassi cast typically takes two 30-minute breaks.(Source:

Entertainment Weekly had the following review of episode 420 (West End Girls). Note: Kevin Smith DID NOT direct episodes 420, 421 or 422, he was simply a guest-star. That is a mistake. Here's the review:

Degrassi: The Next Generation (PBS, TV-PG)


It may seem like a lark — puerile Clerks creator Kevin Smith directing an earnest teen series — but the dude knows his Degrassi. He gets that queen bee Paige and skanky Manny's beef can only end violently (with untimely disrobing). He sees that crazy Craig must get his bipolar brain off of Ashley, even if it means more awful guitar playing. And, most important, he understands that even though balding used-car salesman Joey was once the school hottie, Caitlin is now totally slumming. A- — Neil Drumming"

(Source: News Askew,

Have you checked out the Degrassi On Tour site? If not, check it out under Degrassi Links.

According to Jamie Johnston's (Peter) website, there will be an article about him in Maclean's Magazine, Canada's Weekly News Magazine, in the near future.

5 August 2005
Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Stacey Farber (Ellie) will be on Good Morning LA on Thursday, 11 August, between 8 and 9 am.
According to Jamie Johnston's (Peter) website, half of Season Five has been filmed. Jamie's website has been updated, so check it out at
Happy Birthday to Akin! Degrassi Freak's owner is 14 today!
Degrassi Freak has now had over 10,000 visitors!
4 August 2005
Kevin Smith and Degrassi will receive a small mention in the August issue of Spin Magazine.
2 August 2005
Jake Epstein (Craig) will NOT be at the LA Mall Tour. Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will be taking his place. 
Aubrey Graham and Stacey Farber will be doing some type of interview in LA the day before the Mall Tour date there. No specifics yet, but this is what EPIgrrl had to say:
"late news re Glendale--because of a conflict with the shooting schedule, and the need to arrive a day earlier because of a television interview, Jake will be un'ableto be at Glendale so it will be Aubrey and Stacey..."
The Fan Pages at have been updated, specifically the Season Four music.
1 August 2005
You can catch a preview for "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi" here  (Right-click and "Save Target As") or at News Askew, under 31 July News.
29 July 2005
The Degrassi Corner Store at is now selling the Degrassi Student Planner. They only accept international orders, so Canadians have to buy it in stores.
The new(ish) opening sequence is in the process of being shot, A scene with Ms. Hatzilakos and Peter was shot last week. On Monday, Alex and Jay were filmed, and Jimmy, Spinner and Craig were also shot this week. This is what the Exec said:
During this block of shooting, as time has permitted, we have been shootng new clips for insertion into the opening sequence. For example, last week we shot a scene with Ms Hatzilakos and Peter, on Monday we shot one with Alex and Jay (which for technical reasons we just re-shot today) and also this week we filmed Jimmy, Spinner and Craig...
27 July 2005
Episodes 420, 421 and 422 of Degrassi will be released on DVD under the title "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi". There will be a rated (read:censored) and unrated version of the DVD. You can see scans of the DVD covers here and here. The DVD will be released on 8 November, according to TVShowsOnDVD (which is the day before my (Whitney) birthday, so if you want to get me something . . . ). Here's the TVShowsOnDVD information: and here's the official word from NewsAskew:

“Also, TVShowsOnDVD broke a nice story late today -- The cover art and full specs of the "Jay & Silent Bob Do Degrassi" DVD, which is apparently coming in TWO VERSIONS, including an UNCENSORED ONE! COOOOOOL. Check out that cover, with the thumbs-up from Kevin reading "Contains coarse and explicit language. In other words, everything you'd expect from a Kevin Smith DVD". Gotta love it!


Obviously, the ONLY one to get is the Unrated, as it costs 5 bucks more, but has a bunch more goodies (deleted scenes, commentary, and the unrated interview). Here's the full specs of this one:

-          Kevin Smith Exclusive Interview
- Commentary by Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Stacie Mistysyn, associate producer Jim Jackman and writer Aaron Martin
- Five Minutes of Integrated Footage, Not Seen Anywhere
- Reel Footage: The Canadian Ninja Scene
- Bloopers
- Extended/Deleted Scenes
- Jay and Silent Bob Photo Album
- Degrassi Photo Album
- Actor Bios
- Character Profiles


Watch the epsiodes on The N this summer (August 12th, 19th, and 26th), and buy the DVDs, both of them, on November the 9th. We'll let you know when Stash preoders are ready, of course, so you can get 'em signed and direct (we have a feeling there's gonna be some public events surrounding these bad boys, too). Stick around.”

Degrassi Generations, the book, will arrive from the printers on 26 August, debut on 29 August and be in stores 6 September. It will be 192 pages. This is what the Exec had to say about the book:

"OMG I've just seen the first real copy of the Degrassi Generations book and it is absolutely incredibly awesome!!!! 192 pages crammed with pictures and facts and stories. We have one copy here, the other copies are on ships heading from Singapore, where they were printed, to ports in New York, Montreal and Sydney, Australia, due to arrive August 26th, and then into bookstores very soon after then!!!"

Cassie Steele will be performing on the "Solo Mobile Max Tour" with Keshia Chante, Amanda Stott and Christine Evans. The tour dates are:
  • 11 August, Vernon BC
  • 12 August, Vancouver BC
  • 14 August, Edmonton AB
  • 15 August, Calgary AB
  • 17 August, Winnipeg MB
  • 18 August Thunderbay ON
  • 19 August, Sudbury ON
  • 22 August, Belleville ON
  • 25 August, Ottawa ON
  • 27 August, Montreal
26 July 2005
It's Miriam McDonald's (Emma) birthday! Happy birthday Miriam!
Jake Epstein (Craig) and Stacey Farber (Ellie) will be at the LA Mall Tour. Find out what Jake thinks of LA here (it's the last question on his survey).
Ryan Cooley (JT) and Sarah Barrable-Tishauer will be the cast members at the Tuscon, Arizona Mall Tour. EPIgrrl from will be there as well.
Apparently the award Degrassi won (Television Critics Association Award), marks only the second time in history that a Canadian show has won the prestigious prize. You can read all about it here.
According to the article posted above, the winners of the Teen Choice Awards will be announced on 16 August, when they air on FOX.
The same article mentions that Degrassi Generations, the book providing the "Official 411" will debut 29 August and be in stores starting 6 September.
There will be an official DEGRASSI DAY at the Canadian National Exhibition (site located at: Details will be forthcoming.
Degrassi Student Planners should be on sale at the Degrassi Corner Store by the end of the week, according to
Later on 25 July 2005
Quick news tidbits:
  • There is an official site for the Degrassi Mall Tour. It is located at:
  • There will not be a competition surrounding Teen Choice Awards voting.
  • Vote for Degrassi at the Teen Choice Awards! Degrassi is part of Wave III.
  • Bob Newhart's granddaughter, the casts of Lost and Arrested Development, and the creator of Desperate Housewives all like Degrassi.

Here's the most recent posts:

The Exec said:


“I'm now in Vanc... oops, I mean an undisclosed location somewhere in the free world that is on the left hand side of Canada... and we've just returned from the Television Critics Awards in Los Angeles where Degrassi won for Outstanding Acheivement in Childrens Television.

It was very cool. We sat with Bob Newhart (who also won an award) and it turns out his grand-daughter is a real Degrassi fan. I'm a huge fan of Bob Newhart's and have been since the early days of his long career so that I was definitely awe-struck.

We chatted with some of the cast from Lost and Arrested Development and the creator of Desperate Housewives and we were amazed how many people know Degrassi and really love the show. Woohoo!!!! “ ~


EPIgrrl said:


“awesome Exec!

Everyone here (on the right-ish side of
) is very excited about the win as well!!

There are a couple of cool articles about the win - including in the

Unfortunately we have just found out that the results for the Teen Choice awards will be tabulated earlier than we thought and we don't have time to launch a competition for it.
BUT we are going to get a new comp launched this week with a chat as the prize so STAY TUNED!!!

AND if you haven't voted yet for Degrassi on the Teen Choice awards, you should do it TODAY.”


25 July 2005
The Television Critics Association Awards were announced and Degrassi won for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming. Degrassi beat Dora the Explorer, Nick News, SpongBob SquarePants and Postcards from Buster. Congratulations to Degrassi.
23 July 2005
Interesting New York Times article about The-N's censorship of Degrassi. Apparently, Craig's suicide attempt with an oncoming train is "potentionally imitable behaviour" and "erect penises are things you do not see on basic cable or broadcast television". The lesson is to watch Degrassi through SoulSeek and buy the DVDs, because America is running scared from real life.
Cassie Steele has a new website. The address is the same (here) but the look is completely different and much better.
21 July 2005
Shane Kippel (Spinner) and Miriam McDonald (Emma) will be at the Las Vegas Mall Tour date. It is on 30 July at the Fashion Show Mall from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.
Degrassi was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Best Summer Series. You can vote for the show at: There are only three weeks to vote, so vote early and often. Best Summer Series category is under "Wave III".
The Teen Choice Awards will air on 16 August 2005 at 8pm/7 C on FOX.
Speaking of the Teen Choice Awards, Exec and EPIgrrl over at have announced that there will be a contest to enoucourage people to vote for the show. Details have not been announced yet. Here is what the Exec said: "Now, I think we have found our contest and it is nothing like what I was thinking of yesterday because in the meantime Degrassi: The Next Generation has been nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Best Summer Series! You can vote for the award (we'll post coplete details shortly), so we're coming up with a contest that enteres you when you click through to vote for the award!" [Note from Whitney: I'm a little concerned about the Exec's typing/spelling skills.]
Season Five promotional photos have been shot and should be up on the gallery section of soon pending copyright, legal, promotional . . . etc. issues. Here's what the Exec said: "I've been looking at a selection of the gallery photos and they are really terrific--not sure when we will be able to post them (we and the networks and our publicity people have to comb through them first and see which ones we want to reserve for certain types of publicity) but when we can release them I think you will be very happy with the results!"
19 July 2005
As stated yesterday, Mike Lobel and Aubrey Graham will be at the HOTlanta Mall Tour date. It will be at the North Point Mall from 1 - 6 pm. You can read the press release at:
Not only can you order the Degrassi Student Planner at, but you will shortly also be able to buy it at the Degrassi Corner Store (it can be found at:
Later on 18 July 2005 - News so exciting it couldn't wait
First: the not-quite-as-exciting-but-still-exciting news: Even if you don't live in Canada, you can still buy the Degrassi Student Planner. You can order it through
The Actor pages over at Fan Pages have been updated. You can now read cast member answers to the questions fans asked them. Some of the more interesting info:
  • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) originally auditioned to play Manny.
  • Jake Epstein doesn't discriminate against days (yes, days, as in Monday) but he does discriminate against Los Angeles.
  • Jake Goldsbie (Toby) has an affinity for Flava Flav.
  • Mike Lobel (Jay) thinks it would be a challenge for him to play Emma.
  • For more, check out the Fan Pages, but I'm thinking about posting on the site under Degrassi Articles, so keep your eyes out for that.

According to numerous sources, Mike Lobel (Jay) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will be the cast members at the Atlanta (I like to call it HOTlanta) Mall Tour. (Thanks Trish)

Andrea Lewis (Hazel) will be releasing a CD late this summer and will be released in the States, according to

Now for the really exciting news:

According to The-Seth over at, there is a massive Degrassi suprise in store for us this fall, and it has nothing to do with Season Five or the rest of Season Four. It could be the movie, it could be the documentary, it could be somethng else. Here's what he had to say:


“There will be a Degrassi event on your teevee in September which SHALL ROCK THE FOUNDATIONS OF OUR DEGRASSI SOCIETY. And no, I'm not talking about anything that happens in season 5. This happens before season 5. But not this season either. It's special.”


There are also suprises in store for Season Five. According to The-Seth, "Oh, and season 5? Whoa. Again: whoa." The Exec over at offered a bit more detail, but still tortuously vague. is "talking about setting up another chat" with Degrassi cast members. Here's what the Exec had to say:


“I was just watching a cut of 501 and really enjoying the montage of Manny shopping and then the later scene where Manny gets Emma to go with her to Dr. Andras' office and... WAIT I've said too much!!!”




“ah yes... Peter's parents... hmmm.....”


So in episode 501, Manny and Emma go to some doctor for some mysterious reason. And there is continuing speculation over the identity of new character Peter's parents. I'm (Whitney) siding the the gossip Trish sent a while back: that Peter is the son of Tessa Campanelli and Joey Jeremiah (in high school, Joey cheated on Caitlyn with Tessa and Tessa got pregnant; she supposedly had an abortion, but she might not have.)


Sad News. Just in case there was still any doubt, Daniel Clark (Sean) and Melissa McIntyre (Ashley) will NOT be returning to Degrassi for Season Five. : ( But we can still hold out hope for a guest appearance, can't we?


18 July 2005
The entire CTV re-run schedule has changed. Instant Star will re-run on Mondays instead of Degrassi. Degrassi re-runs wil air on Fridays. The re-run dates have also been delayed 3 weeks. The new dates are:
  • 5 August (401 Ghost in the Machine I)
  • 12 August (402 Ghost in the Machine II)
  • 19 August (404 Mercy Street)
  • 26 August (405 Anywhere I Lay My Head)
  • 2 September (414 Secret I)
  • 9 September (415 Secret II)
Found an interesting post on from EPIgrrl (she works for Epitome Pictures) back from 30 May. It gives some insight into Season Five. Seems like there might be some surprises in store for us (as usual). Here is the post:

“So, we're shooting at the moment, Block shooting episodes 503/504 "Death of a Disco Dancer" and "Foolin" which I think are gonna be two of the coolest episodes this season. Just when you think you know Degrassi characters and what they're gonna do, they turn around and do something you never expected and become different people - or at least have new facets to their characters that you never expected. But I guess that's what being a teenager is all about, it's not necessarily about becoming someone new but finding and creating new parts of yourself. Children are kinda simple, but adolescence is about becoming much more complex, which is why it's so messy sometimes, but you need to go through it.
Sometimes I think I'M still like that, so maybe it never ends...”

EPIgrrl posted on 26 June that there will be a Degrassi Gallery Day to shoot photos for the Season Five, and EPIgrrl will be visiting one of the USA Mall Tour stops. Her post follows:

“. . . very shortly we'll be having Degrassi Gallery Day. It's kinda like school photo day and it's pretty fun cos almost everyone is in and gets to look pretty and smile for the camera and ya know, pose in silly ways for possible front covers and articles.
Actually, it's cooler than even the best school photo day I ever had.
Even cooler is the
US mall tours. I even get to go on one (or maybe a couple!) this year. Can't tell you where, of course (COC ya know) but I'm verrrry excited.”

17 July 2005
According to Andrea Lewis' official site, her new album is "coming soon".
There is an interesting article about teenage consumerism and centers around the Orlando stop on the Degrassi Mall Tour. Check out the article here.
16 July 2005
According to CTV there will be a documentary entitled "Growing Up On Degrassi", airing this fall. It was mentioned in the 6 June 2005 press release. The Degrassi portion of that press release follows:
"Growing up on Degrassi
Coming up to its 25th anniversary, Growing up on Degrassi is an hour-long documentary that will explore the phenomenon that is Degrassi. We'll stroll down Degrassi Street as though it were Memory Lane, but we'll also try to come to some understanding as to how this show has survived for so long – how did it reach that critical mass of an audience and become a power-house brand beloved from coast to coast to coast. Produced by 90th Parallel Productions Ltd. in association with CTV." (Source: CTV, 6 June 2005,
90th Parallel Productions is prouducing Growing Up On Degrassi and their website states the following: "This one-hour documentary takes a look at the immensely popular Degrassi franchise as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Stefan Brogren, a.k.a. Snake takes the viewer on a trip down memory lane visiting with old cast and crew. This doc is directed by Mike Sheerin and will be broadcast on CTV in the fall." (Source:
There is a new site up about Kevin Smith's involvement with Degrassi. It is called "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi". The site is still being built, but keep checking it. I believe it is primarily about Kevin Smith's (Silent Bob) and Jason Mewes' (Jay) work on the last three episodes of Season Four, but they might add movie news there as well. The site is located at:
15 July 2005
Want to know about the game played by Ellie, Alex, Marco, Craig, Jimmy and the Hockey Boys? It's called euchre and you can read about it here.
The Orlando Mall Tour is tomorrow at the Altamonte Mall from 1:00 pm to 6:00pm. Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Lauren Collins (Paige) will be the cast members at the mall.
Pat Mastroianni has updated his official site at You can find some pictures from the Degrassi set (including ones of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes) and you can watch a Degrassi: TNG clip. Check it out.
14 July 2005
The Degrassi: The Next Generation Student Planner is out in stores on Monday, 18 July 2005. Unfortunately, the planner is only out in Canada for now.
The current opening sequence theme song will stay the same.
Press Release regarding episodes 420, 421 and 422, with guest-stars Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Alanis Morrisette. There is really nothing we don't already know, but it's nice to have the actual entire press release. You can read the press release in PDF format at the following two locations:

(Source: News Askew, 12 July 2005,

People seem to have trouble reading the Jamie Johnston article. Therefore, it has been moved to here.
If anyone is having trouble viewing the Kevin Smith clip (see 8 July 2005) you may need to install or update Quick Time. Otherwise, go to the News Askew site ( and see 6 July News.
13 July 2005
The cast and crew of Degrassi have been filming the opening sequence for Season Five. It will remain largely the same as last year, but new cast members will be added and people no longer in the cast will be taken out. This is what the Exec had to say:
"The opening sequence for Season 5 will remain pretty much the same as last year, but three of the scenes will be replaced--characters who are no longer regulars on the show will be replaced by newer characters who are taking a more prominent role!"
Web searches for Degrassi incresed 647% in the past month, according to Lycos 50. A good article about that can be found here.
For those of you in Canada, here are the dates that Degrassi will be re-aired:
  • 18 July (401 Ghost in the Machine I)
  • 25 July (402 Ghost in the Machine II)
  • 1 August (404 Mercy Street)
  • 8 August (405 Anywhere I Lay My Head)
  • 15 August (413 Bark at the Moon)
  • 22 August (414 Secret I)
  • 29 August (415 Secret II)


There's an article about Jamie Johnston, the newest Degrassi cast member, in the Toronto Star. Apparently, his character is going to "shake things up". The article can be found here.
Did you know that Alanis Morrisette is guest-starring on Degrass episodes 421-422? Apparently the United States press corps wants to make sure that only those living under a rock could miss it. The story has been covered by: MSNBC, MTV, Rolling Stone, San Jose Mercury News, Long Beach Press, Pioneer Press, among others.
12 July 2005
  • If MTV says it is cool, then it must be cool. In all seriousness, has a great article about the last three episodes of Season Four which guest-starred Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and Alanis Morisette. It also mentioned the Degrassi movie. Read it here:
  • Another great article about the last episodes of Season Four, Kevin Smith, etc. can be found at: but I must warn you that there are some SPOILERS in the article
  • The article above also mentioned the dates that the last three episodes (West End Girls, Going Down the Road I & II) will air. Those dates are: 12th, 19th and 26th of August.
  • Degrassi on MSNBC. Actually, the entire (short) article is about the fact that Alanis Morisette guest-stars in episodes 421 - 422, but it does mention Degrassi. Read the article here: 
8 July 2005 - Degrassi Movie Confirmed, Kevin Smith is Director
  • There will be a Degrassi Movie
  • Kevin Smith (West End Girls, Going Down the Road I & II, Clerks, Dogma, etc.) will direct
  • Filming was supposed to start this summer, but has been pushed back "a few months"
  • You can watch a clip about it here (Note: Right Click and then click "Save Target As")
Here is the following proof, thanks to News Askew:

“Well, here's one that came in out of nowhere today -- You may recall that CTV ran a story in Canada a few weeks back, stating that Kevin was lined up to direct a feature film based on the Degrassi series. After we ran the piece, Kevin was strangely silent on the topic, which led us to believe there might very well be some truth to the left-field rumor after all.

Today, CTV has that confirmation. In a piece Kevin taped for their entertainment program, in which you get a look inside his plush trailer where he's residing between "Catch And Release" takes, Kevin very nonchalantly REVEALS that he indeed WILL direct a Degrassi feature, at least, that's the plan -- Originally scheduled for the end of the summer, the project's been bumped back a few months to get the script in order. So, we're EXPECTING that Clerks 2 will come up on schedule, followed by the Degrassi gig, then into "Ranger Danger". Don't quote us on that. Just our guess.

Don't believe us? Watch for yourself! We've got the clip for ya. More clips to come as well, we hear. (Clip is located at right click and choose "Save Target As")

Catch Kevin on a Degrassi special on "The N" this Thursday evening. Check your local listings for the time.” (Source, News Askew at, 6 July 2005).


7 July 2005
  • New Degrassi airing tomorrow on The-N
6 June 2005
  • You can tell that news is slow when the only thing Degrassi Freak can find is that Cassie Steele (Manny) cut her hair. It's super short, very pixie-like. Not sure when it was cut, so no idea what it will look like during Season 5.
1 June 2005 - Season Five Spoiler (look away if you don't want to know)
  • In an article from the Palm Beach Post today, Degrassi Executive Producer Linda Schuyler revealed that this season, Paige will apparently smoke marijuana before an interview with a college recruiter. The excerpt from the article is:


Schuyler says she even seeks advice from the cast before scripts are written. In one episode, popular cheerleader Paige (Lauren Collins) was supposed to say she was "stoned" after ill-advisedly smoking a joint before a critical interview with a college recruiter. "The kids told me that nobody says that," Schuyler says, laughing. "They said they would say 'high.' I said, 'OK.' I think that's what happens when you take an ex-school teacher and turn her into a producer. I'm really interested in what kids have to say."

(Source: Palm Beach Post, 1 July 2005. We have posted the entire article here, because it's a great article about the show)


  • In other news, Instant Star premiered on The-N this evening. The show is produced by Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler and the people at Epitome Pictures, who also produce Degrassi, and numerous other Degrassi crew members also work for the show.
30 June 2005
Andrea Lewis will be in the Toronto area promoting her music this July. Details are as such:
  • 6 July: Flow 95.5 Soul in the Summer
1:00pm Toronto-Dominion Centre courtyard
at King & Bay in downtown Toronto
  • 10 July: Toronto Street Festival
2:30 pm with the Honey Jam Alumni
at the Yonge & Eglinton location
28 June 2005
The cast members for the Mall Tour date on 16 July at the Altamonte Mall in Orlando are Lauren Collins (Paige) and Stacey Farber (Ellie). Cast members for the other dates will be announced throughout the summer, and will depend upon who is available (due to filming and then the school year).
24 June 2005
Season Five will begin airing on The-N on 7 October at 8 pm Eastern Time. It will likely begin airing on CTV in September.
Source: ExecProducer,
Revised Episode Titles for Season Five:
501- 502 Venus
503 Death of a Disco Dancer
504 Foolin
505 Weddings, Parties, Anything
506 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
507- 508 Turned out
509 Tell it to My Heart
510 Redemption Song
511 - 512 The Lexicon of Love
Source: ExecProducer,
The only changes are that 509 is no longer "Never Gonna Give You Up" which was expected, since that is the name of episode 310, and 510 is now Redemption Song instead of Redemption.
22 June 2005

The official dates for The-N's Degrassi Mall Tour (called The-N's Degrassi Scene) have been released and they are:

  • Orlando - Altamonte Mall - 16 July
  • Atlanta - North Point Mall - 23 July
  • Las Vegas - Fashion Show - 30 July
  • Tucson - Tucson Mall - 6 August
  • Los Angeles - Glendale Galleria - 13 August
  • San Franciso - Stonestown - 20 August
  • Seattle - Alderwood - 27 August
  • Chicago - Spring Hill Mall - 3 September
  • Detroit - Lakeside Mall - 10 September
  • Boston - Natick Mall - 17 September
  • New Jersey - Woodbridge Center - 24 September
  • Columbia DC/ Baltimore - The Mall - 1 Octobe
  • (Details about which cast members will be at which events should be released shortly.)

Season Five will be airing beginning 7 October at 8 pm Eastern Time ( and Yahoo!News did not specify whether this was on CTV or The-N).

Degrassi's Executive Producer will be in New York to discuss some Degrassi merchandise that should come out in the USA by the end of the year.

Source: and Yahoo! News see the Yahoo! News article here 

17 June 2005 - West Coast DVD Release Party Announced

Kevin Smith and The Kids from Degrassi Hit Los Angeles!

Degrassi: The Next Generation Stars to Appear at Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash FUNimation« Entertainment sponsors June 25 event to kick off the release of the Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 2 Ultimate Box Set.


WHO: She plays Ellie,the Goth cutie with the cutting issues! He's plays Marco, the gay teen heartthrob of Degrassi! And they're both coming to Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash to take pics with fans and sign your copies of the Degrassi Season Two box-set!

WHAT: Degrassi autograph signing party where fans have the opportunity to meet the actors from the show. The party is the official west coast celebrity appearance for the release of the Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 2 Ultimate Box Set, available nationwide on Tuesday, June 21 from FUNimation Entertainment.

Degrassi: The Next Generation airs regularly on Friday nights at
8:00 p.m.
(ET) on The N, the nighttime network for teens. A new summer season of Degrassi: The Next Generation premieres Friday, July 1.

WHEN: Saturday, June 25,
2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Jay and Silent Bob╣s Secret Stash
1045 Westwood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024





11 June 2005
According to Playback magazine, there will be a Degrassi movie. Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn somewhat confirmed the article on by stating, "sorry I've been away a bit, but from the post of that article on the potential Degrassi movie now you know where I've been spending my time and why I've been visiting L.A. so much! I hope to have some real news on the potential movie in about a month..." From that post and the article, it seems that the movie is in the very preliminary stages, so it might be a bit before we know for sure any more details.
Season Five and any possible movie might not be the last of Degrassi. According to the Executive Producer, "The fact that we're working on a movie doesn't mean the end of the tv series! We're hoping the series will carry on for quite a while!!" Degrassi Freak will continue to keep you updated on the future of Degrassi.
Latest Degrassi: The Next Generation Season Five episode titles (as per the ExecProducer on
501 - 502 Venus
503 Death of a Disco Dancer
504 Foolin
505 Weddings, Parties, Anything
506 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
507 - 508 Turned Out
509 Never Gonna Give You Up
510 Redemption
511 - 512 The Lexicon of Love

According to Stephen Stohn on, the set up in Toronto is getting steamy! "just watching a scene with two characters kissing for a fairly long time... it looks great but the moment the director yells cut everyone bursts out laughing (which kind of breaks the mood) but it will look great on screen when it's all cut together!!!"

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