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30 April 2006

Stacey Farber (Ellie), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson) and Degrassi's Executiver Producer Stephen Stohn are at the Toronto Comic Convention today. Here's what the Executive Producer had to say:

Just getting ready to head down to to the Toronto Comic Convention--there's a booth where Stacey and Miriam and Stefan will be signing autographs, and we're sitting on a panel to discuss the Degrassi: Extra Credit graphic novels. I've never been to a comic convention before--really looking forward to it!

26 April 2006

Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn released the biggest hint that graduating characters will be returning for the upcoming season:

"Not sure where people are getting the idea that this will be the last season, or that we won't be carrying on with storylines featuring characters who have graduated!" (From


24 April 2006 - later in the day

There's an interview with Stacey Farber (Ellie) here. (Thanks Alanacora0393). You can also download it via iTunes (search for "")

24 April 2006

There's a great article about Degrassi's portrayal of homosexuality.

Here's an article about Jamie Johnston. Also, his official site is offering fans a chance to pick his next headshot.

18 April 2006

Jamie Johnston's official site was recently updated. There's a good article that gives some insight into Jamie, new pictures (from the 100th episode screening), and Jamie was in Italy recently.

15 April 2006

Degrassi's Executive Producer has announced a tentative title for another episode of Season Six:

Episode 603 - Can't Hardly Wait

The previously announced episode titles are:

Episode 601- Here Comes Your Man--Part 1
Episode 602 - Here Comes Your Man--Part 2

14 April 2006 - Exciting news!

According to Aubrey Graham's (Jimmy) myspace page, Aubrey has officially signed up to do another season of Degrassi and there WILL be a mall tour this summer. Here's the word from the man himself:

"I have also committed to one more season of Degrassi so I guess I will see you all at the mall tours! Lets shut it down this year...I wanna see chaos! lol."

In other Aubrey news, he will be at Club Exit in Montreal TODAY. He will be visiting friends in the States in next week in Virginia Beach, Richmond, Washington DC and Baltimore. He is also working on a new mixtape and is working on his debut album. More detailed information can be found here.

11 April 2006

There's an article about Lauren Collins (Paige) in People Magazine (which is a pretty huge deal, celebrity wise). You can read the article here.

9 April 2006

Take the Lead, a movie starring Antonio Banderes and featuring Lauren Collins (Paige) was released on Friday. Lauren has been getting a lot of great press for her performance. Here's a sample.

Teen People has an interview with Miriam McDonald (Emma) here.

8 April 2006

At the Degrassi On Demand page, you can watch an interview with Lauren Collins where she hints that some of the graduating characters (Paige, Ellie, Jimmy, Craig, Hazel) WILL be back for Season Six. She doesn't say which characters, but she does say. "I guess it's safe to say that even though some of the characters are graduating, it won't be the last you see of them."

There's an interview with Lauren Collins (Paige) at (Thanks Alanacora0393). You can also download it through iTunes as a podcast.

Degrassi got a write up in this week's Entertainment Magazine. Here's a review of Lexicon of Love (I & II):


Degrassi: The Next Generation (The N, TV-PG) The ''second half of season 5'' (cable-TV skeds — gotta love 'em) of this Canadian high school serial bows with an hour-long edition that finds Paige smooching Alex (for non-devotees, that's girl-on-girl action). Director Kevin Smith (left, with Lauren Collins), whose love for Degrassi rivals that of Joss Whedon's for Veronica Mars (enthusiastic to the point of unsettling) finally wraps up his story line about making a Degrassi High-set comedy. And, oh yeah, Emma's stepfather/teacher, Snake, makes out with the (female) principal. What is it with this nebbishy midlife-crisis guy that he gets all the action? Is being called Snake a Canadian turn-on? Suggested series retitle: Dehormones: The Next Regeneration. A-Ken Tucker


7 April 2006

Starting today, launched Degrassi On Demand, meaning fans can watch Degrassi whenever they want. Check it out here.

There's some new information about SEASON SIX out today, thanks to The theme song will remain the same but the opening sequence will be different. There will likely be 19 episodes in Season Six, but at the very least there will be 13. Here's the official word from Stephen Stohn:

Yes there will be a new opening sequence this year,, but we will keep the Jakalope version of the theme song. I like it, and besides Jakalope is one of my favourite bands of all time, they are so cool. They have a new album coming out in a couple of months that I think will be a monster!

Exactly what will be in the opening sequence depends a bit on how many episodes we shoot (and hence how many storylines we can include). Right now it looks like we'll be doing 19, but nothing is absolutely confirmed--we know it is a minimum of 13.

Linda and I are going to sit around the tv tonight with a big bowl of popcorn and watch the new eps of Degrassi and Instant Star on The N, should be fun!

There was a great N'Sider today. Here are the Degrassi parts:

I have to say, I am so happy for and proud of Lauren Collins right now. I just finished reading a review of Take the Lead that called her "buoyant" (that's movie-critic-ese for "me likey, she nice nice"), and people seem really stoked on that movie in general. And it's such a non-Paigey role, so cool to see how she really can inhabit different characters and make them glow and I just think she as a human being is a sweetheart, and a doll, and a smart young thing on top of that, and Hollywood needs more of those. (Right Pink?)

Actually... when I think about it, is Paige even a "Paigey" role? As we see tonight, she has so many layers, it's hard to define her qualities of Paigeness... except maybe strength. Strength and funny lines. And fantastic shoes. :)

Here's a share-share for you: Lauren was telling us about her night on the red carpet at the Take the Lead premiere this Tuesday, and she said, "I think my favourite moment was when a reporter from In Style grabbed me right in front of Antonio to talk about Degrassi, 'cause she is obsessed with the show." Hee! Take a number, lady! And Lauren also made special mention of the fans that had waited out there to see her... you guys really touched her. And I have to say, I believe her 100% percent when she talks about how awesome the Degrassi fans are and how much she loves them. I guess it's not hard to believe - we love Degrassi fans too. And not just for business reasons, I swear. It makes me feel so indescribably good to know that you guys appreciate a show that's so real. I get a little verklempt, frankly.

6 April 2006

Just as a reminder, 511 - 512 Lexicon of Love (I & II) airs TOMORROW night on The-N. It will be followed by an Instant Star episode featuring Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) playing themselves. Also, Take The Lead, featuring Lauren Collins (Paige) is out in theatres tomorrow.

There's a new article about Degrassi out in the New York Times here. just released some new mobile phone wallpapers.

The-N'side Track Newsletter will be releasing some personal photos of Lauren Collins (Paige) tomorrow. For those who don't get The-N'side Track Newsletter, Degrassi Freak will try to hook you up.

The girls of Degrassi are featured in Fashion18 magazine's brand new digital-only format. Here's more information on the format, and here's the magazine.

Here's an article about Degrassi's ratings and how it is increasing viewers of The-N.

Andrea Lewis (Hazel) will be performing at World Vision's 30 Hour Famine Fight Hunger concert on 8 April sometime between 7:00 pm and 9:00pm at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto. More information here.

Selling Innocence, a movie featuring Mike Lobel (Jay), will be airing on CTV on 8 April at 8 pm Eastern.

Here are some pictures of the CTV screening of Degrassi's 100th episode.

5 April 2006

Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn has released the preliminary titles for the first two episodes of Season SIX. Here they are:

Episode 601 "Here Comes Your Man--Part 1"
Episode 602 "Here Comes Your Man--Part 2"

The past couple of days The-N's Countdown to Degrassi has had some really cool yearbook-type pages about Paige/Lauren, Ellie/Stacey, Jimmy/Aubrey and Craig/Jake. Check 'em out. For those of you who can't access or don't want to struggle through reading handwriting (*cough*AubreyJake*cough*) you can check this out.

4 April 2006

There's a great audio interview with Miriam McDonald (Emma) here. (Thanks Alanacora0393!) You can also download the interview at iTunes; search "" and look for "Miriam McDonald - Degrassi").

2 April 2006

The-N has been airing an advertisement about watching Degrassi "whenever you want" and saying the details will be released during the Degrassi season premiere on Friday. There are no confirmations, but it MIGHT mean that Degrassi episodes will be available for download via iTunes. Once again, this is NOT confirmed. Check back on Friday for details.

01 April 2006

The newest webisode is out now. It's a "What If" episode. So if you've ever wondered what it would be like if Paige and Liberty switched places, now you know.

29 March 2006

The Season Three DVD is out now. You can buy it in stores, and online.

As part of the Seventeen "Rock the Runway" tour, Miriam McDonald (Emma) will be in Woodbridge, New Jersey at the Woodbridge Center on 1 April. Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) will be in Alpharetta, Georgia at the Northpoint Mall on 7 April. Find more information here.

As part of The-N's Countdown to Degrassi, a HUGE number of things are happening over at and on The-N. The-N will have a week of Degrassi episodes. Here is the rundown:

  • Friday, 31 March and Saturday 1 April: Rundown of The-N's opinion of the "best" Degrassi episodes
  • Sunday, 2 April at 8 pm ET: Episodes focusing on Paige
  • Monday, 3 April at 8 pm ET: Episodes focusing on Jimmy
  • Tuesday, 4 April at 8 pm ET: Episodes focusing on Ellie
  • Wednesday, 5 April at 8 pm ET: Episodes focusing on Craig
  • Thursday, 6 April at 8 pm ET: All the Season Five episodes that have aired thus far
  • Friday, 7 April at 8 pm ET: Rest of Season Five premiere! (i.e. The Lexicon of Love), followed by an episode of Instant Star featuring Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Stacey Farber (Ellie).

Over at there will be:

  • New pictures
  • Personality Quiz
  • Some sort of secret that is watchable

26 March 2006

According to Miriam McDonald (Emma), Daniel Clark (Sean) WILL be back for Season Six. It was confirmed in a recent IMterview on (You can read the full IMterview here)

The-Mary: i heard daniel was back? what's up with that?
( * )Miriam: LOL
( * )Miriam: Yea!!! i was talking to him online the other day. he is in LA right now but I think he'll being making a return, and maaaayyyybbbbeee some old flames will be re-kindled!

25 March 2006

Please see here for a message from Degrassi's Executive Producer.

24 March 2006

On 7 April, Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will be appearing on Instant Star. Here's the official confirmation from Degrassi's Executive Producer:

"yes Aubrey and Stacey are playing themselves on Instant Star!"

23 March 2006

Message from Degrassi's Executive Producer:

On some other topics, I didn't know that ABC hadn't aired beyond Season 3 yet--it's also sold to a satellite service serving Australia, I think Nickelodeon, but in any even I know that the recent seasons HAVE been licensed for Australia I guess they haven't shown them yet though (their peak time for broadcast in the past has been during the North American summer, so maybe there's something coming up).

As for whether Joey and Caitlin are going to be appearing, I can't even drop a hint on that because we haven't come up with storylines for the new season yet, we're still just finalizing who is in the writing department! There's been brainstorming so there's lots of ideas on the table, but nothing set in stone yet!

18 March 2006 launched their Countdown to Degrassi Page, which will have a new Degrassi-related thing every day until the 7 April (rest of Season Five) Season Premiere. RIght now you can take a Degrassi trivia quiz and check out some new photos.

You can find TONS of pictures of the CTV celebration of Degrassi's 100th episode here.

16 March 2006 - later in the day

Message from Degassi's Executive Producer over at

Looking forward to the Degrassi screening today--it will be gerat to see the cast , we haven't been together in a while.

I just got a copy of this week's Canadian TV Guide--wow what a grat picture of Miriam on the front cover, and what an excellent writer she is!

And I too noticed that there wasn't a "To Be Continued" (which obviously would be a mistake)--I was watching on the high definition version, don't know if it is possible there are two versions (if someone has a screen cap with it on then there must be), anyway maybe someday it will become a trivia question!

For me it was incredible fun being at the screening, a lot because I got to catch up with so many of the cast members. While the episodes were being shown we had an offiial cutting of a Degrassi 100th episode cake that CTV had brought (and then we all ate pizza for lunch). The when the autograph signings were happening I liked standing by the table and just watching and talking to the fans as they came through.

16 March 2006

The-N just put out a major press release about resuming airing of Degrassi and the major 21-day Countdown to Degrassi on The-N and The press release is located here.

15 March 2006

CTV just put out a press release about the 100th episode here.

14 March 2006

There's a great article about the 100th episode (and season finale!) of Degrassi (with only some mini spoilers).

Degrassi: The Next Generation has been nominated at the Young Artist Awards for "Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)". The actors included in the nomination are Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), John Bregar (Dylan), Deanna Casaluce (Alex), Daniel Clark (Sean), Lauren Collins (Paige), Ryan Cooley (JT), Jake Epstein (Craig), Stacey Farber (Ellie), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Jake Goldsbie (Toby), Shenae Grimes (Darcy), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Shane Kippell (Spinner), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Mike Lobell (Jay), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Daniel Morrison (Chris), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), and Cassie Steele (Manny). Congrats! Degrassi Freak will let everyone know when the winners are announced.

Drake's (Jimmy) website has been updated with a tracklisting for his CD.


11 March 2006

If you're able to travel to Downtown Toronto easily, you can apply to attend a pre-screening of Degrassi's 100th episode with Degrassi cast members! The contest is located here. (Thanks Jess)

The next Director's Cut of a Degrassi episode will be 303 U Got the Look. The-N originally cut out some scenes of Manny's butt, so that's likey what we'll see.

From Friday until the the premiere of the rest of Season Five on The-N (7 April 2006), wil have "some new Degrassi thing" every day. According to The-N'Sider, "it's good, new stuff, not cheap crap that other, lesser networks might pawn off on you. We're talking never-before-seen video, IMterviews, flipbooks, and other even better stuff."

10 March 2006

There are some great pictures of the female Degrassi cast members here.

4 March 2006

It has been OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED! There WILL be a Season Six of Degrassi! There will be at least 13 episodes. Here is the official confirmation from Degrassi's Executive Producer Stephen Stohn:

"We have just received official word that there will be a Season 6 of Degrassi!

The exact number of episodes is still being discussed, but it will be at least 13!"

The next Director's Cut episode of Degrassi to air on The-N will be 102 Mother and Child Reunion II. The-N originally cut out some scenes of Emma stuck in a room with Jordan, so that's likely what will be aired.

2 March 2006

The-N acquired the programming rights to Summerland and Dawson's Creek, and will begin airing them this summer. The Degrassi-related aspect of this news is the fact that it lists the premiere dates of some of the shows airing this summer (though not the Degrassi premiere). It implies that the rest of Season Five will begin airing sometime in June. Note that the date is still not confirmed.

Canadian viewers might be getting another channel to watch Degrassi on. CTV will be relaunching a Canadian version of MTV. Due to rules requiring 71% of all programming to be Canadian, and the fact that The-N is part of MTV, Degrassi will likely air on that channel as well as CTV. Read the full story here.


1 March 2006 - Part Deux

There's been a MASSIVE update to so do check it out. It the coming weeks, there will be new messageboards, a "Promote" section giving you the chance to win free goodies (banners and images for blogs, myspaces and such), videos, and Do Degrassi will hopefully be revealing soon when Season Five will finish airing on The-N.

The Seventeen Rock The Runway Tour will be going to New Jersey on 1 April, and a Degrassi cast member will be there.

1 March 2006

There's a MASSIVE new press release out (click here), with all sorts of goodies (read: spoilers). The last episode of Season Five is a fairly large deal, as it marks the 100th episode of The Next Generation, and the first TNG graduation. Be careful of spoilers when you read the article, but know that some characters will be coming back, one or two might not be graduating, a couple from the past will reunite and a few will break up.

Cassie Steele and Miriam McDonald will be on the cover of Fashion 18 (Canadian teen fashion magazine) this March. More about Fashion 18 here.

28 February 2006

Degrassi Executive Producer Linda Schuyler has been in the hospital for a "serious operation" and will be spending the next month recovering at home. Here's information from her husband (Executive Producer Stephen Stohn), posted on

"I haven't been on here as much in the last little while because my wife Linda (the OTHER executive producer) was in the hospital for a serious operation--she is going to be fine, in fact better than ever, but she's having to recover at home for a month, so I've got kind of double duty both at the studio and at home for a while... but I've enjoyed the last few pages of comments, this thread is firing up as we head to the magic 30,000!!! "

27 February 2006

The first Director's Cut Degrassi episode will be 205 Weird Science. The-N had originally out Spinner's erection from that episode, so that's likely what we'll be seeing.

Jamie Johnston's (Peter) official website would like to make it clear that Jamie does NOT have a myspace site.

Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will be in LA for 6 days starting Wednesday. He'll be at the Soul Train Music Awards.

26 February 2006

HOPEFULLY, we will know whether or not Degrassi has been renewed for a Season Six by NEXT week, according to Degrassi's Executive Producer.

Starting 3 March, The-N will air the first of three Director's Cuts of Degrassi episodes (with the other two on 10 March and 17 March, respectively). Director's Cuts means that the episodes will not be chopped up, edited or otherwise censored. No word yet on which episodes will be aired.

There's an article with Cassie Steele (Manny) in a Canadian fashion magazine here.

21 February 2006

There are quite a few reactions to the latest Degrassi episode that aired in Canada (Our Lips Are Sealed), especially due to the fact it dealt with eating disorders. Read about it in the Winnipeg Sun,, Les Nouvelles Saint-Laurent, and London Free Press, among others.

Jamie Johnston answered questions sent in to his website and you can read his answers here.


18 February 2006

There's a great article from the Gonzaga Bulletin up about Degrassi appealing to adult viewers. Check it out.

Degrassi's Executive Producer gave some more information about the Webisodes (regarding who is involved in creating them) and mentioned how much he enjoys The-NSider at Here's his post:

Just below the webisode on The N is a little "credits" and if you click on that you can see who worked on the webisodes--pretty much all the top writers, actors, editors etc. and many many others who work on the Degrassi tv series pitched in and worked on the webisodes...


p.s. just checked out that N-sider blog--you're right, it's pretty amusing!

17 February 2006
The new webisode Don't You Forget About Me (II) is out, and even Degrassi Executive Producer is super excited about it: "hehe, I was waiting for what everyone thought of the ending to this week's webisode!"
The-Seth wrote an entertaining The-Nsider today. Here's the Degrassi section of it:

Speaking of the new Degrassi Mini, Sean's back again. I guess he never left. And have you noticed that Jay's enthusiasm for Sean seems to have crossed over and become a total man crush? Come to think of it, Jay had a little bit of a man crush on Spinner too, because he got all pissy and jealous when Darcy started taking Spinner away. Some might say that Jay needs a toady to feel secure about himself, but I think the truth is that Jay secretly wants to BE the toady. Seriously, I bet you could prove that theory by deconstructing the hierarchy of the Montreal crew. The pecking order from top to bottom probably breaks down something like: Marc, Alphonse, Benoît, Yves, Jean-Luc, Antoinette, then Jay.

Actually, that's a spin-off we should do too. The Montreal Crew. This is a fantastic idea. They solve mysteries. No wait! Their van breaks down in the wilds of Nunavut and they are pursued and eliminated one by one by some strange and unexplained force. Which later turns out to be the ghost of Rick. Or Kendra. Is she dead?

I am going to be a rich millionaire.

16 February 2006
If you want an autographed picture of Jamie Johnston (Peter) check this out.
Here's a tidbit of information about the Season Three DVD from Degrassi's Executive Producer:

FYI, I've seen the line-up for the Season 3 DVD extras and approved them, including the commentary and bloopers etc., but I don't have a copy of the completed DVD yet. Probably will get some copies just before the official release date, but not this far ahead....

15 February 2006
The website for Take The Lead (movie featuring Lauren Collins (Paige)) has been updated. The movie will be out 7 April.
13 February 2006
Aubrey Drake Graham's (Jimmy) CD Room For Improvement can be bought here. In related news, if you request so when you order the CD, Drake will autograph it.
You can send a Degrassi Video Postcard here.
10 February 2006
There's an article from Comic Book Resource about the Degrassi Graphic Novels here.
9 February 2006
There's some massive movie news out today. According to The Globe and Mail (a Canadian newspaper), the Degrassi movie is set to begin filming this spring. Here are some more details:
  • Nickelodeon and Paramount films are both interested in producing (they are both owned by Viacom, which also owns The-N, and The-N is a sister station to Nickelodeon).
  • There is no final script, but the script will be made to fit in with events in the Degrassi universe.
  • It will be filmed in Toronto.

The article (which is posted here) also included some information about the graphic novels. They will be 100 pages each. It does mention the first books will be out this spring, but other sources are saying they'll be out in October.

7 February 2006
There's an article about Andrea Lewis' (Hazel) and Cassie Steele's (Manny) in the University of North Carolina at Charlotte student newspaper. Check it out here.
There's a mention of the Degrassi Minis (Webisodes) here.
Message from Degrassi's Executive Producer:

I watched Lexicon of Love last night because they were re-running it on CTV and must say it was one of my favourite episodes ever!

As to the eating disorder episodes, I'll be interested after the shows run to see what you all think--a lot of thought did go into the episodes, and I'll be surprised if too many of you think it's not realistic or in character!!! But who knows!!

3 February 2006
Don't forget to check out the latest Degrassi Webisode at
2 February 2006
There's a new CTV press release out. It reveals the subject matter in the two episode arc "Our Lips Are Sealed". WARNING SPOILERS. Find a picture of the episode here.
Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will be in next week's Urbanology Magazine. He will also be in LA next week for some Grammy post-show parties.
1 February 2006
During next weekend's "I Heart Love" marathon on The-N, there will be some Degrassi episodes aired. Here are the dates, times, and episodes:
  • 10 February from 7:00 to 8:30 pm Eastern Time there will be three episodes featuring Craig
  • 10 February from 9:00 to 10:30 pm Eastern Time there will be three episodes featuring Sean
  • 11 February from 11:00 pm to 12:30 am Eastern Time there will be three episodes featuring Jimmy
  • 12 February from 9:00 to 10:30 pm Eastern there will be three episodes featuring Spinner
31 January 2006
If you wish to know more about the four Webisodes that will not be released until later in the year, visit our Season Five page. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!
As of today, Degrassi is back on CTV! Hope all you Canucks enjoyed "I Against I".
The Degrassi Minis (Webisodes) will be airing on for everyone (who hasn't yet seen them) on 3 February. During that airing, there will be credits added to the webisode. Here's a post from the Executive Producer:
Yes, as producer Stefan coordinated the Degrassi Minis, so he was involved in pretty much all aspects of the production. Because these types of webisodes have never been produced before, or at least not in Canada, a lot of my time was spent negotiating with the various unions, and trying to figure out the budget for the production, and clearing all the necessary rights for all the various platforms they may be made available on. When the actual release comes out on February 3 (i.e. last Friday was a sneak peak) we'll have a complete credit list available on the download page--you are quite right that the list is cut down from our normal crew (still it's pretty large!), but pretty much includes many of the key writers and other contributors to the tv series...
30 January
The-N just sent out a Press Release about the Webisodes. Check that out here. The Webisodes (a.k.a.  Degrassi Minis) will air every Friday at from now until 17 March. Stefan Brogren (Snake/Mr. Simpson) produced the Webisodes. As stated earlier by (see News on 29 January) four of twelve episodes will not be released until later in the year.
29 January
Starting 14 February, Drake's [a.k.a. Aubrey Graham (Jimmy)] debut album Room For Improvement will be available at He will be recording a video for his single "Do What You Do" in March.
For those of you who are curious, the Webisodes were shot on video (Degrassi is usually shot on film). Also, the last 4 webisodes will not be released for a while after the first 8, to coincide with events in the actual episodes.
Degrassi is still "strongly hoping and thinking that [they] will be picked up" for a Season Six.
Here's the latest post from Degrassi's Executive Producer:

We made the webisodes, so that isn't why they look different. There are two main reasons. One is that we shot them after the end of our film shoot last season, so we shot them on video not film. We could have used a computerized process to make them look more like film, but I thought by the time they were processed via the web that the quality would probably go down anyway so that it wouldn't matter. I was wrong! The second is more subtle--because the size of the screen (whether it is on web browser window or on a cellphone or iPod) is so much smaller than a tv screen, we used mostly close-up shots--so we don't have the same number of longshots, or even medium close-ups in which you can see extras moving around in the background. So it is definitely a different feel. I like it, in the sense that it is more intimate. But it is definitely different!

And to answer a question, there are 12 webisodes in total, so 4 of those 12 will be held back a bit (not TOO long). They are a bit different from the others and will surprise you, and it will be worth the wait I'm pretty sure!

And to answer another question, yes we are engaged in serious discussions about all sorts of different ways that the webisodes and the tv series itself could be delivered, in addition to via tv or the web...!


We have to start brainstorming and writing for the new season even before we are picked up--because if we waited until we were picked up there isn't enough time to do a proper job of writing and producing the episodes in time for a Fall release. So, our brainstorming for next year (which we are doing on both Degrassi and Instant Star) doesn't mean we are officially picked up. But it takes time and money and effort to do it, so we are strongly hoping and thinking that we will be picked up! But nothing is certain in television!

28 January - later in the day
According to Degrassi's Executive Producer, most of the Websiodes (except for four), are meant to fit into the timeline between episodes 510 (Redemption Song) and 511 (Lexicon of Love I). Here's the Exec's post:
They do take place between episodes 510 and 511... as for Ellie not saying anything to others, remember this is just the first webisode, others will follow! (But a hint, four of the webisodes are being held back for a little while--they do NOT relate to that same time period!)
There's some new Degrassi pictures up over at Find them here.
You can hear a podcast from Andrea Lewis (for Touch Entertainment and Music) here.
Remember, you have until 31 January to ask Jamie Johnston (Peter) a question, that he might just answer over at his official site. Send your questions to him at
28 January
Even Degrassi's Executive Producer Stephen Stohn didn't get his The-N'Side Track Newsletter on time. Hopefully by now everyone's been able to see it.
Here's the Executive Producer's latest post, which lets everyone (who hasn't already seen) that the Webisode marks the return of a Degrassi cast member. Also, Canadians will be getting the Webisodes, albeit in a different form than the US (of course Canadians can always watch the Webisodes at Here's the post:

That was a good hint about who returns in High Fidelity! Meanwhile... someone returns in the first Degrassi Mini webisode... there's a sneak peak tonight in the U.S., while in Canada the Degrassi Minis will come soon, but in a different way than they are released in the U.S.

27 January
The first Degrassi webisode premiered tonight. For those of you who didn't get The-N'Side track newsletter (which happens to be a lot of people), you can watch it here.
Miriam McDonald (Emma) was at the taping of Instant Star: Backstage Pass (which aired on The-N tonight, but Miriam was not part of the show). You can read her description of her day on set here and under Degrassi Articles.
25 January 2006
Those Canadians who aren't signed up with will be able to see the webisodes in the Great White North; details are being firmed up right now.
From the Executive Producer:

Can't wait till Friday--at 6:00pm ET the first webisode is sneak-peaked via The N, and then at 9:00pm ET The N is showing the Instant Star Backstage Pass... looking forward to how everyone feels about them!!

And tomorrow we have a big meeting to firm up the rollout of the Degrassi Minis here in Canada--it won't be too long from now, and there's some interesting ideas on the table!

24 January 2006
Cassie Steele will be appearing at Canadian Music Week on 2 March. More information here.
Season Six seems to be even more of a possibility; the Degrassi writers have already started brainstorming plot lines. One of those plot lines might be about Jordan, the older man who stalked Emma through the Internet in the first episode of Degrassi.
There should be more pictures up on the Fan Pages at shortly.
The first webisode (with a first-look on 27 January and the official premiere on 3 February) will be entitled Don't You Forget About Me - Part I.
From the Executive Producer:

New photos are finally on their way to the Fan Pages, I'm hoping by the end of this week! We've been shuffling things around in hamsters cage, and hopefully we'll be back on track soon. Also trying to repair the Instant Star site, and hopefully that is going to be up and running by Friday also, so that both sites will start to be in better shape in time for the Instant Star Backstage Pass special on The N, as well as the sneak peak at the first webisode (which by the way is called "Don't You Forget About Me--Part 1"!!


Oh, and we're brainstorming ideas for Season 6 now--every year we DO talk about a follow-up to the Jordan story, and we'll think about it again over the next couple of weeks, but we would have to come up with a really believable and dramatic story before we could do it...

23 January 2006 issued some clarification about the Webisodes. Apparently, to view the webisodes on 27 January (THIS Friday), you need to be signed up for The-N'side Track Newsletter. Otherwise, the episodes will be able to viewed by all starting 3 February. To receive The-N'side Track Newsletter, go to your profile at and make sure it says "Yes" next to "Receive emails from The N, like the N'Side Track newsletter". If you don't have an account, you can sign up for one here. Once again, you don't have to have an account to see the Webisodes, but you'll have to wait until 3 February to see them if you don't have an account.
22 January 2006
Andrea Lewis (Hazel) updated her official site. Here's what she had to say:

I had a great time hosting the Martin Luther King celebration, over 2000 students gathered to "keep the dream alive", I also sang "Out of my mind" with a full orchestra and choir, pretty cool!!


Being spokesperson for "Sex on the Couch" was another fun and interesting experience, a panel of experts interacted with over 500 students on all types of sexual issues. Some really great questions and frank discussion. It was so much fun!!


I really enjoy the emails from everyone....keep them coming.

21 January 2006
Canada will be broadcasting the webisodes too (not sure in which format yet), according to Here's Exec's post:
The-N has been advertising the webisodes... and we're just making the arrangements for the release of the webisodes in Canada, don't have the exact date for Canada yet.... it will be quite close behind The N, but in this case The N will have them a bit before Canada...
20 January 2006
Here's Executive Producer Stephen Stohn's message from
I was on holiday for a couple of weeks, then out west at conferences about high definition television, now back at it--yesterday we completed the sound mix for the last episode of this season, which is also the 100th episode of DNG!! They had a big cake at the Technicolor labs where we do the sound mix, with a beautifuly detailed Degrassi: The Next Generation logo made out of icing, and 100 candles!! (The final few minutes are emotional!!)
19 January 2006
The CTV airdates for the rest of Season Five have been announced. They've been posted up in the Episode List and the Calendar; they are as follows:
  • 514 I Against I: 30 January
  • 515 Our Lips Are Sealed (I): 20 February
  • 516 Our Lips Are Sealed (II): 27 February
  • 517 Total Eclipse of the Heart: 6 March
  • 518 High Fidelity (I): 13 March
  • 519 High Fidelity (II): 20 March

Also, CTV viewers will get to see reruns of The Lexicon of Love (I & II). Part I will be on 6 February, Part II will be on 13 February.

16 January 2006
Andrea Lewis (Hazel) updated her official site with a whole new layout and her latest appearances. Check it out.
14 January 2006
Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) is continuing to work on his musical career (under his middle name Drake). Some videos will be up soon. Check out his music here and if you like what you hear, help him out by e-mailing and asking the DJ to play "Do What You Do" by Drake. Canadian artists have a really hard time getting heard on the radio in Canada, because the media favors music from America, so hopefully Degrassi fans can help Aubrey make it big.
13 January 2006- later in the day set up their mobile phone store today. Check it out here. Also, you can find more information at Degrassi Freak's Shop.
Andrea Lewis (Hazel) will be performing at a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration called Keeping th Dream Alive on 16 January. It will be at Hamilton Place in Hamilton, Ontario from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.
13 January 2006
It's 13 days until the Canadian general election and Miriam McDonald (Emma) is looking forward to voting for the first time. For a glimpse into her political views, and the views of the Labour and Conservative parties on the arts, check this out.
Andrea Lewis (Hazel)  will be hosting "a workshop on teen dating, sex and health at the Women's Health Matters Forum at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Jan. 20, along with a panel of experts in the field." Find more information here.
10 January 2006 - later in the day
CosmoGirl's website set up a blog with Jake Epstein (Craig) and one with Aubrey Graham (Jimmy). It gives an awesome look into their lives. Check out Jake's here and Aubrey's here. (Thanks to Beautyqueen0393)
The Press Release about the Degrassi Graphic novels includes some great information. The first two novels will be released in North America in October 2006. The novels will "pick up where the show left off, expanding on plot elements from Degrassi: The Next Generation and weaving new adventures, challenges and life experiences seamlessly into the DNG story". Also, has some great pictures of the novels here and here. Note that the pictures are prototypes, and, according to Comic Book Resources, the actual novels will be drawn to resemble the characters as they appear in Season Five.
10 January 2006
Jamie Johnston's (Peter) official site is offering fans the chance to ask Jamie questions. Just send you questions to by 31 January.
Jamie Johnston's official site also has some new pictures of him up here.
Mike Lobel posted the following up at his myspace page:

So, you have a chance now to fight for your ideals by voting.  If you think that voting doesn't change the way things are, you're wrong.  The fact is that Canada has a disgracefully low voting turn out.   The youth that CAN vote are not voting.  Do youself a favour by voting.  You won't get what you want if you don't tell anyone, think about it.  If the only reason you are not voting is because you don't have all the information, go to this website.

 If you can vote you should.  See you at the polls on January 23rd.


Mike Lobel

8 January 2006
Degrassi's Executive Producer confirmed that Degrassi has not yet been renewed for a Season Six, but that signs are good. It might be March until anyone knows for sure. Here's what Exec said:

We won't hear officially whether we have been picked up for Season 6 for a while yet. Last year it was close to March 1 before we heard. But since our ratings have gone up to their highest levels ever, I'm pretty sure we'll be picked up, but then again in the television world you can never be certain about anything!

7 January 2006
Degrassi's Executive producer has revealed that the Webisodes will be approximately 2 minutes in length. His post is as follows:
"I'm just about to return from holidays, and we have almost completed the webisodes... I'll let The N describe what they are all about, it won't be long now, but I think you'll be very pleased. It's not like having full half hour episodes of Degrassi of course, but it's nice to have little two-minute tastesa of the show to bide the time until the full episodes are back!!!"
Starting Friday at, visitors will be able to download Degrassi wallpapers for their mobile phones. Here's a preview.
Starting next Friday at, visitors will be able to download Degrassi ring tones for thier mobile phones. Here's a preview.
On 27 January, Alexz Johnson from Instant Star will be performing a concert on The-N. There MIGHT be a Degrassi cast member reporting from backstage, but that is unconfirmed; the only hint is that The-Nsider said: "AND there's going to be a special guest backstage there AND he or she will take pictures AND will report back to yinz on his or her own personal partaydowning. Who? Not saying. But he or she is someone you know AND he or she looks good in a bathing suit." The-Seth frequently mentions how good Emma (Miriam McDonald) looks in a bathing suit, so it could be her.
5 January 2006
Great article in City Pages, a newspaper from Minnesota, can be found here. Best part: “So what's a disappointed viewer to do when the networks fail to deliver? Look to the north, my child. Seriously. The best show on TV right now is, believe it or not, an earnest soap about teenage Canucks . . . I speak, of course, of Degrassi: The Next Generation, a.k.a. Viewable Crack.”
5 January 2006
A newer and bigger picture of the Season Three DVD box art has been released here. Also, there will be commentary about episodes 304 - 305 (Pride).
2 January 2006
Some interesting news from today:
To further confirm information that is already known, The-NSider wrote that the "fantastically awesome Degrassi event" (a.k.a. "Secret Project") are the Webisodes. There will be 12 webisodes that will only be able to be viewed on The webisodes contain all completely new material.
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" was the original title for "Modern Love" (418) and Marco originally said "It's all vinegar under the bridge" after the Paige/Manny fight.
Here's The-NSider post about the webisodes: "Many moons ago I mentioned that early this year there would be a "fantastically awesome Degrassi event." As you may have guessed by now from seeing it mentioned on teevee, the event is in fact a series of "Degrassi Minis"—little mini Degrassi episodes that you'll be able to see only on There will be twelve of them. The first one will be out in just a few weeks, and trust me: they are worth the wait. They are COMPLETELY NEW and COMPLETELY ORIGINAL and COMPLETELY UNLIKE ANYTHING DEGRASSI HAS EVER DONE BEFORE BECAUSE... actually I'm not sure that I'm allowed to tell you yet why they're completely different than anything Degrassi's ever done before, and since there's nobody here for me to ask permission from since I'm increasingly sure that I didn't have to work today, you'll just have to trust me. Which is fine because actually the BEST thing about the minis is that the Canadians will not have seen them before you. These are ALL OURS. Which will make them all the better. Because of the spite."
1 January 2006
The latest message from Degrassi's Executive Producer confirms that the "Special Project", in the form of Webisodes, will be out in the middle of January. According to, the first webisode will premiere on 26 January 2006.
Degrassi's Executive Producer also wants fans to know that fan letters are received through, but only certain "interesting" ones make it to the cast, due to the large volume of letters.
Here's the Exec's latest post:

Happy New Year everyone!!!!
[from an undisclosed (and very warm) location somewhere in the free world]
p.s. even though I'm on holiday, I've been following the progress of the completion of the Secret Project (i.e. the webisodes) which should be ready by the middle of January!!


The messages to the actors are screened. In total there are about 4,000 - 5,000 per week that are received, so it would be impossible to send them all on to the actors--but the ones that look interesting in the opinion of the screeners ARE sent on to the actors (and myself, in the case of messages to me). Hope that clears it up! The-NSider posted two more Degrassi cast top tens: from Cassie Steele (Manny) and Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty). Here they are:

-degrassi hit their million viewer mark
-i dyed my hair more than 5 colors
-i've found the best boyfriend in the world:)
-i finally watched desperate housewives (i am officailly addicted)
-i had the greatest sweet sixteen party
-i release my first album called "how much for happy"
-i went on a tour for my album across canada with keisha chante & amanda stott, sponsored by bell mobility
-i made lunches and bought blankets with my friends for homeless people around toronto.
-i got my christmas shopping done before december
-i reached my goal of reading more than 30 novels this year (including harry potter, it was greeeeat)
-i got through another year, and experienced all the things i wanted, and things that i need to help me grow as a better person.


"because wasting time isn't always a bad thing"
10. Cheer! …as Madonna hits the top of the charts, again!
9. Cry! …as Six Feet Under wraps up their last season.
8. Pass! …on “Ugggh” Boots. They are so over!
7. Hope! …that Martha Stewart goes back to jail. Hey – I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks her comeback was oh so LAME! I mean, come on, her line on the Apprentice is “you don’t fit in!; somehow not as catchy as “you’re fired”!
6. Yawn! …as Hollywood’s cutest couples break up (like we all didn’t expect it!) Here’s to Brad & Jen, Nick & Jess, Chad & Sofia and, of course, Paris & Paris!
5. Flush! …“The OC” Season 3 down the toilet. What ever happened to the awesomeness we witnessed in Season 1?
4. Dance! …to some of the catchiest songs of all time. (if you say you don’t sing along to Hollaback Girl, We Belong Together, My Humps or 1,2 Step, you’re lying!)
3. Wonder! …why Nicole was ever engaged to DJ AM and Christina ended up with Jordan! These beauties could’ve done SO much better!
2. Flinch! …as Tom Cruise goes completely INSANE! What with all the couch-surfing and almost killing Oprah, all I can say is…poor, poor Katie!
1. Don’t Cha want to…… Clench your fists! …as the Pussycat Dolls sing their one-hit-wonder for the 5 BILLIONTH time (with the exact same choreography, I must add)!

Degrassi was the number one rated television show on The-N during 2005. The-N saw a 35% increase in viewers (of the station in general), with a 33% increase in teen girl viewers and 58% increase in teen male viewers. Full article here.
Lycos again cited Degrassi: The Next Generation as "one to watch in 2006", based on "growing search queries". Full article here.
The Toronto Star mentioned Degrassi in it's yearly review of television, citing it as one of the few Canadian-made shows that Canadians watch, due to Degrassi's "winning combination of talented performers and proper time slot". Full article here.
Interesting article on After School Specials of the 80s and 90s. It does mention Degrassi briefly.

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