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Paige Michalchuk
  • Graduated from Degrassi
  • Hazel is her best friend
  • Dated Spinner
  • Raped by Dean
  • Totaled Spin's car crashing into Dean's car
    • Now working to pay it off
      • Which lead to her and Spin's break-up
  • Dated Mr. Matt Oleander, the former teacher's assistant
    • he gave up his job for her
  • Broke her leg during end-of-year pep rally
    • Manny and Darcy conspired to make her fall during a Spirit Squad performance
  • Her and Manny DO NOT get along
    • Paige kept making Manny do all the Spirit Squad work whilst Paige got the credit
    • They fought toward the end of the year, and Manny exposed Paige's and Matt's relationship, which got Matt fired
    • Manny and Darcy conspired to make Paige fall during a Spirit Squad performance; Paige broke her leg
    • Manny was crowned Prom Queen after Paige rigged the vote so that Paige could rip off Manny's prom dress
  • Befriended Alex
    • they work at the movie theatre together
  • Matt (Mr. Oleander) broke up with her
    • gave her pot
  • Paige smoked pot before a university interview
  • Dated Alex
    • They broke up because Paige wanted Alex to have a more concrete plan for the future
  • Slept with Spinner, but just wants to be friends

Lauren Collins
Born: 29 August 1986
Toronto, Ontario
  • Filming the movie Charlie Bartlett, which stars Robert Downey, Jr. and features Jake Epstein (Paige)
  • Official site at:
  • Isn't like Paige in real life
  • Good friends with Stacey Farber (Ellie)
  • Apparently dated Jake Epstein (Craig) in 8th grade
  • Was on Girls vs. Boys: Hawaii (The-N)
  • Was on "I Was a Sixth Grade Alien"
    • with Ryan Cooley, Daniel Clark and Ali Mukaddam (RFR)
  • Was in "Merry Christmas, Miss King" with Ryan Cooley
  • Was in "In a Heartbeat" (Disney)
  • Guest-starred for two episodes on Radio Free Roscoe
  • Has been a member of the CharACTORS Theatre Troupe for 7 years, and in 2002 directed Grease
  • 2002 winner and 2003 and 2004 nominee for the Best Young Artist Award for Best Ensemble Actor in a TV Series
  • Cast in the movie Take The Lead with Antonio Banderas, which was released on 7 April 2006


Disclaimer: I do not own Paige or Lauren Collins. I'm not her either.

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