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Degrassi is facing the past. Every single day. ~Jimmy, CTV Promo


We tackle things that people know are happening but nobody wants to talk about. ~Adamo Ruggiero, Degrassi: Behind the Scenes


In the end it’s entertaining people, but I like to hope it’s helping somebody. ~ Jake Epstein, Degrassi: Behind the Scenes


It’s almost for me that Degrassi lost its virginity when Jimmy got shot. It grew up. ~James Hurst, Degrassi: Behind the Scenes


Craig is troubled. And high maintenance. And tends to be clueless about other people's feelings. Oh, and he has a little problem with monogamy. But hey: he plays the guitar and looks good in a leather jacket. These are the trade-offs we make in life. Have fun!, Which Degrassi Character Should You Date?


Here's another idea for you, J.T.: why don't you recruit a disgruntled former military demolitions officer, a brilliant but socially awkward computer security expert, a beautiful but deadly lady ninja, and maybe a master French cat burglar named Le Fantôme, then team up to hijack a train full of diamonds guarded by Israeli Mossad agents as it rolls through the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump on its way to the vault underneath the Bellagio during the psychopathic vigilante convention. That'll work just as well.

Seriously, don't characters on Degrassi ever take a look at the things that keep happening to the people around them and say to themselves, "maybe tonight I'll just go home and read a magazine or something"? ~The-Seth at

Go Darco . . . I guess.

Posted 21 May 2006


You know, the heart wants what it wants, and Marco's heart wanted fierce, challenging Dylan instead of sweet, pigeon-toed, poker-chip-pile-arranging Tim, and so good for Marco for getting what he wants 'cause who could not want Marco to be happy? But can I just say (ahem, Dylan) that when you are the heart-pulverizer in a break-up, it is so not your right to come marching/stalking back into someone's life, dissing their new bf right in their faces, yankin' yr shirt off left and right... it's like, have a little respect for the dude YOU BROKE IN HALF with yr MeMeMe and yr stupid curly hair and crinkly eyes. God. Send him a nice letter apologizing up and down for what you did, say you want him back, and then sit back and respect whatever decision he makes.


The way he was so demanding and like, entitled about it... I totally cringed when Marco said "If you ever hurt me again" and Dylan was like "I won't." Um, I sure hope not bub, 'cause if you hurt my Marco I will personally come and take your fictional self down to Love Prison and lock you up for life so you never pulverize again. ~The-Mary,


We do not own Degrassi. We don't even live in Canada. We wish we did.

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