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      Any episodes that have been left out are because I just don’t remember them enough to review them.


201 – 202 When Doves Cry

                  Rating: 9 of 10

                                    When Craig Manning showed up at Degrassi, he immediately made an impact. I am always hesitant when my favourite shows add new characters, but Jake Epstein made an immediate impact and I honestly can not imagine Degrassi without him. I was very impressed that Degrassi chose such intense subject matter for Jake’s first episode;  both the show and Jake did wonderfully. This episode is what truly cemented my love of Degrassi.


203 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

                  Rating: 6.5 of 10

                                    It’s been quite a while since I last saw this episode, but the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is . . . cheesy. I thought it was cute to have the retro day, and I’m sure fans of the original Degrassi got a kick out of how much Emma looked like Spike, but I think dropping this episode really wouldn’t have hurt the show. On the other hand, Degrassi does get so serious that maybe sometimes it’s nice to have an episode where the biggest drama is two former classmates dating, two friends fighting over a dance competition, and two girls crushing on the same boy. However, the Manny/Emma/Craig thing was just . . . awkward.


204 Karma Chameleon

                  Rating: 7 of 10

      I can’t believe how much I used to hate Paige, and how much I love her now (as of April 2005). She was so deliciously bitchy; I always looked forward to being shocked at what she might say next. This episode rates high on the “Paige-is-so-rude-it’s-fun-to-watch” scale. The Toby/Kendra storyline was ADORABLE, mostly because of Spinner. I have an older brother and thought it was super cute to see Spinner threatening Toby. Big brothers are so overprotective it’s cute.


205 Weird Science

                  Rating: 7 of 10

                                    The male equivalent to Coming of Age (where Emma gets her period). Not being a guy, I have no idea what it’s like, but I though it was both hilarious and touching that Degrassi decided to deal with some of the more embarrassing (and visible) aspects of male puberty.



                  Rating 8 of 10

      I don’t really remember much of the Ashley/Ellie storyline, but I never liked Ashley’s gothic look; it just was not her. Anyone else think Ellie looked REALLY young in this episode? How things change . . . sigh. The Craig storyline, on the other hand . . . . HILARIOUS. Most of my favourite scenes (in terms of pure enjoyment) are when the guys get together. The male Degrassi cast really has fantastic chemistry together. They remind me of my group of male friends from high school, and all the good times we had. Plus, seeing any member of the Degrassi cast rebel totally rocks.


207, 208 and 220 Shout (I & II) and How Soon Is Now

                  Rating: 10 of 10

                                    Rape is such an emotional issue that it takes talent, sensitivity and maturity to cover it, and Degrassi was fantastic. Just fantastic, and further words would just detract from such an awesome series of episodes.


209 Mirror in the Bathroom

                  Rating: 9 0f 10

                                    I think it’s awesome that Degrassi decided to approach weight issues from two sides, and both genders. Terri is beautiful, and I think she was great kicking some ice-cream-boy butt. However, I think Degrassi could have discussed the need to be a healthy weight, because teens need to exercise more. Perhaps showing Terri being a plus-size model but also exercising and eating right. It’s awesome that the show decided to approach a complicated issue such as an eating disorder, but have the kid with the disorder be a boy. Boys can suffer from a lot of “typical girl issues” (rape, eating disorders, etc.) and they often suffer in silence. Hopefully this opened viewer’s eyes to the fact that anyone can have eating problems.


210 Take My Breath Away

                  Rating: 6 of 10

                                    The beginning of the Craig drama. I never thought Manny and Craig were a good couple; they share nothing in common other than their complete inability to have healthy romantic relationships. It was hard to believe this episode, because I just could never see the two together.


211 Don’t Believe the Hype

                  Rating:7 of 10

                                    Hazel is one of my favourite characters, and I loved seeing her shine in this episode. I really thought it was awesome to discuss Islam, especially so soon after 9/11, although I would have liked seeing an episode that maybe centred around discussing what happened on 9/11, and dealt with the grief and shock that so many people felt on that day, and then some time spent explaining that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.


212 Hot For Teacher

                  Rating: 7 of 10

      This episode was very realistic; practically every student crushes on one of their teachers at some point in their life (I’m speaking from experience here). Also, it showed that teachers are not in their own world; they can have feelings too. So kudos to Degrassi for being realistic and cute at the same time. JT with a schoolboy crush (plus the cuddly guinea pigs?) It’s just a recipe for cuteness.


213 White Wedding

                  Rating: 9 of 10

      This episode was super cute. I will admit though, that it is only this year (early 2005) that I truly appreciated this episode. The Spike/Snake storyline was wonderful and a very, very, LONG time coming. Having Spike get pregnant really brought Degrassi full circle. Of course the show was not without drama, and Degrassi wouldn’t be . . . well, Degrassi any other way. The romance between Emma and Sean was a long time coming as well, and I doubt I was the only person who cheered when they shared that lovely first kiss.


214 Careless Whisper

                  Rating: 8.5 of 10

      When I first saw this episode, I could not believe a teen show was willing to tackle homosexuality in such a serious, frank, honest and open way (Will & Grace can’t even do that). Even after 2 years I am still impressed.

      The Toby/Kendra story is great because it injects some innocence into Degrassi. It’s nice to have a short period of drama-free cuteness, and this relationship is it.



215 Message in a Bottle

                  Rating: 8.5 of 10

      Wow. That was the first word that came to mind when I saw this episode. Underage drinking is way too frequent and acceptable in today, and I was happy to see Degrassi point out how destructive and depressing it can be. Additionally, I love Sean Cameron (in an admiration sort of way, get your head out of the gutter); he’s a fantastic character and I love seeing his constant battle against his inner demons.


216 Dressed in Black

                  Rating: 10 of 10

                        I’m hesitant to give any episode a perfect score, but this 10 is rightly deserved. I was impressed (and incredibly pleased) that the show addressed teen sex in such a mature way. Toby knew he was too young to have sex, but he also knew it was imperative to use protection when he did feel ready. That makes Toby more mature that most people twice his age. I remember cooing over how romantic it was that he cared enough about Kendra to think about protection, if and when they were ready. Also, Spinner and his eagerness to kick some arse on behalf of his little sis is just adorable.

                        As a self-proclaimed geek I totally LOVED the fact that that the Ashley/Jimmy/Craig storyline mirrored the plot of “Taming of the Shrew” whilst their English class was studying it. Jimmy is a really sweet guy, but Craig is perfect for Ashley because he accepts and loves her for who she is. Craig’s and Ashley’s take on “Taming of the Shrew” was awesome. I particularly liked this episode because one of the greatest problems in schools is the pressure to conform but it is an issue that so often gets overlooked. I liked seeing Ashley ignore the peer pressure and continue to be her self, irregardless of what people thought.


218 Fight for Your Right

                        to paaaaarrrrttttty . .  . .sorry, can’t resist, old school Beastie Boys fan

      Rating: 6 of 10

      This episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good either. Degrassi is so frequently fantastic, that episodes that might be considered great for other series are just mediocre for Degrassi. I don’t dislike the storylines. I love seeing a girl stand by her principles no matter what happens to her, and I think economic disparity is a big problem at schools. However, this show doesn’t really stick in my mind like the others do.


219 How Soon is Now

                  See 207 – 208 (Shout I & II)


220 – 221 Tears Are Not Enough

                  Rating: 9 of 10

I thought it very artistic to end this season as it began, with a focus on Craig and his abusive father. Domestic abuse is very common, and it should be addressed by everyone as well as Degrassi does. Overall, a great way to end the season. It left me with a lot to think about, and eagerly anticipating Season Three.

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