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301 – 302 Father Figure

                  Rating: 7 of 10, giving it the benefit of the doubt

      I’m somewhat in a conundrum over this episode; I remember being REALLY happy to finally have a new Degrassi, but looking back I keep thinking this show was awkward. It was really cool to see Craig and Emma hanging out (they had good friend chemistry) but I never quite understood why the two would hang out, since they never had before, and never did again. It was also disappointing that Emma’s dad was not played by the same guy who was Shane is the original series. I could understand doing this episode in order to bring back some old characters, but none of the old cast members came back.


303 U Got the Look

                  Rating: 7 of 10 (the guys made it better)

                                    I didn’t realty like the Manny storyline, for two major reasons: Emma was a little too self-righteous and Manny was a little too superficial. I can ignore my irritation with Emma, because at least she is principled, but I can’t really get over Manny. I try to like her, I really do. The thing is, she hasn’t matured at all since the beginning of the series, and I’m a bit irritated by her lack of growth. If you disagree, feel free to let me know why you think Manny rocks at

                                    I really enjoyed the band storyline. I LOVE it when the male cast get together; they really remind me of the guys I hung out with in high school. I also liked the tie-in with The Zits, giving us newer viewers a glimpse into Degrassi’s past.


304-305 Pride

                  Rating: 10 of 10

                                    This episode rightly earns one of my elusive perfect scores. First, the Snake (Mr. Simpson) storyline was really sweet, and cemented the father/daughter relationship with him and Emma. Gotta love how sweet that is. The 10 is fully earned, however, with Marco’s storyline. To steal from The-N, this episode was 100% N-tense, and I think that is fantastic. Seriously dealing with homosexuality on a teen show is tough, accurately representing homophobia is even tougher, and this episode tackled both with honesty and grace. The acting was great; I especially loved the friend chemistry between Jimmy and Marco and wish I could see more of it. In general, this episode was pure class.


306 Gangsta Gangsta

                  Rating: 8 of 10

      Episodes with Sean are always great. It is always fascinating to see the constant battle with his inner demons. His character is really complex, and constantly experiencing growth. I just love it. I was sad to see the Emma/Sean relationship end, but I enjoy Sean’s character enough to not be too fazed by the end of the relationship. I also liked the introduction of Jay and his gang. However, I like Jay more looking back than I did when he first showed up.


307 Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Rating: 9 of 10 (Ashley gets a personal 10 for waiting until she is in love; Pat and Stefan get 10s for embracing their past.)

      This show consistently approaches teen sex in a very frank but incredibly responsible way. I was very happy to see that Ashley refused to make love with Craig until she knew he loved her. Degrassi talks about the consequences of unprotected sex, but I think this show brought up the also important emotional risks of sex. And who didn’t melt to hear that sweet and awesome song Craig sang? It got even better when I found out that Jake Epstein helped write the song.

      Of course, this show truly opens up the Manny/Craig/Ashley catastrophe and I was definitely sitting on the edge of my seat and hiding my face and biting my nails just begging Craig not to get with Manny. And speaking of the emotional and physical consequences of sex . . . well, we shall get to that later. Even though I never liked the Manny/Craig relationship the fact that it caused me to get so involved is a testament to how engaging the storyline is.                 


308 Whisper to a Scream

                  Rating: 10 of 10

      Of all the issues I saw during my days in high school, cutting was one of the most prevalent and most devastating. I knew numerous kids who faced so much pain in their lives, but had no outlet and turned to cutting themselves as a way to release the pain. If you cut, or your know someone who cuts, please seek help. The emotional scars can run so deep that I implore you to find a more safe and constructive outlet for your pain. Things do get better, but only if you are willing to get help.


309 Against All Odds

                  Rating: 7.5 of 10

      I spent half of this episode laughing and the other half cringing but enjoyed the entire thing. Once again, I loved seeing the chemistry between the guys. Much of Degrassi’s popularity is down to its realism, and the friendships between the characters couldn’t be more real. I cringed throughout the Chris/Emma and Craig/Manny half of the episode, but I mean that in a good way. I was completely caught up in the stress of not wanting Craig to cheat with Manny and wanting Emma to stay true to her principles (whilst totally cheering on the Chris/Emma relationship).


310 Never Gonna Give You Up

                  Rating: 6.5 of 10

      I think domestic violence is a very serious issue, and should be dealt openly and honestly. However, I don’t think Degrassi dealt with it all that well, at least during this episode. Christina Schmidt is a fantastic actress, and the Terri/Rick storyline became an amazing part of Degrassi. This episode did not do the storyline justice. I just thought the acting was forced. The chemistry between Terri and Rick and Jimmy and Hazel just didn’t seem to fit.


311 This Charming Man

                  Rating: 6 of 10

      This whole episode really seemed forced. It had the makings of a great episode with Emma’s developing relationship with Chris whilst still getting over Sean, Sean’s continuing battle with his inner demons and having to deal with stealing Snake’s computer . . . but it just didn’t come together. Also, the storyline about the driving school seemed like something the writers might have thrown together at the last minute. They could have made it a serious storyline dealing with the consequences of irresponsible driving, or it could have been simply humorous, but somehow it just ended up feeling haphazard.


312 - 313 Holiday

                  Rating: 9 of 10

      I love the storylines about the Jeremiah family. It links Degrassi past with Degrassi present, and I think Pat Mastroianni and Jake Epstein are two of the best actors on the show. I think Craig’s cheating was dealt with very realistically and both dramatically and humorously. What really earned the 10, and made me melt into a pile of romantic goo was seeing Joey and Caitlin finally get together. I loved it.


314 - 315 Accidents Will Happen

                  Rating: 10 of 10

      This episode was fantastic, and it is very disappointing and distressing that The-N decided not to show it. No matter what anyone’s opinion of abortion is, the fact is, it happens, and needs to be discussed in a mature fashion. Censorship is not mature. It simply does not make sense to refuse to air an episode detailing a legal activity; in case The-N forgot, abortion is legal in the USA. Only when we openly and maturely discuss the consequences of unprotected sex can we hope to eradicate sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.


316 Take On Me

                  Rating: 10 of 10

      Loved it. The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite movies and this is one of my favourite episodes of Degrassi. The 10 rating is received is of course, is of a different sort than Accidents Will Happen and Shout, but still well-deserved for giving us viewers an innocent episode of hilarious fun. This episode was a welcome relief after the seriousness of AWH, and was a good way to break up the season and just chill out and laugh.


317 Don’t Dream It’s Over

                  Rating: 10 of 10

      THIS is the episode where the Terri/Rick storyline finally hit its stride. It’s also the last episode of the Terri/Rick storyline . . . but well worth the wait. This episode was fantastic. It portrayed domestic abuse well. One of the best parts of the episode was seeing Paige and Spinner face the fact that they could have done something, and they didn’t. There is no such thing as an innocent bystander. If one of your friends is in an abusive relationship, DO SOMETHING, don’t just stand back.


318 Rock & Roll High School

                  Rating: 10 of 10

      I can’t say this definitively, but this could very well be my favourite Degrassi episode. “Turns to Dust” and “Mr. Nice Guy” have both been playing quite frequently on my ipod for months now. I loved the passion of this episode, from Ashley’s intense scorn to Craig’s sincere act of contrition. Sigh . . . I love this episode.


319 It’s Raining Men

                  Rating: 9 of 10

      I hope I wasn’t the only one who breathed a big huge sigh of relief and giddy girlish squeal when Dylan and Marco finally got together. They are perfect together. Of course, Degrassi also dealt with the drama of Marco’s first real date, and his family’s homophobia, but in general, the date was completely normal. That’s what I loved about it.

      I also liked JT’s storyline. Him and Manny are very cute together (I think Manny overestimates herself if she thinks she’s too mature for JT). JT’s storyline was definitely funny, but I liked the serious aspect of JT dealing with his embarrassment and Manny dealing with her reputation.


320 I Want Candy

                  Rating: 7 of 10 (attempting to ignore Spinner/Paige/Ashley)

      My overall opinion of this episode is essentially . . . meh. I think this episode could exist or not exist and would have very little effect of the series. Let me point out, though, that the Nelson family storyline was GREAT and I loved seeing the father/daughter relationship between Snake and Emma. My problem is that is was too short, and buried beneath the absolutely pointless Spinner/Paige/Ashley storyline. The Nelsons should have had the whole episode to themselves.


321 Our House

                  Rating: 7.5 of 10

      I enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I liked seeing JT’s puppy love for Manny, and both of them having to deal with her reputation. I think Manny showed growth in this episode. I especially enjoyed Sean’s storyline, and the courage it took for him to separate himself from Tracker and live his own life, alone. However, this episode is one of those cases where a great episode for another series is simply average for Degrassi. Degrassi is so fantastic that it’s hard to live up to the “100% Intense” reputation they have set for themselves.


322 The Power of Love

                  Rating: 8 of 10

                                    I thought this episode was utterly adorable. I might have given a worse rating, just because it’s not the typical Degrassi AMAZING, but it was so completely and utterly cute that I can’t help but love it. Billy Ray Cyrus was hilarious as the limo driver and I bet most visitors here have no idea that he sang “Achy Breaky Heart” (remember that cheese-fest?) which makes it even more hilarious. I loved seeing Sean attempt to repent for his actions, and Snake decide to give him a second chance; the two of them have always had great father/son chemistry. The dance looked like tons of fun, and I wish I could have been there to celebrate yet another successful Degrassi season.

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