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Everything known about Season Five of Degrassi, all 100% confirmed.


  • New cast member: Jamie Johnston as Peter
  • Cast members who have left: Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Daniel Clark (Sean), Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch).



  • Episode 519 will be the 100th, episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • There will be 19 episodes, of which the (confirmed) titles are:
    • 501 – 502 Venus I & II
    • 503 Death of a Disco Dancer
    • 504 Foolin
    • 505 Weddings, Parties, Anything
    • 506 I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    • 507 – 508 Turned Out I & II
    • 509 Tell It To My Heart
    • 510 Redemption Song
    • 511- 512 The Lexicon of Love I & II
    • 513 Together Forever
    • 514 I Against I
    • 515 - 516 Our Lips Are Sealed I & II
    • 517 Total Eclipse of the Heart
    • 518 - 519 High Fidelity (I & II)



  • Manny is pursuing an acting career and will consider plastic surgery to do so.
  • Manny and Emma will go to a doctor.
  • Craig will receive an unexpected birthday present from Ashley.
  • There will be an unwanted pregnancy.
  • According to Ryan Cooley, “JT gets thrown into the adult world and has to grow up quickly. There's an episode where JT and his significant other have to deal with a certain situation.”
  • There is a car crash, but NOT during episodes 501 - 502
  • Paige will smoke marijuana before meeting with a college recruiter
  • The character Peter will be “shaking things up” according to Jamie Johnston, and is not very nice, according to Executive Producer Linda Schuyler.
  • Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will return for two episodes.
  • Alex has a significantly larger role, including two “big” episodes



  • The opening sequence has changed, although not by much.
    • The theme song will stay the same
    • Former cast members will be replaced by newer cast membersg
  • There will be a Degrassi movie, to be directed by Kevin Smith, who guest-starred on episodes 420, 421 and 422.


Episode Previews (NOTE: SPOILERS)


501-502 Venus I & II

Manny is ready to put humiliation and alienation in her past now that is a new school year. She'll do anything to become an actress, but a meeting with a cutthroat agent leaves her wondering if she'll ever be pretty enough. Suddenly, the idea of plastic surgery sounds more and more appealing. And when she sees an opportunity to showcase her assets for the new guy - Peter - she thinks it will be perfect. But her big acting break turns into a humiliating nightmare. Meanwhile, Craig can't wait for Ashley to come back from England, but Ellie has some bad news to break to him-on his birthday. (From


503 Death of a Disco Dancer

Paige can't wait to see Matt after his "self-discovery" summer tour of Canada.  She has their whole lives planned, but Matt's not ready to settle down or settle for Paige's perfect future.  After he breaks things off, Paige questions everything, until Alex shows Paige the "perfect" way to relax.  Meanwhile, Jimmy has been assistant coaching on the boy's basketball team, but not everyone is happy to have him there. (From The-N)


504 Foolin   

                       Liberty has always been Miss Perfect.  But the straight-A student council president has been hiding a secret for months.  She knows she has to tell J.T., but she's not sure if their relationship can handle this new challenge. Meanwhile, Spinner would do anything to get his friends back, but when he meets beautiful Darcy, his life may finally start to get back on track. (From The-N)


505 Weddings, Parties, Anything

After all the craziness of last year, Craig has one overriding goal: no drama. He's focused on his friends, his family, his studies, and his band - a reconstituted Downtown Sasquatch but no Spinner - a new addition is rocking the drum-kit... Ellie Nash! Ellie seems to think everything about Craig is great. But she denies she has a crush on him point blank. Craig seems to be falling under her spell until... an old flame re-enters Craig's atmosphere: Manny Santos, still in crisis since her father kicked her out. And as Craig gets sucked into her orbit Ellie fears the worst. Things come to a head when Manny crashes their wedding gig and steals the spotlight. Will Ellie come clean in time and confess her crush to Craig? Or will she lose him forever to Manny?


506 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

            After proving he's still got talent on the hardwood, Jimmy is invited to try out for the Wheelchair Basketball Association's Junior Team.  It's Jimmy's second chance at athletic stardom, and an opportunity to make his father proud.  But he feels torn.  Becoming a full-time athlete means giving up everything - friends, hobbies, even school.  Jimmy's forced to ask himself what he really wants.  If he gives up basketball, he could lose his Dad.  If he goes for the team, he could lose himself.  

Also, JT, Danny and Liberty realize they have to get real advice about the pregnancy.  (From


507 Turned Out (I)

            As Liberty's pregnancy enters its sixth month, she and JT are forced to face reality:  even though no longer a couple, they have to deal with the pregnancy.  As the two grapple with the desicions they have to make, they find themselves reconnecting – and reunite as a couple.  Soon, JT second-guesses his own feelings.  Maybe he wouldn't mind being a daddy…?  But how to support a baby on a part-time salary from the Pharmacy?  JT looks into alternative methods of earning cash. (From


508 Turned Out (II)

            Desperate for cash, JT has stolen drugs from the pharmacy… He becomes entangled in a web between his boss, the drug dealer and the police. His situation is desperate and he doesn't know what to do.  Liberty finds out and wants nothing to do with him.

After surviving cancer, Snake feels like he hasn't really lived. When he arrives at Degrassi on a hot sport bike, in his form-fitting kevlar, heads turn.  When Spike finds out, she's not only angry about the money he spent, she's also hurt by what it means.  If he's having a midlife crisis, what's next?  Will he trade her in for a younger woman, like Joey's! (From


509 Tell It To My Heart

            Someone's definitely interested in Marco. It's Tim, but not for the expected reason. Tim knows Marco is gay, and has been struggling with how to come out to his friends and family. Naturally, he turns to the most openly gay student at school, Marco, for advice. Marco is flattered with his role as a mentor, but when Tim asks Marco what it was like to come out to his parents, he conveniently leaves out the detail that he's never told his dad. Marco is a hypocrite and knows he has to finally deal with his situation. Meanwhile, Emma starts to crave Peter's ultra-confident way of making her feel like she's the most amazing girl in the world - at the risk of losing Manny, her best friend. (From


511-512 Lexicon of Love (I & II)

After shooting the movie last season on Degrassi: TNG, Jay and Silent Bob return for the premiere to find hormones out of control and emotions at a fever pitch. With the movie premiere as a backdrop, three scandalous couplings occur, including two girls who take their feelings for each other to a whole new level.

Kevin Smith is in town, and with many of the Degrassi students and faculty on the guest list for the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh?, the excitement is running high. (From


511 Lexicon of Love (I)

            Alex has never been to a glamorous event before and is sure Paige will get her in. Paige discovers how much the night means to Alex and vows to bring her to the premiere. As the night unfolds, Paige and Alex have a surprisingly great time dancing together and end up sharing an unexpected kiss before crashing at Paige's house. Meanwhile, Emma and Peter continue their clandestine affair behind Manny's back with some secret smooches at the event, but are shocked to discover two Degrassi staff members in a scandalous lip-lock. (From


512 Lexicon of Love (II)

            The next morning Paige and Alex awkwardly avoid the elephant in the room. Did their kiss make them lesbians? Bisexuals? Alex shrugs it off but Paige is freaked out. She is not supposed to be into women - but after listening to some advice from Kevin Smith, Paige decide to be true to herself and to go with whatever her feelings are. Meanwhile, Emma realizes that what she witnessed the night before threatens the future of her family. But she still feels compelled to reveal the adult indiscretion she witnessed during the party. When she does, all hell breaks loose. (From


513 Together Forever

       Eight-months pregnant President Liberty can't hide it anymore - people are starting to talk and she's pushing herself too hard.  When her water suddenly breaks in Toby's car, he calls 911.  The baby is on the way!


513 Together Forever

Craig bursts into rehearsal with the good news – they've been accepted to perform at a Northern Sounds Showcase.  The band is NOT so into it at first – music is Craig's dream, not theirs.  But this is their chance at a record deal – his lifelong dream!  The troops rallied, Craig drives the band hard and gets them ready for the competition…The band is rough around the edges and it shows.   But Craig SHINES.  And a label is interested.... in Craig.  So that means it's off to Vancouver.  But for how long?


514 I Against I

Since being "saved" everything has been going Spinner's way: he's made a good friend in Friendship Club leader Linus, his relationship with Darcy has been going strong and his recent interest in improving school life has been getting him noticed amongst the student body. Old friend Marco is so impressed in fact that he reaches out and befriends him again and Spinner is over the moon to finally have his old friend back. But things soon become ugly when Linus, his Friendship Club buddy, reveals his real feelings about Marco's homosexuality and Spinner realizes the truth about Linus. (From


Our Lips Are Sealed (I & II)

Emma battles an eating disorder.


Our Lips Are Sealed (II)

Emma finally thinks she is getting some control; Snake and Spike are back together.


High Fidelity (I)

It's the end of another school year and Darcy's faith in her boyfriend, Spinner, is being put to the test as she grapples with the harsh reality of teen romance – jealousy and trust. Spinner isn't exactly forthright about his sexual history and opts to leave Darcy in the dark about the truth. But when Darcy finds out about Spinner's past sexual escapades, she will have to make the decision whether to forgive and forget.


High Fidelity (II)

Graduation wouldn't be complete without some old couples reuniting. Spinner, reeling from his recent break-up with Darcy, considers reconnecting with someone from his past. Meanwhile, Darcy regrets her fight with Spinner and pines for his attention in hopes of mending their relationship.



NOTE: This information has NOT been 100% utterly and completely confirmed.


8 of the 12 Webisodes (a.k.a. Degrassi Minis) will be released every Friday on from 3 February to 17 March. 4 of the Webisodes will be released at a later date. These four webisodes are "What If" episodes, somewhat of a fantasy Degrassi. The four webisodes will be (note that :


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