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Degrassi Freak owes sincere thanks to a number of people, who keep this site running smoothly. We’d like to express our thanks here:


  • Thanks to Sienna for making an AWESOME banner for Degrassi Freak, and Sharon for encouraging her to do so. Thanks to JR ( for making some fantastic banners. Austin from has made some great banners for us! One banner was made by and we’d like to give our thanks for the great graphic.


  • We'd like to thank Kyle for giving Degrassi Freak fans interesting articles to read, and also for his continued support and dedication to Degrassi Freak.


  • Trish has been keeping us on our toes and giving us all the juiciest gossip, in addition to some great submissions. And yes, we know we love you.


  • Thanks to fan fiction authors Andre, Brianna, Daniela, Eden, Erin, Felicia, Jessica, Jessy, Katy, Keetin, Kyle, Nicole, Susie, Suzie, Taylor, Tiffany, Tracy, Trish and Trisha for sharing their writing with us.


  • Thanks to Degrassi Freak's affiliates for their support.



  • Thanks to all the visitors of our site, anyone who has e-mailed us questions, suggestions or corrections and a special thanks to regular visitors Trish, Jessica, Eden, Jaycie, Jess, Felicia and Sharon, in addition to anyone who has said a kind word about Degrassi Freak.

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