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The Soundtrack to Degrassi.

Release Date: 25 October 2005 (Canada)
Purchase at:
Track Listing:
1. Degrassi Theme - Jakalope
2. Heartbreaker - Tuuli
3. Beautifully Undone - Lindy
4. Midnite Rider - Supergarage
5. Secret Splendor - Buck 65
6. Hard Road - Sam Roberts
7. Rooftop - Melissa McLelland
8. Suburbs - Junior Achiever
9. Feel It - Jakalope
10. I Don't Want to Be Me - Amanda Clemens
11. White Lightning - The Premiums
12. Down and Out - Evren
13. Just Jane - Christopher Rouse
14. Extended Degrassi Theme
Additional Information: It is an "Enhanced CD" featuring performances from the Degrassi cast than can be accessed using a computer.
Track Uses

2. Heartbreaker – Used in 207 Shout (I) while Dean and Paige are at the party


3. Beautifully Undone –Used in 314 Accidents Will Happen as Manny runs through the streets after learning she is pregnant


4. Midnite Rider – Used in 316 Take on Me whilst Jimmy, Hazel, Ellie, Sean and Toby roam the halls of Degrassi


5. Secret Splendor – Used in 304 Pride as Marco and Dylan sit on some rocks whilst Marco comes to terms with the fact he is gay


6. Hard Road – Used in 301 – 302 Father Figure (I & II) whilst Emma and Craig searched for Emma’s father


7. Rooftop – Used at the very end of 408 Time Stands Still (II)


8. Suburbs – Used in 413 Bark at the Moon during a montage of Spinner doing everything he can to take care of Jimmy


9. Feel It – Used in 401 – 402 Ghost in the Machine (I & II) whilst Paige and Spinner are making out in his car


10. I Don't Want to Be Me – Used in 308 Whisper to a Scream during a montage of stressful scenes in Ellie’s life


11. White Lightning – Used in 306 Gangsta Gangsta during a fight between Sean a Jay


12. Down and Out – Actually featured in the show Instant Star


13. Just Jane – Used in 213 White Wedding as Sean and Emma kiss

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