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Don't You Forget About Me (I)

Ellie’s at The Dot and her phone rings . . .  it’s Sean Cameron. Ellie is obviously surprised, considering she hasn’t seen or heard from him in over a year. However, she’s a even more surprised to find out that Sean is calling from The Dot. Sean is back in Toronto to meet with a bank regarding a loan; he wants to open up a motorcycle customization shop. Ellie’s not impressed with Sean’s new maturity; it doesn’t make up for breaking her heart and leaving her with an apartment she couldn’t afford. Sean tries to explain that he really needed to get away after the school shooting, and even though a lot of things have changed, he still cares about Ellie. Ellie, however, has moved on; she likes someone else but isn’t willing to divulge who it is. As Ellie leaves, Sean tears up his loan application.




            Manny and Marco are in the library; Marco is at his computer and Manny is “busy” reading a fashion magazine. When Marco questions her reading materials, Manny expresses her distress that she can’t figure out what to wear to the premiere of Jay And Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh! Marco immediately mentions a Badgley Mishka knock-off that would be perfect for Manny. Manny laughs, and asks Marco, “Holy cow, are you ever gay?" Manny then decides to test exactly how gay Marco is by sitting on his lap. Marco acts like he’s getting excited, but it’s clear that that’s all Marco is: acting. Manny expresses her sympathy at how hard it must be for Marco to face prejudice over his sexual orientation, and Marco sympathizes with Manny over the fact that people are still distributing Degrassi Girls Gone Wild throughout the school (and now in a version you can dance to). When Spinner walks by, he is shocked to see Marco and Manny in a seemingly compromising situation (Manny is still perched suggestively on Marco’s lap), but decides he’d rather not know what’s happening and walks away. Manny and Marco share a chuckle.



Bizarre Love Triangle

            Craig and Ellie are hanging out at The Dot, playing Pinball and discussing fantasies of Downtown Sasquatch playing Wembley with famous rock stars. They are looking very cozy, with a lot of physical contact. Craig feels convinced that their band can make it big, but Ellie voices some doubts about balancing both the band and life. Ellie then tells Craig that she wants to quit the band, because it’s getting in the way and because she’s sick of Craig. Ellie holds her composure for a bit, and seems to be convincing Craig, but she quickly breaks out in a fit a giggles and Craig tickles her in retaliation. Manny enters The Dot to see Ellie and Craig in a compromising situation. Manny is quick to mark her territory with a searing kiss, and makes it clear to Ellie that if anything beyond friendship develops, “there might be a problem.”



Don't You Forget About Me (II)

            Jay is at a diner, scratching at a lotto ticket with a coin. He overhears a strangely familiar voice . . . . that of Sean Cameron. Jay is excited to see Sean and wants to hear about his life in Wasaga. Sean tells Jay that’s he’s simply trying to stay out of trouble, but Jay won’t accept that answer, mentioning the rumor that Sean’s opening up a bike shop. Jay resents that Sean left Degrassi (and his friends) behind and yet life is treating him well. Sean claims leaving Degrassi wasn’t an easy decision, but Jay thinks Sean took the easy way out, bailing “on everyone when things got too scary.” Jay obviously feels left behind, having lost Sean, Spinner and Alex and he’s not happy that his only friends are drug dealers he doesn’t know. Jay’s also sad that Sean abandoned their joint dream of opening a Mod Shop. When Jay brings up Sean’s abandonment of Ellie, Sean tells him that she’s the whole reason he came back, that he’s not opening up a bike shop (it was only an excuse to come visit), and that things aren’t good in Wasaga. Jay wants Sean to move back to Degrassi permanently and start working on winning Alex and Ellie back, bringing up the joint tattoos both have over their hearts to symbolize their love. Jay’s confident that as long as Ellie’s name is still tattooed on Sean’s heart, he’ll have a reason to come back. What Jay doesn’t know, however, is that Sean’s tattoo actually reads “Emma”.



Man in the Mirror

Jimmy is at Downtown Sasquatch’s rehearsal space and is rehearsing . . . how to flirt with Ellie. In the midst of comments about white teeth and sprightly elves, Ellie walks in. Ellie is quick to offer sympathy over Jimmy’s break-up with Hazel, but he’s equally quick to reassure her that the two just grew apart. He’s looking for someone who shares his interests and inspires him. Things start getting awkward and tense, and Ellie drops a cymbal, damaging it. Jimmy helps her pick it up and offers to pay to replace it, telling Elle that she’s perfect in the process. Before anything else can happen, Craig shows up and announces that Marco can’t make it to rehearse. It’s obvious to him that he’s interrupted something, so Craig offers to leave, but Ellie and Jimmy decline, so the Squatch begins working on a song.



Bigmouth Strikes Again

Spinner and Darcy are leaving the theatre after watching Clown Academy Three. Darcy thinks the movie sucked, but Spinner seemed to love it. The one thing they do agree on is that neither are happy to see Jay in the hallway. Jay wants to talk to Spinner, so Darcy lets them have some space. Jay is quick to make comments about Darcy controlling Spinner, and that Spinner will do anything to get into Darcy’s pants. Spinner makes it clear that it’s not about sex for him, and that he’s been saved (having converted to Christianity). Jay is definitely unhappy, and doesn’t believe Spinner is sincere. The two almost get into a physical fight until Darcy reminds Spinner that Jay isn’t worth it. As Darcy and Spinner walk away, Jay attempts to apologize.



The Lovecats

Alex and Paige are sitting in the Caf when Alex questions Paige’s choice of food (“low fat cottage cheese on pizza day?”). Paige is dieting in preparation for the big movie premiere (Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!). Alex seems a little bummed she’s not going to the premiere, and, after some joking, Paige casually asks if Alex wants to go. Alex responds with, “Maybe.” When Ellie and Marco show up, Paige asks them about the movie premiere, but they seem less than excited about it, Marco mentioning he has other stuff to do. Alex asks if it’s “gay stuff” and Marco jokingly tells her his plans include making out with the football team in the boiler room, causing Alex to spit out her milk. When Paige mentions that Alex needs sensitivity training, Alex gets defensive and tries to convince the others that she’s not homophobic. Ellie, Paige and Marco don’t seem bothered, so who is Alex really trying to convince?



Hey Ladies

Emma’s walking to the bathroom, and Peter is walking toward Emma. Emma seems a little on edge, so Peter reassures her that it’s a “Manny-free-corridor.” The two are flirting in the hallway when Emma seems Manny coming. She quickly shoves Peter into the girls’ bathroom. Whilst Emma tries to distract Manny with a discussion on the carb content of yogurt, Peter is stuck listening to Paige and Ellie go to the bathroom, discuss cramps, and birth control. Ellie and Paige notice Peter and start yelling at him, so Peter runs out of the girls’ bathroom, right past Manny and Emma. Paige warns the two that Peter might have bugged the bathroom, Manny calls him a psychotic freak and Emma calls him a loser. As Peter walks away, Emma and he share a secret smirk.


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