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Don’t You Forget About Me (I)

Ellie: Sean Cameron, I’ve barely heard from you in a year. What’s going on?

Sean: Why don’t you look down the bar and find out?


Sean: I’m not the same guy you used to know. A lot of things have changed. I know what I what and I’m gonna get it.


Ellie: There’s an expiry date on being pissed Sean? I’m still mad at you.

Sean: And I’m still sorry.


Sean: After the shooting, I needed, I needed to go home. I had a lot of stuff I had to think about.




Manny: Holy cow, are you ever gay?

Marco: Uh, yeah, wow, guilty as charged. But hey, I swear I can bore you with Italian Serie A soccer statistics.


Manny: So, uh, this . . . does nothing for you.

Marco: Actually, now that, wow, I’m, Manny, I’m getting a little hot, really hot, wow in a few seconds I don’t think I’m gonna be able to control myself, like I am freakin . . . Nothing. Nothing. I try, just, nothing.


Manny: It’s like hard-wired in there.

Marco: Yeah, instead of make-up and curves, I much prefer them with broader shoulders with a little bit of stubble.


Manny: Well, it’s bad enough that the original me flashing my boobs can be seen all over the world, but uh, now there’s one that you can dance to.


Spinner: You know what, I am not even gonna ask.



Bizarre Love Triangle

Craig: Okay, so picture this: we’re on stage at Wembley and who should step out to duet with me on our first number?

Ellie: Billie Joe from Green Day.

Craig: And Thom Yorke from Radiohead.

Ellie: Who brought along his friend Bono, of course.

Craig: Of course. I don’t know if he can keep up with me on my though. I got skills.


Craig: I don’t know about Wembley and Bono and all that, but I really think the band can go far. I’m taking recording deals, touring . . .

Ellie: Yeah, yeah. If, um, we can slot it all in between the other stuff. You know, the little things, like careers, university . . . life

Craig: Screw that, man, the band, that’s our university, that’s our career, that’s our life. It’s everything.


Ellie: Look, um the band’s kinda getting in the way of stuff, and I’m gonna have to quit.

Craig: Oh, ha, you’re funny. You are joking . . .

Ellie: No, no. I’m serious; I’m tired of the band, and you. Craig, you’re kind of annoying and . . . you kind of smell.


Manny: Just jokes, right?

Ellie: Just jokes.

Manny: Good. Cause, if it was anything more between you two . . . there might be a problem.



Don’t You Forget About Me (II)

Jay: Must be nice: turn your back on your friends, skip town, still everything turns out just peachy for ya.

Sean: Dude, it wasn’t an easy decision, alright?

Jay: Man, you chickened out. You, you bailed on everyone when things got too scary.


Sean: Give me a break.

Jay: Give you a break? What about me, huh? Since you left, Spinner’s Christianed-out, all my friends are drug dealers, who’s names I don’t even know, good luck getting Alex back . . .

Sean: What, and all this is supposed to be my fault?


Jay: What about what you promised? Not only me, but you know, that sweet little redhead you left behind.

Sean: Why the hell do you think I came back?

Jay: Ahhh, now we’re getting somewhere.


Sean: There is not mod shop, alright? It was an excuse to come here and see Ellie. And if you think everything’s peachy in Wasaga, think again.


Jay: Well, at least nobody can mistake Ellie for a guy’s name.


Jay: All’s I know, is as long as you got that tattoo . . .  you won’t be gone for long.



Man in The Mirror

Jimmy: No, you look wonderful today. Your teeth look extremely white. And the light is bouncing off your eyes like a sprightly elf and it’s . . .


Jimmy: I’m into music and art and comic books and Hazel’s into . . . shoes. Cus girls love shoes and gossip. I don’t know. I just need somebody that I can talk to about music and art and life and stuff that matters. Someone who inspires me. Someone special. Have you ever met anyone like that?


Ellie: That’s not the point. I always break everything. I’m such a stupid klutz.

Jimmy: You’re not a klutz at all. You’re perfect.



Bigmouth Strikes Again

Darcy: I can’t believe JT said that was a good movie. It was 90 minutes of boots, butts, and dumb jokes.

Spinner: You say that like it’s a bad thing.


Darcy: Spinner, don’t. He’s not worth it.



The Lovecats

Alex: Low fat cottage cheese on pizza day. Don’t make me do an intervention.


Alex: Luckily nobody’s invited me or my big fat ass.

Paige. Oh please, uh (a) the glitz and glamour not exactly your scene and (b) your ass is fantastic. I’m jealous.

Alex: You’ve checked out my ass?


Marco: I don’t know, I have some things to do.

Alex: Gay stuff?

Marco: Actually, Alex, yes gay stuff. I’m meeting the football team in the boiler room for a quick make-out sess.



Hey Ladies

Peter: Sorry, sometimes just the sight of you I get all porridge-brained.

Emma: Well, if we’re gonna spend more time together you’re gonna have to get that condition checked out.


Emma: Did you know that yogurt has carbs? Cause I didn’t know that . . before . . . can we talk about that, just for a little, little bit, instead of going to the bathroom?


Manny: Yeah, you’re totally not a psychotic freak!

Emma: Loser!


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