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More about Whitney.


Age: 20

Nationality: American, but British/Canadian/American at heart

Ancestry: German, English, Irish, Dutch

Pets: 8 year-old Matese. She’s my baby.

Hobbies: this site, watching television, reading, travelling, movies, music (listening, not playing), hanging out with friends, studying diplomacy and politics, knitting

Any tattoos or piercings: ears. One on the cartilage, another in each ear. Last year I got my eyebrow pierced but my mom made me take it out. As long as they pay my tuition, I have to keep metal away from my eyes. If you think you get freedom once you turn 18, think again.

Vehicle: Honda Accord



Color: the ocean in the Caribbean, and purple

Holiday: St. Paddy’s Day! It’s the only holiday I really, truly enjoy.

TV Shows (besides Degrassi): Crossing Jordan, Law and Order: SVU, Radio Free Roscoe, Coupling, Keen Eddie, My So-Called Life, anything on Discovery Times or Discovery Health Channel, Commons Question Time, Instant Star, Miami Ink, Inked

Movie: Boondock Saints, that thing you do!, A Few Good Men, Empire Records, Lord of The Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thirteen Days 

Music: everything! My absolute favs are Westlife, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, Good Charlotte, Bob Marley, and a 7 year Backstreet Boys love I’ll never lose.

Magazine: The Economist, FourFourTwo, Champions, LFC Magazine

Drink: Pepsi, water

Food: Indian food, vegetarian tacos or chili, any form of potatoes

Desert: low-fat frozen chocolate yogurt, Girl Scout Thin Mints

Snack: salsa

Sport: Football (soccer to the Yanks)

Sport team: English National Football team (Germany 2006 here we come!) and Liverpool Football Club (European Champions!)

Place: Shropshire, Chester and London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Merida, Mexico. I REALLY want to go to Toronto.



If you could eat dinner with any three people (dead or alive), who would they be: Bono, Thomas Paine, Bob Marley

Person you admire most: Bono, he personifies the perfect mix of my two passions: music and diplomacy

What you are most proud of: my friends, my dog, my nieces, my passions, my education, my dedication, my compassion, my music (like my lovely ipod), my car



What is your idea of romance: Loving someone because of their imperfections, not in spite of them. Finding comfort in their presence, even in silence. Unexpected gifts at unexpected times. Laughter.

The type of person you look for: passionate, dedicated, witty, intelligent, mischievous. Men who talk about diplomacy turn me on.  I don’t have a specific type. However, on an entirely physical basis, Irish, English and Welsh accents make me weak, soccer players pique my interest, Arab and Latino men are hot, and I am definitely a butt girl.

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope.

Biggest celebrity crush: Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Bono. I do have an entire harem of infatuations though. Ask if you wish to know more.

First celebrity crush: Tom Cruise, I was two and he stole my heart away during Top Gun. Jonathan Taylor Thomas comes in a close second; I was four and his floppy hair and cheeky smile won me over.

Ever been in love: no, I’ve thought I was falling, but I’ve become more careful about distinguishing between infatuation and love.



Biggest goal in life: to be a wife, mother, and diplomat

In 10 years, you will be: going through grad school

Dream vehicle: purple Mini Cooper S, fully loaded

I do not own, work for, act on, write for or even live near Degrassi. I wish I did.

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