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This is all gossip. That means it is unconfirmed. It is all rumors.

Here are some of rumors floating around the world of Degrassi. Some are just plain silly, some are completely unexpected, and just a few might be true.
Season Five Rumors:
Emma and Manny go on a diet together when Emma becomes bulemic and pressures Manny to purge, which she does, but then stops. But Emma doesn't and becomes severly anorexic/bulemic. Then she ends up in the hospital!

"A not so triumphant return leaves all of Degrassi in shock at the year end dance."


Sean comes back, but gets drunk, pulled over by the police and calls Emma to rescue him.


Craig and Ellie date.


Jimmy and Ellie date.


Craig and Manny start up their drama again.


Caitlin and Joey will finally get married.


Snake (Mr. Simpson) cheats on Spike with Mrs. H.


Alex and Paige kiss.


Alex kisses both Paige and Ellie.


Darcy uses drugs.


There may be a musical episode.


Apparently, a rumor has surfaced over at The-N message boards that Liberty with get pregnant (by JT), Liberty dies, and JT moves to the USA. It's quite a crazy rumor (that I haven't heard elsewhere) but it's fun to speculate!


In the same vein as the above, apparently another rumour over at The-N is that Liberty's and JT's baby will be named Scott, he gets left with a stranger, in who's care Scott dies.


Liberty has twins.


Ellie gets pregnant.


Alex is a lesbian.


Toby is gay.


Emma is tempted into the ravine.


Craig kills himself.

Spinner commits suicide, 


Paige and Peter die in a car crash.


Toby gets AIDS.


Peter dies.


Craig leaves for Vancouver.


Daniel Clark may return for the last few episodes. 


Sean will come back from Wasaga Beach. He'll get interested in Emma (again!) and find out what Jay did to her.


Sean and Jay will fight over a girl.


Terri will visit for an episode.


Terri comes back, but then dies.


Terri, Ashley and Kendra will all come back for a special guest episode.



Season Six Rumors:
Degrassi Movie Rumors:
Daniel Clark will be in the Degrassi movie.
Melissa McIntyre will be in the Degrassi movie.
Other Rumors:
The-N might air Accidents Will Happen I & II.
Thanks to Trish, Carla, Brittany, Jess, and Gina for their submissions.

This site is geared toward US viewers. We'll try not to spoil the whole story for the Yanks. But yes, the site editors do know events as they air in Canada.
If you get wind of any juicy gossip, send it our way!

We do not own or work for Degrassi. This is just a fan site.

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