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CosmoGirl set up two blogs, one for Jake Epstein (Craig) and one for Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), where they’ll be posting messages about their lives. The original blogs are located at,,8lpqlzg3,00.html, but Aubrey’s are below and Jake’s posts are here.

3  January 2006

Hey girls,

I hope that all of you are enjoyed the holiday season. I have had my ups and downs over the past few weeks, but am so excited about my progress with my music. I lost love, almost lost a family member and also had someone break into my studio...twice! But sometimes you need the negative experiences in life to make you feel alive...and I am definitley living. Now things are getting better and I have started preparations for the first quarter of '06. We are planning to do a New York High School tour, shoot a video, I am in talks with Paul Wall's Grill Shop to give me that million dollar smile, things are looking up.

I just finished my mixtape that is going to be hosted by Dj Smallz
( and I did a remix of the main single that contains a blend of a song called "Me & U" from this new artist Cassie ( Business seems to be the thing that makes me smile most nowadays which is good because I know it will pay off in the future. I have yet to call Jake Epstein and ask him if he will play a couple tour dates with me...hopefully he reads this, haha!

As for a lady in my life, I am single like those thin slices of cheese
from kraft and that's just how it is...I am not loving it but then again I can't hate it. I am planning to go to Puerto Plata, DR or Barbados with my friend Jayson before we dive head first into this new year. I promised myself that something major will take place this year so my work ethic has to advance to another level so that I dont break it. I really want to jump on the Scream Tour that's supposedly happening this summer but I guess we'll see how the year plays out!

I wish you all a very happy new year and I will check in with you soon enough!

Aubrey (aka: Drake)

P.S. Visit me at!


10 January 2006

Hello, lovely readers. Aubrey Graham checking back in with ya'll post holiday madness! I did some christmas shopping for some of my non-jewish friends and that was quite a hectic experience. I didn't expect the difficulty factor to be so high when it came to finding an XBOX 360...damn my instinct, always lands me in a predicament.

Last night was an eye-opener for alot of people. A couple of other rappers and I were all outside of this store having a little freestyle session when all of a sudden our most popular street in Toronto turned into a warzone and 7 people ended up getting shot, for no reason at all. Our city is changing over here, along with a generation that seems to be on a steady decline.

On a brighter note, I got to see Stacey Farber this week before she left on her trip to Punta Cana. She came over and we kicked it for a minute, played some Live 2006 and ate Hershey Kisses. I am convinced that there is no other girl in the world that's cooler than her...real talk! As usual I am working on music this morning and trying to have everything in place for the new Nickelus F says, "Either I choose to make this music work or move from the earth".

My mom and grandmother got me a home gym for Channukah because my grandmother says that I am too skinny to be a rapper and that I need to get more like Omarion...thanks Bubi!

Anyways, to all the lovely ladies who hold me down, I appreciate so much. I will write back in a week or so but for now I need to go jump in the shower and get fressssssh!

Aubrey 'Drake' Graham


30 January 2006

Hello, my ever so beautiful CosmoGIRL! readers. I am writing from my Blackberry because I am in the studio doing a remix for the talented Ms. Divine Brown with Saukrates and young producer Boi-1da. It has been a wonderful past couple weeks and 06 is shaping up to be a successful year. The clipse is currently in Miami recording their album and they found time to be on the remix to one of the singles off the mixtape so shout out to them...STARTRAK all day! I had a root canal yesterday which went ok but now my mouth is on swole!

Other than that I have a girl from way back in the day that I started talking to again and she is mad cool and making me smile so hopefully everything works out there.

I also had a wonderful talk with Keshia Chante the other night just about the politics of the biznass and she helped me shed some of my frustration toward certain folks who have been pissing me off lately.


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