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CosmoGirl set up two blogs, one for Jake Epstein (Craig) and one for Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), where they’ll be posting messages about their lives. The original blogs are located at,,8lpqlzg3,00.html, but Jake’s posts are below and Aubrey’s posts are here.

2 January 2006

Hey CosmoGIRL! readers:

Hope you’re all doing well. Before I start I wanna say that I just finished my final College class for the Winter break. I mean I literally just finished……like 10 minutes ago. I’m in Montreal, Canada, right, and taking classes in acting. Life is sweet. I’m in one of the prime party cities in the world; home to gorgeous girls, very funky people, and great friends. Glad I have this CG! blog to emote.

I’ve been told I get to use this blog to reveal my deepest darkest secrets to you all for the next couple weeks. I’m going to start by filling you in on my life right now. Alright. I wrapped filming of The N's Degrassi: The Next Generation at the end of this past Summer. Since then, I’ve moved to Montreal to go to school…but really, to live in Montreal. Having my own apartment has been incredible. I room with an awesome girl that I went to high school with. Total freedom. The world is my oyster. Besides, of course, the little difficulties: like learning to do my laundry, cooking food, and adjusting to living with a girl. Besides all that, I feel in control of my life! Plus, I’m slowly learning how to speak French. It’s not so hard to learn, or to speak, but understanding it has been impossible. I can’t keep up with the speed of it. Last night, I went to a Tim Hortons and asked for “un grand café, double-double” which I thought was right. So there I was waiting for my large, double-double coffee, when the person responds with “quelle sorte de café a tu" which made me feel totally lost. Then I gave up. “Yeah. Just a mild coffee please.” I don’t feel discouraged though. I’m going to keep trying.

In terms of any girlfriend or lady situation here in Montreal, it’s been exciting. I’ve been going out with this girl for the past couple weeks. Nothing too serious. She’s a student at McGill, and really smart and fun. I hope we’re going to stay together during the Winter break. Got any good advice for me? ;)

Alright. Enough for now. I have some partying to do tonight. Tell
you all about it later. Hope you all had a happy holiday season and write me any time!

Much love,
Jake Epstein


10 January 2006

Hey everyone!

This last week has been sweeet. Best part about going to College and moving away from home is catching up with all your friends when you come back. I’ve spent most of the week with my bandmates, from my old band “Funkasaurus Rex,” and other friends from home. I’ll give you my week. I should warn you though, I am a movie fanatic. Or a movie ‘whore’ as I’ve been told. I went to see a movie every day this week...but so what?! I haven’t seen one in theatres in months.

Okay, so my week home went like this: Saturday night I went to this club with three of my good friends, who are girls. Now going to a club with a bunch of girls is very, very fun. You always have someone to dance with, and it’s just cool. Haha, they know I’m kidding. These girls are some of my best friends, and know that I’m a goofball. Also, there was a great live band that played. On Sunday I went to see the movie ‘Capote’ starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. Really brilliant performance; the movie is slow, but I loved it. That night went over to my friend John’s to play poker. Poker’s become huge with all my friends over the last few years. I’m not that good and most of my friends are. But I’m also a fast learner. I was up, I was down, ended up going ‘all-in’ on a bluff and I ended up losing all my chips. But hey, it was fun. Monday was all about reconnecting with an old friend of mine who went off to another theatre school. It was great cause he’s the only person I know who I can relate to and talk about the ridiculous parts of studying at a theatre school. I could mention the words “zone of silence” and he understood immediately. But the best part of the night was when I met up with my older sister, Gabi, later on in the night. We went out for Japanese food. I have a serious obsession with Japanese food. I don’t know why. But it’s always so delicious. Later we went to see this movie called ‘The Squid and the Whale.’ Kind of a disturbing movie, but really well done. Tuesday, I hung out with my friend Neta. We went shopping, drank lots of coffee, and went to see ‘Memoirs of a Geisha.” I did not love this movie. Wednesday, I babysat my little cousin, Zac. He’s one and a half, and seriously the CUTEST baby I’ve ever seen. We played tag, hide-and-go-seek, and lots of versions of ‘peek-a-boo’.

Afterwards, I went to jam with my band Funkasaurus Rex. It was a crazy, intense, passionate fiesta of drums, bass and guitar. We free-styled, we grooved, it was a funky night. Anyway, after the jam, I went to a movie. Oh, don’t give me that face. Went to see The Producers and it was alright. It’s really meant to be performed live on stage, but still a fun movie and Will Farrell is hilarious.

Thursday, I hung out with Danny, the girl I talked about in my last blog. She’s awesome. We hung out, ate some food, went to a movie (Walk the Line). Friday met up with my bandmates, and just bummed around. We all went to support my friend, Dylan, and saw Cheaper by the Dozen 2. He has a tiny tiny part; but we all cheered him on for his line. Literally...we cheered in the theatre. Like, we almost got kicked out!

I’m off to the Dominican Republic and I can’t wait! I'm going with my family, and a few friends and the next blog will be from there.

Until then, party on, and hope you had a happy Chrismakwanzaa.



30 January 2006

Hey ladies,

Hope the rest of your Winter breaks were excellent. Mine was great. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end . . . and now I'm back in school. Yeah it definetely sucks having to get up early, write papers, and concentrate all day long. I have found it very hard to get back in the swing of College. But come to think of it, I have not told you all about the last part of my break. Alright, this'll make me feel better. So lets see. I came back from the Dominican Republic with a smile on my face, and a good attempt at a tan (an 'attempt' I said.) hehe. New Years Eve was a great night. Went to a party with some camp friends.... then left to go to a party with some high school friends. The greatest time. Then at about 4 am a good buddy of mine calls and says that he is a party in a warehouse. I thought this was very cool. I also found it to be quite a sketchy piece of news. But, nonetheless, at 4 am a bunch of my buddies took a cab to this warehouse...half believing that this party even exists. Sure enough, we walk into this large warehouse, and see a skate park, a huge stage at the top of this ramp and my friend Andrew, with a big smile on his face. So I opened the New Years playing music with my friends, hanging out, and skateboarding.

Next day was the last night of Chanukkah. My large family had a party at my house which was nice. Good family fun....lots of latkes and dreidles. Rest of the week is a blur come to think of it. Seeing lots of friends, some old, and some from Montreal. I went to a hockey game with my dad. Saw Syndey Crosby and the Penguins play the Leafs. Leafs won in O.T.(yeahhhhhh). Saw two movies. King Kong, I went to see...and I was a bit dispointed. I loved the animation, and the story, but the movie was just too long. Wayyyyyy too long. And I might have been mistaken, but I think that the youngest pirate on the
ship, was Billy in the movie Billy Elliot a few years ago. (am I right?). Also saw Munich. Amazing film. I think its an important movie to see. Its not even that the movie was unbelievable, but the topic is so controversial and interesting.

Leaving my friends at home to move to Montreal was a bit sad. I really had the best time these past three weeks. I miss them a lot already....a few days into school.

Oh and by the way, I wanted to thank all you guys who wrote comments back to me for my blogs. Nice to see that someone is actually reading this thing! hehe. I wanted to post back to just a couple that caught my attention:

eat_your_heart_out: I saw the movie The Jacket with Adrian Brody and liked it. I watched it with my roomate. She loves horror movies and convinced me to watch it.

crismeily: Good luck planning your trip to the DR for Spring Break. Sounds crazy fun. And yes, I went to Punta Cana too.

lilhannahbanana: I love Cat Stevens too! Yesterday I bought his greatest hits CD from HMV. I love it.

girlonthewing: You're in Australia??! Wow. I'm impressed. That is pretty cool. You sound like you're living life to its fullest.

sonnnn: Yeah Jamie Johnston is a cool dude. If you see him at school, tell him I saw 'hey'.

dancing_through_life: haven't seen Hostel. Directed by Quinton Tarantino right? My horror film loving roomate asked me if I wanted to go see it with her. Hope you get a chance to sneek in and see it soon!

alexa07: Yeah Rent was fun. I had some serious problems with the movie. (like changing the year it took place....speaking the words to some of its great songs......and the whole Roger Bon Jovi thing???) But to be honest, I am obsessed with the show. I got to see it in New York last year. In fact.....I feel like watching the movie now.

hotpinkspandex: I'll take your advice and go see Brokeback Mountain when I get a chance.

That's about it for now. I am actually at school right now typing this. And I have five minutes to go before class. So I gotta run. But stay cool. And party on.



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