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Craig Manning


  • Joey’s step-son
  • Lives with Joey and step-sister Angela
  • His father used to beat him; his father is now deceased
  • Very interested in music
  • Was in Downtown Sasquatch
    • Is lead singer
  • Craig’s complicated dating history
    • Dated Manny, then thought she was too immature
    • Dated Ashley, but then cheated on her with Manny
    • Both girls dumped him
    • When Craig cheated, Manny got pregnant
    • Manny got an abortion against Craig’s wishes; they broke up 
    • Befriended Ashley again and they swifty began dating
    • Ashley broke up with him via an e-mail from England
    • Defended and protected Manny in light of "Degrassi Girls Gone Wild" video
    • Currently dating Manny
  • Has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
  • Hangs with Jimmy, Marco and Ellie 
  • Wrote the music for Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi, Eh!
    • During which he ran away from home in midst of a bipolar episode, but was safely returned
  • Downtown Sasquatch was offered a managerial contract
    • band ended up breaking up because the manager liked Craig more
    • Ellie convinced Craig to become a solo act
  • Craig is currently in Vancouver working on his musical career, thus putting his last year of high school on hold

Jake Epstein
16 January 1987
Toronto, Ontario
  • Filming the movie Charlie Bartlett, which stars Robert Downey, Jr. and features Lauren Collins (Paige).
  • Attending university in Montreal, Quebec
    • Studying acting
  • Read Jake's CosmoGirl blog here
  • In a band called Funkasaurus Rex
  • Was in a band called Mind the Gap that broke up after a couple of members moved away from Toronto. Band Website.
  • Received a Gemini award for Degrassi
  • Plays the guitar and the drums
  • Sings all of Craig's Degrassi music
  • Writes most of Craig's songs
  • Went to high school for the arts
    • same school as John Bregar (Dylan) and Ephraim Ellis (Rick)
  • Went to same middle school as Stacey Farber (Ellie)
  • Apparently dated Lauren Collins (Paige) in 8th grade
  • Was on Girls v. Boys : Hawaii (The-N)
  • You might have seen him on Disney
    • "Quints"
    • "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire"
    • "Zack Files"
  • Guested on "Real Kids, Real Adventures" (Discovery Kids)
    • Melissa McIntyre (Ashley) starred on show
  • Guest starred in Radio Free Roscoe (11 March 2004)


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