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101-102 Mother and Child Reunion (I and II)

          Christine “Spike” Nelson is on her way to the Degrassi High reunion! There she sees all her old friends, including Archie “Snake” Simpson, who is now the Media Immersion teacher at Degrassi, and even Mr. Raditch, the dreaded principal.

          Meanwhile, Emma Nelson has been developing an online relationship with Jordan, a (supposedly) boy her age, who will coincidentally be at the same hotel as the reunion. Emma decides to go and meet up with Jordan without telling anyone. Manny Santos gets suspicious and convinces Toby Issacs to hack into Emma’s computer. Jordan ends up being an adult who coaxes Emma into his room. Just in time, Manny, Toby and James Tiberius "JT" Yorke alert Spike of the danger. Spike and Snake break into the hotel room and save Emma.



103 Family Politics

          Ashley Kerwin decides to run for president of Degrassi. Toby is reacting poorly to the fact that his father and Ashley’s mother are now living together, and decides to convince his best friend JT to run against Ashley in the school election.



104 Eye of the Beholder

          Terri McGreggor is crushing on Gavin “Spinner” Mason, but is very self-conscious about her appearance. Ashley and Paige Michalchuk decide to help her glam up and feel better about herself in order to convince her to go to the school dance. Unfortunately, Paige also likes Spinner, and decides to get Terri drunk in order to embarrass her at the dance.

          Notes: Emma first meets Sean Cameron and shares a dance with him. JT and Toby pass on the dance to view internet porn.



105 Parents’ Day

          Toby is dreading the annual Degrassi Parents’ night. He doesn’t want his parents fighting like they usually do, and so concocts a scheme to convince his parents that Parents’ Night has been cancelled. Meanwhile, Paige and Ashley both desperately want to get the attention of Toby’s mom who is a casting agent, but it turns out that Toby’s mom is more interested in Terri!

          Note: After Sean’s brother (Tracker) criticizes Emma’s school newspaper, Sean apologizes to Emma. It seems like it could be the beginning of something.



106 The Mating Game

          Ashley and Jimmy Brooks have been dating for 8 months now and are starting to consider whether or not to make the “big step”. Is it time to have sex, or should they wait? Paige is Juliet in the school play while Jimmy is Romeo, and Paige is planting doubts in Ashley’s mind. Ashley doesn’t feel ready to have sex but starts to think that Jimmy will dump her if she doesn’t sleep with him. When the intimate moment comes, Ashley admits her fears, and Jimmy feels exactly the same. They decide to wait until they are both ready.

          Note: Toby tries to impress Emma with a project on endangered turtles, but Emma has already fallen for Sean.



107 The Basketball Diaries

          Jimmy wants to make Degrassi’s basketball team, but Sean starts to shine as a better player, plus Jimmy already has problems balancing school and sports. Jimmy convinces Spinner to give him some ADD medication (Ritalin), and although Jimmy plays well, he hogs the ball too much and Coach Armstrong decides not to give him a place on the team.

          Note: Since Spinner gave Jimmy his medication, his ADD starts to spiral out of control. He moons the fans at the game, which leads to a strict punishment from Principal Raditch.



108 Secrets and Lies

          Liberty van Zandt has a massive crush on JT. She gets horribly overbearing and JT tries to figure out how to get her off his back. After all his subtle hints fail, he decides to tell her that he is gay! He ends up having to admit it was a lie, which hurts Liberty more than the truth would have.

          Ashley’s dad comes back from overseas and decides to tell Ashley the truth why her parents split up; Mr. Kerwin is gay! Ashley is incredibly hurt and vows to never speak to or see her father again. Because Terri’s mother recently died, she tries to convince Ashley that at least her father is still alive. Eventually Ashley begins to accept her father back into her life.



109 Coming of Age

          Jimmy starts spending an excessive amount of time at Ashley’s house, and not just to be with Ashley. He hangs out with Toby, eats dinner there practically every night and Ashley’s mom has even begun to call him her third child. Ashley is feeling smothered and decides to break up with Jimmy – on his 14th birthday none-the-less! When Jimmy’s birthday comes, it turns out that his very rich parents are too busy to even celebrate their own son’s birthday. He sadness convinces Ashley to stay with him.

          Emma gets her period for the first time – in the middle of the school day. She has no idea what to do, until Paige comes to her rescue and offers a maxipad. The boys in Mrs. Kwan’s English class start to mock Emma for “peeing her pants” but Emma decides to take the high road and courageously announces that she has started her period – something that 50% of the population experiences. Sean is duly impressed.



110 Rumors and Reputations

          Liberty has been secretly seeing Mr. Armstrong for tutoring since she’s been diagnosed with a learning disorder. She’s too embarrassed to let anyone know why she’s started spending so much time with a teacher, and it’s not long before Emma starts to suspect Liberty and Mr. Armstrong are secretly having an affair! She mentions it to Manny, Terri overhears, and before you know it, the entire school is convinced that Liberty and Mr. Armstrong are having sex! Emma tries to stop the rumor, but realizes she is the one who started it, and has to fess up to Liberty and the staff at Degrassi.

          Meanwhile, Spinner finds an earwig in the school cafeteria but kills it before he can prove it to anyone. No one believes him that there are bugs in the Caf, so Spinner decides to spread bugs around the cafeteria himself. His misguided efforts land him punishment in the form of having to work for Shiela the lunch-lady.



111 Friday Night

          Mrs. Kwan puts Spinner and Jimmy in detention for acting out in class. They decide to get back at her by ordering quite a few pizzas in her name (to be delivered while she is teaching English to adults) and vandalizing her car. When Mrs. Kwan sees the result of the prank, she doesn’t show up at school the next day. Jimmy and Spinner find out that Mrs. Kwan has been under a lot of stress dealing with her sick father. They feel really bad for their cruel prank.

          Confusion ensues when Sean asks Emma out in a horribly ambiguous way, which he takes as rejection when she tries to clarify. They finally get their stories straight and go out on their first date. The date ends up being a complete disaster, involving bird poop, a lost purse and even a dig through the garbage! Emma is convinced that Sean will never ask her out on a date again, but come Monday, he does ask her out, and directly this time.



112 Wannabe

          Paige decides to start a Spirit Squad at Degrassi, which immediately offends Emma’s feminist instinct. Emma decides to write a scathing letter in the school newspaper.  Manny, however, is excited by the prospect of showing off her gymnastic skills and possibly gaining popularity, and decides to try out for the squad. Quickly falling victim to the manipulations of popularity, Manny is convinced by Paige to destroy Emma’s article. Her efforts almost destroy her friendship with Emma as well. Manny eventually comes to her senses, Emma apologizes for being so pushy, and a crisis is averted . . . for now.

          Note: Toby, JT, Liberty and Spinner try to win a contest for one million dollars. All they have to do it find an ace of clubs and ace of spades. Toby and JT think they’ve won, only to have Spinner point out that they only have two of a kind.



113 Cabaret

          The Degrassi talent show is coming up, and Ashley and Terri have decided to enter it under the name “Two Girls and a Keyboard.” Paige wants to join too, and it takes Terri using her newfound skill at reading Tarot cards to convince Ashley to let it happen. After two name changes (“Three Girls and a Keyboard” to “Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens”) Ashley finds out that Terri has lied, and quits the band. They are now simply “Paige and Terri”. After the talent show, Terri manages to apologize to Ashley and the band reforms with Ashley, Terri and Paige as “PMS’.         

          Note: Toby joins Manny’s and Emma’s talent show dance routine, still hoping Emma will fall for him. Unfortunately, Emma and Sean are now officially dating.



114 Under Pressure

          Exams are coming up, and Sean is worried that he will have to repeat grade 7 . . . again. The stress gets to him, and he starts reverting back to his old, hostile ways. Emma studies with him and hopes to ease his fears. But during Mr. Simpson’s exam, Sean runs out of time and is sure he has failed. To release his anger he picks a fight with Jimmy. Emma tries to intervene, but Sean isn’t paying attention and accidentally shoves her to the ground. The new relationship is destroyed. The only good news is that Sean has passed his exams.



115 Jagged Little Pill

          Ashley’s and Toby’s parents go out of town for the weekend, with a one-guest-per-kid rule. Toby immediately breaks it and invites both Sean and JT over. Ashley decides to follow her step-brother’s lead, and invites Terri, Paige, and Hazel Aden to the house. JT decides to intensify the party and reveals that he has brought Ecstasy. Sean takes the Ecstasy from Toby and gives it to Ashley, expecting her to do the responsible thing and throw it away. Unfortunately, Ashley is sick of being the “perfect” child, and swallows the drug.

          Meanwhile, Toby has invited Emma over, which causes a big fight with Sean, who is left heartbroken after his attempts to patch things up with Emma fail. Ashley, while high, invites Jimmy to the house, who then brings Spinner. Jimmy is disgusted that Ashley has taken drugs, which makes Ashley mad enough to run off and make-out with Sean. When Jimmy finds out, Ashley dumps him in front of everyone, insults all of her friends, and ends up being left alone in a very messy house with no friends . . . except Terri.


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