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203 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Manny: Is that the sound of your heart beating? . . . No, it's mine.


Jimmy: Spin you move like a wounded polar bear, sorry buddy.


Spinner: So I get it. I can't dance 'cause I'm white.
Jimmy: No, you can't dance ‘cause you suck.


(Emma arrives at her front door to Find Spike and Snake kissing)
Spike: Emma, what are you doing out here? You should be in bed.
Emma: You should too!


Paige: I've seen better dancing at Heather Sinclair's grade 3 sock hop.


Jimmy: Who are you supposed to be, Vanilla Ice?
Spinner: Ohh, who are you supposed to be, Michael Jackson?
Paige: Um, yeah, Spin, he is.



204 Karma Chameleon

Ashley: (walks over to Jimmy) Hey, Jimmy.
Jimmy: (stands up and walks away from her) Don't talk to me, you slut.
Ashley: (turns towards him) What did you say?
Jimmy: Slut - that's the word for girls who cheat on their boyfriends.
Ashley: You're not my boyfriend.
Jimmy: Yeah, well I was last year when you cheated on me with Sean. Now you wanna do it again? (He walks to his seat.)


Paige: Am I the only sane one here?


Paige: Then pencil it in, boys. Retro Rollerskating Party.
Ashley: Retro Rollerskating Party?! That sounds cool.
Paige: Funny how something's cool one year and so totally un-cool the next. Kinda like people.
Ashley: I get it, Paige. You don't have to invite me to your dumb party.
Paige: Oh, but I was kinda hoping you'd take drugs and act like a total freak and destroy everything. Oh, wait, you did that last year.


Terri: What was that about?
Paige: Ter, it's simple. Really. Four years of high school: Will you spend them cool with all of us? Or as a social, outcast, loser with one of her? You decide.



205 Weird Science

Manny: You are so jealous.
Liberty: I'm not jealous, I'm appalled. Teacher's pet wins again.


Jimmy: Hey, Spin! And how is "Little Spinner" doing today?
Spinner: Little Spinner is hiding, and so should you, because I'm gonna kill you.
Jimmy: Man, C'mon. It wasn't that bad.



206 Drive

Joey: We got the four basic food groups. Chips, chips, chips and Kraft dinner.


Spinner:Because we are going to party!
Craig: No party Spin.
Spinner: Girls?
Craig: No girls.
Spinner: Booze?
Craig: No booze.
Spinner: Donuts?
Craig: That we can do!


Sean: Hello this is the power company.
Emma: So this is what you do Sean. Prank your ex-girlfriend.


Spinner: What about your mom Marco, she works in the music biz.
Marco: She's a piano teacher.


(Spinner Farts)
Marco:- Aww, Aww man you're sick!
Craig: Spinner! Not in the car!
Spinner: Sorry, excitement makes me fart.


Sean: Shut up.
Spinner: No, you shut up.
Sean: You shut up.
Spinner: Shut up.
Sean: Shut up.
Spinner: You shut up.
Craig: Why don't you both shut up!?


Joey: What do you think you were doing?! Do the words "silent alarm" mean anything to you?! You, you, and you, GONE!! Craig, if you were some punk off the street, I would've had you arrested, and pressed charges!!


Ashley: I acted like an idiot and totally embarrassed myself.
Ellie: Yeah you did . . . kidding.



207 - 208 Shout (I & II)

JT: (Imitating Liberty) You take that back. I do so have friends! 10 textbooks, a hundred stuffed animals, oh and sometimes, even my parents like me!


JT: You wanna know something Liberty? You're boring. B-O-R-I-N-G!

Liberty: I'm stunned. J.T. spelled a word.
JT: You want another one? Fun. F-U-N. Something you wouldn't know if it came up and bit you in the butt!


Spinner: I'm a winner on the field and with the ladies!


Hazel: Paige, honey, if you said no, that’s rape.


Paige: Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me!
Spinner: Why not?! Everybody else does!


Terri: Why do you have to be so mean?
Paige: I'm not mean, I'm right!


Dean: Come on, Spirit, we had fun.


Paige: This is my school, and, I don't want to see you or talk to you again.


Paige: It happens to other people. You say, “how sad.” You say, “poor thing.” When it's you, it's something else / It's everything / You'll never believe the nightmares / You'll never know the pain you caused / You'll never see the scars you left / The things you stole, everything I lost / You took my body / Tore it in half / You took my childhood / My heart and my laugh / You took everything I kept for myself / Then you're gone / I'm not your poor thing



209 Mirror in the Bathroom

Mohammed: Hey, it's the More of Everything Girl. I think you should join the sumo team. Seriously.
Terri: Hey! Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it!
Paige: No kidding.
Terri: I made 500 bucks today as plus-sized model! Yeah. Plus-sized. What do you make, ice cream boy?


JT: Laxatives... Tasty going in, nasty going out!



210 Take My Breath Away

Hazel: What do you think of Marco?
Paige: He's cute.
Hazel: I think he's really cute.
Paige: Which raises the question, cute, smart and still single?
Hazel: Not for long, Hazel's on the case. I think I need help with my math homework.


Manny: Do you want to go to the movies?
Craig: Oh you mean with you.... I don’t know. . . Just kidding!
Manny: You so had me there.


Ellie: (reading from her Edward Gorey book) E is for Edward who choked on a peach!



211 Don’t Believe the Hype

Spinner (to Jimmy): So I went home last night and asked my mom what my culture was and she pointed to the globe and said, "You're from Earth." (Jimmy laughs)
Paige: Good. Because I had my doubts.


Liberty: JT, you never stop surprising me. I mean normally, you're such a... slob.
JT: Great. First you blackmail me into making you a dress and then you insult me.



212 Hot for Teacher

Sean: So, how were things with Ms. Hot Sauce? (Ms. Hatzilakos)
JT: Hot and saucy!


Armstrong: So, Fred has five fish tanks. Two are 24 liters. How many cups will he need to fill all five fish tanks? Mr. Yorke?
JT: Yeah, I think Fred needs to get a life


Jimmy: Don't make me start a Terri list. Top item: nosy, doesn't mind own business.



213 White Wedding (I & II)

Emma: Why are you doing this?
Spike: If you were in my shoes and making this mistake a second time-
Emma: (Drops her hairbrush and storms out)
Spike: Em, I didn't mean it that way...


Manny: Emma, just stop being a baby, and get ready for the wedding.
Emma: Manny, mind your own business.
Manny: Oh, that's funny. Didn't I tell you the same thing, last night.
Emma: I did what I thought was right!
Manny: Yesterday you freaked because I talked to Sean. What you did was so much worse.
Emma: Gee, thanks, Manny what a great friend you are!


Sean: It's a slow song, and you're not dancing.
Emma: Well, nobody caught my interest.
Sean: 'bout now?
Emma: I'd love to.



214 Careless Whisper

Marco: I had a great time last night.
Ellie: Me too.
Marco: But, I sort of forgot something. (Kisses Ellie)


Marco: I'm going to get a drink of water.
Ashley: Oh I'll get it.
Marco: No it's ok I'll get it. (walks upstairs with Ellie)
Ashley: (laughs) I didn't know my kitchen was upstairs.


Spinner: Marco! Just the guy I wanted to talk to!
Marco: About what?
Spinner: About "someone's" extended bathroom break Friday night!


Teacher: (to class) Write about your fears and hopes.
Toby: My fear is that Kendra hates me. My hope is that I die.



216 Dressed in Black

Ashley: Yolanda stared into the soul of the eclipse, and saw the world for what it was: a shadow of black, empty, disappearing, nothingness.


Ashley: It's about breaking a person. Their spirit. Taming them. Making them into someone they aren't. Making them into a lesser version of themselves.


Kendra: How old am I?!
Toby: 12.
Kendra: And what grade am I in?
Toby: 7th.
Kendra: And you thought I'd have sex with you?! Pervert!


Toby: I got those condoms because if I ever did want to do that with Kendra . . . which I’m not saying I do . . . I’d wanna take care of her.

Spinner: So you live another day.



217 Relax

Manny: I can't play today, Liberty. I'm . . . I'm kinda on my period.
Liberty: Aww, Manny's afraid of a little monthly visitor!


Emma: You know what I just said about giving up? I lied.


Jimmy: Triple Five Soul. Since when do you have money to pay for that?
Spinner: Since . . . none of your business!



218 Fight for Your Right

Nadia: Here, try these tomatoes. (Gives them to Raditch) GM tomatoes. The kind Sheila uses in the caf.
Raditch: It's perfectly fine.
Emma: Yeah, and you can hardly taste the scorpion.


Emma (to Toby): You're still eating that garbage?!
Sheila: Hey, watch it! That's slander!
Emma: So was your commercial!



219 How Soon is Now?

Marco: I can't be who you want.
Ellie: Can't or won't?


JT: (miming) Paige! Help! I'm trapped in a box!
Paige: Does it say, "Caution: Freak Inside"?


Paige: I have one thing to say to you, Dean! Get ready 'cause I'm coming after you. Not like Spinner or the mascot! For real!


Paige: Hey. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in a hair net?

Spinner: I traded my shift so I could spend lunch with you.

Paige: Wow, lucky me.

Spinner: Um, we’re not all like Dean. Some of us are good guys.

Paige: I know. That’s why I wanted to ask. Year end dance. Are you going with anyone?

Spinner: No.

Paige: Well, go with me. I owe you a date anyway, right?

Spinner: Yea, you do.



220 - 221 Tears Are Not Enough (I & II)

Kendra: . . . I mean who would want to be at some stupid Luau thing?
Toby: That's why I love you. . .
(Kendra gives him a questioning/shocked look)
Toby: Wait, I don't mean LOVE you, I just like you a lot . . . yea that's it, I like you a lot . . . a whole lot . . .


Craig: Miss Gothic, Miss Doom-and-Gloom!


Terri: When I was little, I went to a birthday party. Then my dad showed up and told me the news: my mom didn't make it. I was really sad. . .
Craig: Because she died?
Terri: No. Because I couldn't play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.

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