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25 December 2005

Holiday greetings from Degrassi's Executive Producer:

Linda and I are about to head to the airport (heading, of course, to an undisclosed location somewhere in the free world) for two weeks away--to a place that is WARM and has very limited internet access, so I probably won't be on here too much, although I'll try to check in.

We are just finishing up the Degrassi webisodes and I think you are going to be very surprised indeed by them!

And on the Instant Star front, I've seen a rough cut of the Instant Star special, and am really pleased with it.

Got to run now, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Infomation about Degrassi: The Next Generation Season Three DVD has been released by The DVD will feature an unedited version of "Accidents Will Happen" with commentary by Cassie Steele about the episode. More details can be found here.


The-Nsider leaked some information about the rest of Season Five; it's not too much of a leak, but it's a bit to help tide you over until January:

New episodes of Degrassi start next year too, duh. Also not a secret. So what am I giving you? I'm going to tell you what happens. Just flat out. Here:

  • Somebody, who happens to be pregnant, HAS HER BABY. (Okay, you probably guessed that.)
  • Somebody gets hot and/or heavy with the person they LEAST expect to.
  • Somebody gets hot and/or heavy with someone you might kind of expect them to, and it costs them big time.
  • Somebody hurts themselves. Badly.
  • Somebody and somebody else who you wouldn't expect to make up, make up.
  • Somebody leaves Degrassi.
  • Oh, and there's another catfight.

The-Nsider also posted another Degrassi cast Top Ten. Here it is:

Miriam McDonald (AKA Degrassi's Emma)'s Ten Best Discoveries of 2005
1. Frye Boots- I have 3 pairs and I wear with them with everything all the time.
2. 'Coney Island cotton candy' nail polish by OPI because you cant really tell that you have any on but your nails just look clean and shiny.
3. Sushi. I was too scared to try it before (the thought of raw fish was just eeww..) but now I love it!
4. Madonna- She is amazing. What more can I say.
5. Kiehls lip balm #1. I am never without it and it keeps my lips so soft!
6. Hot Hot Heat. They are an awesome band, and they are Canadian!
7. Iced Passion Tea Lemonade at Starbucks. Sooooo delicious!
8. Tinted body lotion from Olay. It helps my skin look like it's summer all the time.
9. Frederic Fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner. Even in the winter it keeps my hair shiny and healthy.
10. Avocado face masks. I just leave it on for 15minutes and it makes my face smooth and dewy.

22 December 2005

According to, the next episode of Season Five (I Against I) will likely not air on CTV until the last week of January. posted Andrea Lewis' (Hazel) 10 Ten CDs for 2005. They are:

1. Emancipation of Mimi - Mariah Carey
2. Alicia Keys Unplugged
3. Late Registration - Kanye West
4.So Amazing - Tribute to Luther Vandross
5. Love Angel Music Baby - Gwen Stefani
6. Arula r- M.I.A
7. Destiny's Child #1's
8. Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
9. Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
10. Float Awa y- Andrea Lewis


18 December 2005

Season Three of Degrassi: The Next Generation will be released on DVD on 28 March 2006.


The "special project" (see 2 and 3 December news) has been partially revealed by The-N; apparently early next year there will be some mini-episodes that will be aired exclusively on the web.  This information was revealed during Friday's broadcast of Redemption Song. This is what the Executive Producer had to say about it:

And yes, it sounds like The N is now talking about the Secret Project--I won't say too much more, and let them give you more details when it's appropriate, but I will say that these mini-episodes are absolutely original and created exclusively as part of the Secret Project.

Also, will shortly (next year) have Degrassi ringtones for your mobile phones.


17 December 2005

Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) talks about why breaking up is hard to do.


Shenae Grimes (Darcy) talks about why you gotta have faith.


There’s an interesting article about The-N’s penchant for Canadian television here.


IGN Entertainment listed Degrassi under their IGN FilmForce Holiday Havoc list; it’s a list of recommended holiday gifts. The article is here, but the best of it was this: The remarkable thing about Degrassi: The Next Generation is that it managed to update a groundbreaking concept – of attempting to portray high school life in a realistic fashion – and push the boundary even further, without seeming salacious or unrealistic (i.e. any WB show or The OC). That it also treated the original Degrassi as canon – bringing many of the actors back as their original characters – was also a delightful plus.


15 December 2005

In case you were unaware, after this Friday's episode of Degrassi (510 Redemption Song), there will be no new episodes until next year (January 2006).


Degrassi will be taking a winter break of sorts. CTV will not be airing new episodes for a few weeks. However, starting next week, and continuing every weekday for two weeks, CTV viewers will be able to watch reruns of 10 Degrassi episodes (at 7:30 pm Eastern Time). Those episodes and the airdates are as follows:

  • 19 December:  311 Holiday (I)
  • 20 December: 312 Holiday (II)
  • 21 December: 501 Venus (I)
  • 22 December: 502 Venus (II)
  • 23 December: 503 Death of a Disco Dancer
  • 26 December: 504 Foolin
  • 27 December: 505 Weddings, Parties, Anything
  • 28 December: 506 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
  • 29 December: 507 Turned Out (I)
  • 30 December: 508 Turned Out (II)


As we mentioned on 6 December: According to the Comic Book Resource, as "part of big Degrassi push next year" there will be some Degrassi graphic novels released in the next year." Degrassi Executive Producer Stephen Stohn mentioned the graphic novels today on, which will be entitled Degrassi: Extra Credit.

He said, "there were some Internet leaks including photographs from the Frankfurt book fair, of the proposed Degrassi: Extra Credit series. It is very exciting, and there will be a formal announcement shortly. The details on the Internet so far are wrong in many details, but right in that there is a lot of excitement about this! But p.s., this is not the Secret Project--that is something different!"


There's a little bit on info related to Kevin Smith's involvement in Degrassi, mentioning the Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi DVD and the Degrassi movie. Check it out.


In case it was unclear how much the people of Degrassi pay attention to fans, Executive Producer Stephen Stohn posted a very interesting comment over at The most recent CTV episode (Together Forever) faced a very interesting reaction, not all of it good (although not all of it bad either). In response to the reaction, Stephen Stohn posted the following:

I want to assure everyone that constructive criticisms of the shows are most strongly welcomed and appreciated. The comments of the past 100 or so postings are very useful to us as we make plans for next year. Don't worry about offending anyone--we aways appreciate comments that are given from the heart.

12 December 2005

The casts of Degrassi and Instant star had party last night celebrating the end of filming for each of their respective seasons, and in honor of the "special project" being completed. It signaled one of the last times the cast will be together until shooting begins again next spring (which seems to imply a Season 6 is very, very likely). Here's what Executive Producer Stephen Stohn had to say:


Had a bit of trouble getting up this morning, it was a late night last night--the party celebrating the wrap of the shooting for Degrassi Season 5 and Instant Star Season 2 (and of course the Secret Project). We were at a downtown location somewhere in the free world, and there were about 600 of us. The cast had asked if we could make this party a dress-up affair, so it was Black-Tie (Optional). I wore a tuxedo, as did some others, but mostly everyone was dressed in their finest and looking sensational. The cast and crew and supporters of both shows were having a great time, and it was wonderful to see everyone so happy and feeling (quite rightly) that this was a banner year. We won't be seeing too much of each other until shooting resumes again in the spring, so it was hugs and best wishes all round. (Of course we'll be seeing the Instant Star cast for the next couple of days at least while the Instant Star Special is being filmed.)

Now it's back to the real world--today's problems is that mice have been spotted in the dressing rooms upstairs. One of the cast is allergic to cats, so we've waited until now when there's no more shooting for a while and no-one around who is allergic, and so now this morning Panther and Noggin are being sent up to the dressing room area to do their duty!!!


11 December 2005 - later in the day

Degrassi's Executive Producer left another cryptic message about the "special project". Here it is:


Day 2 of the Secret Project--looking good to get this phase of the Secret Project completed on schedule--in time for the big party tonight! Everyone's pretty pumped for what we're up to!


11 December 2005

According the Aubrey Graham's (Jimmy) myspace site, the release of his first album has been pushed back to early next year. In the meantime, you can listen to some of his music by checking out his myspace (see Degrassi Links).


Interesting The-Nsider from The-Mary over at which gives a little insight into life on the Degrassi set and the acting world in general:

OK OK so, we're at dinner with Adamo and Lauren (Marco and Paige) and somehow the conversation turns to how funny extras can be sometimes (extras meaning actors without lines who just kinda mill around and fill up a scene). The-Dixie was saying how it's one of her favorite hobbies to watch the extras in any show or movie because a lot of them are really invested in their "character", like they'll really have made some decisions about their "character's" inner life and over-acting it and totally stealing attention away from the real action (ever since she told me, I've been totally addicted to checking out the extras too). And Adamo and Lauren were saying how that happens all the time on Degrassi, 'cause you'll always get people who really want to be actors just trying to get a break, trying to exercise their craft and get noticed and whatnot... and then Adamo tells us that in the episode we just saw, in the scene where he comes out to his dad, there was a woman extra who was supposed to be in the audience in some official capacity, like sitting at a table with a script (stage managing or something I guess). And in the first take, when Marco said "I'm gay", the woman SLAMMED the script down on the table and crossed her arms and scowled just as hard as she could, totally interrupting the scene, and she had to be um, quietly escorted away from the set. I guess she had decided that her "character" was really really upset that Marco was interrupting the play to come out? Or she was really anti-gay? Not sure, but hilarious either way.


10 December 2005

After Redemption song, The-N will not be airing any new Degrassi episodes until early next year. The-N has done this is for all previous seasons of Degrassi, so there is nothing to be worried about, except for the anxiety of months without Degrassi.


The secret "special project" (see 2 and 3 December News) is being worked on this weekend. eTalk Daily was filming part of it, so hopefully we'll get some hint as to what the project is and who the "returning character" is. Here's the latest from Exec:

This weekend we're working on the Secret Project, and it's going REALLY well. Mind you, eTalk Daily was on hand doing some filming so maybe it won't remain secret that long.

I had a great chat with the Returning Character and it was great to see him or her (depending on whather the Returning Character is in fact male or female) again!

And yes, next week is the last new episode on The N for a while--but in the intervening months there is Instant Star, and also fo course the Secret Project to look forward to--and also, 210 Redemption Song is one of my favourite episodes (although to be honest even it is topped by Lexicon of Love Parts 1 and 2 which come up next)!!!



9 December 2005

There's a new IMterview with Ryan Cooley (JT) over at You can check it out here.


8 December 2005

Here's an interesting article about how Canadian TV is funded, which gives some insight into Degrassi.


Want to know what Christina Schmidt (Terri) is up to? Check this out.


6 December 2005

According to the Comic Book Resource, as "part of big Degrassi push next year" there will be some Degrassi graphic novels released in the next year.  


5 December 2005

The-Seth over at The-Nsider on has posted some info about a top secret Degrassi event. This is what he had to say:

Speaking of things you might want to do, you might want to be around in the early part of next year because, I don’t know, of the fantastically awesome Degrassi event. And I know I have a tendency to over-hype these things, but trust me, this time I’m not. Of course I can’t say what it is, sorry. But I can tell you that it is a totally NEW something that has nothing to do with us showing old episodes and that it will last a long time.



4 December 2005

Degrassi and Instant Star just donated $3,000 to the Children's Aid Society in an auction for Dave Matthew's Band tickets. Which means that numerous members of the Degrassi and Instant Star cast and crew will be at the Dave Matthews concert this evening; particularly, Miriam McDonald (Emma), Shane Kippel (Spinner) and Mike Lobel (Jay).  Here's what Exec had to say:


Something fun tonight (I am going to post this on both the Degrassi and Instant Star Shooting Season 3 threads):

On Friday our Director of Marketing and Communications Stephanie Cohen was listening to MIX 99.9 and heard there was an auction for charity going on--the winning bid would win seats to a box at the Dave Matthews concert tonight and all proceeds would go to aid the Children's Aid Society. The announcer on the air was Humble Howard (who guest stars in Episode 203 of Instant Star).

So Stephanie quickly emailed me and asked if she could bid on behalf of Degrassi and Instant Star, and the long story short is we won the auction!!!


The Children's Aid Society has a $3,000 donation now from us, and in about three hours I'm heading down to join Stephanie and
from Instant Star: Alexz (Jude), Tim (Tommy), Kris (Jamie), Laura (Sadie)and Tyler (Tyler plays Spiederman, and has a larger role this year) and
from Degrassi: Miriam (Emma), Shane (Spinner) and Mike (Jay) (since we've wrapped shooting Degrassi thi season a lot of the Degrassi cast were not available)
and we'll all watch the Dave Matthews concert together--along with I think Freeway Frank who is one of the great DJ's on MIX 99.9!!!

I am REALLY looking forward to it!!!


3 December 2005

Degrassi's executive producer clarified the "return" of a Degrassi cast member. Apparently, this winter there will be some sort of project - unrelated to this season or the next season of Degrassi - in which a former Degrassi cast member will be involved. This is what the Exec had to say:


Just to be clear, the "return" is part of this special project, it is not related to whether someone "returns" to the series this year or not!

And the secret project is a project, not an event...


2 December 2005

The Degrassi movie is getting closer and closer to set in stone, hopefully with filming to begin in June or July of next year, according to the Executive Producer.


A former Degrassi cast member will be RETURNING for some sort of special project this winter . . . so keep your eyes open and we'll keep you updated as we learn more.


From Exec at

I've been in Los Ang... oops, I mean an undisclosed location somewhere in the free world, having meetings with Paramount. Nothing is firm yet... but we are making progress and hope we can shoot the Degrassi movie this coming June/July.

And we're working on a secret project that involves the Degrassi cast--including a Returning Character--in something special for fans this winter.... can't say anything more than that!



1 December 2005

Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) has officially finished his debut album entitled "Room For Improvement". No specific details of where to find it yet, but you can listen to some of the tracks over at his myspace.


Lauren Collins (Paige) updated her official site. You can check out her latest diary entry here. Some great pictures have been added to her site's gallery. The trailer for her new movie "Take the Lead" (starring Antonio Banderas) has starting playing in some theatres; you can check out that trailer at the official website for the movie. Also, she and Stacey Farber (Ellie) will be in a new CBC Movie of the Week entitled Bookey's Mark.


30 November 2005

There's an article about The Lexicon of Love (I & II), with a mention of the Degrassi movie. You can read it here. Some interesting tidbits:

  • Smith "wanted to write and direct the Degrassi episodes he appeared in last year, but under Canada's fussy drama subsidy rules, the show would have lost major Cancon points with a foreigner in those credits"
  • The Degrassi movie seems to be less of a certainty than it once was, but is still likely to happen. As the article stated, "Now, there's a possibility he may direct a Degrassi movie" but "It's all up for grabs right now."

You can catch a video of Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) at the LA Mall Tour here, and some more video of the two hanging out here.



28 November 2005

There's an article about The Lexicon of Love episodes (511-512) here. Beware of spoilers.


Check out a video of Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Stacey Farber (Ellie) getting ready for the Young Hollywood Party, leaving that party, and indulging in some fast food here.


25 November 2005

Check out a video of Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Stacey Farber (Ellie) interviewing each other here.


22 November 2005 - later in the day

There's a great article up about the DVD signing in New Jersey. Check out the Asbury Park Press article here.


CTV just gave out a press release about The Lexicon of Love episodes, which will feature Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes at the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!. You can read it here, but beware of spoilers.


22 November 2005

There are some great pictures from the DVD signing in New Jersey over at; just go to the news under Sunday, November 20, 2005. Some highlights:

Check out some video of Jake and Stacy on eTalk Daily at the DVD signing in New Jersey. Watch it here.

Although Degrassi did not win a Gemini award, a show that aired right after the Geminis did list Degrassi as the best show in the past twenty years of Canadian television. Congrats to Degrassi.


Here's the most recent post of Executive Producer Stephen Stohn (all spelling errors are his):

Hehe Redemption is on CTV tonight, and it is one of my favourite episodes (although I think Lexicon of Love Parts 1 and 2 are my most favourite so far)!!

We had fun this weekend even if Degrassi didn't win Best Drama series--as someone has pointed out on a separate show they named Degrassi the Top Canadian show fof the past 20 years which was totally amazing!

And Instant Star won a Gemini for Best Director. We had a screening of the first three episodes of Instant Star Season 2 for the cast and crew on Sunday, and they all loved it. woohoo!

Meanwhile Stacey and Jake were having a great time at the DVD signing with Kevin and Jason in New Jersey--eTalk Daily just showed some footage of the fans and the lineups and it looked awesome.

20 November 2005

Unfortunately, Degrassi did not win at last night's Gemini Awards. On the plus side (for Degrassi's creators) Instant Star did win one award and on the plus side (for Whitney) Radio Free Roscoe won one award.


For those of you who missed it, here's The-Seth's The-N'Sider post from from yesterday:

J.T. is Stupid
posted 11/19/2005

So J.T., you've got a baby on the way, and you need money. So you decide to steal narcotics and sell them to criminals. That's a fantastic idea. Sure, this will all work out fine. You'll sit with Liberty in your new apartment nine months from now, sipping frozen umbrella drinks, saying, "Swiping handfuls of pills and doling them out to violent addicts was the best thing I ever did, right Pumpkin Blossom? Hmm, little Oswald Carrottop Yorke is crying. Where did his solid-gold pacifier get to? Oh, there it is. Can you pick it up, Cinnabunny? It rolled under the Ferrari. No, dear, the Ferrari. That's the Maserati."

Here's another idea for you, J.T.: why don't you recruit a disgruntled former military demolitions officer, a brilliant but socially awkward computer security expert, a beautiful but deadly lady ninja, and maybe a master French cat burglar named Le Fantôme, then team up to hijack a train full of diamonds guarded by Israeli Mossad agents as it rolls through the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump on its way to the vault underneath the Bellagio during the psychopathic vigilante convention. That'll work just as well.

Seriously, don't characters on Degrassi ever take a look at the things that keep happening to the people around them and say to themselves, "maybe tonight I'll just go home and read a magazine or something"?


18 November 2005

Just in case you missed it, re-runs of Degrassi are seven days a week at 6 pm Eastern Time (check your local listings).


16 November 2005

There's an article about Kevin Smith's and Jason Mewes' appearances in Lexicon of Love (I & II) here.


There's a great article in the Montreal Gazette about Degrassi here.


A short teaser for episode 510 (Redemption Song) from Spinner is forced to choose between a toxic relationship with Jay and salvation with Darcy.


From Jamie Johnston's official site:

In The-N promo where someone passes out and the only thing you see is a hand and some scattered pills, the hand belongs to Jamie Johnston's (Peter) brother Chris, who apparently is a regular extra on Degrassi.


Star TV was on the set of Degrassi this past week for an upcoming interview.


Jamie Johnston was a guest star on the Canadian show Rick Mercer Report recently.



13 November 2005

Tomorrow will be the very last day of shooting for Season Five! From Exec: "Tomorrow is the final day of shooting of Season 5. It seems impossible that day is amost here! It is always very emotional for the last shot, which will be around 7:30pm...."


Some Lexicon of Love spoilers are here. This is what the Executive Producer had to say about it: "the Alexz and Paige episodes (Lexicon of Love) are two of the best episodes yet, in my opinion..." (I'm thinking the Exec has been working a lot on Instant Star, hence Alexz instead of Alex)


12 November

You may have noticed that in recent episodes there has been some blurring of certain images on The-N (particularly a Pepsi logo). According to Executive Producer Stephen Stohn, there is no logic to this. Here's what he had to say:


"The blurrng of the Pepsi logo made me laugh--especially since a couple of seconds later there is a huge PEPSI on the side of a Pepsi machine in the background which was NOT blurred out!

In answer to a comment, we obtain clearances for all the logos etc. which are used, so these were not blurred out because there wasn't clearance. We like using real products, not because it generates revenues (we don't make a profit on product placement, it just helps to cover some costs) but because it helps to make the show authentic."


9 November 2005

Jake Epstein and Stacey Farber will be at the 20 November DVD signing at Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash in New Jersey. See 7 November for details. From EPIgrrl at

Stacey Farber and Jake Epstein in person.

I would recommend any Degrassi fan who CAN get there, GOES, cos it's gonna be a really exclusive and special appearance...

Trust me.

Great article from the University of Massachusetts Daily Collegian about the DVD Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi here.



8 November 2005

Wee bit of information about Kevin Smith's appearances in upcoming episodes of Season Five (from "Kevin Smith returns to Degrassi: The Next Generation to premiere Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh? just in time for some girl-on-girl action (Nov. 28)"


The 20 November Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi DVD signing will feature "two hot Degrassi Mystery Stars". (see 7 November news for event details)


7 November 2005

Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi comes out tomorrow!!!


Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be at Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash in New Jersey on 20 November to promote Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi. Full details can be found here.


You can purchase a copy of Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi signed by Kevin Smith himself here.


6 November 2005

Cassie Steele's life seems to be mirroring her character Manny's life. She will be spending some time this winter in the States to find an agent. Here's message from her diary on her official site:


Hey guys,
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope u guys went to sum awesome costume parties!!
I went to a scream feast in wasn't THAT scary, and i went to a Halloween bash at an all age club where I was a hula dancer.
degrassi's almost finished shooting this season, it's scary thinking about next year and whether or not we're doing another season. regardless if it doesn't i'll be excited to move on to new and bigger things (hopefully). I'm working on my music and I think I'm really finding my own sound. I feel like im living on the edge right now, like anything could happen, and I'm so00o0o excited to go down to LA in December ( I'm interviewing a couple of agents to represent me in the states) , yay vacation!
Alrighty guys hope you're having a blast on my fav holiday!!!!
 Happy Halloween
 S0o0o0 foxay.

5 November 2005

Executive Producer Stephen Stohn spent Friday in New York City meeting with The-N to dicuss the possible Season Six and "other possibilities for Degrassi next year".


Here's the post from Exec:

"I spent the day in an undisclosed locaiton somewhere in the free world where The N is located, and we talked about a whole bunch of things, including a possible Season 6 and a few other possibilities for Degrassi next year... just watched South of Nowhere and really liked it!! "


2 November 2005

Andrea Lewis (Hazel) will be performing anthems at the Rogers Centre for the Raptors vs. Nets game on 4 November. She will also be performing at the CTV United Way benefit concert on 3 November. You can watch her interviewing Alicia Keys at


31 October 2005 has a new quiz: Which Degrassi Character Should You Date? (if you're interested in guys or if you're interested in girls) as if we needed yet another reason to blur the line between reality and fantasy.


You can watch all of Andrea Lewis' (Hazel) music videos at her official site.


Pat Mastroianni (Joey Jeremiah) has updated his official site.


29 October 2005

There's a great radio interview with Kevin Smith about his apppearances at the Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi site.


There should be an event in mid-November to promote "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi" in New Jersey.


Stephen Stohn will be in New York next week to develop some undisclosed "Degrassi-related things" AND he will be meeting with Paramount Pictures to discuss the script of the possible Degrassi movie.


Here's the official word from the Exec:

Something is in the works for around the third week of November, probably in New Jersey, for the release of the Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi DVD...

And I'm going to New York (oops, I mean an undisclosed location somewhere in the free world where the HQ of The N is located) next week to start the development of a couple of new Degrassi-related things (can't say what, but they are not primarily tv-related) that if they work out could be pretty amazing and I think you'll like them!

Oh, and we have a script meeting with Paramount on Monday about the possible feature film...


25 October 2005

According to Executive Producer Stephen Stohn, there WILL likely be a Season 6 of Degrassi. Here's what he had to say: "And nothing is certain but we're pretty sure there will be at least one more season of Degrassi after this one, maybe more!"


24 October 2005 - later in the day

The last two episodes of Season Five are titled High Fidelity. The season finale has been written and the cast and crew have had their first read-through.


The new science teacher at Degrassi is played by comic B.D. Freeman.


Message from Exec:

We had a read-through of episodes 518 and 519 today (High Fidelity Parts 1 and 2)--hard to believe the season finale is coming up!!!

Joining us as the new science teacher is comic B.D. Freeman, who we (Stacey, Aubrey, Jim Jackman and myself) met in L.A. at the Teen Choice Awards. He flew up from L.A. last night and we were supposed to meet him and have some In 'n Out burgers that he was bringing from the In 'n Out near LAX--but he wasn't able to bring them. We LOVE In 'n Out burgers, but they're only available in L.A.--especially Stacey Farber loves them!!! She was pretty disappointed when were were texted that they weren't coming--but it was still great to see B. D. Freeman, I gave him a tour of the studio today and he joined us for the read-through...


24 October 2005

Happy birthday to Aubrey Graham (Jimmy)!


Songs from Degrassi: The Next Generation will be released TOMORROW. In Canada, you will be able to find it at all major retailers. For Americans, you'll have to order it as an import (for now), which you can do through The CD features liner notes written by Executive Producer Stephen Stohn and an Enhanced portion with videos of the cast performing. (Source: should be holding a cast chat shortly. just posted a transcript to the chat held with Stacie Mistysyn and Kevin Smith back in March. That transcript can be found at Some tidbits from the chat:

  • Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlyn) will have a reccuring role in Season Five, but no specific details yet.
  • Kevin Smith thinks that Jake Epstein (Craig), Cassie Steele (Manny) and Stacy Farber (Ellie) have the talent to "make it big" it acting.
  • Both Stacie and Kevin think Ellie is the most like Caitlyn.
  • Stacie refused to say whether Pat Mastroianni or Kevin Smith is the better kisser.
  • Kevin Smith thinks Caitlyn and Joey should end up together.


22 October 2005

On 25 October, the complete series of Degrassi Junior High will be released as part of one DVD set. This includes all 6 episodes of Degrassi Talks, and Degrassi Between Takes, a featurette. It does not include Degrassi High or School's Out.


21 October 2005

Hilarious update from The-Seth over at The-Nsider at The-N. Check it out at: Best part was this: (according to The-Seth, most of these are uncomfirmed but a few are true)

Ten More Degrassi Plot Twists That You Would NOT See Coming, if I Wasn't Ruining It for Everyone

  1. Craig and Ellie elope to the Canadian equivalent of Vegas
  2. Ashley elected prime minister of San Marino
  3. Alex trampled by overly affectionate baby elephant while on safari in Gabon
  4. Jimmy discovers a hidden talent for painting
  5. Spinner kisses Ms Hatzilakos (tongue not slipped)
  6. Jay orchestrates daring daytime heist of First National Bank of Winnipeg
  7. Emma and Toby discover the ghost at the abandoned amusement park is really just a glow-in-the-dark tarpaulin on a string controlled by Old Man Hertzberg to scare meddlers away from the secret treasure under the paddle boat lake
  8. Manny picked to be next Bond girl, Penelope Doomiehard
  9. Zombie Rick eats brains of most of the field hockey team
  10. Peter apologizes to Manny (HAHAHAHAHA. Sure.)

19 October 2005 - Later in the Day

Shane Kippel (Spinner) will be appearing as part of the Rock the Runway tour at the Altamonte Mall in Altamonte Springs (near Orlando), Florida on 22 October.


ABC News has taken notice of Degrassi. ABC News' great article about the show is here.


"Songs from Degrassi: The Next Generation" will be released shortly. Degrassi Freak now has a page about the CD here, with a more detailed track listing. The CD will be released in Canada later this month and can be purchased at Here's the official word from the Executive Producer:

Just got an advance copy of the CD "Songs from Degrassi: The Next Generation"--looks great, sounds great, and when you put it in your computer there's some good treats on the enhanced CD portion... not sure when it's officially released, either Ocober 23 or October 30 I think... that's in Canada, it won't be out in the U.S. for a little while yet...


19 October 2005

Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will likely be releasing his debut album mid to late November. Unfortunately, 2/3 of his album was lost due to computer problems, but it doesn't seem to have slowed Aubrey down. Check out more information at his myspace ( and his official site ( Apparently, Aubrey is going by his middle name Drake in relation to his music career.


16 October 2005

Congratulations to Degrassi! Degrassi was nominated for the 20th Annual Gemini Award for Best Dramatic Series. The Gemini Awards will air in Canada on 19 November. More info can be found here.


In case there was any lingering doubt that the cast members of Degrassi are down-to-earth, here's some info from Executive Producer Stephen Stohn:

Are there any divas on the sets of either Degrassi or Instant Star?? Hehe, that question made me laugh! No, the cast are incredibly grounded and supportive and hard-working. That's not to say that there are never any problems or issues at all--in any group there are going to be a few dramas from time to time--but it is really remarkable how well the cast and crew all perform as a team!


14 Octover 2005

There's a good review of Andrea Lewis' debut album Float Away here.


13 October 2005

CTV has a great video about the "lasting success of Degrassi". In it, it mentions that Degrassi will be dealing with the subject of bulimia this season. Find the video here.


If you missed the Mall Tour this year, you can experience what it was like here. Or at least you can watch a video of Adamo, Lauren, Stephen and Linda in New Jersey.


Daniel Clark (Sean) was a guest-star on ER this evening (NBC). He played the son of a man severly injured in a car wreck. He made quite an impact; attacking the man who hit his father. Hopefully it's a sign of more things to come for Daniel.


8 October 2005

Updates from the Exec over at

  • Degrassi filming is still on hiatus, but will resume the week after next.
  • The writers and crew have just started creating the season finale.
  • There have been meetings about the Degrassi movie, but the movie itself is not "a go" . . . yet.

Here's the update from Exec:

We’re taking a bit of a break in shooting now--we're in the middle of shooting two episodes of Instant Star which we'll resume the week after next and then get back to filming Degrassi. We've just had a story meeting to commission the season finale for Degrassi this year--where has the time gone??

And we've been having meetings about the Degrassi feature film--which is by no means definitely a go yet, but we've come up with some great storylines, so we're pretty excited about the possibility of shooting it this coming spring...

...and we've been having meetings about possible story arcs for Season 6, if there is a Season 6 (don't want to jinx it)... all in all it's been pretty busy!!

Glad to see The N promos are doing their thing--lots of interesting speculation about what's coming up--so many suggestions, one of you must be right!

p.s. if you liked Venus Part 1, you will also like Venus Part 2, oh yes!


6 October 2005

Degrassi is up for an award in the Seventeen Entertainment Awards. Vote for them here (Degrassi is #7). Question: why do so many places spell it DeGrassi?


Degrassi On Tour (see Links) has been updated with pictures from the last stop on the Mall Tour.


There was a great article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about Degrassi today. It has been put under Degrassi Articles Worth Reading. Check it out here.


The track list for the Degrassi CD has been confirmed. It will be released in Canada on 25 October, with no USA release date (yet). It will be an Enhanced CD, meaning that there will be numerous extras accesible by computer, "including 5 feature scenes of cast members performing songs". Here is the track list:

1. Hard Road
2. Secret Splendour
3. Feel It
4. Suburb
5. Get It Right This Time
6. I Dont Want To Be Me
7. Ready For You
8. Just Jane
9. Down And Out
10. Beautifully Undone
11. Midnite Riders
12. White Lightening
13. Rooftop
14. Degrassi Theme (1)
15. Degrassi Theme (2

5 October 2005 - later in the day

If you haven't bought Degrassi Generations you should check out the following: Degrassi Generations If you want to buy it, you should go to: If you have bought the book, tell your friends about it!


NewsAskew is offering fans a chance to win a FREE copy of Degrassi Generations. Here's all you have to do:

Winning is simple, really. Well maybe not AS simple as we could have made it, but hey, you gotta work for your supper a LITTLE bit, right? So, here's what you gotta do. Using our ARCHIVE SEARCH box, answer this ONE SIMPLE QUESTION from the world of Degrassi. The answer is the DATE (Month, Day, and Year) when the following event took place:

Kevin's FIRST episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation aired on CTV In Canada FOR THE FIRST TIME. Note: Not the US airdate!

Send your answer, in an email, with the subject line "DEGRASSI CONTEST", to Include your name, first and last, and a valid e-mail address where we can get in touch with you. CONTEST ENDS 11:59:59 PM, OCTOBER 11TH, 2005, EST. You have from now until the end of Tuesday to get your entries to us.



5 October 2005 is up for the Gemini Award for Most Popular Website. You can vote for at:


3 October 2005

The-N just MASSIVELY updated its Degrassi page. Entirely new (much better) layout, new IMterviews for almost every cast member, new flipbooks. Seriously, just go right over to and relish in the Degrassi.


Found episode guides for "Death of a Disco Dancer" and "Foolin". Also, the "Old School Degrassi" (as The-N refers to them) episodes will correlate with each Season Five episode shown. Here's the info on that: NOTE: SOME SPOILERS!

Friday, October 14

 “Death of a Disco Dancer”

-- Paige can't wait to see Matt after his "self-discovery" summer tour of Canada.  She has their whole lives planned, but Matt's not ready to settle down or settle for Paige's perfect future.  After he breaks things off, Paige questions everything, until Alex shows Paige the "perfect" way to relax.  Meanwhile, Jimmy has been assistant coaching on the boy's basketball team, but not everyone is happy to have him there.


Degrassi: Old School "The All-Nighter"

 -- In the Degrassi High episode, Kathleen brings marijuana to Maya's sleepover which could spell disaster for her friendship with Melanie.


Friday, October 21


-- Liberty has always been Miss Perfect.  But the straight-A student council president has been hiding a secret for months.  She knows she has to tell J.T., but she's not sure if their relationship can handle this new challenge. Meanwhile, Spinner would do anything to get his friends back, but when he meets beautiful Darcy, his life may finally start to get back on track.


Degrassi: Old School "It's Late"

-- In the Degrassi Junior High episode, Spike realizes her period is late, and she's terrified to tell her mother.


(Source: The-N)


2 October 2005

For those of you who missed Degrassi: Behind the Scenes, try to catch it during one of the various reruns (check you local programming guides), because it is well worth it. Some tidbits from the show:

  • Writers James Hurst and Shelley Scarrow are engaged, and the name for Ellie came from James' crush on Shelley.
  • An upcoming episode will feature numerous Degrassi students carrying around babies.
  • The Cafeteria set is also used as a real working cafeteria for the cast and crew.
  • The Degrassi set is full of inside jokes and allusions to the 1980s, many of which the cast doesn't even understand.


30 September 2005

There is a good article and video about the Degrassi Mall Tour over at Teen People. It can be found here. Some tidbits from the video:

Aubrey Graham is the biggest flirt on the cast.

Lauren Collins is a wee bit anal retentive.

Stacey Farber is a prankster.


27 September 2005

Venus Part II had over a million viewers on CTV yesterday - a first for Degrassi in Canada. Congrats!


From Exec:

Well the fans in Canada seemed to like Venus Part 2. We've never attracted over a million viewers before in Canada, and now we have! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Here's a release from CTV:

CTV Ratings Advisory - Sept. 27, 2005

Degrassi: The Next Generation Breaks 1 Million Viewer Threshold

For the first time in recent memory, two original Canadian scripted series have attracted over one million viewers on CTV. Degrassi: The Next Generation has joined Corner Gas to become the latest CTV original program to attract over one million viewers. Last night's broadcast of the second episode in the series' fifth season was watched by 1,059,000 viewers, Nielsen Media Research confirmed today. The milestone is a record for the series on CTV and comes as momentum continues to build for the award-winning drama on both sides of the border. Back-to-back, the all-Canadian hour of Corner Gas and Degrassi dominated the 8 p.m. timeslot.

Massive update of Degrassi gossip over at The-NSider at Check it out here.


26 September 2005 - later in the day

Degrassi: Behind the Scenes airs on Friday. Watch it. Here's some info about it from The N-Sider at


As you know, we're approximately 11 days, 7 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds away from the season premiere of Degrassi. (What did you get in your Degrassi advent calendar today? I got a gummi Ms Kwan.) Which means that this Friday is the hour-long Behind the Scenes Special. Which is bloated and swollen with exclusive interviews, never-before-seen deleted scenes (as in NOBODY'S seen them before—not even the Canadians) and other fixins. Which Deanna "Alex" Casaluce IMed me about just the other day and said it's "so cool. i'm really impressed." And which, of course, will give you your first peeks at the new season.

Jamie Johnston's official site has been updated. There's some news and pictures. According to the site, Degrassi filming in on a short hiatus, and thus much of the cast is studying hard at their respective schools.


Cassie Steele's site has a new(ish) journal entry. She is now being home-schooled.


Float Away by Andrea Lewis is in stores now! Buy it!


26 September 2005

Due to Hurricane Rita, Miriam McDonald's (Emma) visit to Houston was cancelled. It will be rescheduled.


Apparently, there were some major problems at the New Jersey Mall Tour. The police were called in, and the actors were forced to leave early. Degrassi's Executive Producer has apolgized. This is what Stephen Stohn had to say:



I was VERY upset to hear about what happened at the end of the NJ Mall Tour. Linda and I had already left and were back in New York when we heard from Stephanie Cohen about how the police and fire department had ordered Lauren and Adamo to leave immediately, before they were scheduled to. It is very upsetting when fans are disappointed like that. It was such a good afternoon when Linda and I were there, we had the chance to meet so many of the fans as they were lining up, that to hear that it ended up disappointing so many people at the end is really highly unfortunate.


25 September 2005

There's a promo for Venus II over at: WARNING: spoilers in the clip.


There MIGHT be a Season Six of Degrassi. Although it is not confirmed (and won't be until February), the Executive Producers have been meeting with The-N and CTV about Season Six.


There will be a CD "Songs from Degrassi: The Next Generation" that might be out 23 October in Canada.


Here's the latest post from Exec:

Just getting ready to head over to Woodbridge... wearing my Canada sweater of course (the one that has the maple leaf flag on the front and C A N A D A on the back)... looks like a gorgeous day.... maybe I'l see some of you (like bluchika) there.... some very good meetings yesterday, discussing with the broadcasters (both CTV and The N) what we might do in Season 6 (this does NOT mean that Season 6 is confirmed, that won't happen till late February, but it does mean we're all busy making plans for it!)...

p.s. the hope is that the Songs from Degrassi: The Next Generation CD will be out in stores in Canada October 23rd...


20 September 2005

Venus has officially aired in the Great White North. 


There's a great article about Degrassi from the Globe & Mail here. It's well worth reading, so check it out.


Good article about Season Five here.



19 September 2005 - HAPPY VENUS DAY TO ALL CANUCKS!!!

The Fan Pages have been updated with new pictures (Spinner's hair is back to normal!) and more has been added to the Actor's page there. Check it out, under Degrassi Links.


Shane Kippel (Spinner) and Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) will be at the Baltimore Mall Tour.


18 September 2005 - later in the day

I finally figured out how to link directly to the videos about Degrassi up over at They are up in Videos, so check 'em out.


There's a good article about The Degrassi story here.


The-N has 'Discussion Guides' for every episode of Degrassi. "The N offers these resources as a tool to help adults communicate with—and deepen their understanding of—the young adolescents they know, work with and care for." The Discussion Guides can be found under Links.



18 September 2005

New Degrassi promos (thanks to Semma-FaN) at and All promo links are on Degrassi Freak's Season Five page.


Canadian radio station CJAD 800 AM said Degrassi: The Next Generation is "worth checking out"  ( The Degrassi part of the article follows:

"Also worth checking out:

The Degrassi franchise, which began on CBC, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and remains in healthy condition in the form of Degrassi: The Next Generation, which begins season five on CTV next Monday night. To celebrate the occasion, CTV is airing The Degrassi Story Saturday night, a special one-hour retrospective documentary, hosted by Stefan Brogren who is not only a co-writer of the special but has played the character of Snake Simpson for nearly two decades. The series' ability to portray real-life teen issues is credited with its success not only in Canada but on a U.S. specialty channel where it has proven to be a major hit. (Saturday, Sept. 17, CTV) "


17 September 2005 - later in the day

Degrassi Generations is in stores in the USA. Apparently, publisher Simon & Schuster decided to be entirely unclear about the USA release date. The book is out now everywhere.


Degrassi Generations features two different covers: one for the Canadian version and one for the American version. Here's what Exec had to say at

"The cover for Degrassi Fenerations in Canada is the sort of Andy Warhol-like cover and it is primarily red. The painted heads include characters from both Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi Classic. In the U.S. Simon & Schuster felt most people wouldn't recognize the Degrassi Classic actors, and so they went with the DNG poster motif against a green cover. Hope that explains it!"


17 September 2005

There's a new Season Five promo up over at: Thanks to sorriano04 for the link.


"I Want Candy" won the Degrassi Viewer's Choice for Best Freak-Out. Voting for Best Sell-Out starts now and ends on 23 September at 12 am. The nominees for Best Sell-Out are:

  • 311 This Charming Man 
  • 316 Take On Me 
  • 407 Time Stands Still
  • 410 Neutron Dance 
  • 420 West End Girls

Here's a link to an article about CTV's The Degrassi Story, which aired tonight:


15 September 2005

The official website for the DVD "Jay and Silent Bob Do Degrassi" has been entirely revamped. Check it out.


Lauren Collins (Paige) finally updated her offical site. The biggest update is a new diary entry. Check it out at:


According to, the set for the mall has been changed: "the mall set has been substantially revamped and and made much larger this year, with new stores like Music World and Garage......."


The-N just posted a new interview with Andrea Lewis over at It's mostly about her singing career (remember that her album comes out 20 September!), although it mentions the new season and all the musically talented Degrassi cast members.


Degrassi Freak was mentioned on NewsAskew, under 15 September news, which totally rocks my world. Seriously, if Kevin Smith were to ever visit this site, I just might pass out.


13 September 2005

The-N's version of the Degrassi documentary will air on 30 September at 8:00 pm Eastern Time. (5 Pacific Time, 6 Mountain Time, 7 Central Time) It is entitled "Degrassi: Behind the Scenes". Note that this show will be significantly different from CTV's version entitled "The Degrassi Story", which airs on 17 September.


The-N has acquired the rights to the Degrassi "library", including Degrassi Jr. High, Degrassi High and School's Out. Which means that the earlier incarnations of Degrassi will likely start airing on The-N. (Source:


Due to conflicts with the filming of Season Five, Aubrey Graham and Shane Kippel will not be at the 17 September Boston Mall Tour. Jake Goldsbie (Toby) and Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty) will be there instead.


There's an interesting article about Stacie Mistysyn over ath the following site:


sorriano04 posted a link to a site that has some leaked Season Five promotional pictures. Until the official promotional pictures are released, check out the leaked ones here:


As a side note, thanks to everyone for using the chat box. It's great to see Degrassi fans chatting about the show and helping each

other find information and download episodes.


12 September 2005

Miriam McDonald (Emma) will be at the Woodlands Mall in Houston, Texas on 24 September. More information can be found at:


The play Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin) is performing in (Affairs of Anatol) is holding a special night just for Degrassi fans on 20 September. Fans of Degrassi will receive a discount to the performance AND get to meet Stacie. For more info, click here.


According to the information referred to above, Stacie Mistysyn herself has stated that she is "taking time off from Degrassi The Next Generation to do a play at the Artword Theatre in Toronto" which could imply that she might be coming back at a later date. Nothing in confirmed, but we thought it was worth mentioning.


There are some videos about Degrassi at, but I seem to be having trouble finding a way to link to it. Best I can figure, go to (!ctv/Search?query=degrassi&chooseSearch=ctv&atoz=-1#) and click the following (a new window will open and a video should play):

  • Degrassi's back for season five - a great interview with the cast about the upcoming season
  • eTalk Daily: Teen Choice Awards - interview with Aubrey Graham and Stacey Farber at the Teen Choice Awards
  • Degrassi hits new milestone - interview from the Degrassi Day celebration
  • eTalk Daily: Top 5 essentials - information about the Degrassi Student Planner


11 September 2005

Degrassi Executive Producers Stephen Stohn and Linday Schuyler will be at the New Jersey Mall Tour, along with Lauren Collins and Adamo Ruggiero.


Message from Exec:

Yes, Adamo and Lauren are scheduled to be in new Jersey--and Linda and I will be there as well!

This afternoon we had a screeening at a local theater for all the cast and crew of both Degrassi and Instant Star. We showed the CTv documentary (which will air this Saturday at 7:00pm), and also episodes 501/502 of Degrassi. It looked great on the big screen and sounded gerat as well. And what a treat to see some of the footage from 25 years ago!!

It was terrific seeing everyone.

One anecdote, Mike and Deanna had just gotten back from the Detroit mall tour, apparently it got a bit out of hand at one point and one person was arrested, the organizers said it was an even bigger turnout than Los Angeles Gelndale Galleria, and that was HUGE!!


It's a quite different documentary on The N, but produced by the same people... not sure when it is airing on The N, but it's pretty soon...

9 September 2005

New Season Five promo regarding JT and Liberty! Check it out:


"Gangta, Gangsta" won the Degrassi Viewer's Choice for Best Make-Out. Voting for Best Freak-Out starts now and ends on 16 September at 12 am. The nominees for Best Freak-Out are:

  • 317 Don't Dream It's Over
  • 320 I Want Candy
  • 409 Back in Black
  • 412 Voices Carry
  • 416 Eye of the Tiger


8 September 2005

The Degrassi Story will air on both CTV and The-N. It airs on 17 September on CTV; The-N airdate is unconfirmed. According to Exec over at, the documentary will be in two differing versions. Here's what Exec said:

Interestingly, the documentary on The N will be very different from the documentary on CTV. It is the same producers, and they produced both versions using the same footage and interviews as the base, but they made two completely different versions for the two broadcasters! (BTW we did not produce the documentaries, it was an outside firm who did, they are very good.)

Amanda Septo (Spike), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco) and Lauren Collins (Paige) will be at the Degrassi Generations book signing at Yonge & Eglinton.


7 September 2005

Good article about The Degrassi Story, that will air on 17 September on CTV.


New episode titles revealed by the Exec: (see Episode List and Season Five for previous titles)

  • 516 Our Lips Are Sealed (II)
  • 517 Total Eclipse of the Heart


6 September 2005 - later in the day

Mall Tour Cast Members:

  • Boston, 17 September: Aubrey Graham (Jimmy) and Shane Kippel (Spinner)
  • New Jersey, 24 September: Lauren Collins (Paige) and Adamo Ruggiero (Marco)

6 September 2005

Miss the Season Five promos? You can catch them all at the following places:

Also, there is a Verb commercial featuring some of the Degrassi cast. Watch it here.

NewsAskew has some interesting Degrassi updates, thanks to Kevin Smith's blog. All of the entries will be posted below, but you can check out the summary first:

  • Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes filmed their parts in two Degrassi episodes on 22 and 23 August. Their plot will centre around the "premiere" of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, eh?
  • Whilst in Canada, Kevin Smith met with Executive Producers Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn to discuss the Degrassi movie, "coming up with 'It Goes There' storylines worthy of the Degrassi legacy".
  • Associate Producer Jim Jackman seems to be doing a lot of driving people around, but he also discusses the Degrassi movie.
  • The movie premiere scenes from upcoming episodes of Degrassi were filmed at the Eglinton.
  • Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes had a poker night in Canada; Stefan Brogen (Mr. Simpson) and Mike Lobell (Jay) participated, along with Jim Jackman.
  • Kevin Smith has been having quite a few long interviews with writer Aaron Martin, another writer named Tassie, and the Executive Producers, discussing the Degrassi movie. They've been talking about the direction of the movie and storylines.

Here's the full post(s):

Mewes and I land in Toronto and head to customs, where we have to pick up our work permits. Forty five minutes later, we’re meeting “Degrassi” co-producer Jim Jackman out in passenger arrivals.


Jim whisks us out to the Epitome stages, where we’re immediately put to work in the first shot.


We spend the day shooting the two part follow-up to our three episode arc from last year, in which Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are back in Toronto for the world premiere of “Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh”. Today’s all stage stuff, and tomorrow, we go on location for the fake premiere stuff.


I spend lunch talking to “Degrassi” creator/mastermind Linda Schuyler and her husband, exec producer Stephen Stohn about the “Degrassi” feature and the script revamp we’re working on, coming up with “It Goes There” storylines worthy of the “Degrassi” legacy. By lunch’s end, Jim hands me his cell, saying Jen’s on the line. Jen and I talk for awhile, until I have to roll back to the set and shoot.


We shoot ‘til eight or nine, during which we plan a post-wrap poker game with Stefan “Snake” Brogen and I do an interview regarding the “Degrassi” 25th anniversary. But when we wrap, both Mewes and I are so bushed from our long day and lack of sleep from the night before, that we opt to crash at our hotel, The Grand.


Jim drops us off and gets us checked in, then gets us settled in our rooms. Mewes turns in to watch a movie and order room service, and Jim and I talk about the “Degrassi” feature for awhile before he takes off.

I head upstairs in my suite and start to check email before crashing and falling asleep by ten-ish.


I wake up around nine and check email while watching the new “Degrassi” season’s freshly cut second five episodes (I’d seen the first five back home, a month before). I talk to Jen, then jump in the shower and get ready for our three o’clock call.


Jim picks up Mewes and I and takes us to the Eglinton, which is doubling for the movie theater at which the fake “Jay and Silent Bob” sequel is debuting.

We work ‘til midnight, during which we knock out our three scenes, I visit with “Degrassi” folks I haven’t seen in months, and I try to catch some Z’s in anticipation of the late-night poker game we postponed from the night before.

At wrap, we head back to the hotel, where I talk to Jen, then head next door to Mewes’ room, where the game gets going with eight of us playing.


Mewes, Jim, Jim’s friend Squally, Stefan, his girlfriend Yvonne, Mike “Jay” Lobell, and me play all through the night. At one point, former show head-writer/current “Degrassi” feature writer Aaron Martin stops by with former Associate Producer Nicole Hamilton on their way home from catching a flick. By the time we wrap up at 8 in the morning, the room’s down to just me, Mewes, Jim, Stefan and Yvonne. While I donk out for most of the night, by the time we stop, I’ve won back everything I’ve lost, plus ten bucks.


I head back to my room to grab some sleep. I’m supposed to have a meeting about the “Degrassi” feature script in two hours, but I push the meeting ‘til 11 so I can get some sleep.


I wake up close to eleven, shower, and head downstairs to meet with Linda, Aaron and his co-writer, Tassie. We jaw about the direction of the feature, breaking storylines, until it’s time for me to head to the airport. But since we’re not done tying up a third of the flick, I opt to take a flight that leaves two hours later, and continue with the meeting.


At meeting’s end, I run upstairs, grab my gear, wake up Mewes, and head to the airport with Jim. Mewes opts to hang out in Toronto for another day and then shoot down to Jersey, so I’m heading back solo.

5 September 2005

According to, the Executive Producer will be at Indigo Yonge & Eglinton to launch Degrassi Generations. See the 3 September news for more information.


Fun update from The-Seth on

Since we're between Degrassi seasons, I figure I should put my N'sider status to good use and tell you: Degrassi season 5 will rock. I don't want to overhype it, so let me just say that if you put some coffee grounds and cold water in a mug on top of the teevee while you're watching one of the new episodes, thirty minutes later you'll have espresso. Seriously, I can tell you without exaggeration that when I read the new storylines my cranium exploded and angels flew out of my butt.

Please don't think I'm gloating that I know what's going to happen, because honestly I'm only gloating a little. I actually just want you to know that the new season will be worth the wait. Said wait will only be until October anyway, so that's not so long, right? Okay, that's REALLY long, but it'll go by really quickly. At a rate of just 86,400 seconds per day. I'm not helping, am I?

3 September 2005

All confirmed information about Season Five can be found on the Season Five page, under Episodes (in the navigation bar)


Great article about Degrassi in the Chicago Sun-Times can be found here. (Note: SPOILERS)


Mike Lobel (Jay) and Deanna Casaluce (Alex) will be at the Detroit Mall Tour on 10 September.


Degrassi's Executive Producer might be at the New Jersey Mall Tour.


On Friday, 9 September at 7:00pm, past and present Degrassi cast will be at Indigo Yonge & Eglinton, 2300 Yonge Street in Toronto to sign copies of the book Degrassi Generations.


2 September 2005

There is a new press release from CTV and it can be found here. Here are some tidbits from the press release: NOTE THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW AND IN THE ARTICLE

  • CTV will air a documentary about Degrassi on 17 September, entitled The Degrassi Story, which is narrated by Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson).
  • Season Five will feature Manny pursuing an acting career and considering plastic surgery to do so.
  • Craig "receives an unexpected birthday present from Ashley"
  • There will be an "unwanted" pregnancy


1 September 2005

You can watch a short video about Degrassi Day at the CNE by going to the eTalk Daily site here. The video is under "Watch Video" with the title "Degrassi hits huge milestone."


Season Five begins airing in Canada on 19 September, according to eTalk Daily.


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